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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blog POP!: uNu Enerpak Book- External Charging System Giveaway and Review~ 12/12

Momma Told Me: Electronics are nothing without power.

Holiday gifting for the men in your life can be a complete migraine. Outside of a case of beer, or a new hammock (stereotypes, yes), males are often the last to compile a wish list for the holidays. Around November 20th each year all of the women in our family, who arguably handle the majority of the gift shopping, begin calling each other up and swapping gift ideas. In my childhood the concept of gifting technology related gifts often meant spending an arm and a leg; even compact media players were still new to the market. Sure, back then cell phones had a battery life of 4 hours, and a cell phone case was literally a briefcase to tote your cellular phone; but our standards have risen just as fast as the technology's capabilities. So the problem has turned from 'What tacky tie should I gift Robert' to 'What digital accessory doesn't he have yet?' And I think I have just the solution, in the form of a company and product that appeals to digital consumers of every age and gender.
As Momma would say "You wouldn't be able to use any of those wacky gadgets without the power that fuels them." And boy do us Americans get uptight when we see that flashing battery symbol looming in our peripheral vision. We rely on our portable electronics not just as a means of entertainment, but a means of staying connected to the world around us. Some use a complex web of virtual aids to conduct business on the go, while others need their Face Time to keep personal contact with relatives far away. An iPad can be a mother's best tool to soothe the anxiety of a long ride to visit the grandparents, and a student burning the midnight oil can pull up a wealth of research and information from a cozy couch at the local coffee shop. Yes, these days a phone is much more than a phone, and the concept of portable computers have been integrated into one and the same- but with all the adapters, cases, and apps, one feature is sorely missing; extended battery life.This is because the more we expect a device to do, whilst still shrinking in actual size, the more energy it must consume to perform these tasks.
With the current storms, and recent Hurricane Sandy disaster, households are even forced to budget their battery life in emergency situations. We recently took a 9 hour drive up the coast through the mountains and I saw my cellphone battery zapped in just 20 minutes of searching for a signal. What would have happened if our battery had died and I was without a cellphone? We collect power cables and adapters, but how do we extend that battery life when traditional charging (cigarette lighter/AC) is not available? I know, in lighter situations, my other half gets quite panicked simply at the thought of his cellphone dying while out and about. And he worries just as much about me being stranded somewhere with no way to get in contact. Last year I discovered a portable audio system that had an external battery pack. We soon adopted the battery pack, connected by USB or miniUSB connections, as an emergency charger for our phones. The capacity wasn't more than a 3/4 charge (from empty), but it was enough of a benefit to tote with us everywhere we went. So I got to thinking; were there devices out there designed just for that purpose, to charge portable electronics on the go?
And that's precisely how I discovered uNu, quite possibly the most reliable power source products you will ever own. As a global company specializing in mobile-electronics accessories, uNu aims to designs thoughtfully elegant products that will immediately extend the capabilities of your electronics devices. That is, they will open up a world of opportunities to go father, and longer, between plugging in. While they have several colorful and powerful charging systems designed for Apple's iPhone range, I was most drawn to their universal charging system, the Enerpak collection. With a range of 3 portable, external, batteries varied in capacity and speed, the Enerbook is the mid-range, every man's choice. Even so, it makes that portable speaker battery I've been using look like a Cracker Jacks prize.

Not only does uNu Enerpak Book offer 7000mAh of reserve power for all of your portable electronic devices (enough to charge my LG Android phone 2.3 times from Empty), but it includes a complete range of connector adapters to do so. That's right the Enerpak Book includes a soft velvet carry pouch that conceals 6 input adapters, as well as a bonus USB adapter for car charging. All for less than $65; making this the biggest must have for anyone with a smartphone or tablet, on your holiday shopping list! The Book also offers a unique dual port option, to charge two electronic devices at once, and a single button operation that triggers a visual LED indication of your Enerpak Book's own charge level. It is extremely simple to operate and very slender in build, with a total weight less than 1lb.
The Enerpak Book is not just for those with smartphones or tablets, it can successfully charge virtually any electronic device with the included adapters, including the Sony PSP and other portable gaming systems. The Book also claims a speedy charge, faster than most traditional methods. I put this to the test logging charge times (from drained to full) on my LG Android Optimus. With my traditional AC adapter the charging time took 2 hours and 31 minutes to a full charge. Through the Enerpak Book, nearly 40 minutes were shaved off! Even more impressive, charging two devices at the same time didn't seem to slow the process down for either. I can certainly say this device has performed above expectations, and is certainly one of my favorite new tech accessories. If you're looking for a gift for that gadget obsessed individual in your life, look no further than uNu's range of power extending accessories and charging aids.

What Daughter Says: Keep the techies on your Christmas list going, all season long, with the Enerpak Book, from uNu.

One Momma Told Me follower will win their own Enerpak Book from uNu!

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