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Thursday, January 3, 2013

COVERGIRL: BlastFlipstick and COVERGIRL Memories

Momma Told Me: Easy. Breezy. Beautiful

Growing up I spent my fair share of Summer afternoons curled up alongside Momma on the couch, watching soap operas. A habit she'd learned from her own mother, I always thought it funny how Momma would pre-record these episodes so she could 'fast forward' through the especially steamy parts. Sadly The Young and the Restless and Bold & The Beautiful are not quite the same daytime programming they were back then. In any case, one would think Momma would have fast forwarded right through those commercials too. After all, isn't that what a VCR was for? Ironically, I'd wager I watched more commercials than actual programming. The commercials were Momma's time to swap out loads of laundry, bring the night's dinner to a slow simmer, and collect the mail. Anyone who's ever watched a few weeks of daytime television knows the commercial breaks are even more numerous than that of evening time slots. And, while the commercials would change, the brands always seemed to remain the same. It's how I came to be a COVERGIRL.
No no, I've never graced magazine covers, I'm certainly no knockout beauty or photoshoot model. But that's the beauty of this American brand. A pretty girl with COVERGIL makeup's as patriotic as cherry pie. The company itself began in Maryland, circa 1960; later to be acquired by mega-conglomerate Procter & Gamble. If I were taking a survey for Family Fued, and was asked to name the first brand that came to mind when I heard the word 'cosmetics', this would be it. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. COVERGIRL. It's a slogan that defines the very mission behind this brand, and inspired many memories on that couch with my mother. Whenever Mrs. So and So Smith would return after a 'vacation' to Brazil, looking 5-10 years younger (and played by an entirely different actress) we'd mock how it must've been COVERGIRL. But of course, I grew up actually using the products as well; COVERGIRL was the brand of my first concealer compact, and made the shade I wore to my first high school dance.
It's funny how makeup can latch on to memories. Colors can certainly be a signature just as much as a trigger, like a lingering scent or cerebral photograph. And, when dealing with color cosmetics nobody wants to be a lemming. As a teenager I often wondered 'How will I stand out from the crowd if I'm wearing what everyone else is wearing?' 'How will he notice me?' It's for precisely this reason that I do not wear makeup every day. Color cosmetics are tools to make your mark, to grab that ever fleeting moment, that first impression. Whether it's a job interview, a first date, or the most important night of your life- I believe you are the canvas, and what you put on it is one of the biggest statements you can make. That's why I love the all new COVERGIRL BlastFlipstick collection so much. Perfect for girls who easily get bored, love random outfit changes, or simply find it impossible to choose the perfect color. Let's face it, you're never the same you for more than a few seconds; we're always evolving, so why shouldn't our lipcolor? BlastFlipstick allows you to blend over a dozen dual ended sticks of moisture rich color. Creamy and smooth hue on one end, sultry shimmer on the other; both complimentary and entirely blendable.
As a BzzAgent I recently got my hands on the Vixen BlastFlipstick duo, with a pale pink frost and a darker raspberry shimmer, the dual tones blend perfectly for a color that really makes my hair pop. I love more natural hues like the Vixen duo, but the BlastFlipstick line consists of some very bold and vibrant color combos, such as the almost Orange/Gold combo of Stunner. I cannot speak enough praise for how easy the formula wears, tinting lightly for an all day softness that rivals most stick lipcolor. I love that I can save purse space with the two in 1 shades, and even create a trendy ombre look by applying the darker hue to my top lip, and the lighter to the bottom. While I use several COVERGIRL products for foundation and finish, even eyes- I am not a big lipstick wearer. So the fact I have decided to wear Vixen on multiple dates without occasion speaks volume for the natural wear and application. BlastFlipstick has certainly worked to change my opinion of daily lip color! COVERGIRL Flipsticks are sold nationwide at major retailers and grocers for a suggested retail less than $9 USD. Check them out at your local beauty department today!

What Daughter Says: BlastFlipsticks truly make vibrant and memorable lip color Easy. Breezy. and Beautiful.

Note: I received complimentary product as part of a campaign for BzzAgent. No other compensation was provided. All opinions inside are mine and mine alone.


  1. Sweet - I love seeing the old styles

  2. I love that color on you!! Really suits you.

  3. I would have never picked that color for you, the light pink, but its AWESOME. Love Cover Girls whole campaign here and you covered it well!

  4. i gotta try out that lipstick!! it looks good on u!!

    Sandy a la Mode