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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fashion Apps for My Windows Phone #Troop8x #HTC8

Momma Told Me: Our style is 365.

Growing up, and living, in Southern California I don't have to deal with 'Winter weather' in the same sense as most of the country. Places such as my hometown, and parts of Florida are the vacation destinations for those who actually do. Right now my HTC 8x APP is reading a comfortable 68F with Partly Cloudy skies, though all I see in the sky outside my window is Sun and Clouds! Not to brag, but it's 'T-Shirt' weather about 340 of those 365 days each year, and most locals don't bother owning a coat, let alone a wardrobe of them. Don't get me wrong, there are Winter days I find myself sitting here longingly wishing I had reason to wear the pea-coat I saw on Glee, or the Chesterfield on Saturday Night Live. But shopping for such Winter clothing, locally, is about as impossible as finding a swimsuit in Montana this time of year. So I rely on my Windows HTC 8x to keep me trendy with this season's hottest styles and fashion.
No matter where you live one of the biggest challenges is staying up to date with makeup trends. Did you know the Ombre style we saw all over celebrity hairstyles in 2012 has made it's way to the face? Ombre lips are incredibly hot right now, especially those that feature icy Winter hues marked by bold flourescents (think stained rose petals). The free Windows mobile APP, Makeup Match offers gallery upon gallery of daily updated how-tos and lookbooks. These professional beauty albums showcase in full HD color thanks to my 4.3" screen, and I can even attempt the look on the go thanks to my phone's forward facing camera (can you say live mirror?). All of the galleries are themed to compliment events, skin types, and favorite colors. Once I've pulled of my variation of one of Makeup Match's looks I can even post my photo live to my social media outlets and get immediate feedback from friends and family.

Of course 'fashion' is such a complicated turn, and involves much more than a polished understanding of beauty. The simple Fashion reader app, for Windows Tiles, is the most visual and immediate on-the-go reference for statements trending now. It doesn't get any more current; every time I log into this free app I am greeted by a collage of Dup-A-Looks and trending designs. Just a slide to the right and I can browse news from Fashion Blogs, Runway Editorials, and Couture headlines. Within each reader I can easily manage subscriptions, import my own preferred fashion sites, and flag photos and concepts that catch my eye. Of course my Windows phone keeps the opinions flowing with easy shares to my Facebook and Twitter. For better or worse, I can get a sense of the pulse on trends that catch my eye.

Another exciting, yet still developing app is the free Fashion 8 virtual stylist. Utilizing my HTC 8x's front and forward facing cameras, as well as instant feedback sharing through social media, the apps virtual assistant helps me pick everything from flattering colors and prints to amazing cuts. I can even upload a photo of my current outfit and get guidance for complimentary colored accessories and hues. For those looking for more simplistic style advice, the How to Tie A Tie app is also one of the hottest in this section of the APP market, with visual aids for a variety of tie conundrums. There are always plenty of new apps being added to the Windows mobile marketplace each day and, thanks to the growing Fashion/Style category, I'll always be on point with trends.

What Daughter Says: In Southern California I see all sorts of 'Winter' fashion faux paus. Now I can stay trendy through the never-ending flip flop season with my HTC 8x fashion apps.

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Disclaimer: I received an HTC 8x handset and service as part of the #Troop8x program. Regardless all opinions within are 100% mine, and mine alone.


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