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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tips For First Time Water Cooler Buys Featuring The WCD-210BK

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Momma Told Me: And everyone would gather round the water cooler.

Before I existed, Momma worked a 9-5 office job assisting with copy-writing for a marketing firm. I wasn't around,  but I hear many stories, growing up, of how her and her office-mates would gather round the water cooler and dish about the latest gossip and what was on the television the night before. I never really quite understood the magical effects of this simple appliance, but I knew, someday, I wanted a water cooler of my own. Of course, the water dispensers of my time are a bit more advanced then those quick draining cabinets of Momma's work years. They are also becoming increasingly popular inside consumer homes.

Whether you're considering a water cooler to simply offset the cost of filter pitchers and individual bottles, or have a high traffic area in your home where it's required, there are several things to consider. My first suggestion is to buy a water cooler outright from a manufacturing company, such as NewAir, that does not have a stake in which water you use, or how long you own the appliance. Buying an affordable model, such as the WCD-210BK NewAir water dispenser will allow you to choose your bottles sizes (2, 3, or 5 gallon) and refill at your own convenience through delivery or a refill station.
While all water dispenser makes and models might seem identical at face value, small thoughtful features, such as the WCD-210BKs 'Spike Seal Puncture' means you can easily install a sealed water bottle without the worry of water overflow and spills. Many modern models still require you to remove the water bottle's wax-like seal and quickly turn the heavy bottle upside down, as installing. This particular unit also has the benefit of hot or cold dispensing with a temperature range of 41F - 201F; which can turn your water cooler into a hot water dispenser during those blustery Fall and Winter months.

You will also want to consider the materials your water cooler is made of; as plastic water basins can sometimes add an aftertaste to dispensed water. This particular unit has a thoughtful stainless steel drum which not only keeps the unit operating more efficiently, but eliminates aftertastes and added plastic flavors.
Primo water refill station
Many first time water cooler buyers worry about the convenience of the system setup, and consequential continued operation. Back in my childhood there were two primary methods of refilling your water cooler; a costly delivery (to your door) service, or hauling the empty jog down to a spout-fill station. These days there are affordable and eco-friendly options, such as branded refill stations where you can receive a recycling credit for used bottles, refill owned bottles, or buy an entirely new filled and sealed bottle. Naturally, how you choose to keep your water dispenser full will be determined by how often you drain your jugs, and if you have a water brand preference.

When it comes to setting up your brand new water dispenser; don't be intimidated. NewAir offers a wide range of water coolers direct to your door. The WCD-210BK requires little to no initial setup. Simply be mindful not to place the unit in direct sunlight, and ensure that it is stored on a flat, stable, surface. You'll spend more time deciding whether to put it in the garage or rec room!

What Daughter Says: Create a hub everyone will buzz around in your home, with an in-home water dispenser.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 Common Fast Food (Service) Mistakes: And How To Avoid + Handle Them!

5 Common Fast Food (Service) Mistakes, and How to Avoid And Handle Them
Momma Told Me: You get what you pay for.

When I was growing up, visiting a fast food drive through, or sit down, was a treat. Momma was a stay-at-home mother and most often preferred to prepare our meals with her own hands than rely on those operating a fryer. However, more and more modern fast food chains are beginning to take cues from consumers who demand healthier options and modifications to traditional fast food offerings. With the emergence of whole chicken breast 'burger' substitutions, and widely popular side salad 'combo' options, more and more consumers are turning to fast food when they feel strapped for time. Whether you're a fast food junkie, or only stop in to indulge a craving now and then, there are a few things about fast food that seemed to have never changed; the service.
Let's run down a few common issues with fast food service; how to avoid them, and how to handle them:

Portion Size: In the early 2000s a shocking documentary was released bringing consumer attention to portion size and the fast food industry's enabling impact on modern obesity epidemics. As a result, 'extra' size upgrades that once cost a mere couple of coins left major chain menus, and greasy or fried side favorites actually increased in average price per serving. Since then consumers have become more discerning about the consistency of portioning in packages and presentation. Have you ever pulled out your fries, in two different sizes, and noted the portions looked almost identical (like the photo above?)

Many fried sides, such as french fries are often placed in open containers, and literally tossed into the bags or boxes the order is presented in. You may find half your french fries are actually residing on the bottom of the bag, rather than in the box. If you don't have a side by side comparison of portion sizes, it can be hard to present a case for under-portioning. Most employees are taught to tell consumers that the 'contents settle' or the packages 'expand' and portion appearance may vary from time to time. However, as the customer you have the right to satisfaction; simply hand the employee the offending side and ask them to scoop you a fresh one; more often than not they will deliberately overfill the container simply to see you satisfied.

Incorrect Orders: Even at the locations where I find I receive best service, I still have trouble with incorrect orders from time to time. As a consumer, unless you have worked the industry recently, it is easy to forget that there are many people working to get your order to you, quickly. The more people processing an order, naturally, the more opportunities for errors. To help avoid simple order mistakes always, ask the order taker to repeat your order back to you, double check your order immediately upon receipt, take note of repeated mistakes and emphasize your specific concerns at the time of ordering.
Drive-Thru Communication: This brings us directly to one of the number one frustrations with modern fast food convenience; the drive thru. An estimated 30% more errors occur on drive-thru orders, over in store counter orders. Naturally, the inconvenience feels all the more exaggerated when you were visiting a drive-thru for the 'convenience' of time and speed, in the first place. Communicating through the 'speaker box' system can contribute to many misheard order specifications; if there is no working digital screen displaying your current order request to place your order directly at the fist window manned by an employee.

Do not worry about the precious seconds of time building on the car waiting before you; when you receive your food take the extra moment to double check your order for all it's components, and any condiments, or even straws/napkins you may need. Many national chains are being instructed not to provide, or offer, even ketchup to a customer without prompt, and one of the most common left out fast food aids is the napkin!

General Service Complaints: A fast food restaurant generally does not have the motivation for good service a sit-down, or gratuity base establishment would. However, most major national chains do have internal rewards programs for good service and general performance targets (low waste, feedback card responses, average order time.) Many fast food issues are often a result of a single instance of poor team communication or a bad shift. As frustrating as an incorrect order can be, it often shouldn't call for you to speak with a manager or contact corporate.
In the instance that you experience poor service or accuracy/food quality on multiple visits, however, it is valuable to bring this to the attention to the management on staff directly. Try to remember that it is not a single individual's fault, but a myriad of mistakes resulting from several employees. Instead of listing specific instances point out key themes like 'my portions are often inconsistent,' 'my special orders usually come out wrong,' or 'I often wait longer than 5 minutes to receive my food.' If the instances continue to happen after speaking with management, communicate with the chain directly online. If you are clear that the instance has occurred on multiple occasions they will often send a regional or district manager in within 24 hours to assist with re-training and coaching to correct the mentioned problems.

Product Presentation: Lastly, many consumers feel that fast food is improperly portrayed in menu board photos and advertisements. Seeing a beautifully handcrafted, stacked, burger and receiving the  grease stained, smashed, wrapper is never ideal; but the reality of the nature of the business. If you are eating fast food, you should either assume the presentation will be haphazard, but compositionaly accurate to the product's description, or frequent establishments that spend the extra time in packaging to help preserve product continuity. In most cases this means ordering premium items that are served in more sturdy boxes.

What Daughter Says: Though the nature of 'fast food' is to be quick and frugal; it is still a business, and should be expected to run like one.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dental Inlays, Bunches Of Birthdays, And Printable Coupons, Oh My!

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Balancing Coupons and Celebrations: Using #WalgreensPaperless Coupons to save time and money between birthdays. #Shop
Momma Told Me: Life is a balancing act.

Oh August, I have a love/hate relationship with you. In my circle of friends and family August might as well be December; there are anniversaries and birthdays galore. Ironically, every time my family grows, through marriage or birth, it seems we add onto the calendar in this month. It began when Momma married into Pop's family. At that time it was a relaxed 2 birthdays, hers and my Aunt. Then my Aunt got married in August and an anniversary was added. Then I was born just minutes before Momma's birthday (her O.B. said they'd never seen someone push so hard to meet a deadline,) that woman was NOT sharing birthdays with me! A few years later my cousin was born on my birthday; and ever since we've had nieces and nephews, 2nd cousins and in-laws, adding to the calendar of events. Some people spend an entire year bracing their checkbooks for Christmas, I prepare for August with my knowledge of how to use coupons.
#WalgreensPaperless coupons help save time and money without the hassle of clipping and organizing. #Shop
This year I thought I was prepared. Even though my cousin was set to give birth via C-section on the 19th, I figured I had plenty of time to prepare for baby showers and birthdays. Then the first week of August rolled around and I found the perfect opportunity to pull out my savings and reward myself with a brand new phone. Not only had I been putting money away for the better part of the year, but it would serve as an early birthday present to myself. As the pangs of guilt set in, watching all of those important dates auto-populate in my digital calendar, I decided I would have to make the purchase a little more practical. So I hit the APP store and downloaded any savings tools I could find; including the Walgreens Mobile Application complete with time savings function like (Pharmacy) Refills By Scan, access to Weekly Ads, and even communication with the local Photo Department.
There's always a Walgreens on the corner, and now I can save time and money with #WalgreensPaperless coupons. #Shop
I'd almost forgotten I'd even downloaded the app until I was sitting in my dentist's chair, looking at another $900 in work, just a week later. Not only were the month's important events days away, but my monthly budget had grown even tighter in just a single X-Ray. I wish I could say I had the time of my life, but by the time I got out of that chair, 5 hours and 3 dental inlays later, my face was half numb and so was my pocketbook. Luckily I stumbled outside and realized I was quite literally at the corner of preparing for those last minute occasions. And I didn't even have to move my car- how's that for convenient!
Stock up on reloadable gift cards an save money on loading feed with #WalgreensPaperless coupons. #Shop
As I walked into the Walgreens, where some of the employees know my name, I saw the weekly circular and was reminded that I could now browse all of the week's sales online through the mobile app. Even more exciting, I could pair my Balance Rewards account directly to the application and clip digital manufacturer's coupons without ever lifting a pair of scissors. I was especially excited about this time saving feature; any frugal shopper knows that coupons come and expire like milk, and it's hard to keep up with the best and current savings. Armed with my new phone, and shiny Walgreens app, I made a beeline for the gift and prepaid card station.
Did you know you can but a last minute gift for anyone on your list at the gift card station in Walgreens? You can even buy a re-loadable Balance Financial Mastercard for loved ones living far away; and right now there's an exclusive #WalgreensPaperless coupon to offset the affordable activation fee!

Just around the corner were the aisles of gift cards; a necessity for everyone on my list, and a home goods aisle stocked with an electrical section. I already knew I wanted to make Momma a wine bottle lamp for her birthday, and I was excited to see I could save on GE light bulbs with yet another paperless coupon! We always seem to run out of spare lights at the most inconvenient time, and find ourselves in Walgreens grabbing a replacement after 10PM, so this aisle was no secret to me, but the savings were!
#WalgreensPaperless #shop
Balancing Coupons and Celebrations: Using #WalgreensPaperless Coupons to save time and money between birthdays. #Shop
Of course Walgreens has the complete health and beauty selection they're most known for too! With my nephew, Nathan, deciding to arrive 11 days early I was sure to pick up some last minute necessities for him and his new mom. I almost, almost, forgot my gums were beginning to tingle from the Novocaine wearing off as I let the associate scan my Balance Rewards bar code, and watched the savings. Not only had the trip helped me flesh out some last minute gift decisions, but I even had a few bucks left in my budget to buy one very important treat for myself...
An ice cream birthday cake, of course! For the first year I will not be making myself a cake, instead I will be indulging in an individual cake made just for me. No guilt over cutting into hours of my work, not shame in eating every last bite without sharing a single slice. But, best of all, I will be smiling this August 24th knowing I survived yet another year of birthdays and bashes with my pocketbook in tact. And, if I happen to forget the candles for my cake, I happen to know a pretty convenient place at the corner of paperless coupons and pure awesome, that is sure to have some waiting for me!

How do you save time and money when caught of guard with special events and occasions?

What Daughter Says: Always make sure, when balancing, you are part of the act!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Defying Thinning Hair With The #Cerafill Daily System #Sponsored

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Redken's #Cerafill Defy system for thinning hair helps fortify hair fibers for stronger and fuller looking strands. #Sponsored
Momma Told Me: A hair on the head, or two in the brush.

I've always had obnoxiously thick hair. The kind of full, voluminous, flowing tresses you find more of a nuisance in drying and slow styling; until one day you don't have them anymore. I take immaculate care of my hair, I really do. I spend a lot of money on sulfate free cleansers, masks, and oils to counteract even the minimal hair drying I do. And when I colored my hair it was with the most mild, semi-permanent, ammonia and peroxide free, hues I could find. Then, one afternoon I asked my bestie to help out with a routine we'd done a dozen times- I wanted to strip the gunked up color to start fresh. Unfortunately, what ended up on my head was not what I'd so painstakingly selected to go on my precious locks. By the time my scalp began burning, and I raced to the shower to rinse, my hair was falling out in clumps.
Is your hiar thinning and brittle?
Chemically damaged hair is not the same as naturally thinning hair. I need to make that clear. There are a lot of factors that come into play when discussing hair health. As a modern woman, styling and at home coloring is one of the biggest offenders to your hairs health from root to tip. Naturally, bleaching is the worst, but using a curling iron, straightener, hair dryer, or even highlights all put strain on the core of each hair strand. Anything that deals with heat usually melts the strand's core to help get it to 'behave' and hold a specific style, and any boxed colorant contains chemicals (even the semi permanent ones.) I was blessed with a beautiful, full, thick head of hair, and seeing anything less then my glorious main brought tears to my eyes. I knew it would be a long road back.
Redken's #Cerafill Defy system for thinning hair helps fortify hair fibers for stronger and fuller looking strands. #Sponsored
I've tried a bunch of wonder treatments, serums, and systems. What I've learned is there is no quick fix for damaged or thinning hair. Unless you're about to have them graft some onto your head, of course, and even that takes time. The first part of coping with thinning hair is understanding why it's thinning and which stage of hair loss you are in. Many people are simply born with medium to thin hair and desire a fuller look for styling, or are experiencing the beginning stages of thinning due to health, environment, age, or stress factors. these people can often benefit from a density building system like Redken Cerafill Defy. Others, who have noticed a growing part, thinning hairline, or receding hairline, may need treatment for advanced thinning hair, like the Cerafill Retailiate system.
Did you know that the normal growth cycle of healthy strand of hair can last from 2 to 6 years? Many of us think of hair as lifeless strands growing out of our scalp. The truth is, healthy hair grows about 1/2" per month, and in optimal cases up to 36" of hair can be assumed active and 'living.' When hair begins thinning or is damaged it is considered dormant, and it's active growing phase is stalled or entirely inactive leaving your strands weak to breakage, splitting, and dull texture. The picture above indicates a 'good' hair day 1 month back, prior to starting the Cerafill Defy system. We'll ignore the fact I was too terrified to even touch up the semi permanent cover-up color (and my color is splotchy.) It makes me cringe to see my beautiful hair so clearly damaged and crying out for help.
Redken's #Cerafill Defy system for thinning hair helps fortify hair fibers for stronger and fuller looking strands. #Sponsored
When I first began a two week treatment regimen of Redken #Cerafill Defy Shampoo, Conditioner, and Scalp Treatment I had no expectations. I certainly had no vision of waking up with a full head of hair Rapunzel style; and that's not what the system promises. So we were off to a good start. What Cerafill Defy did promise to do was improve the look and feel of existing hair, while adding texture and shine to emulate health. Defy considers itself a thickening system which helps fortify your current hair follicles for less breakage and to fight the appearance of thinning. It does not promise to make your hair grow, and it was very clearly about this; which I appreciated as a consumer.
Redken's #Cerafill Defy system for thinning hair helps fortify hair fibers for stronger and fuller looking strands. #Sponsored
After my first use I felt a little crazy thinking my hair looked and felt fuller. In the shower I had experienced a tingling (almost menthol) sensation when shampooing. I'll admit this terrified me at first. I experienced an ordinary (since being damaged) amount of hair loss when rinsing, and again when brushing. I breathed deep as I waited for my strands to partially air dry before picking up the blow dryer. Once dry, I gathered my hair at the nape of my neck and did a thickness test, it felt noticeably thicker when gathered. Visually, my hair looked less thin when it naturally fell to each side.
Redken's #Cerafill Defy system for thinning hair helps fortify hair fibers for stronger and fuller looking strands. #Sponsored
For two weeks I washed my hair every other day, using the Cerafill Defy system exclusively, and toning daily with the Energizing Scalp Treatment (which also had a faint tingling sensation.) For me the most dramatic result was the hair I was losing in the shower by the second week had nearly cut in half. Today, I see no more hair loss when rinsing than I did before my 'accident.' Even brushing seems to put less strain on my strands and my hair seems to full fuller. Do I have gorgeous 80's hair? No, my hair didn't burst into a chia pet overnight, but the results are certainly undeniable. My road to hair recovery won't be easy, but I've decided that Cerafill will definitely be a part of it! To find out more about hair thinning and loss, or receive a salon consultation near you check out the Redken salon finder today.

Have you ever had issues with hair loss or thinning? What caused them? How did you treat it?

What Daughter Says: Understanding hair loss is the most important key to treating it.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

#BloggerConfessions: Week 4- Blogging Nightmares

#BloggerConfessions the only Blog Hop where bloggers can dish the down and dirty of blogging, and readers can get an inside look at how it's all done!
Do you have a favorite blog? Of course you have several; and are perhaps even a blogger yourself. Have you ever wondered from time to time how they do it? Or does everything on your end of the screen seem so flawless your perspective on your own life gets a little fuzzy? Well I am here to tell you that blogging is not the perfection perceived- it is most often crazy hours, emails in the wee hours, and balancing on chairs in hallways to get the perfect light. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes before that URL can hit the internet, and myself and a group of bloggers are here to give you the down and dirty secrets of #BloggerConfessions in a new weekly blog hop that invites you to confess on a new topic each week.

Whether you're looking for a fun hop you can fill an organic content need with(yes, us bloggers worry about that), or are simply a reader looking for the juicy, and often hilarious, truth on blogging- you're invited. Bloggers, feel free to post your response to each week's topic any day of the week (Thursday is the feature day) and link up to the LINKY at the bottom of this post. Be sure to grab the button while you're here! Readers, sit back, relax, and prepare as we demystify blogging one dish at a time!
#BloggerConfessions Broken Camera
Week 4: Blogging Nightmares
Prompt: Okay, it's time to dish about that sponsored post, blog hop, complicated recipe, or just generally rocking post that almost didn't happen. We want to hear about computer mishaps, missed flights, Blogger mysteries and that time when your perfect post was much more of a quest to tackle than anyone could have ever known!

The world of a blogger is fast and ever moving.

Whether you're s humble coupons and giveaway blog, lifestyle blog, or the sort of online content generator that puts Martha Stewart to shame with flawlessly crafted sponsored content; blogging isn't a walk in the park ya'll. Even those of us, like myself, who stubbornly cling to antiquated Blogger systems (as opposed to Wordpress) in a desperate effort to avoid formatting, widgets, or any other form of technical blogging aspect. And yet, as bloggers, we are technical creatures. It's never as simple as snapping a cell phone pic and writing a paragraph or two. And tech, in fact is one of the modern blogger's (haha, modern?) biggest expenses. Not only do our keyboards, USB and SD slots, and coffee stained workstations stand up to a lot of abuse, but our cameras are most often put in precarious positions.

Few things spell h-a-z-a-r-d to a blogger like working with our most viral of subjects; small children and pets. Naturally the hardest to keep still (photograph) and control in general are that which we find our honeypot images within. When I first began blogging I still remember having to learn 'that' lesson. After a good year of having my camera out and about with a strict 'no touch' rule, I became a little laxed in my repetition of this holy truth. Even the 4 year-old would mouth the words along as I pulled out my camera or simply set it down before leaving the room, "Do NOT touch the camera." So, one day, coming back out of the house after retrieving a screwdriver that had been previously undisclosed on the Little Tikes instructions, I was greeted with the look of shame.
There, on the concrete next to the Cupcake Kitchen was my camera- in two pieces. My heart fell; at the time my budget simply couldn't allow for me to go out and buy a new camera. I looked from the shards of plastic and lens to the little girl with the quivering lip. In my head I kept repeating 'I told you not to touch it,' but my mouth remained silent, "I...I'm sorry, I didn't touch, I promise!" she sputtered, fighting tears. My mind traced back through time, recalling the steps of what had transpired just minutes back- she was right. I had left it on the toy; the toy we were building for her. She was merely trying to play with the awesome new shiny playset I had promised, and I had been the adult foolish to leave it standing on a plastic counter of death.

While that day had been entirely my fault, and ultimately a blogger disaster turned cuddle session and impromptu cupcake party; not all mishaps are avoidable. Just recently I was rushing to complete my giveaway posts for the annual Blog POP! Events and Group Spring Fling hop and watched as my laptop keyboard quite literally began smoking. My fan had died and my keyboard was lighting up fast, beneath my very fingers! Luckily, I back up all my content to an external drive weekly, and was smart enough to turn it off immediately until I could safely pull my info in a cool location- but you really never know when tech will decide to break down! Let's just say I wasn't exactly planning on walking into Best Buy and buying a laptop that night!

Link up your Blogger Nightmares #BloggerConfessions anytime between now and next Thursday!

Prompt for Week 5: (8/21) Open Confession- Do you have something that you think nobody would ever suspect when reading your blog? Do you only take photos in a tutu? Can you only write when Mozart is playing? This is your free week to dish and confess- we promise, we won't judge!

Momma Told Me

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Family Game Night With S'mores Snack Mix And Kraft Printable Coupons

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Make sure your shopping cart is #PackedWithSavings from printable Kraft Coupons and Walmart rollbacks! #Shop
Momma Told Me: Time is money.

Back when I was a newlywed, in my early twenties, I would dedicate large chunks of my week to couponing. I wasn't nearly as organized as I am now, and yet I spent a significantly large portion of time to hunting down discarded inserts, cutting through triplicates, and carefully sorting each coupon by expiration and theme. At that time my life was fairly dull and I truly needed a hobby, it was therapeutic. Matching up grocery coupon deals with manufacturer's coupons was also something I had done with Momma a a young girl, and I was proud to be able to pass on these skills with anyone who could benefit from it.
Keep your cart #packediwthsavings at Wlmart, this season, thanks to printable Kraft coupons. #Shop
Make sure your shopping cart is #PackedWithSavings from printable Kraft Coupons and Walmart rollbacks! #Shop
Of course the times, they are-a-changing; every day I am blessed with more and more 'distractions' and more life to live. My family never seems to stop growing and I am happy to consider even those not related the closest of my family and friends. This keeps my social calendar quite busy in between a full time job and running a household. I still take time to clip and organize coupons, but I don't always have time to sort through the circulars each week. Because of this, printable grocery coupon have really been a lifesaver. They are also the best example of my #1 rule of couponing: anyone can do it.
Just the other week I was refilling my Walmart prescriptions online when a widget popped up on my sidebar highlighting some great Kraft coupons printable savings. Just like that I was virtually cutting savings for some of my favorite Kraft products like Philadelphia cream cheese, Oscar Mayer beef hot dogs, and planters peanuts. I was instantly inspired to text my cousin (who so happens to live across the street) and demand an adults only game night. With her impending c-section 2 weeks away and her daughter visiting grandma up in Oregon, it seemed like the perfect calm-before-the storm for us all to reconnect and enjoy ourselves. Of course, baby Nathan had plans of his own and promptly arrived 11 days early!
Simple S'mores Snack Mix with Kraft Ingredients like Jet Puffed Marshmallows! Find printable coupons and head to Walmart today. #PackedWithSavings #Shop
S'mores Snack Mix for family game night and more, made with Kraft ingredients like Planters Peanuts and Jet Puffed Marshmallows! #PackedWithSavings #Shop
I'll take credit for that- we did spend quite a bit of time talking about the delicious S'mores snack mix and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese were would be making, who can blame him for wanting to join in the fun. Naturally the new big sis flew down that very night to meet her baby brother, and the house was packed with children, and family by the time our unofficial game night arrived. No worries! I was more than happy to help keep Sabrina, 11, occupied while her mother settled in back home from the hospital!
Macaroni Ninja Time! How would your kids use the empty boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese? #PackedWithSavings #shop
Kraft has a much larger product range than most realize, and there are currently over 20 digital coupons available through the Walmart online portal. And your print queue can be #PackedWithSavings in not time when you head on over now, but don't delay, these great printable coupons have a limited number of prints, once they're gone, they're gone! One of my favorite coupon deals has to be the $1 off a Kraft Macaroni And Cheese 5 Pack- not only can the kids make this on their own (with supervision) but Sabrina begged to use the leftover boxes for a special 'macaroni ninja' costume afterwards!
Let's face it, nobody had the energy to cook an ornate meal after all the 'ooohing,' 'ahhing,' and garbled baby talk; but we were still a hungry crew, none-the-less. I was happy to keep the spill free Capri-Sun pouches coming to keep the new mom and her kiddos refreshed while socializing with the visiting family. Hosting a large group with fruit pouch drinks also made cleanup a breeze- after sucking every last drop out, these took up almost no space in the trash.
The proud new father lit up the grill with some fresh burger patties and a package of Oscar Mayer beef franks. Halfway through the grilling process I remember hearing, "We have cheese, right?" and let out a hearty laugh, as if I'd ever forget the Kraft Singles! The usual pandemonium then ensued as the life or death decision of 'cheese or no cheese' was passed down from guest to guest so the grill master could properly allocate those precious golden slices. By the time it was time to eat the tweens were ravenous and clamored to build their plates as if the food were about to disappear altogether.
Make sure your shopping cart is #PackedWithSavings from printable Kraft Coupons and Walmart rollbacks! #Shop
Later that evening I finally broke out the S'mores snack mix cups Sabrina and I had made while waiting for the macaroni to boil. We'd plated them in little paper serving cups, and left them in the fridge to let the moisture soften them a bit for sensitive teeth; naturally every pair of eyes that opened the fridge had asked when on Earth we were going to eat the 'delicious looking S'mores concoction!' With our snack mix in hand, and baby Nathan soundly asleep, we all huddled around the giant ottoman and put on our game faces for some hard-core Monopoly.
So, remember, life doesn't always go as planned- and that's usually when life starts to get really fun! Just because you're juggling a little bit more these days doesn't mean you can't fit in time for great family moments and even great coupon deals. Kraft has some wonderful recipe ideas for every time frame and budget to compliment their online printable coupons, so be sure to head on over today and check them out too!

How do you connect with your family in today's busy world?

What Daughter Says: Save time, while saving money, with the help of printable coupons online.

S'mores Snack Mix for family game night and more, made with Kraft ingredients like Planters Peanuts and Jet Puffed Marshmallows! #PackedWithSavings #Shop