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D.I.Y. Minions Wreath Tutorial

D.I.Y. Minions Wreath for Under $10 In 15 Minutes!
Momma Told Me: Be a little different.

It's no secret we're a little 'off color' here at Momma Told Me- while we appreciate tradition, there are some things we prefer to break free and stand out from the crowd on. Unique seasonal door decor is one of them. Yes, we're talking wreaths. For year I have wanted to make my own Fall wreath, but lacked the patience, or budget, for the more elaborate 'professional' style D.I.Y. wreath. Don't get me wrong, Martha Stewart is great for most people- but when I sit down to create something I'm going to display in (or on) my home, I want it to be immediately obvious that is' home made. A lot of the gorgeous wreath tutorials out there cost just as much as the store bought one's to make, and look slick enough to be store bought when done. My friends, you will not find a Minion wreath in any store, and it is crazy easy to make.
D.I.Y. Minions Wreath for Under $10 In 15 Minutes!
Start with a medium foam ring from your typical craft store. This will be the bulk of your materials cost, as these can run $6-$8- but I'll let you in on a little secret. If you head online to Micheals/JoAnns/Hobby Lobby you can often print a coupon to save 40-50% on a single item and knock that price to just a few dollars. The second most expensive supply, the boas, are about $3-$4 a piece- you'll need 2. Again, bring the hubby, or the kids and use multiple coupons in your trip (it's usually 1 per person.) The rest of the supplies you likely have hanging around; a hot glue gun, some ribbon (for hanging,) black acrylic paint, a paper plate, a paint brush (I use disposable foam brushes) and some newspapers to cover your work space.
D.I.Y. Minions Wreath for Under $10 In 15 Minutes!
Are you ready? It just might have taken you longer to gather your supplies and protect your work space than to assemble this wreath, because this bad boy goes together with no skill level and faster than I can say 'banana' 3 times. Start by taking the end of one boa and hot gluing it to the back of your wreath foam ring. Next, loosely wrap the boa around the foam ring so that the feathers cover the ring, but there is enough give to move the boa to the side as needed for the later steps. Tack the loose end of the boa onto the foam ring and repeat with the 2nd boa, end to end.
D.I.Y. Minions Wreath for Under $10 In 15 Minutes!D.I.Y. Minions Wreath for Under $10 In 15 Minutes!
You should have what looks like the beginnings of a fabulous Carnivale hat, or at least a wreath that resembles an abstract Tweety Bird. Go ahead and shake it back and forth like a 3rd crader fascinated by the movement of the feathers (I won't judge,) it's impossible not to feel happy when playing with feathers!
Next, grab your paper plate and cut the ridged rim off of the inner circle. Take your foam paint brush and dip it in your black paint. Place it in the center of your round (flat) plate piece so that the tip and wooden end are vertical- give it one smooth spin while applying pressure. If you want to be less fancy- "Take a paint brush and paint a black circle in the center of your round plate cut out." Cut 5-6" strips from the ridged plate rim and paint those black as well. Allow you pieces to dry, or pull out the blow dryer if you're impatient (like me.)
If you want to get a little fancy pants you can add some detailing to the eye. Using your black paint go ahead and draw a black rim along the outside of your round (flat) eye and make one of the border's edges a little thicker to indicate the traditional Minions goggle frame. Take a daub of white paint/white paint pen/white out and draw a little circle of reflective light in the iris of your eye. Glue your dried black painted plate strips to the inner eye circle evenly.

Attach your goggles/eye to the wreath by gently separating the wrapped boa and gluing the paper plate portion directly to the foam ring. Repeat on the opposite end and even out the feather distribution to hide your handy work. Next, loop a few inches of ribbon and glue it to the top (back) portion of your wreath- paying attention to glue directly to the foam ring again, or the ribbon will not adhere.
D.I.Y. Minions Wreath for Under $10 In 15 Minutes!D.I.Y. Minions Wreath for Under $10 In 15 Minutes!
Congratulations- you've just made a Minion! Wouldn't these be cute in purple as well for the 'monster' minions from the Despicable Me 2 movie? How about doing this with 2 small foam tubes and chaining them all together to make Bobe, Stuart, and Kevin? The possibilities are endless and the work is truly minimal; just my type of D.I.Y. craft. And you better believe the compliments from delivery workers, neighbors, and friends are plenty! Best of all, this is a fun wreath for the Halloween season that isn't spooky or scary at all! What type of seasonal decorations do you like to make?

What Daughter Says: Fall leaves, ribbons, and acorns are nice, but this wreath truly makes me smile every time I come home!

This Season Add An Ugly Sweater Mocktail Tradition To Your Holiday Gatherings
On October 31st, this year, I pulled out the holiday decoration boxes , and hauled the duster bag wrapped lights from the garage rafters.

On November 1st we laid out 2 net lights, 1 7' Lighted Multi-Color Outdoor Tree Display, ran alternating lights across the garage, and wrapped the front most tree in our yard with rainbow LEDs.

When November 5th rolled around we put our living room holiday tree up at a time I determined to be grossly late and off schedule, due to a family engagement prior in the week.

By the end of the first week of November the dogs were 'merrily' wearing their festive clothing, and I'd successfully hunted down the only station on the radio dial already playing 24/7 Christmas music.

If ever there was a season made for me, this is it my friends. the loudest, most unapologetic, over-the-top cheerful, ridiculously flavorful season of them all. It is the PERFECT season to pack away the bland and go all out.
Of course the holiday season means opening your home to friends, family, and strangers alike- after all, you didn't spend 3 hours counter-weighing that angel chandelier from the entrance balcony  NOT to show it off. And all of those people coming over for the White Elephant gift exchange are going to be pretty thirsty while they munch on cheese balls shaped like Rudolph's head and sing along to Now That's What I Call Christmas 87 Karaoke. But it can be hard to know what people will want, and you don't always have time to make a special trip to the mega-mart in between hand folding the linen napkins to look like turkeys and whipping up grandma's top secret recipe for 'real' fruit cake. Thankfully the Amazon DASH buttons released this year can help you re-order your favorite Sparkling ICE variety pack (and any of the 15 fruity flavors, really) with a simple push of a button!
Of course you can also stock up on your favorite zero-calorie fizzy Sparkling ICE flavors the 'old fashioned way' on your phone, tablet, or laptop directly through In fact, that's where you'll find the largest variety of bottle sizes and flavors such as Kiwi Strawberry, Black Raspberry, Orange Mango, and more!
#BeNotBland this holiday season with Zero Calorie Sparkling ICE (in 15 flavors)and the Ugly Sweater Mocktail  #AD
Just pop those bottles into your cart and they'll arrive in as little as 2-days direct to your door (tiny insta-dog not included.) Cherry Limeade is always a hit when we entertain, and just happens to have a beautiful red holiday color so we recently ordered a few cases along with the lovely green Kiwi-Strawberry Sparkling ICE. These zero calorie, naturally flavored, drinks are the fizz of the party and the perfect thing to sip on in between dreaming up your daughter's holiday pageant costume and how to teach the dog to bark Silent Night. They're also a MUST have for holiday gatherings as designated drivers love the flavor options and fun mocktail inspiration!
In fact, we believe the holidays should be bold, so strongly, that we've recently introduced a new tradition to our holiday gatherings- the Ugly Sweater Mocktail. It's as much about the drink as it is the vessel carrying the drink- and it's a true blast to help ignite some fun conversations and mingling at seasonal events where all the guests might not know each other too well. If you're anything like me you likely have a good half dozen or more mis-matched glasses hiding in the back of your kitchen cabinet.
#BeNotBland this holiday season with Zero Calorie Sparkling ICE (in 15 flavors)and the Ugly Sweater Mocktail  #AD
Sure we buy glasses in sets but the very nature of glass is that it breaks- so we end up with 1 or 2 oddly shaped glasses leftover from a set. This is perfect- pull out as many shapes and styled of old glasses as possible, line a table with your favorite Sparkling ICE beverages, tinsel pipe cleaners, sparkly window stickers, holiday light necklaces, and more. If it can be stuck on, or wrapped around a glass, it's fair game in the Ugly Sweater Mocktail world.
#BeNotBland this holiday season with Zero Calorie Sparkling ICE (in 15 flavors)and the Ugly Sweater Mocktail  #AD
Once your guests have their Ugly Sweater Glass just right they'll want to add some ice and their favorite Sparkling ICE. Since there are 15 delicious fruity flavors, guests can easily combine flavors to make a true mocktail experience, or simply go bold by adding fresh fruit, candy canes, cotton candy 'trim' and more. Make sure to snap a photo of each guest with their mocktail before it disappears!
#BeNotBland this holiday season with Zero Calorie Sparkling ICE (in 15 flavors)and the Ugly Sweater Mocktail  #AD
Be sure to send your guests home with their work of art (glass) and a few bottles of Sparkling ICE so they can continue the Ugly Sweater Glass tradition at home- We keep ours out on the counter and guests always ask for their drinks in them when visiting! Hurry on over to Amazon now to stock up on Sparkling ICE and enjoy the benefit of having Prime Shipping as your personal holiday elf. Now, tell me, what types of entertaining traditions do you like to enjoy during the holiday season?

White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes Recipe + New Dinner Hacks

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LeaveBlandBehind #CollectiveBias
#LeaveBlandBehind with delicious recipe free cooking thanks to NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends- Try these White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes tonight! #AD
Have you ever noticed some of the best family recipes are passed down by mouth, without any real written directions or ingredients at all? Every family has at least one. You know, the recipe that only those lucky enough to have spent time in Nana's kitchen with Nana preparing can really replicate.

Their composition may be so deeply shrouded in mystery on the pretense of a secret ingredient, or a lively tale that dates beyond family written records- But you and I know the recipe will never be written down, or found on a card, or in a book simply because it's true success is not based on fine measurements or elaborate steps; rather a secret family cooking trick, or that one ingredient substitute you'd never think to try. Recipes that can easily be made with what one has on hand, and through pinches and handfuls of measurements.

Yes, the amazing cooking can be recipe-free and impressively flavorful when you know the right hacks to make a little magic happen.
Of course every magician needs a few powerful tools in their bag of tricks- which is precisely where NEW McCormick Pasta Seasoning Blends come in to play. Available in White Cheddar Mac n' Cheese, Sundried Tomato Basil, and Parmesan Alfredo these bold and flavorful seasons go beyond your typical spice rack hacks to bring delicious sauces to life (just add milk and butter) or to season up any freestyle dish with simply a few shakes. They're made without artificial flavors or colors and are easily located with the traditional cooking spices at your local Walmart.
One of my personal favorite 'recipe free' dishes, and family favorite, are Hasselback Potatoes. It's a dish that looks quite impressive, but can easily be pulled off with minimal ingredients and simple knife trick. I used to rely on a multi-step seasoning process for my potatoes but recently simplified my recipe even further by swapping out all other spices and seasonings in this recipe for McCormick White Cheddar Mac n' Cheese Pasta Seasoning.With it's bold aged cheddar flavor I don't need to fuss with anything else- I can dig right into preparing this delicious dish. Simply gather your favorite block of cheddar cheese, green onions, baking potatoes, a stick of butter, and some bacon.
We usually have pre-cooked bacon on hand at all times- but this is a recipe I especially like making a fresh batch for. You can customize your flavor and textures here by choosing the type of bacon your family most prefers- I typically go with a Hickory Center/Thick Cut. Half your bacon and place it in a single layer on a foil lined sheet and bake just until it begins to crisp at 350F. Then carefully remove your bacon and gently blot between double layered paper towels.
Next, crumble your bacon over a medium sized bowl and sprinkle about 2 tsp McCormick White Cheddar Pasta Seasoning (or really as much as you'd prefer) onto your bacon crumbles. Toss the crumbles in the seasoning until each piece has a light white coat, and set aside.
Prepare your green onions by dicing the greens, while you let your oven preheat to a new temperature of 450F. If you prefer a slightly different palette feel free to substitute the green onions with finer, more delicate, chives.
Wash and pat dry your potatoes with a paper towel or clean cloth. Inspect your spuds for any wayward eyes, and remove as necessary.

Beginning with one potato, on a cutting board, cut a thin, lengthwise, slice off of the bottom of each potato so as to create a flat surface for each to rest on. Next comes yet another genius cooking hack- one intended to make you look like a culinary artist without any special tools or skills.

Place 2 wooden utensils on opposite sides of a potato, on a cutting board. At a slight diagonal angle cut 20-24 slits into the potato, stopping when the knife hits the spoons. Repeat with remaining potatoes.
Place prepared potatoes on a microwave safe dish and microwave on HIGH for 12-14 minutes, or until potatoes are near tender. Remove from microwave and place on lightly greased, foil lined, pan.
Combine remaining McCormick White Cheddar Pasta Seasoning and melted butter and brush over the top of each potato, paying special attention to allow the mixture to permeate the cut seams. Bake potatoes for 15 MINS, or until tender. Remove from oven.
Your potatoes should be well cooked, and the McCormick White Cheddar Pasta Seasoning will have made a wonderful cheese like crust along the skin of your potatoes' ridges. Each slice should now easily peel apart, though the potato itself will maintain enough structure to still be handled.
#LeaveBlandBehind with delicious recipe free cooking thanks to NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends- Try these White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes tonight! #AD
Carefully insert bacon pieces alternatively with cheese slices. Be careful, the potatoes will be hot! Use a fork as needed to gently pry apart the potato slices. Sprinkle with McCormick White Cheddar Pasta Seasoning if desired and top with green onions. Return potatoes to the oven (broiler or top rack) for 2-3 minutes, or until topping has melted and begins to lightly brown. Remove from heat, cut in half, and serve.
#LeaveBlandBehind with delicious recipe free cooking thanks to NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends- Try these White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes tonight! #AD
#LeaveBlandBehind with delicious recipe free cooking thanks to NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends- Try these White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes tonight! #AD
Potatoes are a classic sidekick for many meals, and bacon-cheese covered potatoes rarely get better than this- Each slice not only oozes cheesy-bacon flavor but this beautiful dish is a sight to behold and is full of complex cheesy flavor thanks the addition of McCormick White Cheddar Pasta Seasoning. I especially love that I was able to cut any added salt out of this recipe, without a single complaint on flavor. We'll definitely be exploring the NEW McCormick Pasta Seasoning Blends even further- I've got a mind to try some homemade Parmesan Alfredo burger patties this weekend!

It's not always easy to find time for recipe books and precision cooking- why not try stepping outside your comfort zone with a little freestyle cooking thanks to the big flavor power of NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends? Do you have a family recipe that is passed down only by mouth, and learning?

#LeaveBlandBehind with delicious recipe free cooking thanks to NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends- Try these White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes tonight! #AD
White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes
***Click here for printable White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes recipe