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7 Organic Grocery Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy At Walmart

This post is sponsored by Horizon but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Being a modern consumer can be complicated.

When I was a child the only time my mother bought groceries at a store other than the one closest to our house was if there was an amazing sale that matched up with a coupon in her wallet. Shopping for a family was much simpler a generation ago simply because consumers did not have easy access to the buyer's education and resources we have today. There was no internet for concerned mothers to network on, no pages of searches demanding transparency from brands, or subcultures of foodies sharing their passion for greener eating.

As a result I've been quite overwhelmed with trying to juggle my modern family's budget, and my millennial schedule, with shopping fro ethical and wholesome ingredients. For a while I was building multiple grocery lists, by store, for a single week at a time!
If you know the stress I am referring to all to well then you might be thrilled to learn about a little life hack I've recently picked up on my regular shopping trips to Walmart. We have both a Walmart Supercenter and Walmart Neighborhood Market in my hometown, so I am constantly grabbing grocery needs while picking up prescriptions, a new jacket for the upcoming rain, or the latest video game accessory.

I am at Walmart at least twice, if not three times a week on average, but I never realized just how many of my organic grocery needs I could buy there as well. Finding my organic "treasures" while on my everyday Walmart shopping trip not only saves me money, but precious time as well. Just take at look at some of these everyday Organic grocery finds we found on our most recent trip:
1. Organic Pre-Packaged Vegetables and Fruit

Generally speaking shopping organic will always be at a slightly higher 'premium' cost than shopping 'non organic' equivalent, when it comes to fresh produce. Two ways to help offset this potential budget increase is by shopping at Walmart, and choosing pre-packaged, or 'ready-to'eat' options when available. This helps save you valuable prep time, and everyone knows time is money.
2. Ready-To-Eat Snacks And Salads

Our local Walmarts have a great selection of Organic single serving snacks and entree salads in the fresh produce department. Salads such as this Chicken Cesar are certified organic and ready to eat on the go so you can feel good about your eating choices any time of the day.
3. Organic Pressed Juices, Kombucha, And More!

A lot of the time I am way too busy through the late morning and mid-day to stop to eat a full meal, but often I find my stomach rumbling an my energy crashing around 1PM. Having a delicious, fortified, and well balanced organic fruit or vegetable juice based drink on hand can really stop me from getting cranky and sluggish. You'll find a variety or Organic bottled beverages in the cold case directly next to the packaged salads and fruits at your local Walmart. There are even some options with probiotics and protein for unique dietary needs!
4. Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

This is probably the first grocery category that comes to your mind when I mention Organic groceries. I'll be honest, fresh Organic fruits and vegetables were some of the first things I started adding to my grocery list when I began buying Organic for our family. You'll find shelf talkers, liners, loud labels, and signs calling out fresh organic finds like these raspberries in the produce department at Walmart. I love feeling good about eating these delicious treats right out of the package or straight from my shopping bag upon unpacking at home.
5. Organic Milk.

Milk has been a staple at my dinner table since I was a little girl, and continues to be a weekly buy for my fridge. During the average week I use Organic milk for smoothies, creamy sauce recipes, cereal, homemade ice cream, and so much more. My preferred brand of Organic milk is Horizon, and my local Walmart has an entire cold case dedicated to the many varieties of it. Just look for the red cartons!

Horizon cows are certified organic grassfed and spend time in lush pastures where they can graze free- yes even the cows eat organic, and as a result their milk is always GMO free. They're a brand I've been following for years now as they have been advocating, along with others, for clear and tough organic standards that go beyond what is currently required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). For me, Horizon is a brand I can feel good about buying for my family.
You'll find Horizon's Organic Grassfed Milk in whole and 2% Half Gallons with an impressive expiration date for Organic milk and a clean taste we swear we notice. Horizon Organic Grassfed milk is definitely my preferred 'drinking' milk, and what I use in all my dairy based recipes for wholesome flavor I can feel good about.
6. Shelf Stable Staples.

A lot of new-to-Organic shoppers may feel they can only find shelf stable Organics at specialty grocers, or in small designated aisle spaces in big box superstores. At Walmart you'll find many Organic companion choices right next to your everyday staples. Many times I'll even find an Organic option in my favorite brand- other times I'll choose the Walmart Great Value Organic equivalent and save myself quite a bit off  big brand Organic pricing. Some of my favorite everyday Organic shelf stable staples include peanut butter, honey, salsa, and more!
7. Baked Goods.

When I recently discovered Select Seeds Great Value Organic Bread while hunting for some ingredients for a classic PB&J, I was thrilled to complete my sandwich needs with all Organic ingredients! Who knew you could buy Organic bread right at Walmart?
Shopping Walmart for Organic groceries is always an exciting treasure hunt as more and more Organic items are being added every week. When I come across an Organic option in my favorite brands I get excited to slash another thing off my shopping list. When I discover something new I hadn't previously been able to buy Organic outside of a pricey specialty store I do a little dance right there in aisle. It has never been easier to shop Organic and feel good about wholesome grocery choices thanks to Walmart. If you've been thinking about buying Organic, or are a seasoned and dedicated Organic pro, check out your local Walmart today for amazing grocery options like Horizon Grassfed Organic.

5 Personal Hacks to Boost Immunity

When you’re under a lot of stress, it can easily take a toll on your immune system. And, really, who isn’t these days? 
Even positive events like buying a new home among Vancouver real estate or getting married causes stress levels to rise. 
The strength of your immune system is key to your survival, and a higher quality of life. in order to keep the body and 
mind functioning at their best, free from illness and disease, it needs to be running strong. These personal hacks can 
help boost your immunity to support your good health and well-being.

Take Probiotics

Taking probiotics has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so, thanks to extensive research 
on the powerful benefits that are linked to good bacteria. Probiotics, or “good” bacteria, live in the stomach 
and intestines. They exist naturally in the body, but they also come from the foods you eat, including some 
dairy products like yogurt, and they’re available in supplement form too. They’re not only essential for the 
proper functioning of the digestive system and bone health, but these beneficial microorganisms are believed 
to support the immune system too. While bad bacteria can make you ill, these good bacteria keep you well 
by offering multiple immune-boosting benefits.
The Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport that showed New Zealand athletes came down with about 
40% fewer gastrointestinal infections and colds when taking a probiotic as compared to those who were 
given a placebo.

Spend Time in the Sun

If your body lacks vitamin D, your immune system is unlikely to function as it should. The sunshine vitamin, 
as it’s often referred to, is an important immune enhancer. As it can be difficult to get enough vitamin D from 
foods, be sure to spend some time in the sun. Many experts say the ideal range for vitamin D is between 
1,000 and 2,000 IU daily, which equals to about 20 to 30 minutes in the sun without sunscreen three times a 
week. For those living in northern climates without a lot of sun, taking a vitamin D supplement is a good way 
to go to ensure you meet your body’s needs.

Indulge in Vitamin C-Filled Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruits, are loaded with vitamin C which helps to increase the production of white
 blood cells to fight off infection. As the body is unable to produce or store vitamin C, it’s important to consume plenty of citrus to 
ensure your immune system functions at its best.

Eat More Mushrooms

Mushrooms are considered one of Earth’s greatest immune enhancers, thanks to their high levels of vitamin C, B vitamins, fiber, 
protein, calcium and other minerals. Reishi, Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms are particularly notable as they also contain a high 
level of an impressive compound known as beta-glucans, remarkable for their ability to boost the immune system.

Get Your Zzzs

Getting enough sleep every night is a must as the body requires rest to recharge the immune system. When you don’t get enough, 
not only will your immunity suffer, but it can result in all kinds of other health issues weight gain and depression to heart disease. 
Aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. If you’re struggling to do so, try turning off all your electronics an hour before bedtime, 
performing gentle stretches or sipping chamomile tea instead of staring at a screen.

5 Incredibly Easy Ways To Be Proactive About Your Health This Year

 This post was sponsored by Metamucil as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Not long ago I turned 30.

It was like any other birthday. Honestly, as much of a fuss as most of my friends have made when turning the 'big 3-0' it's really quite un-extraordinary. I'm a pretty firm believer that age is but a number to chronicle the passing of time, rather than mark the loss of it. And while it's true, as we progress on this crazy journey called life, there are legal and physical landmarks often associated with various milestones, one is only as young (or old) as they are in spirit and in heart.

This all being said our bodies are the vessel in which we progress through life, and more than any number on a birthday card, it's how we choose to take care of it through proactive health which ultimately weighs the largest on how much living we'll get out of it.
So, back to me and my birthday, there I was feeling no less or more extraordinary than the day before, having recently turned 30. I'd visited my personal physician for an annual checkup and he'd shared a few criticisms of his own. Side note: Am I the only one who feels as though they've let their doctor down when they get less than ideal feedback???? But I digress- I could go into the nitty gritty but it really comes down to this:

One's health is and always well be a complex and constantly changing picture painted by a number of factors. Some we can impact, while others we can only anticipate, and others we simply can't avoid. There is no magical formula, no paint by number, to perfect health.

When I asked my personal doctor what his best advice was for me, knowing I had some personal health hurdles to begin trying to overcome, his response was simple,

"The same thing I tell every patient. Make time."

Time, of course, for one's health. Whether it's researching new recipes that are lower in sodium/sugars/fats, researching one's family tree for hereditary dispositions, logging the amount of water drank in a day, or scheduling an annual checkup. So many people, myself included, express that their crazy lifestyles don't allow much time to really stop an care for themselves. But there are a few simple things one can do to help maintain balance within their hectic life.
1. Change the view.

Before you start yelling at me telling me how it's negative 50 degrees and you can't even see past the snow drifts at your window, hear me out. I know we can't all live in Southern California where 50F is a frigid Winter's day.

Studies have proven that natural light is how our bodies most signal the beginning of a new day, and help get our systems primed to tackle the tasks of the day ahead. An excellent start to the day means all of your body's systems are jump started and primed in peak condition. So, whether you quite literally dine on your front porch for breakfast, or merely open up the blinds by the kitchen nook- take a moment to let a little natural sunlight re-invigorate you.

This time of the year the sun rises quite early, as well as the rest of the Earth's natural creatures.

While you may not have sunny skies up above changes are there are other signs of a new day- including audible ones such as birds and wildlife outside your window. Take a moment to take a deep breath and stop and listen for these natural cues of a fresh day's beginning.
2. Go With Your Gut.

If you've ever heard the age old adage "You are what you eat"- it's not 'age old' advice for nothing. You most certainly are a reflection of not just what you put into your body physically, but inhale, spray on, and so much more.

Sometimes we can't, or don't, always make the best of choices when it comes to the 'into' part and the most frequent excuse is that we don't have the time. Being proactive about your health with some simple daily supplements and choices really curbs time spent on recovery or correction down the line, and can take just a few minutes a day with some supportive products from Walmart.

That's precisely why I always have an orange tub of Metamucil Premium Blend powder on my kitchen counter, right next to my coffee brewer. Having it out, and at the ready reminds me to keep up with my regular maintenance and helps avoid any excuses.

Made with 100% natural psyllium fiber, and available in sugar free varieties (with no artificial sweeteners or colors), Metamucil helps trap and remove the 'sludge' in my digestive track so I can not only enjoy a fuller feeling between meals, but also a lighter feeling day in and out. When you digest more efficiently your entire body benefits by the absorption of all the GOOD things you put in it and quicker processing of the things which aren't so good.

I typically drink a glass of Metamucil every other day- but find their Cinnamon Thins extra convenient to take my proactive gut maintenance on the go when traveling- they're pretty delicious too!

 3. Nurture your Skin.

And speaking of that which you put ON your body- Skincare is a huge concern year-round, but especially tough during the winter. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things one can do during the winter months- not only will great hydration help the body naturally purify, it will improve the appearance and health of your skin. Having a regular, and seasonal, skincare regimen will not only foster beautiful, hydrated, skin, but also reminds us to be on the lookout for any changes or skin-related symptoms that may be developing as an impact of age, stress and environmental factors. Try this recipe for our 3 Ingredient Nourishing Lotion to help pamper and nourish winter skin:

3 Ingredient Nourishing Lotion
3 TBS Heavy Cream
1/2 Ripe Avocado
2 TBS Honey
Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree into a smooth cream. Apply directly to dry or rough spots and leave on for at least an hour. Rinse with warm water.
4. Honey Infused Garlic.-

My next proactive support secret is for the immune system, and one that many busy individuals have been relying on for centuries. For those with an aversion to garlic, marinating these 4 calorie cloves in organic honey can prove a delicious alternative that packs a powerful punch. Both honey and raw garlic provide sulfuric compounds and antioxidants. I keep a small mason jar of crushed or diced garlic cloves in clover honey for a variety of recipes, and even straight consumption.
5. Oven-Roasted Orange Chicken With Fennel.-  

You've probably already figured out how we were going to round this out. Honey Garlic makes for the most delicious, and sunny, Vitamin-C packed Oven-Roasted Chicken with Fennel. Not only does this meal smell delicious through preparation and cooking, it looks gorgeously ready to plate straight from the oven. Why not have a few friends over to unwind and bask in the genius of your chef skills (anyone can make this recipe, I promise)- having a strong social support system is, you guessed it, also good for the mind and body! Catch the complete recipe at the bottom of this post.
It stands to reason the biggest bang for your proactive health will be the integrating of all of these tips, and more, into your lifestyle. Busy lives often mean little time to focus on ourselves but it's important that we make the time not just when our body is telling us it needs attention! Naturally the best steps you can take to support yourself any time of the year are the ones that fit easiest into your lifestyle, to ensure you will continue to do them! I shop at Walmart for my on-hand proactive health support aids, such as Metamucil, and of course I get all my fresh oranges, honey, garlic, and more there too!

I've shared some of my favorite tips to keep up with a busy lifestyle, how do you support immune health?

Oven-Roasted Orange Chicken With Fennel- High in antioxidants and Vitamin C- Serve over our Green Tea Rice recipe! #24HourEsterC #ad
Oven Roasted Orange Chicken And Fennel
***Click here for printable Orange Chicken and Fennel recipe.

4 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 Diced Cloves Honey Garlic
4 TBS Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
3 Oranges, Sliced Horizontally (1/4" Slices)
3 TBS Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
2 Tablespoons Grain Mustard (Such as German or Stone Ground)
3 TBS Brown Sugar
1 TSP Salt
1 1/2 TSP Freshly Ground Black Pepper
3lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (Cut to 1/2lb Sections)
2 Medium Fennel Bulbs, Rinsed And Cut Into 6ths
1 TBS Fresh Chopped Thyme Leaves
1. Combine Olive Oil, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Mustard, Brown Sugar, Salt and Pepper in a medium bowl.
2. Rinse and pat dry chicken and place in a large gallon sized bag. Add fennel wedges, orange slices, thyme, and fennel. Pour marinade over and seal bag tightly, gently massaging to combine and coat all ingredients. Refrigerate 3-4 hours or overnight.
3. Preheat oven to 475F.
4. Place the chicken in the center of a 9 x 13" casserole dish. Distribute fennel wedges and orange slices evenly around chicken. You may add some halved baby red potatoes for bulk- but I prefer to serve this with my Green Tea Rice. Pour the marinade juices over the chicken and fennel/slices.
5. Place in the oven, uncovered and roast 40-45 minutes.
6. Remove from oven and transfer chicken, fennel, and orange slices to a serving dish. Cover with foil to keep warm.
7. Pour cooking juices into a small saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium-high heat until reduced to 1/2 cup. Pour over the chicken and serve over a bed of potatoes or green tea rice.

Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars Recipe

These Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars are low sugar and simply indulgent with their raw cacao base!
Momma Told Me: When you get bored, challenge yourself.

While you certainly see a fair range of indulgent, not so good for you, treats and recipes cross your screen on this blog, I have found that anyone truly can cook scrumptious food. As Paula Deen infers adding a pat of butter to any recipe will surely make it instantly more delicious. And, while out Circus Animal Cookie Truffles have gotten decent traffic on Pinterest, I shudder every time I see or create a recipe that is merely mashing 2 or 3 already delicious ingredients together. Do you drizzle hot fudge on ice cream and call it a recipe? Yes, even I have my limits.
While making indulgent treats is satisfying, and I surely will continue to play with simple recipes that wow the eyes and tickle the taste buds in unexpected ways, I've recently found myself a little bored in the kitchen. I've also recently re-joined a local gym. Before you start congratulating me, I'll be the first to admit getting heart healthy is a multi-part journey and daily workouts will only go as far as overall health and core attainment. I'm not quite ready to turn in my frozen yogurt spoon, but these two ripples in my life have made me more aware of the dietary needs of others around me.
Pit Medjool Dates by creating a vertical cut with a lightly oiled paring knife.Every Thursday I bake something to share here on the blog, and bring it into the bowling alley for our mixed adult bowling league. Our teams are comprised of men and women, young and old, from all walks of life. As delicious as my sweet treats are, not everyone can enjoy them. We have several diabetics I try to accommodate with recipe variations, and now a team that is taking on a month long Paleo challenge. Couple this with our close friend who is celebrating a year as a Vegan and you have the perfect storm of recipe challenges. So I set out to create a No Sugar Added Paleo Vegan Friendly dessert recipe.
Pitting Medjool Dates
The more I researched the more I learned that several of the key ingredients in cooking for each need overlapped- the exception being Honey, which is considered an animal byproduct to most modern Vegans. For those unfamiliar with Paleo, which is actually a way of living more than a literal 'weight loss' style diet, the terms are fairly flexible to the person committing to it.

At it's core Paleo individuals do not consume processed or artificial foods and attempt to eat ingredients that would closely mimic that of a caveman's. This means a diet rich in protein and nutrient dense core ingredients like grass few beef, wild caught seafood and vegetables. Most Paleo followers will avoid sugar, gluten, and generally anything with 'artificial' in the ingredients list. While it can be fairly complex, depending on the person, consider it close to an Organic, low  sugar, gluten free diet that tends to lean towards raw or minimally handled ingredients.
These Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars are low sugar and simply indulgent with their raw cacao base!
Many low sugar recipes and Paleo recipes will substitute several typical ingredients with coconut- which can tend to be an allergen for some. If you are suing coconut oil, butter, or flour in a recipe always make the recipients aware when serving. While most coconut allergies deal more directly with the pulp of the plant, raw oils can cause mild allergic reactions and should always be disclosed. If you are cooking low sugar and sweetening with a recipe that calls for honey, but would like a Vegan substitute, in most cases Maple Syrup will be a great alternative. There is also a Vegan apple plant based honey, which is entirely bee free, called Honee, sold online and in many organic or Whole Foods stores.
Acquiring the ingredients to cook just one of these categories (Vegan, Paleo, Sugar Free) will often cost a fair penny. The good news is that you can acquire nearly any ingredient necessary at Whole Foods, or a similar store, and in portions that will easily stretch through multiple recipes. If you're looking to begin cooking, or dabbling with, these categories, consider each shopping trip an investment. Chances are your spice rack wasn't built overnight, and neither will this arsenal of cooking tools.

These Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars contain no added sweetener (aside from the natural Honee plant based sugars) and a dash of Agave syrup may be added to any layer if you desire a slightly sweeter end result. My bowling mates rarely ever question what I've made each week and these bites/bars disappeared quickly! Several people were floored to hear just how 'good for you' this dessert was, and a few even asked for the recipe. So, if you're in the fence, I'd say it's definitely a recipe worth trying. Not only are these the perfect treat (a little goes a long way to satisfy) but they can be frozen for enjoyment later as well! Do you have, or know anyone with, any special dietary restrictions you struggle to cook for?

What Daughter Says: This year I'm going to challenge myself in all aspects of my life, not because I need to, but because I want to!

These Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars are low sugar and simply indulgent with their raw cacao base!
Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars
*** Click here for printable Mock Snickers Bars recipe.

White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes Recipe + New Dinner Hacks

#LeaveBlandBehind with delicious recipe free cooking thanks to NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends- Try these White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes tonight! #AD
Have you ever noticed some of the best family recipes are passed down by mouth, without any real written directions or ingredients at all? Every family has at least one. You know, the recipe that only those lucky enough to have spent time in Nana's kitchen with Nana preparing can really replicate.

Their composition may be so deeply shrouded in mystery on the pretense of a secret ingredient, or a lively tale that dates beyond family written records- But you and I know the recipe will never be written down, or found on a card, or in a book simply because it's true success is not based on fine measurements or elaborate steps; rather a secret family cooking trick, or that one ingredient substitute you'd never think to try. Recipes that can easily be made with what one has on hand, and through pinches and handfuls of measurements.

Yes, the amazing cooking can be recipe-free and impressively flavorful when you know the right hacks to make a little magic happen.
Of course every magician needs a few powerful tools in their bag of tricks- which is precisely where NEW McCormick Pasta Seasoning Blends come in to play. Available in White Cheddar Mac n' Cheese, Sundried Tomato Basil, and Parmesan Alfredo these bold and flavorful seasons go beyond your typical spice rack hacks to bring delicious sauces to life (just add milk and butter) or to season up any freestyle dish with simply a few shakes. They're made without artificial flavors or colors and are easily located with the traditional cooking spices at your local Walmart.
One of my personal favorite 'recipe free' dishes, and family favorite, are Hasselback Potatoes. It's a dish that looks quite impressive, but can easily be pulled off with minimal ingredients and simple knife trick. I used to rely on a multi-step seasoning process for my potatoes but recently simplified my recipe even further by swapping out all other spices and seasonings in this recipe for McCormick White Cheddar Mac n' Cheese Pasta Seasoning.With it's bold aged cheddar flavor I don't need to fuss with anything else- I can dig right into preparing this delicious dish. Simply gather your favorite block of cheddar cheese, green onions, baking potatoes, a stick of butter, and some bacon.
We usually have pre-cooked bacon on hand at all times- but this is a recipe I especially like making a fresh batch for. You can customize your flavor and textures here by choosing the type of bacon your family most prefers- I typically go with a Hickory Center/Thick Cut. Half your bacon and place it in a single layer on a foil lined sheet and bake just until it begins to crisp at 350F. Then carefully remove your bacon and gently blot between double layered paper towels.
Next, crumble your bacon over a medium sized bowl and sprinkle about 2 tsp McCormick White Cheddar Pasta Seasoning (or really as much as you'd prefer) onto your bacon crumbles. Toss the crumbles in the seasoning until each piece has a light white coat, and set aside.
Prepare your green onions by dicing the greens, while you let your oven preheat to a new temperature of 450F. If you prefer a slightly different palette feel free to substitute the green onions with finer, more delicate, chives.
Wash and pat dry your potatoes with a paper towel or clean cloth. Inspect your spuds for any wayward eyes, and remove as necessary.

Beginning with one potato, on a cutting board, cut a thin, lengthwise, slice off of the bottom of each potato so as to create a flat surface for each to rest on. Next comes yet another genius cooking hack- one intended to make you look like a culinary artist without any special tools or skills.

Place 2 wooden utensils on opposite sides of a potato, on a cutting board. At a slight diagonal angle cut 20-24 slits into the potato, stopping when the knife hits the spoons. Repeat with remaining potatoes.
Place prepared potatoes on a microwave safe dish and microwave on HIGH for 12-14 minutes, or until potatoes are near tender. Remove from microwave and place on lightly greased, foil lined, pan.
Combine remaining McCormick White Cheddar Pasta Seasoning and melted butter and brush over the top of each potato, paying special attention to allow the mixture to permeate the cut seams. Bake potatoes for 15 MINS, or until tender. Remove from oven.
Your potatoes should be well cooked, and the McCormick White Cheddar Pasta Seasoning will have made a wonderful cheese like crust along the skin of your potatoes' ridges. Each slice should now easily peel apart, though the potato itself will maintain enough structure to still be handled.
#LeaveBlandBehind with delicious recipe free cooking thanks to NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends- Try these White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes tonight! #AD
Carefully insert bacon pieces alternatively with cheese slices. Be careful, the potatoes will be hot! Use a fork as needed to gently pry apart the potato slices. Sprinkle with McCormick White Cheddar Pasta Seasoning if desired and top with green onions. Return potatoes to the oven (broiler or top rack) for 2-3 minutes, or until topping has melted and begins to lightly brown. Remove from heat, cut in half, and serve.
#LeaveBlandBehind with delicious recipe free cooking thanks to NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends- Try these White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes tonight! #AD
#LeaveBlandBehind with delicious recipe free cooking thanks to NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends- Try these White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes tonight! #AD
Potatoes are a classic sidekick for many meals, and bacon-cheese covered potatoes rarely get better than this- Each slice not only oozes cheesy-bacon flavor but this beautiful dish is a sight to behold and is full of complex cheesy flavor thanks the addition of McCormick White Cheddar Pasta Seasoning. I especially love that I was able to cut any added salt out of this recipe, without a single complaint on flavor. We'll definitely be exploring the NEW McCormick Pasta Seasoning Blends even further- I've got a mind to try some homemade Parmesan Alfredo burger patties this weekend!

It's not always easy to find time for recipe books and precision cooking- why not try stepping outside your comfort zone with a little freestyle cooking thanks to the big flavor power of NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends? Do you have a family recipe that is passed down only by mouth, and learning?

#LeaveBlandBehind with delicious recipe free cooking thanks to NEW McCormick Seasoning Blends- Try these White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes tonight! #AD
White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes
***Click here for printable White Cheddar Bacon Hasselback Potatoes recipe