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Monday, September 1, 2014

Skinny Orange Chicken Make Ahead Meal + The Sam's Club Click N' Pull Service

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Have you had a chance to #TrySamsClub yet? Their Click N' Pull member service means I can shop online from home or the office and pick up my entire order at customer service! This way I can take advantage of @SamsClub savings, while staying on schedule! #Shop
Momma Told Me: That's what I have you for!

I'll admit, some days, between dental appointments, bowling practice, and flute recitals, I find myself wishing I had a personal assistant. Then the reality of life, bills, and the real world smacks me back to the present and gives me a 'what makes you so important that another person should be put in charge of taking care of you' wake-up call. Let's face it, to my family and friends, I'm a rockstar; in the greater scheme of things, my day-to-day is no more challenging than the millions of others out there just trying to make it all work. Momma's solution was always, 'have a kid, that's what their for!' Since my current children walk on all fours, I'll have to forgo that luxury for now, and make due with the exclusive benefits of my Sam's Club membership.
When you #TrySamsClub you'll learn they're much more than bulk buys, they also have everyday savings on home appliances, like this chest freezer! @SamsClub #shop
No,no, it's not the latest diet-to-your-door subscription, or a spa and gym combination; it's so much more awesome. My Sam's member services help keep my life moving through the unexpected schedule changes, last minute 'out of town' arrivals, and busy work weeks threatening several nights of fast food. It's a great partnership, really, and in a way, Sam's Club has become my personal assistant.

With my basic membership cost of just $45 a year, which works out to $3.75 a month, I can visit any of the 640 Sam's Club locations nationwide and take advantage of everyday savings on anything from holiday gift baskets and wrapping paper to chicken wings and a new Blu-Ray player. Let's ignore the fact that they roll out the red carpet when I shop, handing me refreshments and food (samples) as I round the corner, they also offer the simple solutions of in house Pharmacy, Photo, Travel, Optical, and Tire member services. I recently took my father along to pick up a new chest freezer for one of my newest initiatives of 2014; bulk buying and make-ahead-meals.
I took my dad to #TrySamsClub and we found an exciting buy around every corner. Whether it's pet supplies, my favorite snacks, or even wrapping paper, @SamsClub had something for everything on our list! #Shop
With my new chest freezer from @SamsClub I knew I'd put these freezer safe Rubbermaid containers to good use with make-ahead meals. #TrySamsClub today and discover what you could do with the savings! #shop
I'd already done my shopping online while waiting to pick up the dog from the groomer (more on that later,) but quickly remembered that I would need fresh storage solutions for my make-ahead meals. We tool a quick tour of the Sam's Club floor and ran into several smiling employees who were eager to help us find what we were looking for. One suggested the Rubbermaid tupperware sets in housewares might be a good solution, and off we went to discover the 60PC set priced under $20! It was about then I discovered that I'd lost my father to a palette of refrigerant canisters at the end of the aisle.
@SamsClub member have a chance to use the free Click N' Pull service, which lets customers shop online from any internet connected device, and pick up their order in store! #TrySamsClub #shop
While he wanted to keep exploring, I reminded him of the impending Red Sox game, and my need to get home and start cooking. It was a good thing I'd already shopped online with Sam's Club Click N' Pull, and had all of my perishable and frozen groceries ready for me! The free Click N' Pull service is as simple as shopping your local club's selection online, submitting an order with a chosen pickup date and time, and bringing your receipt printout to the customer service desk in store. Simply pay for your order at the (often very short line) customer service desk and an employee will bring your entire order directly to you!
With Click N' Pull a friendly @SamsClub associate brings our order to customer service, where we pay for and complete our transaction. #TrySamsClub today and experience it yourself! #Shop
As a single man, with a full work week, my father often has to fit his grocery shopping in after a long day of work. Being able to order his groceries and more, and pick them up with Click N' Pull is a big time saver that will really translate into a major convenience over time. I especially love that there is no order too small for this service, the everyday customer is welcome to pick up a few items, or an entire car-full, and there is never a charge for this service, it's part of my membership! We can even keep up with exclusive member appreciation and in store events through their connected social channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Thanks to @SamsClub I can stock up on main ingredients, such as broccoli florets and chicken breasts, to make-ahead delicious meals for busy nights! #TrySamsClub #shop
Our new freezer went from box to fully frozen in just under a half an hour, and I was glad to fill it with all my family's favorites and recipe staples.As much as I wish I was the perfect Suzy Homemaker, I rely on frozen foods a lot more than I would if there were an extra day in the week. One way I make up for it is by buying my vegetables in larger, more affordable portions, and pre-trimmed frozen chicken breasts. I know, I know, farm fresh and organic is best, but in my real world it's not really a daily possibility yet. So I take these tools and put some love into my meals by cooking ahead.
Skinny Orange Chicken from ingredients-in-store to meal-in-freezer in 1 hour, thanks to @SamsClub Click N' Pull member services. #TrySamsClub today and see what you might save in time and money! #Shop
Our family loves to eat Panda Express, or the local Chinese Palace (take out) on the corner. The food is fairly cheap and scooped onto plates in heaping portions, and one of the 'must have' entree options is Orange Chicken, which is always battered and pan fried. Trying to please my desire to see our family eat better, while keeping taste buds happy, I perfected a Skinny Orange Chicken recipe that freezes perfectly for future meals. It's satisfying without heaping portions! And, having all the ingredients waiting for me to pick up at my local Sam's Club, thanks to Click N' Pull, kinda makes me feel like the rock star with a personal assistant I always dreamed of!

Did you know Sam's Club offers guest passes and Preview Days so you can experience the services before joining? Do you think you would use free Click N' Pull services?

What Daughter Says: My Sam's Club membership offers a number of services beyond great savings; it's one exclusive club I could never see myself leaving!

Skinny Orange Chicken Make-Ahead Meal with Click N' Pull ingredients from @SamsClub. Save time and money when you buy and cook in bulk! #TrySamsClub #shop

Beating Back To School Madness With Penny Wise Office and Zebra Pens Giveaway!

***The following products were provided by Zebra writing instruments and Penny Wise Office for a Back To School giveaway. All photos and opinions below are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2014.
Beating the back to school madness with Penny Wise Office Products.
Momma Told Me: Back To School is a season we must all prepare for.

The West Coast tends to return to school later in the Summer than those states more Central and East Coast; our cousins in Oregon still have one more week of vacation, believe it or not. And, while Sabrina (11) started middle school this week, her teacher will inevitably send home the dreaded 'grade' supplies list over the weekend. You know the list, it often has protractors, special calculators, specific gauge ink pens, and the preferred type of glue for that 'sugar cube' model the kids will be building mid-year.
These things aren't an immediate need, and thankfully so, because walking into our local Walmart anytime soon would result in a panic attack. Don't get me wrong folks, I love 'the Mart,' but stepping foot in the seasonal aisle at peak season requires a security tether and emergency escape plan. Then there's the fact that finding a variety of 'fashionable' items in any one given category, we'll say notebook folders, seems to evoke a quest equal to locating the Sauron's 20 Rings Of Power (a little Lod OF the Rings nerd reference for you.) Let's just say by the time I pulled out the two Lisa Frank designs from the spiral bound notebooks I desperately wished I was back in The Shire.
Beating the back to school madness with Penny Wise Office Products and Zebra pens.
Thankfully the internet has made it easier than ever to sort through practical school and office supply options, and even save through direct ordering with companies such as Penny Wise Office. You may recall, Penny Wise has a variety of stylish and practical supplies for everything from the work office to your everyday stationary needs (and even some adorable tape dispensers and Breast Cancer Awareness tools too!) While the website can be a bit tricky to navigate, if you don't know what you're looking for, you can request a free catalog and shop from it's full color pages and pricing all year round.
Beating the back to school madness with Penny Wise Office Products and Zebra pens.
Beating the back to school madness with Penny Wise Office Products and Zebra pens.
I remember, next to a new backpack, of of the most exciting things about back-to-school stock ups was being able to choose all new, colorful, pens. Gel pens became a really big thing for my generation in Jr. High- we loved all the vibrant colors and many book covers an notebooks were often coated in energetic doodles and proclamations of the latest celebrity dreamboat. One of my favorite brands was Zebra, for their innovative technology in writing instruments, which seamlessly combined with the fun and practical needs of a student.
Beating the back to school madness with Penny Wise Office Products and Zebra pens.
No matter your grade or age, Zebra is sure to have the perfect writing utensil for you. The Low Viscosity Advanced Ink retractables are great for grading papers or taking color-coded sidebar notes on essay drafts. Zebra Pen's new range of Stylus pens do double duty as a writing instrument and smartphone or tablet tool with beautiful colors, and are perfect for business minded moms in the carpool lane. The Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils come in a 28PC value pack, are perfect to get you through the entire school year (or maybe my Winter bowling league scorecards!) Personally, there's enough personality in the Zebra collection of products at Penny Wise to help turn even the grumpiest back-to-school shopping frown into a smile.

What types of products would you like to stock up with, from Penny Wise Office?

What Daughter Says: Take some of the stress out of store-hopping and shop online and in catalog with Penny Wise Office.

Beating the back to school madness with Penny Wise Office Products and Zebra pens.
One Momma Told Me reader will win a Zebra Pens Prize Bundle valued at over $100!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rainy Day Boredom Ideas And The Moxie Girlz Raincoat Dolls

**I received a product sample to help inspire the content below. No further compensation was received. All opinions and photos below are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2014.
Rainy Day Indoor Activities For All Ages!
Momma Told Me: It's harder to be scared when you understand something.

School is back in session and that means, here in Southern California, we should prepare for our random 3 or 4 rainy days of Fall. It's rough, I know; but as crazy as it sounds, it's the rainy days that seem to drive the children mad, because they are so unaccustomed to being indoors during weekends and school breaks! For some of the younger kids, further into the country, the attributes that come along with showers (lightening, thunder, wind) can be rightfully terrifying. In either case, there are a few simple things we like to do to help prepare for these unexpected grey days.
We recently received a Moxie Girlz Raincoat Color Splash Doll and I thought it would be the perfect time to talk tsumanis (you can't miss the evacuation signs on the street) and flooding. The topic might be scary for younger kids, but I found Sabrina (11) was the perfect age to ask inquisitive questions and power her confidence with information. We took Moxie Girlz, Avery, to the local stream, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, and observed the signs of water levels as well as discussed how the members of this habitat adapted to unexpected changes in their weather and environment.

When all the tough 'learning' was done, it was time to play with Avery, who happened to come with a washable pen and some very special accessories. Sabrina loved drawing on the raincoat and doodling on the umbrella (though we found the doodles rubbed off the coat fairly easy.)  The doll also claimed to come with a "fashionable raincoat, cute boots and real working umbrella" which we found a little deceptive in the fact that the umbrella was solid plastic, and when we went to remove the 'boots' we discovered they were also her feet! Also, I would be remiss without noting that this particular series of Moxie dolls have very short dresses; even Sabrina felt uncomfortable as I snapped a picture of Avery in the tree!
Moxie Girlz Raincoat Color Splash Dolls- Avery
Sabrina wanted me to note that she likes the Moxie Girlz line of dolls particularly because they 1.) Are still very cute, but also cool like a teenager, and 2.) Have limbs that can bend and arms that are easy to pose. And, as I watched her act out a 'disaster drill' with her new doll and some stuffed animals, I was inspired to sit down and discuss some potential rainy day activities that could be done with little to no electricity indoors. Of course anything involving her dolls was a big hit, so Sabrina was quick to suggest a tea party, and I was told that Avery enjoyed Scavenger Hunts as well. We also decided that a family talent show, furniture forts (a favorite any day of the year) and a cat/dog makeover session would help pass the time on a rainy day.
Moxie Girlz Raincoat Color Splash Dolls- Avery
In our house we like to turn everything into an excuse for learning and exploration; even fun toys like the Moxie Girlz dolls can help empower your child to have confidence and enthusiasm for the world around them. Moxie Girlz come in several collections, including several that go beyond your typical doll themes to encourage creativity, careers, and sports participation. Find them at your local Toys R' Us store or online today!

What are some of your favorite rainy day activities?

What Daughter Says: Turn everyday objects into opportunities to educate and empower children!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Soon I'll Have Even Weirder Stories To Share Thanks To The Sims 4 Launch!

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Grab your copy of the all new #TheSims4 in Wamart Sepember, 2, 2014 and  score a free pack of Sour Patch Kids Gum! #CollectiveBias #Shop
Momma Told Me: You're quite the character!

I suppose now's as good a time as any to confess, in high school, I was not the 'cool' kid. The fact I was several years younger than my peers and my father kept his shotgun polish in the hallway outside my bedroom didn't help either. So, when I wasn't studying, or taking make up college courses for the high school years I'd skipped, I was on the computer engrossed in my own make believe world. I held no authority in my own life, so I settled for painstakingly painting every feature of another's, in The Sims Series of computer and video based games.

When I was five or six I recall watching over my father's shoulder as he tinkered in the original Sim City (1989) on a boxy computer he kept hidden in a giant scroll top desk. Then, again in 1994, when I was about old enough to pick and choose my own computer programs, I was allowed my first copy of SimCity2000; a sandbox style game much more different than the Electronic Arts people simulator The Sims, later released in 2000. But this franchise was precisely the reason a 16 year-old me packed up and headed to art school to major in Game Art And Design in 2003.
Create-A-SIM #TheSims4 demo #CollectiveBias #shop
Create-A-SIM #TheSims4 demo #CollectiveBias #shop
I learned some things right out of the gate at the Art Institute; 1) I was one of 2 girls on campus in my specialization of game design, and 2) The Sims was by far revered as one of the most successful modern gaming franchises with it's universal appeal to all genders, age groups, and walks of life. Did you know The Sims creator had originally considered Navajo communications as the basis for the later developed Simlish language? It was his desire that The Sims franchise would need no translation across the globe, and that users could come together to create and share their simulated world in a universal understanding of humanity. That's pretty deep for a video game, right?
Create Smarter SIMS with Weirder Stories Thanks to the new Emotionally Aware Sims with Big Personalities in #TheSims4! #CollectiveBias #shop
Create Smarter SIMS with Weirder Stories Thanks to the new Emotionally Aware Sims with Big Personalitied in #TheSims4! #CollectiveBias #shop
So here I am, barreling towards my thirties, with no practical time to play the video games of my youth, but scheduling it regardless in enthusiastic anticipation of the September 2, 2014 launch of #TheSims4. The programming and development progress of commercial computer animation within computer and video games never ceases to amaze me, and I find myself as eager as if I were a teenager again to experience the ever growing list of hands on mechanics this story simulation game has to offer. Don't worry, I'll spare you my Simlish breakdown and highlight a few of my favorite things in English.
Create Smarter SIMS with Weirder Stories Thanks to the new Emotionally Aware Sims with Big Personalities in #TheSims4! #CollectiveBias #shop
Promising 'Smarter' Sims with even more complex traits and personality engines than ever before your Sim can have multiple aspirations and even genetic traits that unfold in the systems random genetics generator. Watch as these new Sims with big personalities appear emotionally aware and express these emotions in easy to read facial and physical cues. And of course, the creative tools, provided to hand craft every minute detail of your beautifully illustrated Sims are more touch screen intuitive than ever, to compliment Windows 8 operating platforms. Of course, if you're still running Windows 7 you'll be able to touch and tweak every little nip and tuck with your mouse too!
Create Smarter SIMS with Weirder Stories Thanks to the new Emotionally Aware Sims with Big Personalities in #TheSims4! #CollectiveBias #shop
You can play around with the new character creation engine, and see these beautiful graphics come to life with vibrant personalities when you download the free Create-A-Sim Demo today. Users will not only have a chance to pre-create some family members and put together test 'houses' (the term for a household of characters, not an actual house) and share them through social media and other #TheSims4 excited friends. Honestly, I truly got lost in the hands on Create A Sim and lost a few hours just making my Sims from scratch- I almost forgot to explore the Genetics feature! P.S. Don't you hate it when your Sims blink while taking a picture?
Create Smarter SIMS with Weirder Stories Thanks to the new Emotionally Aware Sims with Big Personalities in #TheSims4! #CollectiveBias #shop
The Create A Sim demo only allows you to play with young adult character creation, but keep in mind that the full The SIMS™ 4 game will have age markers from infant to elderly, so you can truly hand craft a family with even weirder stories than ever before! When I arrived at the Genetics portal, I had the option to create a sibling, or twin for any of my exiting Sims characters. It was really fun to watch Sim after Sim be spit out, and their unique personalities come to life with similar physical traits to me!
Create Smarter SIMS with Weirder Stories Thanks to the new Emotionally Aware Sims with Big Personalitied in #TheSims4! #CollectiveBias #shop
If all of The Sims™ 4 news excites you half as much as it does me, then you'll want to be sure to pre-order your copy of #TheSims4 online at, or in store now so you have your copy ready and reserved on the big Sims 4 Launch day- September 2, 2014! I've got the inside scoop that initial The Sims™ 4 bundles sold through Walmart will include a pack of all new Sour Patch Kids gum, and pre-orders have some limited time perks such as pre-release digital guides and Vudu credits! I know I'm clearing off my schedule for the upcoming full game release, and brushing up my Simlish, how about you?

Have you ever played a 'SIM' franchise game? Do you know someone who does?

What Daughter Says: We all want to play pretend, The SIMS™ 4 just made it a little cooler.

It's Better To Have Bread And Baked, Than To Never Have Bread At All- Garlic Bread Recipe

8 Ingredient Garlic Bread Base Recipe, For Bread Machines
Momma Told Me: I use shortcuts, so I can spend more time with you, not because I love my family any less.

Growing up, we seemed to have every modern kitchen appliance and convenience. No, we weren't rich, my father simply had an obsession with lifestyle gizmos and gadgets. His prized two were the monstrosity of an electric ice cream maker, and the barrel sized, round loaf, bread maker. I still remember the trip to buy that bread machine. I was 7, and I vividly recall walking my Polly Pocket across hundreds of fancy metal machines, all conveniently at eye level. There were speakers, brand new cassette players, and microwaves that could cook a tray from frozen in minutes.

I must have passed out somewhere between the 10th salesman's pitch and the arrival home, because I awoke some time later to the smell of yeast rising and pungent garlic. There was a very loud whirring noise and the 'ba-bang' of the bread maker rocking back and forth on the counter. It must have been somewhere in one of it's second knead cycles. The following morning I awoke to my parents, who appeared more excited than anyone should ever be over a loaf of bread, carefully slicing the end off with breath held.
The smell of baking bread soon became a weekend staple in our household as every single recipe in the included recipe book was experimented with and made. Personally, I liked the fresh rye the best but, there was nothing quite like a fresh, warm, loaf lightly buttered in the morning. One particularly adventurous day Momma even managed to concoct a cinnamon raisin loaf she later dipped in egg and turned into the most delicious French Toast I have ever had, to this day.

It's funny to think that all of these warm fuzzy memories come from a loud, large clunky appliance in which the only love involved were paid installments and carefully measured ingredients. When these fancy appliances weren't involved Momma was known to cook from scratch, so I often harbored a bit of resentment towards this machine that seemed to do little more than make our bread a day fresher than store-bought. But that smell; oh that smell of that old beloved bread-maker, baking into the wee hours of the morning; that's the stuff my childhood memories were made of.
So, naturally, when I moved into my own home one of the first appliances on my list was a bread maker, for nostalgia's sake. And that's precisely what it remained for these past several years- an icon of nostalgia, sitting in it's box, on a shelf. I've made bread at least a dozen times since the device came into our home- but most often the 'quick way' with mixes or quick rising bases that aren't pretty but pack the flavor in. I'll admit, I was skeptical, and a bit terrified the process might be entirely more complicated than it looked. My parents had always just dumped ingredients in and 7 hours later out popped a perfect loaf of bread!

So, there I was last week, staring the dusty unopened appliance down, as I reached for a stray chocolate chip that had rolled off my baking station and onto the floor. For a moment neither of us said anything. I looked at it, it looked at me; I could feel it judging- this bread maker could see all those happy mornings spent crowded around the family maker, inhaling those glorious scents. And then I was there, in my parent's kitchen, taking a bite of that freshly carved slice. It was magic. And all of a sudden I had a craving for bread...

What Daughter Says: Maybe some kitchen appliances aren't all that bad, as long as the moments made around them are memorable.

8 Ingredient Garlic Bread Base Recipe, For Bread Machines
8 Ingredient Garlic Bread Base Recipe
**Click here for printable garlic bread recipe.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My TMobile Data Plan Gives Me Free Data For Life And The Freedom To Express!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and it's advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias
Did you know you can get 200MB of free Tmobile 4g Data for life when you buy the $179 AXS #TabletTrio at Walmart? #CollectiveBias #shop
Momma Told Me: The old ball and chain.

When I was in school my mother didn't have fancy electronic pads with worldwide connections to help her manage the week's coupon deals, and share embarrassing photos of me from the mini van! Uh-oh, I'm already starting to sound like Momma! I can't even imagine the crazy things my children will one day say- "You thought your Tmobile free data plan was ahead of the times? I have a lifetime of free transport credits and can use my teleporter anywhere within the U.S. an unlimited about of times!" Thankfully, for now, I can rest in simply feeling pretty smug that I've outwitted the big brand data companies with my Tmobile 4g data connected #TabletTrio.
Did you know you can get 200MB of free Tmobile 4g Data for life when you buy the $179 AXS #TabletTrio at Walmart? #CollectiveBias #shop
If you're like me, you probably hear the phrase 'Free Data For Life' and assume there must be a series of microscopic asterisks, or invisible ink text proceeding such a bold advertising statement. You're certain you must have to sign over the birthright of your firstborn, or put down a deposit equal to that of a small house. As a member of the generation that had to balance on inflatable furniture in the corner of the bedroom to get those golden 'bars' of 'pre-g' service, we know some digital promises can be too good to be true. After all, pretty much anything is attainable if you're willing to jump through enough hoops, right? Thankfully, you can leave your circus license at home, when you walk into your local Walmart and step right up to the gloriously magenta colored world of the TMobile 4G enabled Trio AXS tablet.
Did you know you can get 200MB of free Tmobile 4g Data for life when you buy the $179 AXS #TabletTrio at Walmart? #CollectiveBias #shop
Whether you own a tablet already, or have always tried to get by with a ridiculously smart smartphone, the Trio Tablet is the perfect solution for the busy moms, millenials, and caregivers of today. The $179 price point will not only get you a ready-to-use out of the box 7.85" touchscreen tablet with 1.2GHz Cortex A7 Quad-Core Mobile processor and 16GB built in (expandable) memory, but free date for life! Okay, okay, so you have to go through 3 (phew, can you handle it?) screens to register your device for it's free 200MB monthly mobile data; but, after that, it's all rainbows and kitty cats from there my friend!
#TrioTablet #CollectiveBias #Shop
I don't usually speak highly of affordably priced, budget, electronics- in most cases you get exactly what you pay for. We quickly learned that the Trio AXS tablet was very easy to learn and personalize right from the get go, and had a modest 6 hour battery life. With school back in session, we will be driving Sabrina all over town to band and drama practices, youth bowling, and study/project groups for school. In the past she has drained my phone battery, or even answered my phone calls, while fooling around with my cell phone in the back seat. Now she can access homework help, stream music and videos, and even Skype with her grandma all while being shuttled around town. And my precious cell phone battery is safe!
Blog on the go with free data for life and the AXS #TabletTrio! #CollectiveBias #shop
Sometimes we like to visit Sabrina at school for lunch (yes, we know, she's spoiled,) on those days there's often just about an hour and half from end of lunch to the end of her school day. Instead of sitting in a hot car I'll usually hit the local smoothie shack and update my social media accounts on my phone. Not only do I burn through my data plan quick, but I once again am relying on backup batteries to gt me through the day. With the Trio AXS tablet I am connected online instantly and can even edit and publish a blog post from the easy-to-use Android Blogger app! And what happens when those 200MB of free 4G data run out? Well I can buy an unlimited access 1 week pass for just $35 with no further obligation. (Do you hear 'big savings on airline WiFi and hotel access, too????)
Did you know you can get 200MB of free Tmobile 4g Data for life when you buy the $179 AXS #TabletTrio at Walmart? #CollectiveBias #shop #IceBucketChallenge
I can even, and did, stop in the nearby park on the way home to shoot my 24 hour issued #IceBucketChallenge for ALS awareness. With a 5MP rear facing camera (and front 0.3MP webcam) I was able to record my challenge video directly on the device, and even pull clips from my phone via MicroSD. Next, I edited the clips in a simple and free Android application, and published directly to my social network feeds. I dare say cleaning up the (drought free) bottled Kool-Aid I'd poured all over myself took longer!
However, one of the most practical uses I'm particularly excited about, is the ability to help run and mange our Winter bowling league (adult and youth) with simple and free software on my new tablet. Our bowling house is literally a historical landmark, and the owners refuse to put WiFi in. Being able to manage my blogging communications while inputting scores is a time-saver that will quickly ad up to more time spent enjoying the game, and with family and friends.
Did you know you can get 200MB of free Tmobile 4g Data for life when you buy the $179 AXS #TabletTrio at Walmart? #CollectiveBias #shop
I may be a tech junkie with fancy phones and electronics, but this humble Trio Tablet has me swooning with it's 4g connectivity and free 200MB/month for life. All of our other mobile devices are on the TMobile network and we get great service, so I know the free data will go a long way to make my life easier as we roll further into the Back To School season. My only problem? Now I have to hear arguments like, "But it's only $179, can't Santa afford that?" from now until the end of December!

What would you do with 200MB of free data for life?

What Daughter Says: I don't think Momma meant data caps and WiFi networks, but now you can be free from those with 200MB free data for life and Tmobile at Walmart!