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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Orb Factory Stick N' Style Duct Tape Mini Clutch Project

Stick N' Style Duct Tape Mini Clutch Craft from Orb Factory
Momma Told Me: Tape isn't a decoration.

Spring Break is in full force for the K-6 here in Southern California, and the myriad of instant streaming children's shows will only go so far for even the most digital obsessed tweens. When I was a child Momma would have a full afternoon of activities scheduled during every school break. And, Monday through Friday, those were almost always scholastic. (No 'break' for me!) But, she was sure to scrounge up some fun and affordable craft projects for us to engage in on weekend and after lunch. We spent a lot of the time combing the local Goodwill for items we could re-purpose or re-imagine into something new and trendy.
Stick N' Style Duct Tape Mini Clutch Craft from Orb Factory
In high school I remember it was cool for kids to scrape the holographic inside of their agenda books off and 'reupholster' it with the shiny 'foil' side of gum wrappers. It was also hip to spend time between classes making 'Duck Tape Wallets,' long before there was an entire range of cool prints and colors made just for crafting. I'm talking about the ugly pipe colored silver tape here, folks! In any case, when I heard the Orb Factory had a new Stick N' Style Duct Tape Mini Clutch project for Sabrina (11) to try I was envious and immediately up for the challenge.
Stick N' Style Duct Tape Mini Clutch Craft from Orb Factory
Stick N' Style Duct Tape Mini Clutch Craft from Orb Factory
Retailing for just $4.99, the Duct Tape Mini Clutch is targeted towards crafty girls aged 6+, but I feel girls 10 and under will need ample adult help. Sabrina tends to be a perfectionist and kept getting frustrated when the paper 'clutch' guide would curl and roll as she was trying to lay her strips of duct tape. The tape can also be near-impossible to tear, and equally hard to cut- so having an adult on stand-by is very helpful. Expect the entire project to take almost an hour, when reading the directions and completing the project step by step. Most of the craft is guided with the provided template, but you are also encouraged to make your own 'bow' out of duct tape, as we have done in the past with the duct tape beads project.
Stick N' Style Duct Tape Mini Clutch Craft from Orb Factory
Unlike many of the other Orb Factory projects, this one is a little limited in creativity. You are essentially creating the clutch shown on the packaging. There is one type of tape, pink zebra, and only enough to complete the exact template and accents. There is an included sheet of gemstone stickers that allow for some free artistic range, though Sabrina was a bit 'stuck' out by the time it came for decorating! I was proud of her for sticking (pun intended) through the project and doing it all on her own, and I got the impression she was equally proud as she showed off the clutch at the bowling alley later that night.
Stick N' Style Duct Tape Mini Clutch Craft from Orb Factory
With craft projects that come pre-packaged and with step-by-step instructions, as low as $5 each, you really can't go wrong. You don't even have to be craft inclined yourself to help a young tween in your life explore new skills and their creativity. The Stick N' Style kits are sold at Michael's craft stores nationwide and online at, and offer an array of glitzy projects that are trendy and totally girly!

What Daughter Says: Prove Momma wrong and make something out of all that leftover hot pink duct tape- or grab this kit and learn how to make a clutch!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What I'm Streaming: Comedians In Cars, Getting Coffee, Seasons 1-3

Comedians In Cars, Getting Coffee- What I'm Streaming
Momma Told Me: Sometimes it's best to look where no one is pointing.

With Easter right around the corner, I'm reminded just how much misdirection we allow throughout our lives. The very nature of being a human is a flock like mentality that constantly wrestles with the instinct to break free and be our own individual. Even from a young age, we are led by the hand, tripping over our own feet, adults pointing at brightly colored eggs. Of course, in my family it was a pastime of my fathers to misdirect me nearly out of the yard, during an egg hunt, while stiffing a chuckle. Finding good TV is kind of like a childhood egg hunt (heck, they event have a term in the entertainment industry, 'Easter Egg'.) You can happily follow the flow of popular television and mainstream media to a certain degree, then you begin to feel the itch of discontent and boredom.
Comedians In Cars, Getting Coffee- What I'm Streaming
But how can you be bored with visual media in today's day and age? Easy- there's simply too much content to sift through on your own. How many hours of shaky cameras and bad acting must you endure before you find a quarter hour episode worth your time? So I am here to hold your hand and point you in the direction of a delightfully free, 13 minute on average, online talk show that seamlessly blends comedy, cars, and coffee. Yes, the online developed and based Comedians In Cars, Getting Coffee, directed and hosted by Jerry Seinfeld is an unexpected sleeper of online exclusive content.

Created with the sole intent of being streamed online, then later licensed to Crackle for streaming through media devices (such as Roku and XBOX,) this show is a little rough around the edges. While the video quality is superb for a web series, don't expect professional lighting and makeup on your 54" HDTV flat screen. It's real and gritty, and that's why we like it. While promos claim that Seinfeld has at last created a show about 'nothing,' there is a bit of good 'meat' and entertainment between the facts about the featured care of the week, arguing over coffee preferences, and artsy lead in shots.
Comedians In Cars, Getting Coffee- What I'm Streaming
This show is, however, literally about comedians in cars getting coffee. Each episode Seinfeld will rent a car he feels is tailored to the quirks of his comedic guest, drive them to a local coffee shop, and chat with them about anything and everything. The star list continues to grow, now in it's third season, beginning with Michael Richards, and most recently Louis C.K.. If you are a fan of comedians in general you will enjoy the down-to-Earth peek into their off-mic personalities and hearing these celebrities discuss everyday life with amusing results. Best of all, you don't have to watch any episodes in any order, and each is just 13 minutes, so you never feel ripped of if a particular episode didn't tickle you. And it's entirely free to stream online, right now, via Comedians In Cars, Getting Coffee, or on your media streamer's Crackle channel!

What Daughter Says:  When the barrage of mainstream media choices overwhelm you, try something unexpected- you just might like it!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blog POP! NewAir AB-850 Beverage Cooler For Your Fan-Cave Giveaway~ 4/28

New Air AB-850 Beverage Cooler with 84 Can Capacity for your Man Cave.
Momma Told Me: Have a room that is entirely yours.

I'm not much for sports, however, when baseball season rolls around I'll support breaking out the barbeques and a little overzealous team cheering in the name of good sportsman-ship. As an East Coast (by blood) native, I don't typically fit into the eb and flow of the local sports celebrations. Flanked by Los Angeles Angels and Dodgers fans in my local Southern California community, I'm not always tuning into the same games as my community. In fact, we spend a lot of time cheering for the Red Sox in the comfort of our own home, just the two of us (and the furry kids too.)
New Air AB-850 Beverage Cooler with 84 Can Capacity for your Man Cave.
Since we live in a 2 bedroom condo, space is limited; and it's not exactly a hike to any end of the house from another. That being said, when you're in the middle of a rivalry game (Sox VS. Yankees) you don't feel compelled to step away from the screen to refill your refreshments. No matter your sport or season, hardcore fans require hardcore preparation for the season ahead. Whether you only wear blue socks on game days, hold all calls while the clock is running, or believe what you drink impacts how the team plays- a well stocked 'fan-cave' is essential for any sports fan.
New Air AB-850 Beverage Cooler with 84 Can Capacity for your Man Cave.
That's right folks, I've re-imagined the man-cave into a 'fan-cave' for sports enthusiasts of all genders. Football, hockey, baseball, basketball and more- when your season comes, make sure you are ready to cheer in your underpants with Baxter or with the entire neighborhood over burn bratwurst. For your fan-cave consideration, I submit the NewAir AB-850 Beverage Cooler, a beautifully affordable refrigeration unit intended to outfit any home room with instant refreshment.
New Air AB-850 Beverage Cooler with 84 Can Capacity for your Man Cave.
With an 84 can maximum capacity and 7 level mechanical temperature controls, there is never an excuse to be without your favorite game-day refreshment again. Don't cheer for sports? Wouldn't it be nice to have a cooler stocked for the neighborhood kids after school? No more rooting through your fridge! Featuring a stainless steel door with internal LED lighting (toggled by an on/off switch) and chrome plated racks, the AB-850 by NewAir is ready-to-go out of the box. Simply remove all packaging and paperwork, then plug the unit in for 30 minutes prior to adjusting the temperature level or stocking.
New Air AB-850 Beverage Cooler with 84 Can Capacity for your Man Cave.New Air AB-850 Beverage Cooler with 84 Can Capacity for your Man Cave.
I know what you're thinking- How much is all this high class fancy schmancy living going to cost me on my electric bill? The appliance energyguide estimates annual running costs for this Fan-Cave essential are around $53 a year. And operation is fairly quiet (think small aquarium filtration hum), so it won't effect your game day ritual ambiance. In fact, it cycles much like my main fridge, and the fan does not run constantly, but only to maintain a constant temperature after having been opened or during afternoon temperature fluctuations.
New Air AB-850 Beverage Cooler with 84 Can Capacity for your Man Cave.
While the AB-850 Beverage Cooler chills fairly quickly expect at maximum capacity it won't chill as efficient as your main kitchen refrigerator. This unit is a cooler, which means it will chill between 34F and 64F, depending on the number of beverages within it. Currently our unit is half-filled with an assortment of plastic water bottles, soda cans, and beer bottles and is averaging a liquid temperature around 48F. This cooler also comes with 3 removable chrome plated racks, so you can chill everything from cans to 2-liter bottles, depending on your seasonal needs. Perhaps what I like best is that I've been able to free up a shelf in my main refrigerator, and can have a larger variety of beverages ready-to consume throughout the day.
New Air AB-850 Beverage Cooler with 84 Can Capacity for your Man Cave.
NewAir offers a large range of home heating and cooling appliances, as well as portable electronics (like the coveted portable Al-100r Ice Maker. If you're not in the market for a beverage cooler right now consider browsing their affordable appliances for home comfort and convenience. You never know what your fan-cave might need!

What Daughter Says: Take back your time with a fan-cave room outfitted with all the luxuries!

One Momma Told Me reader will win a NewAir AB-850 84 Can Beverage Cooler!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Coconutty Chick Cupcakes for Spring + Easter Celebrations! What April Means To Me.

Coconutty Easter Chick Cupcakes
Momma Told Me: A holiday is about the people you spend it with, not the food you eat.

I often wonder how slow time would move without seasons- without those little celebrations peppered throughout the year to look forward to and plan. Granted, as a grown adult with not kids of my own, yet, I celebrate holidays a little different than I once used to as a little girl. Though, much like the eb and flow of seasons, everyone around me is now beginning their own little families in a cycle that is as old as time. Cousins, friends form high school, and current best friends are settling down and hatching their own little chicks. I suspect it will still be several years before I begin my own flock, but, for now, I indulge in celebrating the beginning of new life with the ones I love.
When I was a little girl, and actually the eldest grandchild of our family, we would venture up past Los Angeles every Easter to spend the afternoon with Momma's parents, Sister, and her family. Sometime after church we would arrive in town, stiff from the ride, and I would spill out of the mini van making a beeline for my grandma's foyer. Without fail, every Easter, the baskets would get larger and larger- she was always sure to see that our Easter baskets outdid us in size! Then we'd scour the front yard, side porch, and backyard for carefully colored eggs. I'd peek my head in the old outhouse (where Grandpa was always certain to hide at least one or two), peer between the lily pads in the pond, and check the cow-shaped mailbox. (Grandma's house was the most magical place!)
Nobody in our family cooked on Easter, it was a tradition. Any other holiday you would find Great Aunt Bea's famous fruit salad, Grandpa Vince's Peanut Sauce Pork Kabobs, and Grandma Pony's famous Glazed Ham. But Easter, Easter was a family holiday where we all put down the hustle and bustle of entertaining to come together over a hearty meal. As unconventional as it was, our entire family, from across the state, would file into the local City Of Industry Marriott, where a live piano would serenade us, and a buffet  that wrapped through two halls was waiting for us to feast. Every year, for 15 years, we would eat our Easter brunch at that Marriott.
Coconutty Easter Chick Cupcakes
As a child, the coolest thing about this tradition was trying to make the professional pianist laugh, and piling my dessert plate full of fruits and sweets to be dipped in the massive chocolate fountain. Truth be told, the food was never much to raise a glass too- I always preferred Grandma's cookies and Grandpa's burnt ribs to anything they ever served at those banquets. But the joy in my grandmother's eyes at seeing her entire family gathered before her, and the sparkle of knowing she wold not have to wash one, single, plate- was priceless.

As we approach Easter, no matter your religious background or personal beliefs- I feel EVERY holiday is a chance to take stock of what truly matters. A moment marked on the calendar to remember all which we are so very thankful for; my baby cousin all grown up and now with a baby of her own, my grandfather growing stronger every day in his journey without my grandma, and all of the wonderful memories of that special woman, still so very much alive in my memories today.
Coconutty Easter Chick Cupcakes
Coconutty Easter Chick Cupcakes
 Spring traditionally marks the beginning of something new and young- This year will be filled with many new life's in my family, personal and extended. To celebrate the spirit of the season I whipped up these Coconutty Chick Cupcakes. Much like a giant snowball, these inverted cupcakes are frosted on individual plates (with a daub of frosting as 'glue,' then turned upside down and rolled in colored coconut for 'feathers.' Creative liberties can be taken, but I found an almond serves as a fine beak, mini chocolate chips make great eyes, and fruity licorice can be thin slices for feet and accents. Whether you're a fan of coconut or not, it's hard not so smile at these little chicks sitting on your Easter table, this Spring!

What Daughter Says: Make some new memories over food, and craft these chick cupcakes with your family and friends.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sharing The Goodlife With Your Feline Friend- Adorable Cat Photos Inside!

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and it's advertiser.
You don't have to speak 'cat' to love a cat....but a little food helps! #GoodlifePet #shop #cbias
Momma Told Me: If you could talk to humans the way you communicate with cats, you'd be all set.

I just may be a bit of a crazy cat lady. But I'd prefer if you don't quote me on that, I'm late on my dues and the CCLA, Crazy Cat Lady Association, is relentless. You see, I was raised in a condo, much like the one I now live in as an adult today. While we were permitted to have a family dog, we only had a 7 x 4 concrete 'deck,' which didn't make for much of a yard. Growing up Momma would pull in wayward felines off the street, or even adopt terminally ill cats. Shelters would provide medication to make them comfortable and permit them the remaining months of their lives in a loving home, until it was time to lay them down for their forever sleep, chasing mice and that never-ending ball of yarn. It never made me sad, but happy rather to provide them a belly full of the best cat food and plenty of snuggles each night.
Tuxedo Kitten Truffles #GoodlifePet #Shop #Cbias
My entire life I always wanted 'my own' cat. Sure, we had cats growing up, and I cared for friend's pets when they went away- but I wanted a furbaby of my own. There is just something about the bond between feline and owner that can never be messed with. It is an eternal relationship that transcends language and knows no boundaries such as those created in human conflicts. But, make no mistake, cats have plenty of feelings and personality- and they care not for labels and possession. Once you bring a feline into your home everything within reach is theirs; especially the things which you use the most (they have your scent.)
Pink toed kitten Truffles was comforted as a kitten by being swaddled like a human baby. #GoodlifePet #Shop #Cbias
But this is a tale about Truffles, the tiny ball of fluff named (sarcastically) after the cat-crazed Angela's (The Office, US) beloved 'Sprinkles.' When I first got married my husband and I weren’t ready for kids but we wanted to share the responsibility of taking care of a living thing, so we hunted (for 4 long months) for a kitten. We didn’t want to buy one, we wanted to rescue one. Typically I'd advocate adopting an adult cat with less chance of finding a home, but I'd had those my entire childhood, and I wanted a kitten at last. Everywhere I went I kept hearing ‘It’s not kitten season,’ as if they were deer or something! I didn’t care what gender the cat was, what color, what length of fur, I just wanted a tiny ball of fluff to love and bond with.
Cats have the best personality, hands down, tails up- felines win! #GoodlifePet #Shop #Cbias
Then I found Truffles, the runt of her little, a little black and white ball of fluff smaller than the palm of my hand. She was trembling in the back of a large animal carrier on top of a chicken coop, with a St Bernard sniffing just a foot from her terrified face. She was covered in fleas, and too young to have already been weened from her Momma. I took her home and spent hours cleaning her safely, picking flea by flea off, then bottle feeding her. For weeks she slept nestled in the scoop of my shirt, sleeping to the sound of my heartbeat. When I'd bathe her I'd swaddle her in a towel to soothe her to sleep before grooming her tiny little nails. She was my child, and no matter who came in and out of our lives, we had each other.
Re-Pin if your cat is one of the #CatsOfInstagram! #GoodlifePet #Shop #Cbias
It's hard to imagine it's been 5 years since I brought that little terror treasure home from that Chicken Farm. I've uncovered so much of her personality since those first few cuddles. As a kitten she spent her litter training time in our master bathroom; so she's developed a sense of security with the washroom. She won't tolerate a closed bathroom door, and insists on sitting on the toilet while I shower. Then there's her uncanny fondness for Beanie Babies. Long before they were even half her size she was dropping them on our heads as we slept, waiting for us to throw them so she could fetch them to be thrown again! And, when it comes to cats in random places, Truffles has the most 'cat' of cats outdone- printers, stoves, computers, aquariums, the refrigerator, lamps, and more have often become a relaxing spot for this Tuxedo feline. I often post her exploits on my social media, too. If you're a cat-lover like me you have got to follow the hashtags #Catsagram and #CatsofInstagram on Instagram for some daily feline love! (You just may spot Truffles, too!)
Hungry kitty- do you feed your pets human quality food? #GoodlifePet #Shop #Cbias
Of course, when I'm not snapping the daily (or hourly) Instagram shot of my furry daughter, I'm focused on keeping her healthy so we can enjoy another 15 years together. Every year when that pesky animal control officer comes around I trick coax her furry butt into a carrier and take Truffles for her yearly shots and checkup. Even though she is a fairly lazy adult household cat, I often worry about her weight and receiving the right nutrition. As the runt of her litter, Truffle required round-the-clock care and feeding when I first brought her home. She is also a much smaller framed cat than any of her neighborhood friends. I am careful not to overfeed her, but I also want to ensure she eats enough essential nutrients to keep her coat healthy and her body in tune for the coming years.
Goodlife Pet Food has no presrvatives, real fruit and vegetables and is corn, soy, and wheat free! #GoodlifePet #Shop #Cbias
Feeding your cat can be one of the biggest bonding points in the day. Truffles knows when it's time for food (10:30 AM, 10:30 PM in our house) and will literally walk around the house demanding her meals. She receives edible treats about twice a week (when I feel guilty about going away all day), and wet food a few times a month. Having a well balanced dry food that encourages healthy digestion, helps clean her teeth thanks to the crunch, and contains real natural ingredients, is a must. I watch what I put in my mouth, so why shouldn't I read labels when it comes to my fur-child? That's why Truffles enjoys the thoughtful recipe of #GoodlifePet food.
How does your cat remind you it's 'meal time'? #GoodlifePet #Shop #Cbias
Made with carefully chosen, artificial and preservative free, real ingredients, GOODLIFE™ brand Grain Free Cat Food is a natural choice for me as a pet parent. Unlike the Iams blend she ate as a kitten, GOODLIFE™ brand Real Salmon Recipe from Walmart features no corn, soy, or wheat (which is helpful in digestion and for cats with allergies) and has real fruits and veggies worked into the recipe. It doesn't cover up a lack of nutrition with fancy jingles, cute kibble shapes, or branding gimmicks- it's simply the best dry cat food for Truffles based on real food, and real nutrition. My wallet even thanks me when I invest in a few bags with the printable coupon found on the GOODLIFE™ brand website. And it makes it just a teeny bit harder to ignore those 'meal time' yoga poses Truffles is so prone do doing when her stomach starts to grumble!
What you feed your cat impacts the quality and legth of it's life. Do you read labels? #GoodlifePet food is made with real vegetables and fruit, and has no preservatives, corn, soy, or wheat- to help your kitty's digestion! #Shop #Cbias
The moral of my tail? (See what I did there?) Whether your cat is brought home as a kitten, or adopted into your family as an adult; those first precious connections are sure to impact a lifetime of kitty-kisses and laptop squatting. Know that, as with most pets, whomever has the food will most often be the best friend- but you can also work to create special places, mementos, and moments that connect you and your cat for life. From there on out the memories will make themselves, your only job left is to preserve them and their future with smart choices as a pet parent. What are some things you do to ensure more than 9 lives with your feline friend?

What Daughter Says: Truffles and I share an unbreakable bond. She will always be my first 'child,' and I will always make smart decisions as her 'pet parent'!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Blog POP! Nibblr Snacks Delivered- 1 Year Subscription Giveaway~ 4/27

Nibblr Snack Subscription Service
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Momma Told Me: You're not yourself when you're hungry.

It's no secret I've slimmed down quite a bit over the past year and a half. Most of that was due to the elimination of sugared beverages in my diet. In fact, I now drink nearly 95% water throughout the week. Water is great for curbing an appetite and maintaining optimal digestion but there are also a few other things that help too. Exercise; which is why I recently began a part-time job at Goodwill (it's better to get paid to be active than to pay a gym, right?) And metabolic managing- a.k.a snacking. Since I've begun improving my lifestyle and eating small portions, more regularly, throughout the day I've been much easier to get along with.
Nibblr Snack Subscription Service
It's no joke that hunger pangs can make us act completely out of character. When I was a little girl my mother used to call it the 'hunger monster.' If I went more than four hours without eating something small I'd begin to get fussy, experience a loss of motivation, and even start throwing tantrums. Today, not much has changed. I rarely get breakfast in, and if I don't have a snack on hand by 10 am, I'm not making it to lunchtime without a meltdown. Enter Nibblr- quite literally my latest addiction. These snack subscription boxes are a whole new breed of snacking. Each box contains 4 unique packages of awesome, delivered as often as once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly to your door in a beautifully artistic sleeve.
Nibblr Snack Subscription Service
Nibblr Snack Subscription Service
But what exactly is Nibblr? It's not just another foodie subscription service. Nibblr is full of variety and quality ingredients that put you in control- you'll never receive an ingredient or snack mix you don't like, guaranteed! When you first sign up you'll be asked to rate up to 59 unique snack mix blends as either love it, like it, interested, or no thanks. Whatever you mark as 'no thanks' is automatically our of your subscription rotation. And the selecting process is a treat in itself with beautiful photos of the snack mix and detailed descriptions of ingredients and flavors. Not all mixes are necessarily 'healthy,' some are quite indulgent, but all are made with high quality ingredients and portioned perfectly for an individual snack.
Nibblr Snack Subscription Service
There are many reasons I've made Nibblr my new B.F.F.- the easy to grab and go pre-portioned packets inside each box, the thoughtful combinations of ingredients that make snack-time fun and exciting again, and the insanely low price of around $6 a box (which includes shipping.) Choose from snack blends such as Apple of My Pie, Gorilla-A-Go-Go, PB and J, and Queen Bee. Most snack blends feature 3-4 unique ingredients to vary textures and flavors for a harmonious snacking experience that often mimics something much less healthy for you. And with each package hovering between 120 and 200 calories, you don't have to feel guilty!
Nibblr Snack Subscription Service
The company has thought of nearly every necessity when it comes to packaging and convenient presentation. Each of your four snack potions will ship in a beautiful container that stores your snack packs throughout the week. Each portion is sealed with a peel-back see through sleeve, so you can always see the deliciousness inside. On the front of the snack pack is a description of the ingredients inside (no fancy preservatives or words,) and the back contains a complete nutritional break-down. The snacks are broken into categories such as fruit (purely dried or candied fruit), nut blends, and feel good sweets, so you can get a general idea of the 'food group' when planning your attack.
One of the best things about Nibblr is that it is always improving. Not only are new and seasonal snack blends constantly being released, but you can always go back and update your flavor profile to tailor your boxes. If you take a chance on a blend that isn't quite you, simply move it the 'no thanks' column the next time you log in. You'll always receive a blend of different types of snacks, and at least one of your 'love it' picks- so you're sure to never be disappointed.
Nibblr Snack Subscription Service
Like most subscription services, you can shave a few pennies off your 'per box' price if you buy multiple boxes at a time. You'll pay as little as $5.50 a box when you buy12 at a time, and you can choose to have those delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly over the course of a year. That makes a year of Nibblr potentially $66, and one great, affordable, gift for that special someone in your life (perhaps even you!) Whatever your lifestyle if like, crafting, blogging, or running after the kids, you're sure to be much happier with these thoughtfully crafted snack packs by your side. I am!

Receive your first Nibblr box free with exclusive code: TOLDME!

What Daughter Says: Take the trouble out of snacking and try a specially crafted snack plan from Nibblr.

One Momma Told Me reader will win a 12 Box Nibblr Subscription, with 4 custom snack packs in each!

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