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Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillet With Brown + Wild Rice Recipe

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Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillet with Brown And Wild Rice #MixInMinute #ad
Momma Told Me: Anything's delicious when cooked right.

Around here, in the offline world, I have a reputation for being the sweet queen- I make creative, colorful, over-the-top treats for our bowling league each week. It started with me bringing a few leftover servings to the alley because the recipes I'd feature on the blog often yielded enough to serve a small army. For the sake of my waistline, and the fridge space, anything featured on the blog was inevitably served to my league. Before long I was no longer baking an innovating for the blog, but, instead, taking special requests from league-mates and being dubbed their official baker.

To be honest, though, it's the pot-lucks I enjoy most- the times when I can share a little bit of home cooking inspiration, instead of all the sugar. Our alley has a strict 'no outside food policy' so baking and bringing desserts (as the snack bar does not sell sweets) is the only thing I get away with the other 50 weeks of the year. That's why I always get excited over the chance to share a savory recipe such as this Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillet recipe, sponsored by Minute® Ready To Serve Rice.
Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillet
Of course some of my favorite recipes are ones that are pretty stinkin' simple- recipes that shine on their own as elevated food, with minimal ingredients, and a great plating impact. In the past few years, for dietary reasons, I've had to cut back on my weekly pork consumption greatly. When Jay and I first met, I would cook pork, mostly chops, at least once a week. I still remember the stories he told me about being forced to eat dry, flavorless, tough pork chops as a child- and how he absolutely disliked pork today, as an adult.
Well, dry pork should be a cardinal sin- pork is such a richly textured meat, with beautiful flavor and endless pairing options. And my favorite cut of pork (no it's not bacon) is a tenderloin, often reasonably priced, and even pre-seasoned, in the local grocer's meat case. Pork tenderloin comes in a variety of cuts- so you can serve a family of 2 to a family of 5, and is often pre-trimmed and quite lean.
My pan seared, shallot stuffed, pork tenderloin fillets are a clear winner- After all it's the recipe that converted Jay back to the 'pork side.' These fillets marinate for 48 hours, inside and out (thanks to the stuffing pockets I slice into them before marinating) and have the most tender, melt in your mouth, full of flavor experience you'll find at about $3 a serving. Even more impressive, they look like they just left the line of a Michelin star restaurant.
Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillet
My secret, outside of the marinating process, is to baste and pan sear each side before slow baking them to perfection in the oven. I love a light char on the outside of my meat, and this really does lock in the flavor, and add a great texture experience to each bite of this meal. pan searing also allows me to use any of that leftover marinate to help lock in flavor before the final cooking procedure.
Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillet
Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillet
If you have a grill pan you can actually take your fillets straight to the oven from the stove- I like to transfer them to a silicone baking mat where it'll be a little easier to turn them during the slow cook process. I find, even with a high quality cast iron skillet my fillets tend to stick from time to time.
Because the pork is the star of this meal I like to pair it with a simple side solution that as both wholesome and nutritious, as it is effortless.
Minute Rice Ready To Serve Cups make a quick and portion ready option when you're grabbing lunch on the go or cooking for one. Look for them in many varieties such as Brown & Wild Rice, Fried Rice, and NEW Basmati Rice. #MixInMinute #ad
Minute Rice Ready To Serve Cups make a quick and portion ready option when you're grabbing lunch on the go or cooking for one. Look for them in many varieties such as Brown & Wild Rice, Fried Rice, and NEW Basmati Rice. #MixInMinute #ad

Minute® Ready To Serve Rice comes in packages of 2 perfectly portioned, ready-in-60 seconds, just microwave cups. It's the perfect on-the-go side, or, in this case, last minute meal companion. Jay and I often are the only ones dining at our table, and I am notorious for forgetting to plan our side dishes. With these Minute® Ready To Serve Rice cups we can eat right from the package, mix in some fresh veggies, or spoon it onto the plate alongside our main entree.
Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillet with Brown And Wild Rice #MixInMinute #ad
For my Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillets, I prefer to enjoy a cup of Minute® Ready To Serve Rice in Brown and Wild Rice. It's the perfect pairing of grains and texture for the spinach and shallot filling of the fillets. Of course this particular dish would go good with just about any of the Ready To Serve varieties including, Yellow Rice, Fried Rice, Whole Grain Brown Rice, or the newest flavors; Brown & Quinoa or Basmati. Thanks to the individual serve portioned cups we can even enjoy our own, different, favorite rice varieties at the same meal. No more arguing over whether brown or white rice tastes better!
Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillet with Brown And Wild Rice #MixInMinute #ad
When serving alongside Minute® Ready To Serve Rice, you don't have to worry too much about timing your meal. Pork should always be cooked to an internal temperature of around 145F- for this recipe I like to remove them at about 135-140F, and let them rest 5 minutes prior to cutting and serving. The meat will be darker along the edges, as a result of the marinating process, but the texture should be soft and tender throughout- it's also the perfect time to prepare your Minute Rice! I've yet to disappoint with this recipe- and it takes minimal ingredients and effort! Do you have a preferred way of enjoying pork? Tell me a little about your favorite pork dish or pairing!

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute® Ready to Serve Rice.

What Daughter Says: In my book pork doesn't need any dressing up- this pan seared fillet recipe is the perfect way to enjoy the natural flavor and texture of this classic meal.

Pan Seared Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillet with Brown And Wild Rice #MixInMinute #ad
Parmesan Shallot Stuffed Pork Fillets
***Click here for printable Stuffed Pork Fillet recipe

What I'm Streaming- #BetterThings On FX Networks + #BetterThingsGiveaway 9/29

#BetterThings airs on Thursdays this Fall on FX Networks (AD)
Momma Told Me: No mother is an island.

My mother never wanted children. And, while we live in a very modern society, that statement is still a bit shocking to this day. It certainly wasn't something she advertised when she was 'on the market' and even her family had no idea as the doting newlyweds (my parents) negotiated children like it was a peace treaty.

Whenever I tell anyone that my mother, in my adult years, has casually referred to me existence as a "contractual obligation to her marriage" I find jaws drop and an uncomfortable silence wash over the atmosphere. But does the fact that my mother never aspired to be a mother make her a bad one? No. Her circumstances, or the origin of my life really has little to do with the kind of mom she was- just like so many other mothers, she made it work. And, at the end of the day, my happiness and health was really the only honest measure of her success as one anyone should have needed.

Such is modern motherhood. Mothers work full time careers while the husband stays home, other mothers are single and 'making it work' the best they know how, while some love staying at home playing 'Betty Homemaker.' Every mother is different, yet every mother faces the same universal challenges while aspiring to do something so simple and organic, love their children and provide them with better things.
#BetterThings airs on Thursdays this Fall on FX Networks (AD)
This brings me back to my into. There are so many things mothers have had to tackle and juggle throughout time, yet,even single, a mother is never alone.

Think about it, how many years has it been since you last were able to close the bathroom door for a solid section of time without having to 'trick' a child to distraction? Those with children long out of the home will also relate to the juxtaposition of the love/hate relationship between a mother and child through the awkward tween years. So dependent, yet so independent.

The truth is, if you have ever been told "I hate you, you're the worst mother ever" you were doing your job right.
#BetterThings airs on Thursdays this Fall on FX Networks (AD)
It's ironic insights just like that which make Louis C.K.'s new FX Network dark comedy Better Things an instant hit in my book. While the pilot, which aired last Thursday (September 8, 2016) was almost painful to watch at times it was also exceptionally raw. Motherhood unadorned one might say. At last a strong female role, raw in her own flaws, yet so modernly practical in her solutions. If the main character, Sam, mother to 3, doesn't inspire you with her careful navigation of modern parenting battles, then you'll surely identify with at least one of the stages of parenting exemplified in her daughters of varying ages.
#BetterThings airs on Thursdays this Fall on FX Networks (AD)
With each character having a rich, well built, identity, it's obvious after just one episode the challenges will be many, and the solutions not always so obvious. After all, Sam is the kind of mother we don't see in modern television- even Gilmore Girls' Loralei didn't dare step as boldly in her parenting as this motherly figure. And sometimes the battles chosen to forego are equally shocking.

We all have a perception of what the 'perfect' mother is- she makes cookies for every class party, reads her kids stories before bed every night, makes sure everyone is brushing their teeth, and never allows sugar after nightfall on a school night. But this is for the mom's who know that's not practical- that the real world does exist and will try your wits and resources no matter how cool, calm, and collected you are. That sometimes ice cream is breakfast, you lie to your daughter's teacher about completed homework, and 'crazy hair day' is the highlight of your month because you don't have to fight tears and tangles for a half an hour before school that day.
In fact, there's a scene in the Better Things pilot that could have been ripped from my own childhood as the lead character, Sam, exasperatedly calls out for an employee amidst the aisles of an office supply store, mortifying her teenage daughter. That's precisely the behavior Momma would have, and did, do when she felt her parenting obligations were overwhelming her among the less than ideal circumstances of society. And, let's face it, parent or not, haven't you ever felt as though finding something you needed in a seemingly empty, employee-less, store was near impossible? Try adding a last minute school shopping list and a sarcastic teenager into the mix, as motherhood.
I can't say Better Things, on FX networks, will delight everyone. It is extremely raw, under produced, and plain un-apologetic. However, in a world where Parenthood is no longer on the air, this dark look at motherhood, and parenting, is a welcome addition to my fall line up. A guilty pleasure, if you will. The next episode actually airs tonight and I've already put a reminder in my phone to catch it on-demand.
#BetterThings airs on Thursdays this Fall on FX Networks (AD)
Motherhood can be downright exhausting, yet, clearly, constantly fulfilling. It's okay to feel both, exhausted and fulfilled. After all, they say it's the hardest job you'll ever have to do. Make sure to take a time out after the last child has gone to bed, but before the first child decides to wake up and crawl into yours, and check out Better Things by Louis C.K. on FX networks, airing Thursdays this Fall. In the mean time, enter to win yourself some better things in the special promotional bundle pictured above. One lucky blog post comment will be chosen to receive a lush prize pack including; CHIPOLO Bluetooth Tracker, genuine leather BAGGU clutch, Ray Baan sunglasses, a silk hypoallergenic plush travel pillow, essential oils, mints, and more!

To enter to win the Better Things promotional prize bundle, valued at over $125, check out the Better Things trailer and leave a comment below telling me if you've watched the first episode of Better Things (if so, what you thought) OR what interests you most about Better Things on FX networks. Winner will be drawn at random from comment numbers on September 29, 2016.

What Daughter Says: For better or for worse, no mom is ever truly alone.

Nourish What's Next With Kellogg's® Special K® And Our DIY Pour Paint Zen Garden

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NourishWhatsNext #CollectiveBias
#NourishWhatsNext with this colorful and cheap DIY table top zen garden project. You'll love the pour paint rocks! (AD)
Momma Told Me: Take a step back to re-center yourself.

This year has been nothing short of a whirlwind so far. 

A string of bad luck in the first quarter of the year had me overwhelmed and ready to thrown in the towel on 2016- Do you ever have those times when you feel like just calling out of work for the week and sinking into the couch with a quart of ice cream? It doesn't sound good, but that's what defeated feels like, and I was good and there. Then, as it turned out, a string of unfortunate events began occurring to those around me, and I switched gears almost overnight- where as I had felt overwhelmed by my burdens and obstacles, I was not immediately empowered by the desire and need to help others overcome theirs. I no longer had time to wallow in pity for myself, and was instantly inspired to pull myself up, so that I could also be of strength and support to others.
#NourishWhatsNext with delicious, on the go, solutions from Kellog's Special K at Ralphs. (AD)
You see I'm a 'yes' woman- I thrive on setting goals, tackling obstacles, and, especially, helping others. When I saw my friends and family were struggling with problems of their own I immediately 'snapped' out of my own funk and found myself once again.

But giving so much of one's energy and resources can be emotionally and physically draining. Where I was instantly energized by the immediate need for problem solving and support giving, I was also, unintentionally, putting some of my own welfare and needs on the back burner unknowingly. Much like a mother often finds herself juggling the needs of many within her family, only to realize she hasn't even fed herself, or had time to shower that day- I was consistently letting my own routines and standards fall by the wayside.
Drip and Pour Paint Rocks are a fun way to create one of a kind art, and zen out! #NourishWhatsNext (AD)
This is where many might say- the new year is around the corner, you've worked so hard, let yourself slide a little. But life is more than a jumble of calendar years, and every day is a precious one we'll never get back. Luckily it didn't take long for me to realize the error of my wholehearted enthusiasm, and I've since realized I need to balance the time and resources I give to others with time and resources I focus on me. For me, when I get over-zealous like this, a simple act of meditation can help me prioritize my immediate goals and needs.

There are many activities one can turn to for meditation at home or on the go- and it doesn't have to include a yoga mat and heavy breathing. Some great ways to empty and re-focus your thoughts include simple repetitive or systematic tasks such as tackling a cleaning or organization task, pulling out an adult coloring book, or raking sand in a tabletop zen garden.
Which brings us to today's project, a D.I.Y Zen Garden- a simple 2 day project you can make primarily from objects found in or around your home. A real zen garden would require a large patch of land and some architecture skills but I've condensed the meditative experience to your average baking pan. Here's what you'll need:


An old 9" round cake pan, or similar size high walled tray/pan
2-3 Cups of Sand (Craft Sand, Aquarium Sand, or Beach Sand works fine)
5-6 Medium Sized River (Rounded) Stones
4-5 Colors of Acrylic Paint
Cookie Rack or Mesh/Wire Bin
Old/Dollar Store Cookie Sheet
Spray Paint In Your Color Of Choosing
Drop Cloth
Tabletop Zen Rake (Cheap on Amazon) or Small Appetizer Fork
#NourishWhatsNext with delicious, on the go, solutions from Kellogg's Special K at Ralphs. (AD)
You're going to want to start by painting your cake pan/tray- I prefer to use spray paint for even coats that apply and dry quick to a variety of surfaces, but a brush applied acrylic color could be used as well. Keep in mind, if using spray paint you'll want to put down a large drop cloth, work in a well ventilated area, and wear a basic paper face mask if windy. While your tray/base dries you'll want to source some pebbles of medium size. For this I took a trip to our local creek.
As part of re-fortifying myself for the coming season I've also been paying a lot of attention to when I choose to fuel my body and mind, and what with. This year I've skipped many meals and simply forgotten to refuel throughout many of the trials and challenges I faced. It was easy to notice the toll as I'd slump into my bed exhausted each night, and fight through the hangry outbursts in the afternoons. I've since stocked up on some of my favorite Kellogg's® Special K® products for their delicious varieties that are equally convenient on the go. As I fit pebble hunting in between an afternoon conference call and my evening bowling league I reached for a Kellogg's® Special K® Strawberry Protein Meal Bar to ensure I wasn't skipping a meal.
Drip and Pour Paint Rocks are a fun way to create one of a kind art, and zen out! #NourishWhatsNext (AD)
Once you have the perfect pebbles (and I say pebbles because the often offer the most surface space for this project) you'll want to get down to decorating them. As someone who is energized by vibrant colors, and mesmerized by the flow and movement of liquids- this activity was 'zen' all on it's own. Using simple acrylic paints there are 2 easy techniques you can use to make 'far out' one of a kind rocks for your zen garden; pour painting and drip stamping.
Drip and Pour Paint Rocks are a fun way to create one of a kind art, and zen out! #NourishWhatsNext (AD)
Drip and Pour Paint Rocks are a fun way to create one of a kind art, and zen out! #NourishWhatsNext (AD)
Pour painting is actually a necessity to achieve the second technique, so feel free to grab a few extra pebbles and try both out to see what you like most.

Start by placing one of your pebbles atop the mesh bin (turned upside down) or cookie sheet. Your mesh bin/cookie sheet should be positioned firmly in the center of your cookie sheet to not only act as a mobile workstation (for drying and storage while drying) but also to catch all of the, still very useful, poured paint drips collecting below.
Drip and Pour Paint Rocks are a fun way to create one of a kind art, and zen out! #NourishWhatsNext (AD)
This part of the project is literally so easy anyone can do it- and if you love the sight of contained messes and color mixing, like I do, you'll find this very cathartic. Begin by taking one paint bottle and slowly pouring a stream of color onto the center of your pebble, from about a foot above. Continue to do this with varied colors and amounts of paint until the entire rock is one fluid pool of swirling paint. Play with adding drops of color here and there, or zig zagging paint back and forth across your 'canvas'. Layer colors until you're happy with the ever evolving work of art, and repeat with another pebble.
Drip and Pour Paint Rocks are a fun way to create one of a kind art, and zen out! #NourishWhatsNext (AD)Drip and Pour Paint Rocks are a fun way to create one of a kind art, and zen out! #NourishWhatsNext (AD)
Once you've done a few pebbles you're going to have a pretty psychedelic pool of paint beneath your mesh bin/cookie sheet. Now it's time to remove the bin/sheet and drip stamp. Holding the edges of a pebble lightly dip the broad side of the pebble into the drip paint puddle, and remove. The sharpest swirls and stamping will occur when the pebble does not touch the bottom of the baking sheet/paint pool, so stamp lightly as to just grab the color sitting on top. The result is simply magical, and the colors can be layered endlessly to make truly one of a kind decor for your mini zen garden.
#NourishWhatsNext with delicious, on the go, solutions from Kellogg's Special K at Ralphs. (AD)
It's going to take a few days for the thick coating of paint to dry on your pebbles, so you'll want to store them somewhere dry and safe (away from pets and small hands) until they're set.

While my zen garden was on hold I decided to take stock of my cabinets and shelves and continue my re-focusing by working on a new meal schedule for my busywork week, and planning out some snack solutions to ensure I was never left hungry or grumpy on an especially important day. Thankfully my local Ralphs has a large selection of my favorite Kellogg's® Special K® products, from Kellogg's® Special K® Granola, Cereal, and Bars to munchy snack time solutions like Kellogg's® Special K® crackers and pastry crisps. I always have something delicious on hand to help fuel me through the day's schedule to achieve my goals.
#NourishWhatsNext with delicious, on the go, solutions from Kellogg's Special K at Ralphs. (AD)
In fact, one of my favorite Kellogg's® Special K® snacks, the new Sea Salt Original Multigrain Crackers are made with Quinoa for an elevated snacking experience that gets away from the typical sweet treat to a savory delight that fuels and satisfies. We usually toss a box in the dog stroller, yes dog stroller, whenever we go walk the beach parks hunting for characters on a certain popular mobile game app.
In fact, you'll find Kellogg's® Special K® products across the aisles at Ralphs; and the brand is always innovating new products to help fuel their customer's active lifestyles- I've even heard there's a new Kellogg's® Special K® Crustless Quiche that'll really help elevate my zen time! But, for now, I'm stashing delicious, individually wrapped, Kellogg's® Special K® Berry Struesel Pastry Crisps in my purse for my on the go instant moment of zen.
Once your 'far out' pebbles are dry you simply need to pour your sand of choice about 3/4 full into your painted cake pan and arrange your favorite 2-3 scattered across the top. An appetizer fork will suffice as a zen 'rake' but I also like to keep a variety of tools and stamps on hand to play with patterns and shapes as well as movement. The process of 'raking' sand in your tiny zen garden is as equally rewarding as updating and rearranging it. Feel free to swap out pebbles with your mood, change the color of the sand to match the season, and even add an air plant or two!
#NourishWhatsNext with this colorful and cheap DIY table top zen garden project. You'll love the pour paint rocks! (AD)
It's never easy to get 'back on track' when you've lost motivation or focus- but every life has a rhythm, and it's important to fortify the core of that rhythm order to set one's self up for success. If you're not quite ready to make a zen garden, or don't find any of our other suggestions quite suit you make sure you are at least setting time out for yourself each day. Whether it's just a few minutes here or there, 'me' time is the surest way to re-focus and recollect ourselves so that we can achieve our most immediate, and long term, goals. Now, share with me a goal you've drifted away from, but would like to work on re-focusing.

Did you love our zen garden tutorial? Check out some even more amazing inspiration and ideas to help fortify yourself on the Kellogg's® Special K® Social Hub!

What Daughter Says: Sometimes a quick time out can help refresh and ready the mind, body, and soul for the tasks and goals ahead.

#NourishWhatsNext Special K at Kroger

How You Can Feel Like A Kid In A Candy Store Any Time With Candy Jar

I received a promotional code to help facilitate this feature, regardless, all thoughts and images below are genuine and copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2016.
Candy Jar lets you browse hundreds of virtual barrels of candy- from nostalgic favorites to gourmet sweet treats, and even diabetic friendly options! (AD)
Momma Told Me: Like a kid in a candy store.

Every time I'd visit my paternal grandmother, growing up, (which wasn't nearly often enough since she lived clear across the country) I'd race through her door and make a beeline for the 'hidden' candy jar. It wasn't really a jar. In fact, I suspect it was actually an antique genuine Crystal bowl- I still recall the way the light would come through the dinette window and sparkle on the beveled edges. Could a container full of candy be magical? It was practically a sugar siren for small hands.
I've met very few people in my life who claim to not enjoy sweets. Sure, you can prefer cake to pie, or chocolate to vanilla, but to be entirely immune to all of sugar's magical forms, is quite impressive indeed. It really only takes one sweet- one perfect for you candy, to lure you in and make you a candy fan. For the 99.9% of the population I've met, who enjoy sweets, I've also learned that sugar for sugar's sake is not merely the solution. Some like their sweets fruity or chewy, while others like wafers and root beer barrels, or fizzing Pop Rocks. Everyone has a favorite, but hardly anyone can choose just one.
That's the magic of candy-

And that's why a jar full of jellybeans on your office desk will always make the work day more pleasant. Sweets are the universal language- that connector that brings each and every one of us back to childhood for just a moment in time. I am a candy girl and I love to share candy with others. Candy, in all it's colorful shapes and sizes, and playful textures, simply puts a smile on my face. But, as we mentioned, everyone's favorites vary so wildly.

What if there was a modern 'penny store' online- virtual barrels lined with your favorite sweets, just waiting to be scooped and put into your own personal Candy Jar?
Candy Jar lets you browse hundreds of virtual barrels of candy- from nostalgic favorites to gourmet sweet treats, and even diabetic friendly options! (AD)
Well, my friends, there is- And it's appropriately called

When I first heard about this concept back on some sort of Kiskstarter-esque site a few years back I was all in. Heck yea I'd back a company willing to set me loose with in a seemingly never-ending variety virtual candy store. Sure, the joy of literally scooping the candy into your jar isn't quite there- but the spirit is, as you pick your jar size and select each of the 'scoops' that will fill it. Browse the virtual barrels of candy, with hundreds of options from specialty gourmet chocolates and brittle to everyday penny candy favorites, character gummis, seasonal offerings and more. This is one candy store that's always getting in new inventory.
Candy Jar lets you browse hundreds of virtual barrels of candy- from nostalgic favorites to gourmet sweet treats, and even diabetic friendly options! (AD)
So, why do I love Candy Jar?

Outside the obviously reason that it makes me quite literally feel like a 'kid in a candy store' every time I log on to build a custom jar of sweets- Many of you may recall that I've had several family members diagnosed pre-diabetic in the past year. Back in the Spring my grandfather actually spent a few months in the hospital resulting in prescription induced diabetes- and for the greater part of this year he's been off sugar entirely. Since sweets are something I've always associated with my father's parents, and a long hospital and rehabilitation stay can be quite miserable, I have very fond thoughts of Candy Jar.
Candy Jar lets you browse hundreds of virtual barrels of candy- from nostalgic favorites to gourmet sweet treats, and even diabetic friendly options! (AD)
It might surprise you, but among the specialty options Candy Jar offers they offer an impressive range of Sugar Free sweets. Shopping for a treat for a diabetic or pre-diabetic can feel very dull, and often leads to the same items over and over. Candy Jar quite literally had an entire jar of sugar free options, and more. I built my grandfather his own Candy Jar- and even the nurses considered him quite spoiled for the variety inside. Sugar free chocolates for my grandmother, butterscotch and hard candies for him.
And, as someone who watches her own blood sugar, thanks to hereditary markers, I am ever so grateful to maintain my loving relationship with candy thanks to no-sugar-added and sugar free options available at Candy Jar. Of course, there are a few traditional favorites full of real genuine sugar I can never resist- Rock Candy sticks and sour kids always go into the jar as a treat. My favorite low sugar or sugar free options? No Sugar Added Jordan Almonds, Sugar Free Swedish Style Fish, and Imported Sugar Free Licorice Bears.
Candy Jar lets you browse hundreds of virtual barrels of candy- from nostalgic favorites to gourmet sweet treats, and even diabetic friendly options! (AD)
When you order a Candy Jar all of your 'scoops' will arrive in pre-portioned bags, tucked inside your jar. This helps keep items fresh, and allows you to separate things such as sour candies from chocolates, if desired. I always layer everything into my jar, regardless, I rather like the surprise of digging for a favorite treat. The jars are also wonderful for gifting- and there truly is a jar for everyone at Candy Jar- if you're not sure what to scoop, you can gift a gift certificate and let your recipient enjoy the fun themselves!
Candy Jar lets you browse hundreds of virtual barrels of candy- from nostalgic favorites to gourmet sweet treats, and even diabetic friendly options! (AD)
Candy Jar isn't a subscription service- though it could be, if you wanted. It's a place where you can go online to play in the virtual aisles of a giant, always changing, candy store. Shopping to fill your own personal candy jar, or a gift for a loved one or friend, truly gives that 'kid in a candy store' feeling. You'll find nostalgic favorites, and all new cravings in a constantly changing supply of flavors and formats, with a broad range of specialty and premium selections to make your dream jar come true. Candy makes pretty much anyone happy- it's just hard not to smile when you think of your favorite sweet. Check out Candy Jar today (but I warned you!) and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for new selection sneak peeks, promotions, and more.

What Daughter Says: Candy Store offers something for every kid at heart, even my pre-diabetic family members, so we can continue to share memories of sweet smiles.