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Rich And Moist #Vegan OREO Cake Recipe

Please Note: Some OREO products may be exposed to milk cross-contamination in the production process. 100 Calorie OREO Thin Crisps and other varieties are listed on PETA's approved 'accidentally vegan' list. While OREO cookies are commonly considered appropriate for Vegans, your personal diet and beliefs may require closer scrutiny when choosing which OREO product to include in your recipes. The following content is not sponsored. Enjoy!
Vegan OREO Cake Recipe- Experience the classic cookie in cake form, no cookies needed.
Momma Told Me: The absence of something doesn't always take away from the overall experience.

As you know, last year, I began exploring a variety of alternate food styles and playing with various recipes that meet restrictive diets. Not because I, personally, was ready to scratch these things off my everyday diet, but because I find the creativity involved with recipe development and unique substitutions makes for a more pure eating experience overall. Have you ever noticed the fewer ingredients in a recipe the more each individual ingredient and flavor stands out? When we're forced to scrutinize what goes into our food we naturally develop a stronger appreciation for the profiles and flavors being created.
Vegan OREO Cake Recipe- Experience the classic cookie in cake form, no cookies needed.
Vegan and Paleo were high on my list of experimentation last year- while, for me, Paleo has proved the toughest transition, Vegan can feel  much like 'normal' eating. Naturally, the bigger concern with observing Vegan diets is the respect to those who call themselves Vegan. My very first recipe involved honey, and I quickly learned to substitute honey with maple or agave- as bees are living creatures involved in the creation of honey, and it is not deemed a Vegan product. While we could go deeper into the culture and beliefs behind the Vegan lifestyle I'd much rather open your eyes through this delicious recipe. My Vegan OREO cake was, without a doubt, the most popular recipe I shared among family and friends in 2015. It was also my personal choice for my own birthday cake.
Maybe you have or haven't heard a certain sandwich cookie brand is 'Vegan.' Well, truth be told, only a few OREO varieties make the official PETA accepted 'Accidentally Vegan' list. While all Vegans I know offline consume OREO cookies regularly, the maker of OREO cookies lists the majority of their products not suitable for strict Vegan consumption due to the potential of cross contamination with milk. Consider this similar to a person with a nut allergy eating fruit leather produced on a manufacturer's line that has handled peanuts. While, in theory, OREO cookies are designed to be Vegan, chocolate dipped varieties and such do contain milk ingredients that may come in contact with other OREO products.
With that in mind this recipe can be made entirely without the OREO cookie garnish- or garnished with one of the approved PETA OREO varieties if you are looking for a strict Vegan experience. The cake and frosting components are completely animal byproduct free and mimic many of the ingredients and processes involved in making traditional OREO cookies.
This cake is sure to appeal to traditional diets just as much as it does those who are Vegan because of it's unique textures and flavors which mirror the OREO cookie experience. The cake itself is very dense with an almost malty dark cocoa flavor and reminds me of a soft OREO cheesecake crust, or even cake-like brownie. The frosting spreads like OREO filling and has the flavor of such, but slightly fluffier, with a melt-in-your-mouth effect that pairs perfectly with the dense cake.
Vegan OREO Cake Recipe- Experience the classic cookie in cake form, no cookies needed.
The Vegan OREO Cake is not overly rich- I find I can enjoy a decent sized slice without feeling weighed down or guilty. The sweet component is there, but really, it just begs for a tall glass of, erm, coconut milk? While I've made this cake a few times now I wouldn't suggest transitioning it into cupcake form as I feel the smaller portions of batter might tend to dry out or overcook easily if not highly monitored.I find a 2 layer 6" pan cake is perfect for a celebration of 5-6 people.
Vegan OREO Cake Recipe- Experience the classic cookie in cake form, no cookies needed.
Vegan OREO Cake Recipe- Experience the classic cookie in cake form, no cookies needed.
Vegan OREO Cake Recipe- Experience the classic cookie in cake form, no cookies needed.
As we move into 2016 I find myself more and more fascinated by Vegan concepts that mimic classic and favorite foods. I've been dabbling with a Samoa cookie recipe that promises to be better than the actual thing (Girl Scout Cookies) by the time I'm done tweaking it. As we move through the year I hope to become more adventurous and play with Vegan entrees and savory foods. They do so intimidate me- for now, I'm content keeping a fridge full of black bean patties and tofu nuggets. Have you tried a Vegan recipe that surprised you? If so what was it? If not, what recipe would you be interested in trying in a Vegan format?

What Daughter Says: Vegan has a bad rap among carnivores- but it's really a matter of cleaner eating. You'd be surprised what you can discover if you open your mind and palette.

Vegan OREO Cake Recipe- Experience the classic cookie in cake form, no cookies needed.
Vegan OREO Cake
***Click here for printable Vegan OREO Cake recipe

+++I wanted to note, as indicated in the post above I authored this recipe as a new Vegan baker. This was a few years back, now, and I have since made the recipe several more times. As with traditional baking, Vegan baking is a sensitive art and the ingredients you use will impact the colors/flavors/etc of your final result. I do not give exact brands because naming brands in posts shows brand loyalty I am unfortunately penalized for when I go to partner with brands I use on a paid basis in the future. If you have questions about specifics or working, or brands, please feel free to email me!

Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars Recipe

These Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars are low sugar and simply indulgent with their raw cacao base!
Momma Told Me: When you get bored, challenge yourself.

While you certainly see a fair range of indulgent, not so good for you, treats and recipes cross your screen on this blog, I have found that anyone truly can cook scrumptious food. As Paula Deen infers adding a pat of butter to any recipe will surely make it instantly more delicious. And, while out Circus Animal Cookie Truffles have gotten decent traffic on Pinterest, I shudder every time I see or create a recipe that is merely mashing 2 or 3 already delicious ingredients together. Do you drizzle hot fudge on ice cream and call it a recipe? Yes, even I have my limits.
While making indulgent treats is satisfying, and I surely will continue to play with simple recipes that wow the eyes and tickle the taste buds in unexpected ways, I've recently found myself a little bored in the kitchen. I've also recently re-joined a local gym. Before you start congratulating me, I'll be the first to admit getting heart healthy is a multi-part journey and daily workouts will only go as far as overall health and core attainment. I'm not quite ready to turn in my frozen yogurt spoon, but these two ripples in my life have made me more aware of the dietary needs of others around me.
Pit Medjool Dates by creating a vertical cut with a lightly oiled paring knife.Every Thursday I bake something to share here on the blog, and bring it into the bowling alley for our mixed adult bowling league. Our teams are comprised of men and women, young and old, from all walks of life. As delicious as my sweet treats are, not everyone can enjoy them. We have several diabetics I try to accommodate with recipe variations, and now a team that is taking on a month long Paleo challenge. Couple this with our close friend who is celebrating a year as a Vegan and you have the perfect storm of recipe challenges. So I set out to create a No Sugar Added Paleo Vegan Friendly dessert recipe.
Pitting Medjool Dates
The more I researched the more I learned that several of the key ingredients in cooking for each need overlapped- the exception being Honey, which is considered an animal byproduct to most modern Vegans. For those unfamiliar with Paleo, which is actually a way of living more than a literal 'weight loss' style diet, the terms are fairly flexible to the person committing to it.

At it's core Paleo individuals do not consume processed or artificial foods and attempt to eat ingredients that would closely mimic that of a caveman's. This means a diet rich in protein and nutrient dense core ingredients like grass few beef, wild caught seafood and vegetables. Most Paleo followers will avoid sugar, gluten, and generally anything with 'artificial' in the ingredients list. While it can be fairly complex, depending on the person, consider it close to an Organic, low  sugar, gluten free diet that tends to lean towards raw or minimally handled ingredients.
These Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars are low sugar and simply indulgent with their raw cacao base!
Many low sugar recipes and Paleo recipes will substitute several typical ingredients with coconut- which can tend to be an allergen for some. If you are suing coconut oil, butter, or flour in a recipe always make the recipients aware when serving. While most coconut allergies deal more directly with the pulp of the plant, raw oils can cause mild allergic reactions and should always be disclosed. If you are cooking low sugar and sweetening with a recipe that calls for honey, but would like a Vegan substitute, in most cases Maple Syrup will be a great alternative. There is also a Vegan apple plant based honey, which is entirely bee free, called Honee, sold online and in many organic or Whole Foods stores.
Acquiring the ingredients to cook just one of these categories (Vegan, Paleo, Sugar Free) will often cost a fair penny. The good news is that you can acquire nearly any ingredient necessary at Whole Foods, or a similar store, and in portions that will easily stretch through multiple recipes. If you're looking to begin cooking, or dabbling with, these categories, consider each shopping trip an investment. Chances are your spice rack wasn't built overnight, and neither will this arsenal of cooking tools.

These Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars contain no added sweetener (aside from the natural Honee plant based sugars) and a dash of Agave syrup may be added to any layer if you desire a slightly sweeter end result. My bowling mates rarely ever question what I've made each week and these bites/bars disappeared quickly! Several people were floored to hear just how 'good for you' this dessert was, and a few even asked for the recipe. So, if you're in the fence, I'd say it's definitely a recipe worth trying. Not only are these the perfect treat (a little goes a long way to satisfy) but they can be frozen for enjoyment later as well! Do you have, or know anyone with, any special dietary restrictions you struggle to cook for?

What Daughter Says: This year I'm going to challenge myself in all aspects of my life, not because I need to, but because I want to!

These Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars are low sugar and simply indulgent with their raw cacao base!
Vegan Paleo Mock Snickers Bars
*** Click here for printable Mock Snickers Bars recipe.

5 Tips To Fuel Your Small Breed Dog/s

This post is sponsored by Wellness CORE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
As an animal care provider I handle many shapes, sizes, ages and species throughout the week.

It has truly given me an appreciation for all of the many factors that contribute to what makes each and every pet I come across so very unique. And when it comes to dogs every wet nose, puppy slurp, and toe bean (yes, that's the official term) is as distinctly one of a kind as the pup that owns them.

Naturally, that is what makes annual vet check-ups so very important. Just like no human from any one background, hair color, shape, or size is identical to another of similar build every pup requires it's own unique map to a long, happy, life lived. However, when it comes to breed size, there are definitely some generic tips you can take to heart to help ensure your pups are living their happiest life, no matter their, erm, short-comings.

In no particular order, here are my favorite tips to help fuel small breed dogs, in particular...
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
#1: Let Them Slurp

If you have a small breed dog then you know that size does not limit personality. If anything small dogs are known for having larger than life personalities that define them far beyond their height and stature.

Whether your dog is justifiable timid and slow to trust, the life of the party at the end of the leash borking (yes, borking) on 2 paws, or the bossy bitch at the dog park talking smack through the chain link fence at the 'big dog side.' small breed dogs have consistently clear and defined personalities.

One thing is for certain, though, you are their favorite human- unless you have a food motivated dog- then the bringer of food is Person #1, and you are Person #2- but hey, #2 ain't so shabby, so don't feel bad. No matter the persona your small pup embodies it's important to know that you are their sun (or their moon, depending on where you are in the food galaxy) and any and all affections they so honorably bestow upon you should be greeted as though it were a treasured gift. After all, it kinds is, isn't it?

It may sound like common sense (great! then you do this already,) but your pup needs time to show you love and affection just as much as you feel you need to take time out to reciprocate with pets and love to them. This might just be a few seconds snuggled up against you, a moment where you take your hands off the laptop/coffee mug/smartphone for just 2 extra minutes, or that magical word "kisses" and an invitation for some sloppy kisses.

Whatever your dog's love language is use it often- this just may be one of the biggest fuels you can provide for a longer, happier life!
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
2. I Am My Own Dog

I often here people joke that those who parent small  breed dogs 'collect' them like crazy cat ladies collect cats. Just like potato chips, you can't have 'just one.'

If you've fallen into this pattern of tiny paws and itty snouts it can be easy to get a little laxed and let certain behaviors slide in the name of 'fairness' or even your own convenience.

Whether it's easiest to do 'the same' for every pup, or simply something you feel is right because that's the only 'fair' wait to do it- think again.

Going back to how each pup is their own unique, wonderful, ball of wonder and magic- each dog should always have the consideration of an individual. Sure, you CAN buy 1 large dog bowl and let all the small breed dogs graze on the same food throughout the day- but is that what's really best? Even brothers and sisters from the same litter, raised in the same household, can have different nutrition needs as they age. And if that isn't reason alone your pup will certainly appreciate seeing your recognize them as a unique individual with their own feeding station, and food consideration. You don't like the same exact things as your siblings, do you?

In our home Nora wouldn't get a single bite if Gidget had her say, so we are always sure to separate feeding areas to ensure that Nora gets every bite of her carefully selected food and nutrition. And Gidget, who metabolizes better than Nora, and can handle a higher fat content in her food for her high energy levels throughout the day, needs a little extra protein then mature Nora.

Taking time out to re-evaluate your small breed dog's needs on a 1-by-1 basis, at least once a year, while working with a vet for proper nutrition means you can get the most from meal time.
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
3. Protein Is At The CORE Of My Dog's Diet

While every dog is different, and your dog's diet should always be guided by a licensed veterinarian, many believe that small breed dogs can thrive on quality, natural, animal proteins. But finding a grain-free, protein-rich, natural pet food that also caters towards the tiny mouths of small breed dogs has traditionally been frustrating.

Many of my clients feed their pets Wellness® CORE® RawRev, a kibble+ dry food with 100% freeze dried meat, for a flavorful and protein packed meal that helps fuel breeds of every size. Until now, however, I haven't been able to share this range with my own pups, because the formulations weren't made for dogs their size.

However, Wellness® CORE® Small Breed is here at last and packed full of all sorts of flavorful treats from wet shreds and broth pouches to Wellness® CORE® Small Breed RawRev and Wellness® CORE® Petite Treats for a comprehensive selection to delight every small breed dog's unique palette and needs. Find Wellness CORE Small Breed at a store near you today!
Both of our girls are loving Wellness® CORE® Small Breed High Protein Kibble + 100% RAW Turkey- it's a safe and easy way to integrate RAW feeding into their diets at home and on the go. We transitioned this new blend into their old Wellness dog food over the course of a week and bowls are being licked clean. We even get a little happy dance at meal time!

Gidget, at 2.3lbs, benefits from a small portion of 'wet' feeding each day and enjoys the Wellness® CORE® Grain Free Mini Meals- especially the shredded varieties with generous chunks of meat you can see.

***PRO TIP: Make your own 'slow feeder' by sizing up your small breed dog's bowl to a 'large' bowl and adding small washable dog toys at the bottom. Cheap rubber based dog dogs are easy to wash in the dishwasher and soak, and help create a barrier for your pup to navigate at feeding time, for slower eating and better digestion!
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog- Snuffle Mat  #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog- Snuffle Mat #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog- Snuffle Mat #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
4. Fuel Their Brain

Treating your pups is a wonderful time to bond, and a necessary part of any Small Breed to Human Slave relationship. However, where it is mandatory in the rules that treats are given often and amply, there is not regulation on how they must be presented- so I say, make them work for it!

These days there are many wonderful treat dispensers, robot treat launchers, and homemade puzzles you can provide to help exercise your pups brain, and senses, at treat time.

We, especially, have been enjoying watching Gidget 'forrage' for her Wellness® CORE® Petite Treats in a homemade "Snuffle Mat." You can find various kits online for plastic mat bases- but these Snuffle Mats really can be made at home with any felt strips of your choice tied to a variety of creative bases. The main idea is to tie the treats to, and hide them deep within, the flaps and folds of these mats.

You can make an event of it and present the filled mat to your pup, or slyly hide 1 or 2 in the mat when you pass by throughout the day. The Snuffle Mat is always a hot spot in our household!
5. Just Because I'm Small Doesn't Mean I Don't Need To Work Out

Naturally your dog's age, health, joints, etc- determine the amount of exercise and play they can safely do every day. The important part is to know what your small breed dog is capable of and encouraging them to do it!

It can be quite easy to have a lap dog, or two, or three snuggled at every corner of the couch or arm chair for hours on end- but the truth is that your and your pups should be motivating each other!

Just because they are SMALL does not mean their don't need to get their heart pumping, and stretch those tiny legs!

Take several time outs during the day, if even for 5 minutes, to stop and get their zoomies on with some silly fun beyond a trip to the backyard or a walk for potty.

Keep in mind your dog's size physical limitation and their environment, such as temperature, joint sensitivities, heights, and always provide plenty of fresh water before/during/after playtime, but PLAY often. You're not only fueling your pup's day, but enriching yours as well!
So there you have it, 5 of my favorite tips for fueling Small Breed Dogs for their furriest and fiercest life. Just like parenting or raising any other living thing, learning to raise and care for a small breed dog is a constantly evolving experience. There's no such thing as perfect, but remember, you're pretty darn close in your dog's eyes (unless, again, you aren't the bringer of food, then remember you're still pretty darn close.)

7 Organic Grocery Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy At Walmart

This post is sponsored by Horizon but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Being a modern consumer can be complicated.

When I was a child the only time my mother bought groceries at a store other than the one closest to our house was if there was an amazing sale that matched up with a coupon in her wallet. Shopping for a family was much simpler a generation ago simply because consumers did not have easy access to the buyer's education and resources we have today. There was no internet for concerned mothers to network on, no pages of searches demanding transparency from brands, or subcultures of foodies sharing their passion for greener eating.

As a result I've been quite overwhelmed with trying to juggle my modern family's budget, and my millennial schedule, with shopping fro ethical and wholesome ingredients. For a while I was building multiple grocery lists, by store, for a single week at a time!
If you know the stress I am referring to all to well then you might be thrilled to learn about a little life hack I've recently picked up on my regular shopping trips to Walmart. We have both a Walmart Supercenter and Walmart Neighborhood Market in my hometown, so I am constantly grabbing grocery needs while picking up prescriptions, a new jacket for the upcoming rain, or the latest video game accessory.

I am at Walmart at least twice, if not three times a week on average, but I never realized just how many of my organic grocery needs I could buy there as well. Finding my organic "treasures" while on my everyday Walmart shopping trip not only saves me money, but precious time as well. Just take at look at some of these everyday Organic grocery finds we found on our most recent trip:
1. Organic Pre-Packaged Vegetables and Fruit

Generally speaking shopping organic will always be at a slightly higher 'premium' cost than shopping 'non organic' equivalent, when it comes to fresh produce. Two ways to help offset this potential budget increase is by shopping at Walmart, and choosing pre-packaged, or 'ready-to'eat' options when available. This helps save you valuable prep time, and everyone knows time is money.
2. Ready-To-Eat Snacks And Salads

Our local Walmarts have a great selection of Organic single serving snacks and entree salads in the fresh produce department. Salads such as this Chicken Cesar are certified organic and ready to eat on the go so you can feel good about your eating choices any time of the day.
3. Organic Pressed Juices, Kombucha, And More!

A lot of the time I am way too busy through the late morning and mid-day to stop to eat a full meal, but often I find my stomach rumbling an my energy crashing around 1PM. Having a delicious, fortified, and well balanced organic fruit or vegetable juice based drink on hand can really stop me from getting cranky and sluggish. You'll find a variety or Organic bottled beverages in the cold case directly next to the packaged salads and fruits at your local Walmart. There are even some options with probiotics and protein for unique dietary needs!
4. Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

This is probably the first grocery category that comes to your mind when I mention Organic groceries. I'll be honest, fresh Organic fruits and vegetables were some of the first things I started adding to my grocery list when I began buying Organic for our family. You'll find shelf talkers, liners, loud labels, and signs calling out fresh organic finds like these raspberries in the produce department at Walmart. I love feeling good about eating these delicious treats right out of the package or straight from my shopping bag upon unpacking at home.
5. Organic Milk.

Milk has been a staple at my dinner table since I was a little girl, and continues to be a weekly buy for my fridge. During the average week I use Organic milk for smoothies, creamy sauce recipes, cereal, homemade ice cream, and so much more. My preferred brand of Organic milk is Horizon, and my local Walmart has an entire cold case dedicated to the many varieties of it. Just look for the red cartons!

Horizon cows are certified organic grassfed and spend time in lush pastures where they can graze free- yes even the cows eat organic, and as a result their milk is always GMO free. They're a brand I've been following for years now as they have been advocating, along with others, for clear and tough organic standards that go beyond what is currently required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). For me, Horizon is a brand I can feel good about buying for my family.
You'll find Horizon's Organic Grassfed Milk in whole and 2% Half Gallons with an impressive expiration date for Organic milk and a clean taste we swear we notice. Horizon Organic Grassfed milk is definitely my preferred 'drinking' milk, and what I use in all my dairy based recipes for wholesome flavor I can feel good about.
6. Shelf Stable Staples.

A lot of new-to-Organic shoppers may feel they can only find shelf stable Organics at specialty grocers, or in small designated aisle spaces in big box superstores. At Walmart you'll find many Organic companion choices right next to your everyday staples. Many times I'll even find an Organic option in my favorite brand- other times I'll choose the Walmart Great Value Organic equivalent and save myself quite a bit off  big brand Organic pricing. Some of my favorite everyday Organic shelf stable staples include peanut butter, honey, salsa, and more!
7. Baked Goods.

When I recently discovered Select Seeds Great Value Organic Bread while hunting for some ingredients for a classic PB&J, I was thrilled to complete my sandwich needs with all Organic ingredients! Who knew you could buy Organic bread right at Walmart?
Shopping Walmart for Organic groceries is always an exciting treasure hunt as more and more Organic items are being added every week. When I come across an Organic option in my favorite brands I get excited to slash another thing off my shopping list. When I discover something new I hadn't previously been able to buy Organic outside of a pricey specialty store I do a little dance right there in aisle. It has never been easier to shop Organic and feel good about wholesome grocery choices thanks to Walmart. If you've been thinking about buying Organic, or are a seasoned and dedicated Organic pro, check out your local Walmart today for amazing grocery options like Horizon Grassfed Organic.

5 Personal Hacks to Boost Immunity

When you’re under a lot of stress, it can easily take a toll on your immune system. And, really, who isn’t these days? 
Even positive events like buying a new home among Vancouver real estate or getting married causes stress levels to rise. 
The strength of your immune system is key to your survival, and a higher quality of life. in order to keep the body and 
mind functioning at their best, free from illness and disease, it needs to be running strong. These personal hacks can 
help boost your immunity to support your good health and well-being.

Take Probiotics

Taking probiotics has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so, thanks to extensive research 
on the powerful benefits that are linked to good bacteria. Probiotics, or “good” bacteria, live in the stomach 
and intestines. They exist naturally in the body, but they also come from the foods you eat, including some 
dairy products like yogurt, and they’re available in supplement form too. They’re not only essential for the 
proper functioning of the digestive system and bone health, but these beneficial microorganisms are believed 
to support the immune system too. While bad bacteria can make you ill, these good bacteria keep you well 
by offering multiple immune-boosting benefits.
The Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport that showed New Zealand athletes came down with about 
40% fewer gastrointestinal infections and colds when taking a probiotic as compared to those who were 
given a placebo.

Spend Time in the Sun

If your body lacks vitamin D, your immune system is unlikely to function as it should. The sunshine vitamin, 
as it’s often referred to, is an important immune enhancer. As it can be difficult to get enough vitamin D from 
foods, be sure to spend some time in the sun. Many experts say the ideal range for vitamin D is between 
1,000 and 2,000 IU daily, which equals to about 20 to 30 minutes in the sun without sunscreen three times a 
week. For those living in northern climates without a lot of sun, taking a vitamin D supplement is a good way 
to go to ensure you meet your body’s needs.

Indulge in Vitamin C-Filled Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruits, are loaded with vitamin C which helps to increase the production of white
 blood cells to fight off infection. As the body is unable to produce or store vitamin C, it’s important to consume plenty of citrus to 
ensure your immune system functions at its best.

Eat More Mushrooms

Mushrooms are considered one of Earth’s greatest immune enhancers, thanks to their high levels of vitamin C, B vitamins, fiber, 
protein, calcium and other minerals. Reishi, Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms are particularly notable as they also contain a high 
level of an impressive compound known as beta-glucans, remarkable for their ability to boost the immune system.

Get Your Zzzs

Getting enough sleep every night is a must as the body requires rest to recharge the immune system. When you don’t get enough, 
not only will your immunity suffer, but it can result in all kinds of other health issues weight gain and depression to heart disease. 
Aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. If you’re struggling to do so, try turning off all your electronics an hour before bedtime, 
performing gentle stretches or sipping chamomile tea instead of staring at a screen.