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Hello! My name is Jenna and work out of the home, performing daycare for kids aged 0-12. Our household includes a teacup Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie), and 2 adult (indoor) cats! I'm currently in the process of accepting luxury gift and entertaining reviews for a November Gift Guide! My average day includes:

~~~Planning a frugal shopping route/meal plan
~~~Taking care of our pets and helping with the rugrats!
~~~Reading (a few books a week)
~~~DIY house projects and handyman work
~~~Cleaning, Cooking, and Baking!
~~~Blogging Editorial for 2 Gourmet Companies, and conducting their social media outreach.
~~~And occasionally I sleep!

I love trying new things and am open to everything, though we have a particular focus on innovative products with a family/green/tech/foodie/beauty twist! Anyone in my home is subject to volunteer for trial of appropriate conditions, EX: animals for pet goods, men for men's goods, etc. I also look after our 11 year old niece, and her Infant brother, from time to time and would love to review products for him, or any of the children I care for! We especially love cutting edge concepts, and products that enrich lives through value in quality, not necessarily cost. Our home is open to you!

Should we choose to work together, you may get a 125 X 125, or 200 x 200 square ad, promotion of your giveaway on Twitter, other blogs, and online sweeps sites, and lots of enthusiasm and humor.

Please send inquiries to woodpress08 (at) gmail (dot) com and I will get back to you ASAP!

***Please note, as of July 2011, Momma herself has a weekly feature on Momma Told Me blog. She is located in Oregon, USA, and seeks out luxury items for review in her weekly spot. Please see her specs below.

Review and Giveaway Guidelines for Companies: 
revised 1/16/2015

Companies looking to sponsor a giveaway through Momma Told Me Blog are asked to handle prize distribution at the time a winner is drawn. Unless arranged and agreed upon prior, Momma Told Me is not responsible for prize distribution, and requires a $30 Shipping and Handling Fee to do so.

At the time a contest ends a winner will be drawn, at random (via Rafflecopter or and I will forward you all contact information to conduct prize distribution.

When a review product is provided, please note that I will contact you via email once the product is in hand to confirm receipt and post time frame. If you have not received confirmation from me, I have not received the product. Every effort will be made on my part to keep track of incoming shipments and potential lost parcels.

Once the review is posted I will email again with a direct link and the relevant contest end dates (if applicable). At the end of all contest giveaways I will contact you once more to forward the winner's information so YOU may distribute their prize.

Product samples cannot be returned. Frequently non-personal samples will be used for future promotions, or donated to local non-profits.

If for any reason, my opinions on the product or service are less than satisfactory I will contact you prior to discuss posting options. At such time you may elect to have the post withheld.

This website and publications therein, is the intellectual property of Jenna M. Wood, copyright 2015, all rights reserved.  However reproduction rights will be granted upon request.

Actual quotes about our reviews:

"Hey there Jenna,

How cool is that?! I hadn't seen your blog before, love it! Guess I'll have to start following now huh?

You're doing a great service to all those gals out there who need to know about GREAT products that traditionally wouldn't cross their radar. Thanks so much for referring your audience to our website, I know those gals will find a lot of cool stuff they'll love.

So glad you're part of the Saddleback Family!"- Susan, Saddleback Leather Co.
"Hi Jenna,

Your review is wonderful; we can’t thank you enough.  You’re by far the best writer of blogs we’ve worked with; you have a talent for it...." Shannon, Cangles
"Wow, Jenna, just wow! Your blog was fantastic! I don't think I could have written a better review myself! I will definitely.... I am completely flattered by your blog- I can't thank you enough!" - Julie, Hash Delectable Edibles
"Hi Jenna!

We are super thrilled with your review.
I have to tell you that it is one of the most creative that I’ve read so far J- Eliana, Just GANO


The review looks great, thanks for the kind words. The numbers already look great as far as your viewers being interested in the giveaway. We would love to work together in the future...." Joe- NAMASTE


Hi Jenna,

This draft looks awesome!! Great job-and great pics.... and your hubby is such a great sport! You both look incredibly cute.:)

Thanks!-  Marcie, Snug As A Bug



I just wanted to personally send an e-mail thanking you for your review of our products. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you from all of us at Gourmet Orchards and please do contact us if you need anything in the future.

Thank you, Bret Larsen, Owner, Gourmet Orchards


After reading through your posting, I'm scratching my head wondering how I couldn't do a better job of advertising my products if I tried and tried!! Thank you for your time and effort - it's appreciated. Let me know if you have any other questions and I'm looking forward to sending out the syrups to your winner. Take care...- Damon, Pittsburgh Soda Pop


Thank you for the wonderfully funny and honest review.

Since you posted it, we have received countless emails from people offering to do free reviews! How funny is that?

They don’t have nearly the exposure you have and all monetize their sites to the max ( of course) – so we are out on that.

Thanks again for a refreshing website and blog.

Hard to find these days.

Warmest Regards, David M, Find One- Find All


It will ship tomorrow.  Thank you so much.  Your review was awesome!   We were thrilled.  You really did your homework.

I saw a lot of action on Twitter too.

Let me know if you are interested in reviewing anymore or our products.  -Carolynn Travis, Global Brand Advocate

 Every Monday on Momma Told Me Momma herself likes to drop on by!


Location: Oregon: United States

About Her:

I'm the (much older and wiser) version of my daughter. She get's her wit, sarcasm and sense of humor from me. As a long term Stage IV, Cancer Survivor (24 years) I am here to inspire those around me. My areas of expertise are: -Home Electronics (including Computers, Cameras, Audio Devices, and anything Digital) -Small Appliances (if it has a plug, it's got potential) -Kitchen Electronics, Bakeware, Cookware, etc. (including anything that makes "Me" look good in the kitchen) and of course, ANY Consumer Product that enhances our lives. If it makes my life easier; I want to know about and share it with everyone!

Review Feedback:


Thank you so much for your note and your wonderful review of our Calphalon Unison Nonstick 10 Pc. Set.  We are so happy to hear and read about your great experiences with our cookware.  We agree, the cooking performance of the cookware is truly phenomenal. 

If you have any additional questions around the cookware or anything Calphalon related please don’t hesitate to ask.  I look forward to working together again in the future!- Mike Calphalon

RE: Talenti Gelato

This is such a wonderful post! I love the reference to your grandmother from Germany. I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed sampling Talenti, and I'll be sure to be in touch again once we have some new flavors releasing!

Many thanks, - Jessica, RF/BINDER
Hi Momma! 
"Thank you so very much!
It's a great review with lots of detailed information and pretty images, I really like it!
I will definitely keep you posted for further product announcements. 
Thanks again for your time and effort on getting this done!"- Rita Lee, Public Communications Worldwide
"Hi! I saw the blog last night. It's great! The photos are wonderful and the whole feature is very flattering. Thank you. Thank you!!"
Thanks again!- Tara DeContie, Manitobah Mukluks
"I just finished reading the review, it was very thorough and looks like it took quite a while.  Thanks for all the effort!"
-Steve, XShot Camera Extender Rep:
"Thanks for the wonderful review Lady Elle! This is such a wonderful post! I love the reference to your grandmother from Germany. I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed sampling Talenti, and I'll be sure to be in touch again once we have some new flavors releasing!"- Jessica, Talenti