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MUST SEE! Twist & Pout Designer Lip Balm Giveaway with Review~ 7/14

Momma Told Me: Put something on those lips!

A good lip balm can replace a variety of hardly noticed cosmetics, and attract eyes like no other! Since I first discovered lip balm via jelly belly Lip Smackers at age 4, I've had an obsession with coating my lips in sweet scented, shiny, and sometimes sparkly glosses. My lips feel naked without that smooth, sexy alluring sheen. I put gloss on top of plumper on top of chap stick, and reapply hourly. At any given time I have sticks, tubes, and pots stashed in drawers, pockets, purses, and the car. But that's not all due to obsession, I find hidden lip care products years later in truly bizarre places, mainly because individual units are so easy to lose! And if you have young girls around, you've probably spent a small fortune replacing lost or cap-less balms as well. Then there's the dilemma of compromising fashion for nourishment, nourishment for application, and application for fragrance/flavor. If you're at all like me, you know that an amazing lip balm brand is something you stock up on, and hold onto as long as possible!

I'll be the first to admit, I shop with my eyes. If a product is provocatively designed, the company's won half the battle with me, and are well on their way to a successful pitch. I know, especially with cosmetics, ingredients and function should be me primary concerns; but I simply shop with my eyes. I purchase thousands of products a year (I especially love to try new brands and concepts), from magazines, online retailers, physical storefronts, Etsy, and more! On any given day I browse and see hundreds of products. If an item catches my eye, and only then, do I stop to 'learn more'. I've found some of my favorite products doing just that. And, as we know on Momma Told Me, price is always the absolute last consideration. After all, 'value' is not the lowest price, but the best durability/design/function/flavor for your money! Just like in school, you wouldn't give an 'A' to the kid who was the fastest, or even the most precise, but the child who showed the best execution of the task at hand, from numerous judging points- you should always shop the same way!

When I discovered Twist Body Brands' Twist And Pout designer lip balm collection my jaw literally dropped. Very rarely will you see me type with such enthusiasm; but this product simply took my breath away. Not only did I want to touch and experience the product immediately, but the vibrant colors and expansive collection of styles and patterns begged collecting. Here was a beautiful product I couldn't wait to photograph! I'll admit, I was on board then and there- love at first click; however, I became even more invested when I learned these stylish balms were just as functional as they were fashionable. Recall those messy tubes and cap-less sticks of yesteryear? Twist & Pout balms offer a modern solution to messy, easily lost lip moisturizers, with an oh-so-chic collection of clip on balms that double as fashion accessories.

These ultra-modern balms come in 9 unique collections ranging from the cause conscious Pink Ribbon set to the vibrantly flirty Beachy Keen collection and the ferociously wild Purrfection designs. Each collection offers it's own unique shade of sheer shimmer tint balm, while all offer SPF 20 lip protection. The core collections of Twist & Pout balms are round sphere's that are lightweight and quick to clip on/off purses, backpacks, or keys when combined with the brand's signature gem clips. What on Earth are gem clips? Gem Clips are easy on/off decorative bands that turn your Twist & Pout lip sphere into a portable glam factory. You can invest in a single Gem Clip and easily change out your Twist & Pout balm as it runs out, or your mood (fashion) changes. These patented little clips are made of beautiful metallic bands with eye catching crystal accents. (Did someone say bling?) The more intricate, heavy duty Hat Boxes and Lock Charm Balms are include a built in clip and easy push-open hinge function. These retail for $18 USD each, and are well worth it, in my opinion, for their sheer presence and dual accessory appeal. I received 2 Lip Presence and 2 Sphere Twist & Pout Balms and was blown away by the touch of chic fashion the Lip Presence collection brought to my handbag!

The weight difference between my Safari and Just Say Zen balms, in comparison to my favorite, Safari, Hat Box is remarkable. I dare say you could make this balm work double time as a self defense aid in a pinch. The metal container is substantial in weight and adds a sense of worth to the piece, in addition to a touch of class rarely found in high end designer balms. Where as the easy exchange, and more affordable, original Twist & Pout sphere balms easily twist on and off (with a cap that removes entirely) the Lip Presence collection has a 'lid' that always remains attached. I especially love that I can pop the hatch to these balms with one hand, and apply with the other, for a mess free- fuss free beauty experience. I should also note that the Lip Presence Hat Box and Lock styles feature wonderfully detailed enamel work and etching to truly accent the theme and design of each piece. While the collection is already quite expansive, the company is constantly adding new collections and concepts to their catalog.

So the product is gorgeous, intelligently designed to function beautifully, and comes in a wide selection of prints and colors- how does it stack up as an actual balm? With built in SPF 20 protection, and a range of sheer tints from clear shimmer to light pink (coral in my opinion), each of these Twist & Pout balms also have a flirty citrus scent and flavor. It's hard for me to pinpoint the actual fragrance, but it's (in my mind) a bit of mango and pineapple- yet light enough to be non offensive to those sensitive to scented balms. In all honesty, the balm itself has quickly become my personal favorite for smooth application and it's uniquely flirty fragrance (paired with a taste my other half swears makes kissing me even more enjoyable!) It doesn't get much more successful that that; this product gets high marks across the board, and is boyfriend approved. I love the wide range of designs, the easy locate clips (that help make the product double as a fashion accessory), and the SPF infused balm that tastes great and really moisturizes. The balm I am wearing in all of the above photos is the Lip Presence Hat Box Safari Clip, which advertises itself as a Neutral Pink Shimmer. The tint is ever so faint, but the sheen is a provocative shimmer that reminds me of natural beauty and sun kissed skin!

What Daughter Says: Protect your lips, your investment, and enhance your style with the fashion friendly, deliciously flirty, Twist & Pout balms!

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Wordless Wednesday: American Muscle

As only my second model car (first with Enamel Paint Finish), this 25:1 Scale '69 Mustang Cobra Mach 1 Jet replica is a little dusty as shown here. (I had to finish it in between moving, and in time for my Pop's birthday early June). I want to send a special shout out to The Mouse Market, who made these adorable scale pieces of a Red Sox Bowling Bag and Guinness Six Pack, Custom. Mo, of Mouse Market, does incredible work, and has some truly adorable things, so be sure to head on over and check her out!