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Momma Told Me: You don't have to cut the labels to cut the cost.
When I was a child I simply loved a good secondhand store. Naturally, there were levels of secondhand, from thrift and charity to consignment, and even yard sales. While Goodwill and Salvation Army were good for a cheap thrill every now and then, it was a well known fact that the employees grabbed all the 'good stuff' before it hit the floor. Every now and than something would slip through the cracks, a true treasure amongst trash, mis-priced by an associate who hadn't recognized it's value. Momma and I called those items our trophies.
Then there were the consignment shops, which seemed to litter my tiny corner of suburbia. Momma liked them for their discerning eye, knowing you'd never find a torn garment or busted electronic there, yet griped about the equally professional pricing. It so happens that Momma's best friend, ran her own consignment store, and had a son 4 months my elder. From diapers to backpacks we were inseparable, and I spent many of my afternoons with him, scavenging the days loot and incoming merchandise. I simply loved the notion that, when one person no longer had use for an item, they could pass it on to someone who did, while earning money to buy a new one. Personally, this has always made the most sense when it came to accessories and clothes. While one may desire a matching bracelet or shoes for an event and outfit, they may not have anything else that matches elsewhere. In any case, I still recall the day I discovered my first case of 'designer'.
It was a lazy November afternoon, and I was an awkward teen preparing for her first High School dance. My classmates, in most cases several years my elder, had been talking about the Winter Formal since August. I was positively sure I'd never find a dress as amazing, and affordable, as the one in my head. Then, tossing my backpack into the tiny back room, and shuffling towards the front of the store with as much enthusiasm as a moody teenager and muster, I saw it. 'It' was Aquamarine and sequined, with the most beautiful fishtail silhouette and strapless top; a Jessica McClintock show stopper with a label value 5 times my budget. Knowing it was out of my league I reasoned in my head that it would never fit, as I threw caution to the wind and slipped it on anyway. My heart beat faster in my chest; I immediately knew I was in love- that no other dress could be more perfect for MY first Winter Formal, and I HAD to have it.

Don't worry, my story has a happy ending and, thanks to Luxe DH, yours can too! Because my dream dress was gently loved by it's previous owner, and had found it's way to arms intent on finding it's new owner, I was able to afford the label. Additionally, the store allowed for a layaway payment system, where I could pay the asking price in affordable installments. Then, when Winter Formal was over (okay, maybe after a few more late night runway shows in my mirror), I could sell it back to recuperate funds for my next dress! It's a simple concept that's found big success under founders Roberto and Margie Szerer. The husband and wife team, with a passion for luxury branded items, realized many of their friends owned entire collections of label purses, wallets, luggage, and couture wear. They also understood that, like trends, luxury labels change style with the owner and season. A Louis Vuitton Vernis may be appropriate for your wardrobe this year, and your eye turned to a more timeless Chanel next.

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Shopping is simple with the free flow navigation that groups products by New Arrivals, Price, or Designer. Handbags start under $100, varying with condition, designer, and exclusivity, and payment plans are available for 6 month budgets. Naturally, the buyer will save significantly by purchasing the designer handbag up front, but the convenience of payment plans regarding luxury goods is one that's much needed in today's economy. Additionally, the Luxe DH consumer benefits from FREE Shipping opportunities and and every day Price Match Guarantee, which is all the reason I need not to shop anywhere else! Because these authentic luxury accessories are consigned to Luxe DH by owners such as you and I the company is sure to disclose any wear or visible variances prior to purchase. Each listing includes multiple angles and photos of the exact item being purchased, and a breakdown of any included packaging/accessories. I can't imagine shopping for used Louis Vuitton handbags online doesn't getting any easier, or more personal!

Luxe DH has been featured on reputable media outlets such as CBS, FOX, and DECCO for their modern day solutions when shopping for used Chanel handbags and other luxury accessories. Aside from the convenient payment plan, one of my favorite consumer convenience features is the ability to pay via PayPal. I use PayPal for nearly 95% of my online purchases for it's secure checkout and complete buyer protection. Buying designer labels online doesn't have to be scary, it can be fun, with the ever changing and vast inventory of Luxe Designer Handbags.
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