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Bubbles of Love: SpiritHoods His/Hers Giveaway and Review~ 2/7

Momma Told Me: Nothing gets in the way of animal attraction.

When we're young we aspire to be many things; doctors, ballerinas, even dinosaurs. We look at the world around us and think, 'Wouldn't it be fun just to be something different for one day?' We wonder how it feels to soar through the clouds, like a majestic eagle, or what a tiger thinks just before it leaps towards it's prey. We imagine swimming in the ocean alongside a family of dolphins, feeling the warm air against our face as we dance along the surface- or just how good that sweet spot feels when we scratch our pup's favorite spot. Animals have no laws, no curfews, no bills- just instinct, the instinct to do what each and every one of them are engineered best to do. Some are companions, others are hunters, and some simply coexist peacefully without mind or care of anything else around them.

I can think of few more romantic notions than that to sport the skin of your favorite animal and run free for a single day. What would you do with one day? So many of us 'adults' grow out of the childlike wonder that fosters this rebellious notion, as we fall further into the daily grind, and mountain of responsibilities, we seem to lose touch with what life's all about; living. Sometimes I work through days and nights, until I feel a great weight upon my chest. I'll glance out the nearby window, hearing the distant birds singing, and the warm sun, streaking through branches. It's so easy to forget what we do it all for, but so hard to remember! We work to pay the bills, to feed our families, to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe; that's the way of being human, right? But what is it, truly, all for if we never take the time to live? It's a new year, full of new hope, and new opportunities- take a moment to step away from the computer, away from life. Get out and dress up with the kids, take your sweetie on an impromptu road trip, try a new recipe- get messy.

It's no secret, to my loyal fan base, one of my favorite fashion accessories (and life tools), is SpiritHoods. Possibly more valuable to me than any number of hours spent unloading on a couch in a stuffy office, SpiritHoods bring out the inner child. With a clear mission that transcends any single explanation, SpiritHoods aims to unlock unique individual experiences for each wearer. Their demographic isn't just couture addicts, quirky teenagers, or even women. The SpiritHoods range spans youth fashions to gender neutral designs worn by men. Perhaps what is most identifiable about the label, aside from the wide variety of primal inspiration, is the introduction of full length hoods with faux scarves, perfect for Winter fashion! These accessories are pieces of headgear designed to resemble a designated animal in silhouette, texture, and spirit, featuring attached mitts.

These quasi 'mitts' often include an underside with paw graphics, and pockets for the wearer to place their hands in. They're arguably more 'play' than utility, but a distinct feature of the brand, none the less. Designs like the captivating Night Owl hood solely serve to add mystique, frame the face, and keep the wearer warm (yes, people wear these just as much for function, too!) SpiritHoods animal inspirations range from Gray Wolf and Zebra to the newer Nighthawk and Red Fox. Though it's natural to gravitate towards your favorite animal, I was surprised to find myself collecting the Husky and Leopard hoods, long before my trademark panda.

SpiritHoods also aims to educate owners about the embodiment of each hood's animalistic 'spirit'. While you might love cuddly pandas, like me, the playful Kitty or even Skunk might speak to your inner animal 'spirit'. Each hood possesses defined traits for the animal it embodies, along with traits of those who would be attracted to it. Additionally, the brand's PRO BLUE initiative means 10% of all net profits, from items donning the PRO BLUE label, are donated directly to a non-profit organization benefiting the specific spirit animal! Most importantly, there are never any animals harmed to produce these stunning pieces of fashion! I have a collection of hoods, and I am constantly asked about their material base and origin. SpiritHoods are always cruelty free and made from synthetic materials, despite their impressively high quality. You may find felt based hoods at your local gas station for $20, but they don't hold a candle in comfort or durability to the original thing!

Your SpiritHoods will always arrive nestled neatly within tissue paper and with accompanying literature, ready to gift. Don't be mistaken by cheap knock offs, if it doesn't have the SpiritHoods fabric ear tag, it's not genuine! Attached to the ear, via tiny safety pin, is a fabric label and breakdown of animal traits. Made with 100% acrylic faux fur and a soft 50/50 Rayon/Linen lining, the original full length hoods are relaxed and beg to be touched. Inside the long flaps are stylish pockets, great for warming the hands or mock maulings (my personal preference). Between the two flaps, directly below the wearer's chin, is a brass or pewter toned knob for fastening the hood and styling. Occasionally I'll toss one flap over my shoulder, in shawl fashion, or criss-cross the arms, but I rather enjoy the haphazard appeal of the free moving 'arms'.

We received a Full Length Grizzly Bear (For Men) and a Full Length Panda Bear (For Women) for a photo shoot and feature during Bubbles of Love. I must say, of the Bear fashions, the brand's newest Brown Bear (Flannel), is actually my preferred. Just enough spirit, mixed with fashion, to work for your resident 'tough man'. I should also note that not all hoods are ProBlue, as, thankfully, not all the animals portrayed are in danger of extinction. My Panda Hood does, however, support the ProBlue efforts! My other half has been stealing my SpiritHoods for quite some time, despite a complaint about how 'girly' the Leopard and Husky seemed. When I asked him what might make the SpiritHoods more masculine, to him, he shared a desire for a shorter, half hood. While the half hoods have made appearances online at various times, we, Spirit Heads, will have to wait for the Spring Collection to get our hands on the newer versions.

Currently, we're still in the early, enough, stages of our relationship for an impromptu SpiritHood shoot to be a real treat. Much to our friends and family's, likely, dismay, we enjoyed frolicking in the local orchard and goofing off for an afternoon. One the hood goes on, it's hard to worry about deadlines or payments, or obligations. We're just two bears, in the wild, trying to figure out what all this 'fuss' is about. You already know I love my SpiritHoods, but it seems I've certainly converted another to the tribe! Still doe eyed enough to enjoy wearing matching outfits (yes, I just admitted that), I love to hear my Grizzly ask, "Can we wear our hoods today?" Yes, that makes me a very happy, in love, Panda indeed! Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's, with family, friends, or loved ones.... For more on SpiritHoods, see my Review here.

What Daughter Says: SpiritHoods has an entire range of Mens styles, you just might be surprised by your other half!

One Momma Told Me follower will win a His/Hers SpiritHoods Set- 2 Full Length SpiritHoods of Choice!