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5 Tips To Fuel Your Small Breed Dog/s

This post is sponsored by Wellness CORE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
As an animal care provider I handle many shapes, sizes, ages and species throughout the week.

It has truly given me an appreciation for all of the many factors that contribute to what makes each and every pet I come across so very unique. And when it comes to dogs every wet nose, puppy slurp, and toe bean (yes, that's the official term) is as distinctly one of a kind as the pup that owns them.

Naturally, that is what makes annual vet check-ups so very important. Just like no human from any one background, hair color, shape, or size is identical to another of similar build every pup requires it's own unique map to a long, happy, life lived. However, when it comes to breed size, there are definitely some generic tips you can take to heart to help ensure your pups are living their happiest life, no matter their, erm, short-comings.

In no particular order, here are my favorite tips to help fuel small breed dogs, in particular...
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
#1: Let Them Slurp

If you have a small breed dog then you know that size does not limit personality. If anything small dogs are known for having larger than life personalities that define them far beyond their height and stature.

Whether your dog is justifiable timid and slow to trust, the life of the party at the end of the leash borking (yes, borking) on 2 paws, or the bossy bitch at the dog park talking smack through the chain link fence at the 'big dog side.' small breed dogs have consistently clear and defined personalities.

One thing is for certain, though, you are their favorite human- unless you have a food motivated dog- then the bringer of food is Person #1, and you are Person #2- but hey, #2 ain't so shabby, so don't feel bad. No matter the persona your small pup embodies it's important to know that you are their sun (or their moon, depending on where you are in the food galaxy) and any and all affections they so honorably bestow upon you should be greeted as though it were a treasured gift. After all, it kinds is, isn't it?

It may sound like common sense (great! then you do this already,) but your pup needs time to show you love and affection just as much as you feel you need to take time out to reciprocate with pets and love to them. This might just be a few seconds snuggled up against you, a moment where you take your hands off the laptop/coffee mug/smartphone for just 2 extra minutes, or that magical word "kisses" and an invitation for some sloppy kisses.

Whatever your dog's love language is use it often- this just may be one of the biggest fuels you can provide for a longer, happier life!
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
2. I Am My Own Dog

I often here people joke that those who parent small  breed dogs 'collect' them like crazy cat ladies collect cats. Just like potato chips, you can't have 'just one.'

If you've fallen into this pattern of tiny paws and itty snouts it can be easy to get a little laxed and let certain behaviors slide in the name of 'fairness' or even your own convenience.

Whether it's easiest to do 'the same' for every pup, or simply something you feel is right because that's the only 'fair' wait to do it- think again.

Going back to how each pup is their own unique, wonderful, ball of wonder and magic- each dog should always have the consideration of an individual. Sure, you CAN buy 1 large dog bowl and let all the small breed dogs graze on the same food throughout the day- but is that what's really best? Even brothers and sisters from the same litter, raised in the same household, can have different nutrition needs as they age. And if that isn't reason alone your pup will certainly appreciate seeing your recognize them as a unique individual with their own feeding station, and food consideration. You don't like the same exact things as your siblings, do you?

In our home Nora wouldn't get a single bite if Gidget had her say, so we are always sure to separate feeding areas to ensure that Nora gets every bite of her carefully selected food and nutrition. And Gidget, who metabolizes better than Nora, and can handle a higher fat content in her food for her high energy levels throughout the day, needs a little extra protein then mature Nora.

Taking time out to re-evaluate your small breed dog's needs on a 1-by-1 basis, at least once a year, while working with a vet for proper nutrition means you can get the most from meal time.
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
3. Protein Is At The CORE Of My Dog's Diet

While every dog is different, and your dog's diet should always be guided by a licensed veterinarian, many believe that small breed dogs can thrive on quality, natural, animal proteins. But finding a grain-free, protein-rich, natural pet food that also caters towards the tiny mouths of small breed dogs has traditionally been frustrating.

Many of my clients feed their pets Wellness® CORE® RawRev, a kibble+ dry food with 100% freeze dried meat, for a flavorful and protein packed meal that helps fuel breeds of every size. Until now, however, I haven't been able to share this range with my own pups, because the formulations weren't made for dogs their size.

However, Wellness® CORE® Small Breed is here at last and packed full of all sorts of flavorful treats from wet shreds and broth pouches to Wellness® CORE® Small Breed RawRev and Wellness® CORE® Petite Treats for a comprehensive selection to delight every small breed dog's unique palette and needs. Find Wellness CORE Small Breed at a store near you today!
Both of our girls are loving Wellness® CORE® Small Breed High Protein Kibble + 100% RAW Turkey- it's a safe and easy way to integrate RAW feeding into their diets at home and on the go. We transitioned this new blend into their old Wellness dog food over the course of a week and bowls are being licked clean. We even get a little happy dance at meal time!

Gidget, at 2.3lbs, benefits from a small portion of 'wet' feeding each day and enjoys the Wellness® CORE® Grain Free Mini Meals- especially the shredded varieties with generous chunks of meat you can see.

***PRO TIP: Make your own 'slow feeder' by sizing up your small breed dog's bowl to a 'large' bowl and adding small washable dog toys at the bottom. Cheap rubber based dog dogs are easy to wash in the dishwasher and soak, and help create a barrier for your pup to navigate at feeding time, for slower eating and better digestion!
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog- Snuffle Mat  #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog- Snuffle Mat #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
5 Simple Tips To Help Fuel Your Small Breed Dog- Snuffle Mat #WellnessCORESmallBreed #AD
4. Fuel Their Brain

Treating your pups is a wonderful time to bond, and a necessary part of any Small Breed to Human Slave relationship. However, where it is mandatory in the rules that treats are given often and amply, there is not regulation on how they must be presented- so I say, make them work for it!

These days there are many wonderful treat dispensers, robot treat launchers, and homemade puzzles you can provide to help exercise your pups brain, and senses, at treat time.

We, especially, have been enjoying watching Gidget 'forrage' for her Wellness® CORE® Petite Treats in a homemade "Snuffle Mat." You can find various kits online for plastic mat bases- but these Snuffle Mats really can be made at home with any felt strips of your choice tied to a variety of creative bases. The main idea is to tie the treats to, and hide them deep within, the flaps and folds of these mats.

You can make an event of it and present the filled mat to your pup, or slyly hide 1 or 2 in the mat when you pass by throughout the day. The Snuffle Mat is always a hot spot in our household!
5. Just Because I'm Small Doesn't Mean I Don't Need To Work Out

Naturally your dog's age, health, joints, etc- determine the amount of exercise and play they can safely do every day. The important part is to know what your small breed dog is capable of and encouraging them to do it!

It can be quite easy to have a lap dog, or two, or three snuggled at every corner of the couch or arm chair for hours on end- but the truth is that your and your pups should be motivating each other!

Just because they are SMALL does not mean their don't need to get their heart pumping, and stretch those tiny legs!

Take several time outs during the day, if even for 5 minutes, to stop and get their zoomies on with some silly fun beyond a trip to the backyard or a walk for potty.

Keep in mind your dog's size physical limitation and their environment, such as temperature, joint sensitivities, heights, and always provide plenty of fresh water before/during/after playtime, but PLAY often. You're not only fueling your pup's day, but enriching yours as well!
So there you have it, 5 of my favorite tips for fueling Small Breed Dogs for their furriest and fiercest life. Just like parenting or raising any other living thing, learning to raise and care for a small breed dog is a constantly evolving experience. There's no such thing as perfect, but remember, you're pretty darn close in your dog's eyes (unless, again, you aren't the bringer of food, then remember you're still pretty darn close.)