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I Took The 30 Day @Biotera Color Care Challenge With My Red Locks, Giveaway 11/14

*** Zotos Haircare provided me with one Color Care System, by Biotera, in exchange for my honest thoughts on their product. All photos below are property of Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Momma Told Me: Sometimes cleaning, is actually stripping.

When I showed up, online, with my brand new Red Locks it seems I turned a lot of heads- Everyone wanted to know how I got my color so bright, what brand hair color I used, where I went to get my hair done, and most importantly, how long the color would last. Dying my tresses an unnatural hue is far from a new experience for me. In high school my pixie bob was hot pink, and over the past 5 years I've had nearly every shade of the rainbow, and up to 4 different colors at once. I know, it's not for everyone, and I appreciate that I am fortunate enough to work for myself and have the luxury of self expression. That being said, anyone who's ever gone for that shock of unnatural color knows finding the right dye, and maintenance schedule is crucial to making said color last.
To set the record straight, I do not endorse or use Manic Panic; in fact, I use a fairly affordable brand called Adore, and do all my coloring at home (with help from a girlfriend, of course). I love Adore because it doesn't have a harsh chemical smell, it's actually sweet and fruity, and is safe to leave in for several hours (which will yield the most vibrant results). On a whim, a few months back a friend and I decided to take my trademark streaks of pink and purple, which were quickly spreading like wildfire through the mom-blogger community, and go the extra mile. I decided to dye my entire head a vibrant color for a few months.

Now, choosing a color was a hard decision. Greens and Blues are always a bad choice for long term color styling, as they quickly fade to that mucky 'chlorine' stained hair look. I was also starting with a mid-dark brunette, so I had to use professional lightener to get my locks true to platinum blond. When I saw the Adore Cherry Red color on the shelf it simply called to me; while my brain was screaming 'No! Red washes out the fastest!' Knowing this to be the cardinal hair color truth, I contacted my friends at Zotos haircare and asked if they had a hair color care system that could extend the life of my color. They were happy to introduce me to Biotera, a professional haircare line that features a unique botanical complex that is paraben free and can extend color up to 50% longer than competitors.
Everyone who has ever dyed their hair knows that parabens and silicone can quickly strip color from hair. If you're going to invest in an all-over color, especially one as bright as a Red hue, you need to be willing to invest in a good color-friendly haircare regimen. Before my Biotera Color Care trio arrived I had already died my hair for the first round, which lasted a whopping 12 days from vibrant red to muddled pink (washing every 3rd day, and maintaining with Dry Shampoo in between), with a standard big name haircare brand. I was a bit devastated, to say the least; I loved the beautiful red, but I was not willing to commit to re-coloring my entire head twice a month, simply to maintain. The Biotera Color Care Shampoo, Conditioner, and 3 Minute Intense Color Care Treatment couldn't have arrived sooner, just one day before I touched up (re-dyed, really), my hair.

Biotera has a unique proprietary botanical ingredient, known as Tri-Soy Complex, which helps nourish hair without creating excess buildup, while being gentle enough to preserve color. I won't lie, no matter how I've handled my red hair, the shower water runs red to pink every time I wash. Because I like to nourish my hair especially right after coloring, I kept up my 'washing every three days' routine, with the Biotera Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, and used the 3 Minute Intense Color Care Treatment 4 Days after first color and again at 8 days- I then moved to once a week for the Color Care Treatment. I especially loved that Biotera was almost fragrance free, and very gentle to use; with a rich lather, and easy to rinse. I noticed no build up on my hair, and immediately could detect the difference in texture, which improved after each treatment.My hair stays oil free, and soft to the touch for nearly three days after each rinse.

Even after one month of the Biotera Color Care System, my hair was still more vibrant than after less than 2 weeks without. Most importantly, to me, my color faded evenly throughout the month, so I was never left with light patches or spots. This made walking around as 'pinky' towards the end of the month much less unpleasant, in fact, I rather like the pink as well too!I have no doubt using the Biotera Color Care System kept my color's vibrancy and consistency in tact much longer than my 'typical' hair care regimen. It will be hard to find a product or brand that can deliver as well or better in the future! Best of all, Biotera is sold nationwide at Sally Beauty Supply, and is surprisingly affordable!

What Daughter Says: Invest in your hair color and choose a professional hair care routine that keeps your hair healthy, while maintaining color.
One Momma Told Me reader will win the 3PC Biotera Color Care System, as featured above!

@SpinMasterToys Indulges Your Child's Dream Of Being An International Spy

*** +Spin Master Toys provided our family with several Spy Gear toys and accessories for the purpose of this review series. Regardless, all insight and product opinions are original and un-altered. All photos below are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Spy Gear
Momma Told Me: I see you! You're not invisible, you know!

Okay, be honest, raise your hand if you ever dreamt of being an International Person of Intrigue. Okay, Okay, stop the swooning, I didn't say 'being with;' so you can get those lazy day Bond daydreams out of your head, ladies!

It seems everyone, at least once in their life, has craved the mystery and suspense of being a Spy. No time of the year, in a child's life, illustrates this more than right around a birthday or Winter holiday, am I correct? I recall, one time, no more than 6 or 7, I hid in my mother's closet for what seemed like days trying to catch her hiding the Christmas presents. I'd been told to go next door and play with my friend for a few hours, but the crisp edges on the department store shopping bags by our front door tipped me that something was up. I very clearly remember drawing on my face with Black (licorice) smelly markers, and wrapping myself up in the bottom of my father's trench coat as I 'staked' out the master closet.
Of course, when I was a kid, ambitions of being a 'spy' were spearheaded by the latest in spy tech for kids; my personal favorite being the send away Disappearing Ink. I'd spend ever weekend, during the Summer, running to our mailbox in hopes my next Decoder Ring or Secret Mirror would be delivered that day. Yes, that, and a good imagination, was what I had to pretend with when I was a child. Today, Spin Master Toys has seamlessly blended modern technology with Spy fantasy to create a line of Spy Gear toys for children ages 6 and up. From 360 degree sliding cameras to microphone darts that cling to virtually any surface, these are not your grandma's Spy Toys.
Spin Master Toys Spy Gear
We received 3 Spy Gear toys from Spin Master, and I was sure to start our budding secret agent off with the simplest. Spy Gear's Sonic Distractors retail for $11.99 and feature 2 Sonic Distractor Balls, each generating 4 unique sounds, a belt clip, and instructions. I was immediately glad to see that I didn't need to install any batteries for these; they operated immediately after a battery pull strip was removed from the button battery compartment. With one Silver and one Black Sonic Distractor ball, these lightweight plastic orbs are intended to deal with a bit of abuse, from hiding to tossing, and rolling. Their single operation button, in red on the top of each ball, lights up to indicate the sound cycle and imminent noise production.

Click the red button to match the number of the desired sound, then hold the button for 10-15 seconds until it blinks repeatedly in a countdown. Next, stash, toss, or roll the Sonic Distractor to the desired area where it will emit one of 4 (8 total, between the two balls) distracting sounds. I was surprised how loud these little balls were, and how well they seemed to sit in the provided belt clip without falling out. Sabrina's (11) favorite sound seemed to be the barking dog, which is perhaps one of the more natural tones; other highlights include air raid sirens, a swooping eagle, and gunfire.
Sonicd Distractors
While children are certainly going to go ga-ga over these digital noise makers, some parents may be weary of hearing these loud and jarring sounds repeatedly. For this reason, I suggest this Spy Gear toy be used primarily outdoors. Siblings and friends will also enjoy setting off both Distractors at once, in different areas for a result that is truly alarming. While these will appeal most to younger kids 6-12, I also fancied myself borrowing them for a game of midnight Capture The Flag- wouldn't that be fun? In general, noise making toys are never a parent's first pick, but these certainly go well with the SpyGear series. Stay tuned for our future Spy Gear posts, which will wrap with a giveaway for the entire collection!

What Daughter Says: Let your children experience Spy play like never before with Spy Gear toys from Spin Master.

I Sample New Lay's Roasted Garlic + Sea Salt, Potato Chip Recipe Round Up

**** I received sample bags from @FritoLay through the +Klout program. In exchange I was asked to provide my honest opinion on my various social media outlets.  All photos contained blow are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Momma Told Me: You can't have just one.

The older I get, the more sophisticated my palette becomes; or, at least that's what I prefer to think. However, some constants remain in the form of an immense love of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy- contrast of flavor and texture has always been, and I suppose will always be, my favorite culinary experience. While Pop was lounging on the couch popping kernels of popcorn, or Lay's wavy chips into his mouth I was craving something to offset the crisp of these snacks. Before long I would only enjoy my potato chips wedged between a peanut butter sandwich, on a hamburger, or with a hearty dip of sour cream and onion (Ranch being a close runner up). It mattered not how much flavor potato chip brands packed between those ridges and waves, I craved a texture contrast that chips alone could not satisfy.
Jay, however, craves the crunch. He loves the loud snap of a chip crumbling between each bite, and the salty baked flavor of a good all American chip. While I'm dipping and dunking he's clearing out the bag a handful at a time. So, when Klout informed me my social media status had qualified me for a new 'Perk' from Lay's, I was certain our favorite brand had cooked up something especially delicious. You may recall my feature on the brand's Do Us A Flavor specialties, including my thoughts on the controversial Chicken and Waffles Chips. While many of you seemed revolted and equally intrigued, I proceeded to devise some inspired baking and food recipes- more on that in a bit. However, I first did some research on chip history, in particular some of the more bold flavors that have graced our favorite brands throughout the years. As it turns out, Lay's Do Us A Flavor regional contest yielded many interesting results, including Grilled Cheese and Ketchup Sandwich and Maple Moose (Canada). But those aren't to be outdone by British favorites, Sunday Best Roast Chicken, Roast Ox, and Prawn Cocktail.
To get back to our feature, Lay's sent on over a trio of their popular (re-designed) Wavy chips in Original, Ranch, and new Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt. Apparently the term 'roasted' makes even potato chips artisan these days.... Already familiar with the first two I immediately pried open the Garlic and Sea Salt with a pleasing 'pop' as the trapped nitrogen escaped the bag. A mouth watering smell of subtle sea salt and slow roasted garlic wafted up, the beautifully large (and whole) Wavy chips dusted in a visible seasoning. I forgot how much I disliked crunchy treats by themselves and popped a chip in my mouth, ignoring the loud crunch and savoring the rich flavor. Surprisingly these were not overly salted; they didn't make me crave a sip of water. Instead, I popped yet another chip in my mouth, letting out an audible 'Mmmmm!' these were even more addictive and delicious than my favorite KC Masterpiece chips, and the wide wavy ridges were perfect for dipping (though entirely unnecessary).
Potato Chip Onion Rings
Jay, my father, and I finished off the bag in an afternoon, and I have since been scouring local shelves for the new flavor to make an appearance. I can't wait to get my paws on another Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt bag to create a new twisted recipe- Speaking of my potato chip recipes; which some called slightly deranged, it turns out I am not the only crunch loving girl who likes to spice up recipes with a kick of crunch and salt. Complex Magazine actually contacted me about a Top 10 Potato Chip Recipe roundup they are running in their print issue next month. Not only is our Potato Chip Brownie recipe live in the Top 25 Potato chip Recipe roundup online (and coming in at 5th!), but there are 24 other amazingly delectable chip recipes for you to discover there. Head on over, and be sure to show our recipe some love with a click through or comment!

Until next time, keep it sweet and salty my readers!

What Daughter Says: Why stop at one chip when you can create a whole new favorite treat. Try cooking with potato chips today!

@KhombuFootwear For Winter Shoes As Stylish As They Are Practical

*** We received a complimentary pair of boots from Khombu for the purpose of this feature. Regardless, all opinions are authentic, as are the photos, which are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Khombu Winter Boots
Momma Told Me: You can't wear sandals all year!

Growing up in Southern California desensitized me to even the most basic of fashion common sense. No, it wasn't the ever changing styles gracing the nearby Los Angeles red carpets, it was the seemingly utter lack of change in seasons. It's no Hawaii, but our little patch of sunshine rarely dips below 40, and our hometown hasn't seen measurable snowfall in over 50 years, and that was a flurry. However, living just moments from the beach, and an hour and half from the snow capped mountains, we have plenty of opportunity to leave our little corner of warmth and venture out into other terrains and climates. Unfortunately, Momma wasn't that explorer type, when I was growing up, and the truest kick of reality often came stepping off an airplane in Providence, RI, every Winter vacation.
I'll admit, between my size 12 feet and 18 years in Southern California, my adult affair with shoes was off to a dismal start. For several years, through college and work, I wore heels and sandals, shoes for fashion and laziness. I once owned and wore the same pair of flip flops for 4 years (true story), until the holes in the heels were met with a thumbtack, and I could not justify the fight any longer.Yes, it was sometime in my mid-20's I realized that footwear could be functional and stylish, when I fell in love with Fall footwear in the form of warm and protective boots. No, I'm not talking about that brand that has been knocked off relentlessly in the form of thick lined house slipper boots, I'm talking about real, weather-resistant, fashionably friendly, boots. That is to say, Fashion For The Elements, footwear fashions from established brand Khombu.
fall footwear for women
With a name originating for the valley at the base of Mt. Everest, and a history in active footwear that spans over 40 years, Khombu footwear is an international brand you have most likely admired before. With a passion for the integration of fashion into Winter, and cold, footwear, Khombu burst onto the scene in the 70's and 80's as the brand for ski enthusiasts. Their fur lined boots were well insulted and proved effective at moisture-wicking, while the boots themselves featured plush leather uppers and a tough textured out sole rated to perform in temperatures as low as -20F. From the knee high Rainbow style, to the more fashionable shoot fur-trimmed Slide Fur bootie, Khombu has practical Winter fashion nailed. But their selection doesn't stop with the women, you'll also find ski appropriate snow trekkers for Men and Children, as well as some beautifully understated fashionable footwear for the season. This brands sheer selection and diversity of footwear is second only to the beautiful detail and quality put into it.

We received a size 10 Igloo 2 fashionable boot in black, from Khombu. While women's sizing does extend upwards to 12 in certain styles, the brand's main cap seems to be size 10. Sabrina (11) who most recently back-to-school shopped into size 9 1/2 women's shoes, noted that the fit was very true, and she had just enough wiggle room to double insulate her feet with two pairs of socks to fill the extra half size. All Khombu fashions brag that they are waterproof, and the Igloo 2 style is no different. It's hard to believe this stylish shoe is, but the suede outer is waterproof and even features a comfortable thermolite insole that is shock-absorbent and quickly wicks away moisture for maximum comfort and warmth. The only visible 'hard core' portion of these shoes are the thick soles, with intelligently designed grip patterns and a non-slip design. It's hard to believe the Igloo 2's could be so practical with the gorgeous black finish and beautiful buckle accent.
Sabrina, 11, instantly fell in love with these shoes and proclaimed a strict 'hands off' to all those in her household with same sized feet. She remarked many times how comfortable they fit, and has worn them to school, proudly, every day since. I love that the sole will stand up to the moderate drizzles we often get during late Winter, while keeping her feet warm on cold morning walks to school. There's no doubt in my mind that any recipient would be tickled to find a pair of these shoes under their tree. Khombu carries an extensive line of women's shoes in a variety of functional and fashionable styles. They are currently sold exclusively at licensed dealers such as Macy's and Nordstrom's at a mall near you. Visit the Khombu website for the complete men's, women's, and children's catalog.

What Daughter Says: Fall in love with fashionable footwear that is equally practical, thanks to Khombu's Fall footwear fashions.

The Importance Of Angles- You Don't Have To Be A Model To Photograph Well

**** This post is in no way sponsored. All content, including photos, are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Momma Told Me: The camera adds 10 pounds.

Okay, I'll do it- I'll be the brave one to show off my 'camera face.' It simply had to be done.

It's not uncommon for people to compliment my photos, whether they be candid selfies or drool worthy foodie shots. I've even been told, from certain photos, that I look like I could be a model. Ha! Sometimes I get the impression that there are a whole slew of bloggers, and women in general who have a negative body image simply because they do not understand how to capture their 'good side' on camera. But the simple truth is, you don't need to have a DSLR, or any professional training to instantly change your personal photos from flab to fab. The two above photos were taken mere seconds apart this morning. There are absolutely no camera 'tricks' or photo editing done to either camera. Both are me.
Don't believe me? Noone wants to see themselves inflated like a party decoration, but it's a simple fact that your camera angle can make or break your photo, and your confidence. I've been shooting myself for 5 years now for the blog and other social media endeavors- I have no grand delusion that I'm a model, but I do know my angles matter. For a while I've kept my mouth shut when friends and family pull out their phones and cameras to take candid or group shots- time after time, my 'selfies' turning out far better than those of other photographers. But the truth is, this simple understanding, of angles, can be applied for a single person shoot or an entire group.

It's simple folks, if you shoot from below a person's chin you are instantly adding 20-30lbs to their image. If you shoot slightly angled, but at face level, you will still be adding weight, but get a more accurate impression of your subject. Shoot with the camera just above a person's head, and angled down for the most flattering photos, with minimal subject distortion.
If you shoot a living subject often, it's especially helpful to learn their best angle. Once you've nailed down perspective (above, not from below!), you can begin to familiarize yourself with that persons face and bone structure. For a long time in the modeling industry a symmetrical face was the most sought after. Today, this is still true, but photographers worldwide are also embracing the beautiful imperfections. Maybe your nose has a little tilt to the left, or you have a mole under your right eye. Find what makes you stand out and try to incorporate that into your angles. At the same time, if you have a weak eye, or your lip tends to curl down in one corner, be mindful of working the opposite angle for close ups.
Lighting for personal photos can also be a big one- You don't have to have a lighting station and backdrop in your home to get good, clear, photos of a human subject. Low lighting, indoors, will yield the blurriest photos for standard cameras. This softer lighting, and blurred effect make work for certain shots, but certainly not for styling and beauty posts. If you absolutely have to shoot indoors, take photos near a window with partially obstructed light (ie: blinds half cracked). Pose off to the side of the direct light so you still get a glow and focus, without having your colors and texture washed out. My favorite times to shoot, indoors or out, are just around 8 AM, or 3PM (times vary by season, of course.) When the sun is just over the horizon, or just falling past high sky.
Nearly always you will achieve the best, and most natural shots, outdoors. I take 99% of my human photos outdoors. Usually under a tree which helps break up the direct light, though it's important to be mindful that this can cause shadows if the sun is directly above. Never shoot in direct sun- utilize awnings, trees, and shadows to capture the lighting without the direct light- this is called indirect natural lighting. Standing in the dun with no shading or break up of the light will wash out your photo and cause dramatic shadows. I'll be back soon with some food photography tips, in the mean time, pick up that camera and head on out!

What Daughter Says: The camera rarely adds the weight, the photographer does. Take smart shots for model-worthy photos!

So You Want To Do A Fun Run: The Actual Race- @TheColorRun

**** This post is not sponsored our team, The Color Jungle, paid for admission to the following event. All photos contained below are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Momma Told Me: Do what makes you happy.

So you've decided to do a fun run- and not just any run The Color Run!

You may recall my overview of the dos-and-donts of The Color Run preparation in our first part of this series: Color Run Basics. The social media response was great, but those of you not connected to my personal social media accounts wanted to know where the 'after' pictures were. Slow down there, Charlie, we're just getting to the good stuff. Today I'll walk you through the color run from a participant's point of view- starting point to finish line. But the event isn't over when you cross that finish line, that's then the After Party begins, and when you get to take all of those awesome photos of color explosions and rainbow clouds in front of the main stage. That, my friends, I've saved for the very last post. But fear not- there's plenty of color in ever aspect of this unique event, so tag along and get a top secret glimpse into the 'runners' shoes.
Ventura Color Run
Speaking of shoes; it seems common sense that one would wear comfortable athletic style shoes to an event where you will be walking/running a 5k (3 miles). I, personally, don't own any such shoes (I know, I know) so I chose to don my Sketcher high-tops with canvas uppers. While most modern running shoes have a mesh upper, they can be thrown in the washer and thoroughly cleaned with no fuss. Classic white tennis shoes though, may trap color in the laces and creases for weeks, or even permanently. Choose your footwear wisely, and keep in mind your socks will likely be permanently stained!

Consider parking long before you leave your home. Our particular event was planned on the exact same day as a charity biking event that kicked off 30 minutes prior in the complex next door. It was madness. Not only was the freeway gridlocked, but the 'back roads' (which we took) yielded a 40 minute wait for less than a mile stretch of road. Do leave early enough to account for this, or allow for 'walking in' from parking further away. Many of The Color Run events go down a town's 'Main' St, which can further complicate parking. However, don't worry about being late- The event has two 'start times' (9/9:30), but the paperwork lists the start from 9-9:45. Regardless, there are at least 7 group starts, and you WILL almost assuredly be in one of them so long as your bum is there by 10.

Speaking of the starts- There were 4 large, inflated, Start arches in our kick off coral, and about 4-500 people in each start group (estimate). Volunteers will hold blue 'Color Run' start ribbons to section off the groups, and walk you forward with each launch. When you get the the front there will be an event announcer to properly stretch the crowd and throw out promotional items such as fanny packs, yes fanny packs, and handkerchiefs. Our event also had a live band to kick off each start group, and plenty of media at the front of the line.

Expect to be colored before you start the race- Every entrant is issued one colored corn starch packet, that is intended to be used at the After Party toss, where participants throw their color up in air at scheduled times. As it turns out, most of us are very impatient, I'd wager at least half of the runners spent their time in line tossing clouds of colored powder at one another. If a stranger colors you in the start corral just thank them; there's no sense in getting upset over your crisp white tee getting 'messed up' you're about to walk through color clouds (literally). Besides, it's this runner's personal opinion that it's much more fun to color your team and group prior to the kick off- it makes for a mush more artistic splatter :) I do, however, wish participants could pay a couple extra bucks at registration for a second color packet, or the option to choose their color. It seems some teams had only 1-2 colors, as the volunteers at the pre-race packet pick up (a Sport's Authority in our town) didn't seem to care.
Okay, so you're ready for color- Even though I mentioned before that is is not a race; you will likely feel compelled to take off running, or at least in a sprint from the start. You really won't have much choice, it's what the crowd seems to will, so pace yourself and jog a few blocks then take team inventory. Remember, not all team members are equally athletic- Rule #2 of The Color Run (Rule #1 being 'Have Fun'), don't leave a runner behind. You will likely have to stop at various streets and intersections (for traffic and safety) anyway, so don't bother pushing yourself  in a large crowd- you'll all meet up eventually when you wait for those lights!

But how do you get 'colored'? Well, the event route map made available prior to the event for online download (which will not be handed out at the event) will show you your color zones. The color areas are supposed to be evenly set up ever 'K' with a water station in the middle. Because our Main St is so long, we had two color zone's close to the start, and 2 right by the end. I wish this had been planned more even, but what can you do? When approaching a color zone you'll see signs and a giant inflated arch matching the zone's color. There will be volunteers with giant squirt bottles and even tubs of color wearing shirts matching the zone's color. As you run, jog, or walk through, you'll be sprayed and doused in a giant cloud of colored corn starch. Remember to close your eyes and hold your breath (or wear protective eye gear and a paper mask). The color is food grade, but no one wants to inhale a big gulp of that color while walking 3 miles! Expect the floor to be covered in a half inch of color for a good 50"+.
 Here you see the least colored area of our walk, Main St, which was brilliantly protected from the mayhem by the city and planning officials. Unfortunately, for the Circle K and various antique stores along the way, there were numerous colored customers wandering in off the route for a break.  There were also the inevitable  color mishaps down the path, with explosions of color here and there. For the most part the crowd was very civilized and orderly. There was a water station at the very end of that white crowd, but this photo spot marked the official halfway, so we made a point to stop and take our group pictures. Don't feel bad about stopping to sip water, or take a photo- it's not an actual race; the color WILL wait for you. Just remember that you will be covered in color dust which might disrupt electronics.
Color Run Ventura
The Color Run 2013 Ventura
The end point seemed to be the largest color zone, Pink; and took us back onto our County fairgrounds where plastic tarps were laid out. Racers who wished to roll in the aftermath of the Pink station were permitted, so long as it was not on the tarped area. Above you see some participants making 'starch angels' at the end of the race. Okay, technically this was around the corner from the official Finish arch, but close enough. This was the most colored strip of the route, where volunteers were literally shoveling color from buckets to toss on runners. Below the photo you see a four legged friend tinted pink from finish cuddles. Pets are not allowed to walk the event, but they are welcome at the finish line! Stay tuned to see our Finish Line shots and the after party experience!

What Daughter Says: There's nothing like a healthy walk and a good, old fashioned, color fight to put a huge smile on this girl's face!