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Momma Told Me Update and Winter Wonderland Winners Announced!

I'm not really sure why Mrs. Claus looks like she's hardly 30, or how that ironing board turned into a desk- but this ad was clearly designed by a team of 'Mad Men'. In any case, I spent all afternoon drawing and confirming Winter Wonderland winners ($2525 in prizes announced), and I hope you all got something nice! There were repeat winners, which just goes to show you coming back to do the daily entries DOES pay off! You can view an up to date winners list here.

Just because Winter wonderland is over doesn't mean Momma Told Me won't continue to bring you awesome daily giveaways. I have a treasure trove of amazing new products and beautiful things to share. There are several great giveaways already going on (such as pictured above), and you can always see a complete list of current giveaways here. Please remember that I do not get paid to write these reviews and host these giveaways, so if you love Momma Told Me please support us by 1.) entering our giveaways (you just might win something too!), and 2.) voting for us daily on Top Mommy Blogs. all it takes is 2 clicks, no membership required and it helps Momma Told Me be seen by new and exciting sponsors!

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I've also put up a new LINKY under the November Giveaway Link Up tab, so feel free to head on over and list your giveaways for more exposure or see what's going on around the Blogosphere. Momma Told Me is already working on the next big event, Bubbles of Love through Blog Pop! and I've added a tab for that as well. Head on over to check out the current line up of amazing sponsors and mark your calender for January 14, 15, and 16 of 2011!

Bubbles of Love

Truffles in: An Almost Wordless Wednesday

Today's Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by CSN stores. Well, not literally, this is in no way sponsored, and the item featured was purchased with a gift certificate i won....but CSN is awesome anyway. I've been wanting to get Truffles a cat shelf for a while, ever since we did the CSN review back in June. This spacious scratching/toy combo perch was under $35, shipped and arrived within days! I assembled it, so dad gets to mount it now, haha. Our little princess is already breaking it in, literally, breaking it! Don't forget, if you love CSN as much as us, we'll have a $55 CSN Stored giveaway during Winter Wonderland!

Winners!!! Power Mat, Squip, Joey Junior, Just GANO, and Novica!!!

Congrats Peggy, you were chosen by as our Squip winner!

Congrats Melissa, you were chosen by as our Joey Junior winner!

Congrats SolDucky, you were chosen by as our Novica winner!

Congrats Katie, you were chosen by as our Just GANO winner!

Congrats Eco Friendly and Frugal, you were chosen by as our Power Mat winner!

Congrats to our winners, and thanks to all the readers who entered, supporting Momma Told Me! Don't forget to check our current giveaways for more exciting reviews and giveaways!

Wordless Wednesday- Black and White

Forgive me if my Worldess Posts don't always tell a least I kept a theme...And in case you're wondering, the closest things in my life, I call my 'pandas'. So there you have my panda hubby and my panda kitty(trying to mail herself), and my panda self, not sure how it caught on, but it's a blast.

We're a DOT COM now!

I am proud to announce we are now! This will not affect any existing subscriptions or links, so don't worry! I have to thank Shelley at Still Blonde After All These Years for helping me set this up! In addition, you can now find us on Facebook under MommaToldMeBlog! Thanks for all of the support from my loyal readers, fellow bloggers, and new readers. I have many exciting things planned for the upcoming holiday season including a Winter Wonderland Blog Carnival with Confessions of An Overworked Mom after Blogmania! Any help reaching our 500 follower goal is much appreciated, let me know what I can do for you! Thanks again!

Lots Of Winners! Did You Win???

Phew, there were a lot of winners today so I'm going to do this all at once! All winners have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize! Thanks so much for supporting Momma Told Me, and congrats!

Don't forget, we are shooting for 500 GFC followers, so please spread the word! If we hit 500 by August 1 (we can do it!!!) I will have a giveaway a day again in August! Be sure to enter our current giveaways, and have a great weekend!