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@PoochPax Monthly Subscription Service For Dog Parents

Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
Momma Told Me: Pets are family too.

As far back as I can remember, I've enjoyed giving much more than receiving. Few aspects of my life illustrate this quite like my love for my pets, which I ultimately consider my four-legged children. When I was a young girl I recall insisting on documenting the birthday of each of our house-cats. My father would print it on our family calendar, and every year I'd make Momma bust out a box of cake mix, and take me to the pet store to buy a special toy. Naturally, when it comes to pets, everything you do for them is a gift; Nora gets excited when we just look her direction to acknowledge her, let alone bust our a bacon flavored chewy. But, sometimes I don't have the time to stop by the pet store each month, or I'm simply bored with the same selection of toys and treats. And, on those occasions, a monthly pet subscription box can be a much welcome treat for myself and my fur-babies.
Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
At the end of last year we had the chance to receive a sample box from Pooch Pax, a monthly subscription service designed exclusively for dogs. With three breed size ranges, small, medium, and large, this pet service is a little more flexible than most when it comes to custom building boxes for your pet. They offer a simple structure that enables you to buy one box at a time, or subscribe to several months in advance for a discounted rate. I've heard rumors that there is now a tailoring option for the age of your four-legged child (puppy/senior options), but haven't had a chance to try that out yet. It seems like an especially ingenious concept, since the dietary needs and active levels of dogs vary with their age.
Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
Nora is a 5.5lb Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix), and considered a toy size dog, which is typically smaller than most small dog branded products accommodate. This was evident in our Small Pooch Pax box, which featured a few treats that were hard for her to chew, and a Tuffy Ball tennis ball play toy much too big for her jaw. Our Bubba Rose Cheesy Bacon Breakable Training Treat was still almost twice her daily kibble size, when broken by the scoring. I ended up smashing it as a 'topping' for her dinner later in the night, and she really seemed to enjoy it. There was also a container of organic and fresh made Healthy Dog (pumpkin cinnamon) biscuits that seemed to grab Nora's attention right away from the scent. They proved hard for her to chew, but she was also content just licking and gnawing on a biscuit protectively for an hour.
Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
Pooch Pax Monthly Subscription Box For Dog Owners
The average Pooch Pax contains 4-6 full size items for your dog, and ours was chocked full of  6; not all of them edible delights. We also received a flash and glow safety light to attach to her color that features a waterproof silicone casing and bright neon color for enhanced visibility. But Nora's favorite non-edible (okay, it's proved edible much to my dismay) surprise was an adorable giraffe squeak toy. Nicknamed 'Raffe' in our home, Nora spend the better part of a month quite literally snuggling with this toy at night, until they seemed to have a disagreement and I came home to stuffing and a war wound in Raffe's leg.

Pooch Pax starts as low as $19 dollars a month, and ships once a month with brand new products hand picked for their unique features and flavors. All of the edible treats we've encountered have been the highest quality, with many natural and even hand made aspects. My only request for the company is that they look into adding a 'Toy Breed' size to their service to accommodate smaller customers, such as Nora. Save $5 on any 6 Month Subscription Plan with discount code: Truffles.

What Daughter Says: Spoil pet and parent with a surprise box of treats once a month!

Spring Floral Nail Inspiration + Julep Maven Monthly Introductory Offer

*** I am a paying subscriber of the Julep Maven  program. All opinions below are genuine, and all images below are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 204..
Spring Floral Nail Art
*** Want to try Julep Maven for yourself? Get your first box free with code PENNY or FREEBOX. Just fill out the style profile here, and you're on your way! Not working? Try code FREECOLOR for your first box free!
Momma Told Me: A good service is confident customers will return on their own.

It's no secret that I love getting mail; I've tried over 40 monthly subscription box services, but I've only kept two of them as a regular paid subscriber. The best beauty subscription boxes are the ones that allow customers to easily customize their monthly selection either through a style profile, or direct browsing 'click and pick' method. They also enable the subscriber to easily opt in or out from one month to the next, and never auto-charge a consumer's account without their monthly selection. Services like this make it easy to browse seasonal styles and trends and skip the ones that don't quite fit, or save a few pennies when vacation rolls around, or money is tight. It's important to pamper ones-self, but you shouldn't have to feel like such a commitment is an obligation every month.
Julep Maven Monthly Beauty Box
Julep Maven monthly beauty subscription boxes are all of the above and more. For just $19.99 a month I subscribe to a box full of over $40 in quality beauty products by the Julep brand. While the service started with the salon brand Julep Nail Vernis (polish), it has rapidly expanded to include everything from liquid eyeliner and charcoal face masques to quick dry polish drops and premium skincare. They've even recently added a monthly beauty box option that features exclusively beauty products, and no polish- just in case your collection is getting a little big, or none of the month's hues pop!
Julep Maven Dramatic Collection
There are several beauty profiles you will automatically be placed into after taking the Style Profile Quiz, I'm Classic With A Twist. Each month, on the 20th, you'll receive an email showcasing your month's hand picked selections, based on your profile. Then it's as simple as logging in and browsing the complete collection for the style that fits you best- just in case you like a different style better this month, you're always welcome to swap boxes. Julep Maven members get amazing discounts on polish and beauty ad-ons, when they purchase the month's box, and enjoy exclusive limited edition products as well. The average monthly box includes 3 salon quality lacquers, and the monthly featured beauty product, as well as an inspiring quote card and styling tips.
Julep Maven Dramatic Collection
Julep Maven Monthly Boxes
This February the featured Beauty product was a Smokey Liquid Liner and Applicator Brush. Since I have a pretty large stockpile of liquid liners, I decided to go for a custom box that featured 4 hues from the exclusive Dramatic Collection. I don't normally gravitate towards Gold, but I am a sucker for a high shimmer clear lacquer, and It Girl's February Diamond Theory was a rich golden glitter that I know would be great for accenting any equally rich color. I used a primary base coat of one of my favorite Julep Nail Vernis hues, Bette (Bombshell profile), and did some detailing with a forest green lining polish to create stems. Using a stipple technique I dotted some white to create flowers, and topped with a french of Diamond Theory for some shimmer that made my flowers remind me of Spring Dandelions.
Spring Nail Art
I've been with Julep Maven since it first began taking memberships almost a year and a half ago. I haven't bought a box every month, in fact, I say I've bought about half, but I keep returning because it is so easy to be a subscriber without the obligation of buying. The products are high quality, and the box is a wonderful deal- but I don't feel guilty when I decide to take a month off, and that is a truly great customer experience. And the inspiration I find in their seasonal collections and styling ideas is all the ammunition I need to pull out my polish and play with something new. The inspiration alone, is priceless. If you need a little extra nail inspiration, try your first month of Julep for a penny (Code: PENNY) or free (Code: FREEBOX), when you sign up here.

What Daughter Says: I try a lot of services, but few keep me coming back like Julep Maven.

Somewhere Over The Waffle- Rainbow Waffles Concept

Rainbow Waffles for Color Education or St Patty's Day
Momma Told Me: Somewhere over the rainbow.

Ever since I was a wee little lass I've been enamored with color. It's true, most young children first learn sensory play with primary colors and finger paints, and when Easter rolls around they enjoy dipping eggs in colored dyes to create wondrous new colors. But I outlived this phase far beyond Pre-K and Elementary. When birthdays would roll around I'd demand money for the local craft store, where I could buy the latest paints and markers, and even endured a (now quite embarrassing) tie-dye phase at age 12. For quite some time, in fact, my entire room was a riot of color, tie-dyed bedding and drapes, and a crayon box full of colorful animals on my bed. Then there were the home made lava lamps for the state science fair, and the beginning of what has become a lifetime of unnatural hair colors.
Yes, color makes me happy, quite literally. I cannot pass by a bouquet of rainbow colored daisies without stopping for several moments to admire them and think a warm though. I will wear neon printed socks with bone white bowling shoes and capris, and nothing makes me happier than seeing a riot of color combined with food. That is why I am so very happy we are entering Spring, one of the most colorful times of the year for naturally vibrant edibles. And, while I am certain there will be many visits to the Pick-Your-Own-Farm in our future, I simply can't wait for the fresh berries and produce to start rolling in. I have several colorful food tricks up my sleeve to celebrate April Fools and St Patrick's Day, so be sure to tune in often!
Rainbow Waffles for Color Education or St Patty's Day
Today's idea was a marriage of breakfast food, which seems to be a guilty pleasure and 'happy food' for many, and the lesser celebrated hero of St.Patrick's Day, the rainbow. It's true, there are millions of naturally occurring colors and sights in this world, but few are as rare and individually unique as a rainbow. March is often full of green, but what about the beautiful prisms of colored light that lead to the leprechaun's gold? Are they not worth celebrating too? So, this March I offer you a Green Eggs and Ham alternate (heck, serve these alongside if you dare); Rainbow Waffles, complete with whipped cream clouds!
Rainbow Waffles for Color Education or St Patty's Day
Rainbow Waffles for Color Education or St Patty's Day
It's actually simpler to achieve than you might think; though there are several tips you can use to maximize your results and make the process less messy. If you have piping or condiment bottles you can use these to pour your rings of colored batter into the griddle (I spooned them and it turned out okay.) You will want your batter thicker, to prevent running, and should start inward out. For the first few waffles try doing one half of the griddle at a time, this will take the pressure off you as the batter begins to spread. Additionally, remember that your middle two colors will require significantly less batter than the outer red and orange. When you are separating your batter to color it, keep this in mind, otherwise you will have quite a lot of green and blue when you are done!
Rainbow Waffles for Color Education or St Patty's Day
When I was a little girl, waffles were one of my favorite breakfast foods, but certainly one of Momma's least. Let's face it, a bowl of cereal was much simpler than hauling out the waffle iron, waiting for it to preheat, and cleaning up the waffle run-off mess when she was done. During the Summer I'd get especially antsy for Momma to pull out one of her famed 'waffle breakfast' days, and would sometimes go weeks asking over and over "Where are the waffles?" One morning, as I peered sullen over my Cocoa Puffs, I let out a loud sigh and asked the question again, "Mom, where are the waffles?"

With a stern hand on her hip and pursed lips, it was obvious I was about to get a scolding. Instead, a smirk began to part her mouth, and she calmly replied, "Somewhere over the rainbow, that's where!" As visions of munchkins and the classic song began running through my mind, it was hard to stay mad, myself. I quickly began to giggle. To this day, when I see waffles I think of Momma, munchkins, flying monkeys, and rainbows.

What Daughter Says: I don't know if they eat waffles in Oz, but they're welcome at my table any time!

Karina Dresses #Dresstacular 6 Dress Giveaway and $1000 Sweepstakes~ 3/16

Karina Dresses Dresstacular
Momma Told Me the best fashion is fashion YOU feel confident in. No, it's not about duck toe nails, or 8" heels, or even who had the shapeliest corset bound silhouette. That may work for the runway, but let's face it, we're real women, and Karina gets that. That's exactly why they've partnered with 12 amazing fashion-minded bloggers of every age and shape to show you why a Karina dress is truly a dress for every-body. Not only are these dresses easy to care for, and ultra-comfortable, but the core 12 designs are constantly being released with new colors, prints, and event alterations (hello 3/4 sleeves for self-conscious me!) Don't believe me? Be sure to check out my Dresstacular™ preview post where I modeled the versatile Penlope dress with 3/4 sleeves and versatile pockets, in Purple Plaid.
Karina Dresses Penelope in Purple Plaid
Karina's so sure their every-body dresses will change your life, they're sponsoring a special 6 dress wardrobe giveaway, where one lucky reader of our 12 blogs will win 6 Karina dresses! I know you're dying to see how my fellow fashion bloggers styled their Karina dresses, and how the other bloggers wore the same dresses in the past, so be sure to use the nifty linky at the bottom of this post to follow along and visit all 12 of our blogs. You'll score extra entries daily just for visiting and engaging with the other bloggers, so don't be shy with your comments and shares- let's show these real Karina women some love!
Karina Dresses Penelope In Purple Plaid
Karina Dresses has a newsletter you will want to get in your inbox. Each weekly newsletter has a winner of a new dress selected from the email subscribers. You have to open the email to see if it is you! In addition to giveaways, The Karina Dresses newsletter also has flash sales with the hottest prints at almost 50% off! To make this newsletter even more desirable to join, if you sign up and confirm your subscription (or are already a subscriber and enter this giveaway) you will be entered into the sweepstakes for $1000 in Karina Dresses! Are you ready to join the Karina Nation? Subscribe here!

If you are a blogger and you would like to do a review of a Karina Dress, they choose their reviewers from their affiliates! You can sign up to be an affiliate here.

Are you ready for extra entries?
Use @KarinaDresses and #Dresstacular to let Karina know your favorite dress from the Dresstacular™ bloggers. You can also get 100 entries a day by commenting on each of the bloggers posts from the linky below!

What I'm Streaming: Under The Dome Season 1 (2013)

Under The Dome, Stephen King, CBS
Momma Told Me: Small town, big secrets.

I've been noticing a pleasant trend in streaming libraries as of late. While most television series and shows contract themselves exclusively to one of the 'big' brands (Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix), they tend to release entire previous seasons in anticipation of the airing of an upcoming one. This is precisely how I've discovered my last few streaming picks. Originally slated as a stand alone mini-series, Under The Dome is based fairly strictly off the 2009 Stephen King novel of the same name. As the title suggests, the series follows the small town of Chester's Mill, Maine, and the societal collapse following the encasement of the town in a mysterious dome. Under The Dome, as you may infer, is much more classic Stephen King human observation, metaphors, and eerie twists than horror.
Under The Dome, Stephen King, CBS
While the premise sounds quite simple at face, the series follows several practical impacts caused by the dome, most ordinary people would overlook. What happens if a fire breaks out? How do they handle a shortage of insulin and medical supplies? What happens when the water is contaminated? As these circumstances arise the towns characters begin to come to life; there's the mysterious traveler from out of town, the unexpected hero, the town figure who turns out to be a big snake, and even a few romances. Chester's Mill is full of secrets, but the viewer is always left asking, "What is the dome?" as it interacts with the residents and even guides unexpected character development.
Under The Dome, Stephen King, CBS
Having just finished the first season, which in truth ran a little long for my interests, I am honestly left with just as many questions as I began. However, every episode was packed with mystery and drama, from murder and kidnapping to tornadoes and swarms of butterflies, The Dome is never dull. I have to admit, I sincerely expected all of the main characters to have killed one another by the season finale, as the agitation of being cut off and abandoned (by the government and outside) became quite palpable. Marshall law had set in, and some of the strongest characters were put to the test in a perplexing and vindicating finale that will certainly have me tuning in this June for the second season.

What Daughter Says: Don't always assume simple is boring.

The #JAdoreVoxBox Helps Me Find My Kind Of Indulgence

#JAdoreVoxBox #InfluensterVox#JAdoreVoxBox #InfluensterVox
Momma Told Me: In ribbons and curls.

The definition of feminine is certainly one that is tested more and more each day. Half of the time you'll find me in pajama short and a baggy t-shirt of 'his' lounging around the house. However, when I go out, sometimes I like to turn heads as well, and sometimes I'm satisfied just being comfortable in my jeans and a tank. You don't have to deck yourself in the color pink and wear frilly things to make a statement of femininity, but the media does tend to have their own concepts of the idea, don't they? I received yet another collection of goodies to sample from +Influenster in my #JAdoreVoxBox, and some of them pushed my boundaries of frilly, while others were certain to speak to a woman of any heart.
#SimplyIndulge Lemon Chiffon Tea #JAdoreVoxBox #InfluensterVox
#SimplyIndulge Lemon Chiffon Tea #JAdoreVoxBox #InfluensterVox
It's no secret that I'm a tea addict, so I was only left longing for more when a single brew pouch of Red Rose Simple Indulgent Lemon Chiffon tea wound it's way into my cup, erm, hands. I grew up with a lot of brands of tea, from Bigelow to Lipton and value names in between, but was no familiar with the Red rose brand. Thankfully this is a travesty that has been righted, as I sat down to #SimplyIndulge in a steaming cup of Lemon Chiffon, decaf, black tea. Not only was this naturally flavored tea blend decaffeinated, but it had a wonderful depth of flavor and natural sweetness that truly made it a guilt free indulgence (and ever gal needs a few of those, right?) Jay referred to the flavor as 'a sweet lemon shortbread cookie' and really took to the tea, consuming the majority of my mug. With a wide range of naturally sweet flavors like Cinnamon Bun and Peach Cobbler in the Red Rose Simply Indulgent collection, I'll definitely be stocking up on more soon!
Boots Botanic Shine Away Mask #JAdoreVoxBox #InfluensterVoxBoots Botanic Ionic Clay Shine Away Mask #JAdoreVoxBox #InfluensterVox
Influenster must know me personally, because they sent me a Valentine's love letter that couldn't have been better suited in the Boots Botanic Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask. I may have tried more masks than teas in my lifetime (and that's saying something), so I didn't wait a day to slather some of this cool mineral-rich concoction on my face. The mask itself was thinner than I'd expected and I promptly closed the container to give it a good shake. Afterwards, it still dispensed a little thin, which turned out to be a good thing for easy coverage and product value. I had no trouble with the mask adhering to my skin, nor drying, and found it surprisingly easy to rinse off, even at the hairline. My skin was immediately more vibrant and soft, without being dried out (as some clay based masks can do). It's amazing what the #powerofplants can do!
#KISSLashses #JAdoreVoxBox #InfluensterVox
#KISSlashes #JAdoreVoxBox #InfluensterVox
Then we have the product that made this girl a little uncomfortable; #KISSlashes, Looks So Natural false lashes. Now, I haven't dabbled with falsies since I was a little girl playing Pretty, Pretty, Princess, so these immediately intimidated me, whilst intriguing me. The feather-soft lashes with the tapered ends did indeed look natural, but the thought of gluing them to my lids was a bit scary. None-the-less I persevered in the name of good journalism and let my eyes be the guinea pig for every woman curious, but too afraid to try.

As it turns out, the experience was much less of an inconvenience as I'd imagined. A small adhesive bottle was includes, which went from blue to semi-translucent in 30 seconds of application, to let the wearer know it was ready for application. A clean lid is a must for proper adhesion, so put your #KISS lashes on before applying makeup. The lashes were a bit long, even for my big eyes, so be sure to trim them before applying, if necessary. I found my left eye more tricky than the first, right, eye- but that was sue to spacial recognition as I worked the corner of the falsies along my own lash line. The end result was fairly comfortable to wear (though long enough to sweep against my glasses), and a photo perfect natural lash that could be enhanced with my own mascara (to blend in my own lashes), and even re-used again.
#LoveandKisses Hershey's Kisses #JAdoreVoxBox #InfluensterVox#LoveandKisses Hershey's Kisses #JAdoreVoxBox #InfluensterVox
There were two final products in my J'Adore Vox Box, one of them that truly didn't require any 'testing,' and a second that is being tested by a girlfriend for me. The Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray from John Frieda helps extend straightening efforts for up to three days, even in humid weather. My hair will naturally dry a frizzy, wavy, mess, but drys pin straight with a blow dryer, so I felt this wasn't the best fir for my locks. I have since been told that it is actually a 'lifesaver' product that uses Keratin to strengthen locks from heat treatments, while helping hold styles successfully up to two days. My 'informant' has also told me that the product is a little slick to apply, and benefits from a fine tooth comb, and reminds that the effects only last from one cleansing to the next, but the product is dry shampoo friendly.

When it came to the large Family Size bag of Hershey's Kisses, milk chocolate, that seemed to have busted open en route (even the Vox Box couldn't wait to get it's hands on these little kisses), no testing was needed. I still have fond memories of playing checkers with my father, as a young girl, in which the 'red' kisses were hugs, and the 'black' kisses were, well, kisses. It was the most delicious game I've ever played, and I still crack a smile to see these little foil wrapped confections today.

What Daughter Says: Find your own sense of pampering, and indulge.

Karina Dresses #Dresstacular Preview- I Model The Penelope In Purple Plaid

Penelope Dress by Karina in Purple Plaid #Dresstacular
Momma Told Me: Clothes should fit you, not the other way around!

When I was young, fresh out of high school and in college, I loved all things girlie. I wouldn't let a warm Southern California day go by without sporting a Summer Dress or a flowy skirt and heels. But, as women know all too well, time is not always so kind to our curves, and sizes and shapes tend to change. My weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the past ten years, and only recently did I drop over 60lbs after a serious health scare. I never was a 'big' girl, but I've never been a 'small' girl either. I have curves, from head to toe, and this can be a difficult fashion hurdle for a 5'11" woman entering her 30s. I still want to be fun and flirty, but I also want to be modest and feminine. And that is how I fell in love with Karina dresses, a brand that truly makes a dress for every body.
Penelope Dress by Karina in Purple Plaid #Dresstacular
With 12 core designs, and numerous prints within each design, the Karina collection is always evolving through the season and to meet their customer's demands. Several of the styles, such as the Gala and Lauren even offer different cuts and lengths to suit the wearer's tastes. When I dress up I don't always want my unfinished ink (tattoos) showing, so I look for 3/4 sleeves that make me less self conscious. I also love bright and vivid colors, which is where the Penelope criss-cross, V-front, pleated skirt, pocket rocking dress comes in. It's Purple Plaid print has been making it's way through the fashion blogger community and I have been ever so jealous of how fabulous it looks on women of every age, shape, and size!
Penelope Dress by Karina in Purple Plaid #Dresstacular
That's precisely why I chose to feature the Penelope dress in Purple Plaid for this round of the Karina Dresstacular™, it's the perfect fit for me inside and out! Made with a lightweight and comfortable poly blend fabric, and available in 4 sizes, with 3/4 sleeves it offers immense versatility here in So Cal. As a full busted woman, I was a little concerned about fitting in the top of the dress, but was happy to see there was ample coverage, and I could just as simply wear a lightweight cami underneath should the event call for it. The high waistband, however, does tend to make the hem of the skirt a little high, or short if you will, with my long torso and legs. For modesty sake, out and about, I layer a colorful slip skirt beneath to help cover me, and wear the dress without the skirt when at the beach or a similar party where more skin is acceptable.
Penelope Dress by Karina in Purple Plaid #Dresstacular
Blue Comic Book Heels
Penelope Dress by Karina in Purple Plaid Pockets #Dresstacular
The pockets in the front of the Penelope are a nice twist I find makes this dress a little more playful and casual overall. I especially enjoyed playing up the turquoise 'stitching' detail in the fabric's print, which allowed me to really make the dress my own. Most importantly, the Penelope is comfortable and I almost feel like I am in college again, and that does a great thing for a woman's confidence! The Karina collection is growing every day, and some of my favorite prints and styles are making their way out of the collection, *cough, Purple Plaid Penelope* so be sure to stop by today! Sign up for the Karina newsletter to stay up to date on the latest style additions and prints in your favorite dress, and be the first to hear about 50% off flash sales.

I've teamed up with 11 other fashionable bloggers to help showcase how Karina dresses truly are dresses for 'every-body'. Join us here on February 24, 2014 for your chance to win a 6 Karina dress wardrobe in the Karina Dresstacular™!

What Daughter Says: Find clothes that fit your style and shape with Karina Dresses!

If you are a blogger and you would like to do a review of a Karina Dress, they choose their reviewers from their affiliates! You can sign up to be an affiliate here: