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5 Ways To Refresh Your Pet's Routine For Spring + Supreme Source® Pet Food Promotion

This post was sponsored by Supreme Source® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Please Note: Nothing contained below should be taken as professional veterinarian or medical advice. 
Please always consult your pet's veterinarian before making changes to your pet's diet or routine.
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A few weeks back I told you about a special 10-Day Pet Detox*** program I was helping "the girls" (A.K.A. Nora and Gidget) take part in thanks to special inspiration from Supreme Source® pet food. Not only is Supreme Source® grain free and made with real fruits and veggies for potassium, fiber, vitamins and minerals, anyone can take advantage of refreshing their pet's diet this Spring thanks to their special Super Food Switch promotion. We picked up our Supreme Source at our local VONS, and for a limited time this spring those who log onto the Super Food Switch site can take advantage of special savings on a bag of Supreme Source® cat or dog food, and receive daily emails with tips on how to start your pet's 10-Day Detox.

***While this is a “Pet Detox” Promotion, products and information provided by American Pet Nutrition are not intended to substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is always recommended that you consult your veterinarian or a qualified medical professional for your pets. The information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical problems.
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What exactly is a "pet detox"?

It's a lot simpler than it may sound. Essentially it's a refreshing of your pet's routine from diet to overall activity levels and engagement. You'll find plenty of resources to help you along the path of your pet's 10-Day Detox at, but we've compiled some of our favorite general tips based on our experiences participating in it.
#1. Provide fresh fuel.

It's natural to think that what one puts in their mouth will play a big part on the overall function of both their body and mind. You may not literally turn into a pink frosted donut with sprinkles (though how awesome would that be for just a day?) but you might begin to feel the effects of sugar highs and lows, if you eat them all the time. 

Spring is the perfect time to look at your pet's diet. Really look. Not just at that ingredients label for recognizable ingredients, but the bottom line of the PRIMARY ingredients. What are you feeding your pet?

For us gradually introducing Grain Free Supreme Source® Lamb Meal and Potato Recipe dry dog food to both Nora and Gidget's diets over the past 10 days has really been a wake-up.  Nora, going on 7 years of age now, is known for her random spurts of high energy followed by long periods of napping and laziness. We've definitely noticed that her energy levels are more consistent throughout the day, making her a more social and well-rounded dog in that sense. Going grain free for Gidget, the youngest, has meant a big handle on getting 'regular,' if you know what I mean?
#2. Looking good + feeling great!

While you work on slowly introducing your new Supreme Source® food to your pet's diet you'll want to help your pet look and feel it's best by doing a little spring cleaning, erm, grooming.
You may likely already have a regular grooming routine for your pet, but odds are there are a few 'extras' you've been putting off through the winter. In our home Nora gets quite the wild child coat growing through the colder months- she requires daily brushing or she will begin to build up tough mats. Even the most diligent care and we will still have some rough patches come 'summer trim' time.
Another grooming area that is often overlooked are paw pads and nails- consider booking an appointment for your pet to have their nails professionally groomed so you can start with a nice clean slate going into those warmer months when pet's will naturally be more active and self maintain the length with clawing and outdoor grinding.

In general picking up your pet's grooming game will give both them and you more confidence, which will help boost that fresh outlook for the sunny season to come. Consider checking out some of the amazing dog grooming products on the market for at home pampering.
#3. Keep them busy, mind and body.

Along the way on our 10-Day Pet Detox there were many helpful activity suggestions and tips to engage our pet during the detox. Naturally, it's great to jump-start good habits during a detox, but these concepts are just as positive in impact year-round, too.

Have you ever thought about what you would do all day if you were a cat or dog?

For indoor pets, especially those with working human parents, the days can be quite tediously filled with nothing but daydreaming, or finding creative ways to wreak havoc (or in pet speak "show their love.") While you refresh for Spring consider investing in a few brain stretching treat toys and puzzles, or even making a few of your own! There are plenty of concepts for handmade pet toys in interest to engage pet's mind of all shapes and sizes. After all, you know what they say about "idle paws"!
#4. Go a little wild.

Bonding with your pets isn't something you need to be told to do, it's obvious they are part of the family, but finding new ways to engage with them should be on your list.

I'm sure your family has that favorite trail your dog loves to hike, and your cat really loves that wand toy with the fake feathers on the end, but extraordinary pets deserve extraordinary adventures. Flexing your pet's personality is just another way you can help your pet refresh mind, body, and soul.
For small and medium dogs filling a kiddie pool with plastic kiddie pool balls can be a true blast. Dogs love to be engaged by the sight of rapidly moving targets, and these colorful balls are sure to fly every which way when your pup jumps in to retrieve their favorite rope or tennis ball. And, as the weather gets warmer you can even fill it with water and make a cool relaxation station in the backyard! Other possible ways to let your pet loose might include leash training your cat, buying a new cardboard cat scratcher, going wild with a laser pointer, or visiting a new dog park (or even scheduling a play date!)
#5. Schedule more Face Time.

I know what you're thinking.

I live with my cat/dog, they are in my home, and I see them all the time. I feed them, bathe them, fluff their pillow, I spend a lot of time with my pet!

But when you stop to think about it consider you are your pet's best friend. Sure, you may have other pets in the house, even pet siblings, that make their lives amazing and awesome but I guarantee your face will hands down always light up your pet's day. You're kind of a big deal in their world, so why not indulge them a little and find just a little more time in your day to love on them?

Stop by on your lunch break to toss them a treat, call them over while you're binge watching Netflix on the couch, get off your chair and leave your desk to toss a ball in the backyard for 5 extra minutes.
Remember when you were a kid and your Mom would bring cupcakes by the school on lunch break to celebrate your birthday and you felt like a celebrity. It's kind of like that for your pets, every single time you give them attention. And it's absolutely free.
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Of course these are just a few of the ways you can begin to enrich your pet's life with a quick refreshing any time of the year. Any and all of these suggestions should always be practiced in addition to taking your pets in for their annual veterinarian visits. Your family veterinarian is the true expert when it comes to your pet's well-being and physical health, just as much as you are the expert when it comes to their emotional happiness. For more great tips on how to engage with your cat or dog, and to take part in the 10-Day Pet Detox challenge with Grain Free Supreme Source® pet food be sure to check out the website and follow Supreme Source® on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, tell me, what is one of your favorite ways to spend time with your pet?

MSG 4 21+: From Sea To Table- Our Anniversary Date Night At Red Lobster's Lobsterfest®

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. The following content is intended for readers who are 21 or older. #LobsterfestCelebration #Lobsterfest #CollectiveBias
When it comes to dining and special occasions it's no secret I'm a little partial to Red Lobster.

Not only have I been patronizing our local establishment for over 15 years, but my father and I have a running dad/daughter monthly meal tradition where numerous memories have been made. We go there for the delicious sea to table seafood, amazing staff that treats us like family, and of course for the annual events featuring specialty menus, cocktails, and more. As the chain celebrates it's 50th year in business this year's Lobsterfest® is a must attend no-exception.
You may recall, last year, I took my father to Lobsterfest much to Jay's dismay.

It's time I confess that, while Jay and I have dined at Red Lobster many times over the course of our 7 year relationship it's always been my father and I dining solo for Lobsterfest®. It's simply been one of those traditions that have been hard to break- but this year I finally heard my man's pleas and caved in. For our 7th anniversary we would enjoy Lobsterfest® together!

It's quite appropriate when you consider shortly after we began dating Jay actually bought a 'lobster shirt'  simply as a nod to my slight lobster obsession. (Check out last year's 2017 Lobsterfest® and Crabfest® posts to learn more about my obsession with lobsters beyond a food, as an icon.) It's a beloved shirt that he still owns, and wears for special occasions, and Red Lobster visits today.
Red Lobster Rewards
What exactly is Lobsterfest®, and how does a place called Red Lobster manage to make it's lobster menu even more appealing than it already is?

Lobsterfest® is an annual event, around for a limited time, which features 9 new and classic lobster dishes featuring succulent lobster prepared in a variety ways such as steamed, baked, grilled, roasted, chilled, and more! It's literally the biggest selection of lobster dishes, all year- a true lobster lover's dream!

Of course we knew the moment Lobsterfest® arrived in town, thanks to our Red Lobster Rewards app- the coolest insider club for Red Lobster VIPS. When you join the Red Lobster Rewards program you'll qualify for special deals on new promotional items, free appetizers and desserts, and earn points towards delicious seafood with every dollar you spend! You can also browse the chain's current specials and offerings right from your phone, so you can plan your next date night anytime!
Red Lobster Lobsterfest #Lobsterfest #LobsterfestCelebration
Also featured at this year's Lobsterfest® are 2 NEW featured cocktails, the Tropical White Sangria featuring Moscato, pineapple and mango juices with a splash of Sprite® and a collectible Red Lobster wine charm OR the Lobster Lover's Punch with Captain Morgan®, Bacardi® and Malibu® rum, shaken with berry + pineapple juice. When you order the Lobster Lover's Punch, pictured above, you'll also receive your very own 50th Anniversary Collectible glass! (50th Anniversary Collectible glass may also be purchased separate upon request.)

Not only was the Lobster Lover's Punch a delightful sweet and tangy companion to our Lobsterfest® selections, I was thrilled to take home that beautifully detailed 50th Anniversary Collectible glass to add to my personal collection of Red Lobster glassware.

I promise to dish what we ordered of that amazing 9 item Lobsterfest® menu- but can we first take a moment to drool over those classic Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits? These babies arrive swaddled, warm and fresh baked, to your table with every meal- and the basket always seems to magically keep refilling itself. Our local servers do an amazing job making sure we never have down time with those crumb filled appetizer plates and bites of fluffy cheddary goodness. Those we have been serving my dad and I for years even offer to pet a few of these golden biscuits in a doggy bag for us before we go- now that's family service!
But back to that impressive lobster filled specialty menu being featured at this year's Lobsterfest® event- the NEW! Chilled Lobster and Shrimp Cocktail is back again this year. We first saw it hit the Lobsterfest® menu in 2017, and became instantly hooked on that oversized glass of chilled split petite Maine lobster tails and jumbo shrimp served with Red Lobster’s signature cocktail sauce. This appetizer goes beyond your typical shrimp cocktail- it's the king of cocktails with a real wow factor presentation that truly every seafood lover needs to kick off their Lobsterfest® experience. In fact it's easily one of the clearest examples of flavor and quality in the Sea To Table commitment shining through.
What does Sea To Table mean? All of the seafood served at Red Lobster is sourced in a manner that is Traceable, Sustainable and Responsible to ensure that a healthy seafood supply exists now and for generations. Lobster fishing isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life in countless coastal communities – a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Red Lobster is proud to support the men and women in these communities who fish responsibly and sustainably. For guests who want to learn more about how and where Red Lobster sources its lobsters, visit:

To learn more about lobster sustainability from some of the trusted fishermen who’ve provided lobster to Red Lobster for generations, check out the video at the bottom of our post.
Just because it's Lobsterfest® doesn't mean Red Lobster is skimping on all the classic elements that male dining at Red Lobster a treat. Jay and I talked about our memories of anniversaries past as we enjoyed beautifully prepared dinner salads and more of those famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits. It didn't hurt that our server just so happened to drop a fresh, warm, basket of them at our table as she delivered our salads.
Red Lobster Lobsterfest #Lobsterfest #LobsterfestCelebration
Speaking of servers- I'd be lying if I said the staff at my local Red Lobster didn't rock- we've known the manager, as customers, for over 15 years, and some of the servers and waitstaff almost as long.

You may recall seeing Diana in our feature from last year's Lobsterfest® visit. Back then she was just starting out working with our local restaurant, and we were tickled to see such a friendly face still around a year later. I've noticed, through the years, the staff tends to get a little like family at Red Lobster- as regulars we return month after month, year after year to see the same faces. That's excellent from a service perspective- because our co-server Claudia has been with the chain for years and served us on many occasions.

Claudia even had a laugh and asked how my father was, and why he wasn't joining me this year; which is when she learned about our anniversary and promised to make it extra special.
Red Lobster Lobsterfest #Lobsterfest #LobsterfestCelebration
Either I've made a big impression in the past, or Claudia is a fabulous server (I like to think it's both) but Claudia went on to remind me that she recalled our talk from a few visits back about my lobster collection. Apparently she'd thought of me recently when a family friend gave her a lobster themed gift as a nod to her employment location. Between Claudia and Diana we were truly getting 4-star service; attentive serving yet also a perfectly timed meal that allowed Jay and I to reminisce while savoring our Lobsterfest® selections.
Red Lobster Lobsterfest #Lobsterfest #LobsterfestCelebration

So what did Jay order after 7 years of Lobsterfest® anticipation?

He went all out with the NEW! Dueling Lobster Tails™ featuring Maine lobster tail steamed in parchment paper with fresh herbs, tomatoes and lemon, paired with a grilled Maine lobster tail topped with shrimp, bay scallops and roasted bell peppers in a rich sherry lobster cream. All this served with that delicious side garden salad from earlier and a choice of side (he went with seasonal vegetables.) This was one amazing sight to behold as our server, Diana, literally parted the parchment paper his Main lobster tail had been steamed in, table-side.

I would've been jealous but after 7 years, he had already accepted the 'what's mine is yours' rule and consigned to the fact that I would surely be consuming half of his plate. (No regrets, it was absolutely phenomenal.)
Red Lobster Lobsterfest #Lobsterfest #LobsterfestCelebration
Discussing our meal on the drive home we couldn't quite play favorites when it came to the Dueling Lobster Tails™ the parchment steamed tail was robust in flavor, and the perfect tender flavor when paired with a squirt of fresh lemon juice and dipped in rendered butter. It was the thing of a lobster lover's dreams, truly. However that sherry lobster cream topping, brimming with baby scallops and plump shrimp was the perfect companion for my Tropical White Sangria. I honestly couldn't choose between the two, and I am so glad we didn't have to!
Red Lobster Lobsterfest #Lobsterfest #LobsterfestCelebration
Another thing I really love about enjoying Lobsterfest® is the easy of consumption for these brilliantly crafted lobster concoctions. While each Lobsterfest® dish is expertly crafted and perfectly paired for flavor, texture, and harmony these feasts for the eyes are not a chore to consume. When lobster of this quality is prepared so perfectly you can eat effortlessly. Our lobster peeled right from their bright red tails for plump, whole, lobster meat that truly added to the special dining experience.
Red Lobster Lobsterfest #Lobsterfest #LobsterfestCelebration
Red Lobster Lobsterfest #Lobsterfest #LobsterfestCelebration
Of course, if you're a little less of a lobster connoisseur, and favor a more playful presentation then Lobsterfest®'s NEW! Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese is an elevated way to pair a childhood favorite with very mature ingredients. This entree features Maine and langostino lobster tossed with cavatappi pasta in a cheesy truffle lobster cream, topped with toasted Parmesan panko crumb. Make no mistake, this is an entree, and appropriately sized with absolutely no skimping on the generous portions of langostino lobster. Nearly every bite featured yet another helping of hearty lobster. This dish made me think of my grandmother in Massachusetts, and how jealous she (a New England native) would be of my cheesy seafood feast.
Last, but not least, for our entree portion of the meal we simply couldn't pass up on the opportunity to add on a side of Red Lobster's signature creamy mashed potatoes topped with longostino lobster in that sherry lobster cream sauce. It was the perfect little upgrade to our meal, and I highly suggest upgrading your side item, or adding this onto your Lobsterfest® entree of choice, because this treat won't be around for long!
Red Lobster Lobsterfest #Lobsterfest #LobsterfestCelebration
As our meal wrapped I was a bit in awe of how even our empty plates looked like a culinary work of art. It felt as though we'd enjoyed course after course of specially tailored seafood. It had been a journey of flavors and textures marked by quality lobster of several varieties. And did I mention those Cheddar Bay Biscuits?
Red Lobster Lobsterfest #Lobsterfest #LobsterfestCelebration
Our servers had, yet again, done a superb job of anticipating our every need from bussing our table in between courses to keeping our glasses full and inspiring plenty of smiles.  When we'd made our plans to visit the chain on St Patrick's Day I'd been a little worried about potential wait times but, as usual, we were made to feel like the only guests in the house, Fabulous experiences like this always make us come back for a 2nd and 3rd Lobsterfest® visit (that and the fact that it's always limited time, so we never know how many chances we'll actually get!)
It might sound a bit silly to make plans to go to a restaurant we're practically regulars at for our Anniversary dinner- but we wouldn't have it any other way. When the timing for this year's Lobsterfest® lined up with the date we just knew there was no place we'd rather trust the special occasion to than our friends at the Oxnard, California Red Lobster.
Just to illustrate my point- Take a look at this little "extra" our server Claudia brought to our table at the end of our meal. As she placed the hand 'drawn' plate down, complete with it's magical flickering candle, she remarked how she hoped that we'd make Lobsterfest® a new anniversary tradition, and how she appreciated us choosing to celebrate our day with them. As a lobster fanatic I can't lie- this put a huge smile on my face and was definitely something I had to share with friends and family when talking about our special day. It was too cute, not to!
And, because I didn't know our server had planned such a thoughtful treat, and also because, hello, chocolate, we also had ordered the Brownie Overboard sundae to finish our meal. Any date night is not complete without chocolate, in my opinion- but the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake is also phenomenal and a perfect Lobsterfest® pairing if chocolate isn't your thing. This bad boy sundae is big enough for 2, 3, or even 4 to share and our servers always bring the appropriate number of spoons per guest to encourage it.
As we finished those last delicious bites, and worked out a generous tip for our fab servers Claudia and Diana, I also tabbed over to my Red Lobster Rewards app to give my receipt barcode a quick scan for those points. I'd already earned several free desserts and appetizers in the rewards program, and claiming points couldn't be any easier with the simple barcode scan feature so there's no excuse not to download the app before your next Lobsterfest® visit. Remember, Lobsterfest® is only around for a limited time, and nobody really knows when it will be gone, so hurry in soon so you don't miss out! To stay up to date with Red Lobster events and specials be sure to follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To learn more about lobster sustainability from some of the trusted fishermen who’ve provided lobster to Red Lobster for generations, please check out the video below.

This video was produced in partnership with Great Big Story