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Mobile Insurance For Modern Vacations: #AsurionSaves

*** This post was created in partnership with Asurion, but all thoughts are my own.Content or other value provided by Asurion, personal images copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Momma Told Me: Don't let fear ruin your fun.

Between Jay and I it's a miracle we aren't over our heads in debt. These days it seems like the more expensive device you buy, the more risk you are taking financially. With all of the fancy automated technological gadgets, the more screen protectors, extended warranties, specialized cases, and instructional classes are needed to simply operate them. The modern cell phone handset retails for $450 today; and, with the recent switch to contract free service plans, that's often out of pocket up front. I don't tote my personal laptop around, so why would I do that with a cellphone of nearly the same value? We have been conditioned to overlook the practicality of such heavy usage, and the risks involved with constant mobility of such a device, in exchange for the amount of convenience these phones offer (size, speed, connectivity)- but that doesn't change the fact that the modern smartphone is a major financial investment for the average consumer.
Asurion mobile insurance

Just this year Jay misplaced his wallet for nearly 2 weeks; we considered it long and gone, replacing IDs and cutting financial losses with gift cards and cash, until it was found wedged between the dresser and our bed. Late last year he also walked out of a very crowded Punk Rock Bowling tournament without his phone, which has been, presumably safely, resting in his pocket the entire time. Unfortunately, on a pre-paid plan, and never to be seen again, Jay was out of pocket several hundred dollars and left phone-less until he could afford a new handset. On a daily basis Sabrina (10) walks into walls, trips flat on her face, and plays with yo-yos inches from our flat screen. We leave pizzas on top of car roofs, sunglasses on fast food counters, and personal items in hotel rooms while on vacation. In our household we have 3 tablets, 2 laptops, 2 digital cameras, 2 smartphones, and 1 basic cellphone. We are your average American family.
I freely admit I'm a worrywart. I panic over any and everything. I'm a sufficiently over-cautious driver (and yes that can cause issues of it's own), I always try to have back up contingencies, and on any given day I'll tell you I'm going to die of something I shouldn't have eaten. (Hey, I never said I was perfect!) But living your life in fear of the worst case scenario is no way to live at all. As licensed drivers we are required to carry insurance for our vehicles, primarily because the operation of such can result in property damage and injury to others. Then there's dental, vision, medical, and homeowner's insurance; all optional in most cases. But how do you ensure your Summer isn't ruined by the simple act of having fun? Do you leave your iPhone at home? I truly doubt that. Are you buying $50 waterproof baggies to store your tech in, while out exploring? And what do you do if someone with sticky hands decided to slip that new Google Tab out of your purse while you're grabbing soft serve at the pier?
Mobile insurance covers just about anybody from just about any mobile device relate catastrophe. Just like any other insurance policy customers pay a small monthly fee (in comparison to unit value), to add a little extra peace of mind while out kayaking and splashing in the waves. Asurion mobile insurance has over 150+ million customers with a business rating of 4.5/5, and is easily accessible online. Much like the insurance plans you'd purchase through your contract mobile phone provider, Asurion will cover most all cases of loss, theft, and accidental damage. That means no more rice bags! In some instances claimants have been able to have a replacement device in hand in as short as a 24 hour turn-around (depending on time and date of report), and that's priceless peace of mind when you're away from home. Don't let mobile catastrophe ruin your Summer, invest in mobile insurance.

What Daughter Says: Keep your sanity in tact with the peace-of-mind of quality mobile insurance.

Cookieception: Oreo Cookie Muffins Recipe (Great For Cookie Cakes!)

Oreo Cookie Muffin
Momma Told Me: 2 Parts Wonderful = Awesome

(Almost) Everyone loves cookies. And, next to chocolate chip, Oreo is easily one of the most recognizable with it's black and white sandwich form. So, it's only natural to want to mash the two into some sort of twisted Cookieception concoction, right?

Believe it or not, I don't share every recipe I make with my readers. I'm sure some of you have a vision of me hovering over ingredients taking meticulous pictures while I force my family to sit on the sidelines waiting hours for a simple salad. Okay, so that does happen SOME time; but I don't chronicle every meal, by a long shot. Sometimes I play with a Pinterest idea, or twist a recipe and keep a camera on hand for posterity (okay, that doesn't sound any better), with no real intent to blog about it. And, sometimes those photos twist into a blog post because I receive enough praise from friends, family, and bowling-mates, that I feel it is too good not to share with you all. This is one of those cases- so, excuse the flour and enjoy!
When I was a little girl I'd spend a week of each vacation with Momma's Momma, my Oma, or 'grandmother' as it's known in German. She only got to see me for a handful of days out of each year, so I was sufficiently spoiled rotten. From a young age I learned where all of her secret stashes were. There were shark shaped fruit snacks in the hideaway closet in the dining room, string cheese under the eggs in the fridge, and a secret agent style cookie jar in the kitchen. When I was a toddler, and asked what was in this beautiful cow cookie jar, I was always told 'dog biscuits.' And so I believed for many years, until, one day, I connected the 'theft proof' mooing feature seconds before grandma's famous chewy cookies emerged before me. From there on out it was only a matter of learning how to time the 'moos' with grandma's absence from earshot.
Oreo Cookie Muffins
There are few treats as satisfying, to me, as a warm chewy cookie fresh from the baking sheet. No matter the temperature, or time of year, a tall glass of milk (or 'white water,' as I only drink fat free or 1%), can truly warm the tummy and put smiles on faces. I'm not sure how the Oreo Cookie Muffin came to be, as it's really more of an extra chunky, super moist cookie in muffin form- but it's truly magical. I've decided this particular recipe would be especially perfect for anyone looking to make a homemade cookie cake (in a 9" round pan), and will produce fairly fluffy cookies when scooped onto a baking sheet as well. But I'm partially fond of the whole 'cookie from the top, muffin from the side' profile- it really turns heads.
Oreo cookie Muffins
This week it's been particularly gloomy, especially for Southern California in July. We had physical rain, which is rare any time of year, and Sunday I had to cancel plans for Smores due to inclement weather. It turns out this was the perfect answer to gloomy skies and cold winds. Not only did the kids have fun crumbling all the ingredients (I had melting chocolate instead of baking chips), but the generous chunks of Oreo Cookie and gooey chocolate was enough to speak right to the soul. This recipe has everything great about the perfect cookie, and I dare you to try it warm with a scoop of Vanillia ice cream on top!

What Daughter Says: Oreo Cookie Muffins just may be the Unicorn of the cookie/muffin world.

Oreo Cookie Muffins
Oreo Cookie Muffins
****click here for printable cookie muffin recipe


*2 C Brown Sugar
*2/3 C Butter (Softened)
*3 Medium, or 2 Large Eggs
*1 TSP Vanilla Extract
*2.5 C Flour
* 2 1/4 TSP Baking Powder
*1/2 TSP Salt
* 12 OREO Cookies, Crushed
*1/2 C White Chocolate Chips
*1/2 C Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Preheat oven to 325F

1.) Cream butter and sugar in a large bowl, with a mixer. Introduce eggs and vanilla and stir until well combined.
2.) Mix the baking powder and salt with 1 C of flour. Pour into the butter mixture gradually. Combine remaining flour.
3.) Fold in OREO's and chocolate chips.
4.) Drop by heaping scoop into (foil) baking cup lined muffin tins, or pour into a pre-greased 9" cake pan, dusted with cocoa powder. Bake for 25-35 MINS, or until surface is lightly browned.

CA Science Center:Space Shuttle Endeavor,Aquatic Tank + High Wire Bike

Momma Told Me: Learning can be fun.

So yesterday officially marks the return of my extra +2 rugrats, back home until Winter break. That means it will just be Sabrina and I from here on out this Summer; and we already have a slew of plans, including a combination Lemonade/Cupcake Stand, and a box full of the hottest holiday toys for 2013! Though my home may be somewhat back to it's normal 'kid free' clutter, I do feel a bit behind sharing all of the amazing things we've been doing the past few weeks. Some of our 'events' have been very photo intensive, so do bear with us, I'll try to keep the narrative shorter than my usual long-winded paragraphs, so you can enjoy a simple look into these activities.
Space Shuttle Endeavor
Having grown up in Southern California there were no shortage of engaging places to visit on school trips. Within an hour drive we have authentic Missions, Cultural and Arts Museums, 2 zoos, and a plethora of educational landmarks. While Momma always tried to keep our Summer engaging, we never traveled into Los Angeles to visit the bigger staples. Traffic can be horrendous, let alone the swarms of children and camp groups taking refuge in the 'free' public museums, and it was never quite her thing. However, there was one place I went to, twice, on field trips in school, that really stuck out to me; the California Science Center. With an attached IMAX venue that boasts a staggering 7 story x 90' screen, and 44 speaker surround sound, the California Science Center admission is free for over 100 stable exhibits across 8 themed halls and 3 stories.

Other than your obvious science exploratory topics, the CSC also features guest and traveling exhibits, though the most notable currently is the hanger which has become the new forever home of the retired Space Shuttle Endeavor. After touring the country, and being pulled by a Toyota Tundra through the streets of Los Angeles, the Endeavor found a home among several specialized exhibits including a mock up of Rocketdyne labs (utilizing real, donated equipment), a video demonstration and actual Space Potty system, and physical shuttle tires that guests are encouraged to touch. For me, though, one of the coolest things about this exhibit was the very first exhibit guests see walking off the parking lot. There, suspended at the end of a big pulley system is the same Tundra that guided the shuttle to it's final resting space. With 3 varied leverage angles, guests are encouraged to learn about force and levers in an experiment that actually challenges them to lift a half ton truck!
Of course, if you want to see the actual Endeavor, you are asked to make a small monetary donation, per person, to help regulate the speed of visitors to the exhibits, and maintain costs for upcoming related exhibits. I'm not sure how much the children took away from this portion of our visit, but Jay was fascinated, and I was glad to have the experience to share someday. I'll admit, though, I was expecting the shuttle to seem much bigger in person; I can't imagine being stuck inside with all the equipment and a crew for weeks on end. And we all may have meteorite radiation from touching the tires (joking), but that certainly is something that brought smiles and wonder to everyone in our party, from eldest to youngest.
I couldnt possibly shove all 100+ exhibits into a post, so I've tried to edit myself to the biggest highlights for the kids. Sabrina's(10) been wanting to get to an aquarium for a while now, so the modestly sized tank enclosed in the water habitat wing was a real hit. There were plenty of giant tanks with smaller sea critters (starfish, kelp, crayfish, guppies, etc), but everyone really lit up when we passed through a clear tunnel, under water, and into a giant theater style room with a 40'+ tank wall. We just might have spent the largest amount of time in one place at this exhibit, where beautiful sharks crossed paths, and over 30 species of aquatic animals mingled among anemones and various sea plants. There was even a big fish the size of the 3-year-old! Later, on the floor above this exhibit we got to touch and see kelp, as well as interact with a touch tank where the kids could touch cone shark eggs and living starfish.
High Wire Bicycle
It's hard to ignore one of the Science Center's most popular stable exhibits, as it literally smacks you in the face, the head?, upon entrance. 43' above the main lobby is a Highwire Bicycle open for guests to ride at $3 an experience. With a safety net spanning the 36' wire ride, and several harnesses, this bike also has educational properties. It remains impressively balanced thanks to the 250 pound counterweight suspended from the bottom. Teaching the 'center of gravity' law, guests 200lbs and less, and bout 4'+ in height can face their fears and pedal across the giant chasm twice. On the second lap back they are encouraged to remove their hands from the side grips and play with balance (none of our girls felt comfortable enough to do that, but I did capture several smiles).
High Wire Bicycle
The younger of the two girls(8) literally begged to go on this exhibit, which I was happy to allow- but soon rethought her decision when the time came. Luckily Sabrina (10), who was more nervous was happy to step up and show her new sister there was nothing to fear. By the time Kiara (8) sat her butt in the chair, she was all smiles- how's that for something to add to a 'What I Did This Summer' essay? By the time we left the California Science Center everyone was literally exhausted from all of the exploration. As ti turns out, the car was exhausted as well, as everything inside the car seemed to have begun to melt! I picked up my purse from the passengers seat (rule #1 when going out with kids, use backpacks or totes over purses), and a big gooey glob of peach lip gloss melted all down the side of my leather purse. And that's precisely why, if you see me walking down the street today, my purse now sparkles!

Do you have a free museum or science center your family likes to visit during the Summer?

What Daughter Says: Hands on education is great to keep kids engaged and to help absorb principles with visual and textural references.

Bacon Chipotle Deviled Eggs Recipe: Potato Chip Cooking 4/5

Bacon Chipotle Deviled Eggs Recipe
Momma Told Me: The stinkier, the yummier.

I was not a very adventurous eater, as a child. Up until about 13 my father had to frequently bargain TV time and desserts just to coax spoonfuls of vegetables and unwanted protein (pretty much anything that wasn't chicken). And, while my Pop had his own diet peculiarities (he, to this day, refuses to eat any form of pasta, and substitutes it for rice no matter the dish), Momma would try anything without having to be asked. There was the time our family went to the Filipino neighbor's family banquet and sampled baby quail and quail eggs, or the time our Chinese neighbors brought over the delicacy of 'Shark Fin Soup' (which it turns out is like sipping toothbrush bristles), or the countless afternoons Momma would dine on Liverwurst, pate, and bagels. Yes, there was no lack of bold International cuisine in my household, but I remained staunchly closed off to new culinary experiences.
Nothing tried my resolve quite like family gatherings. There were always a few great Aunts who'd make the classic family meal staples. You know, the foods everyone recognizes, but few actually look forward to. There were the marshmallow topped sweet potatoes during the holidays (which inevitably ended up still in the pan with all the mallows scraped off), the green bean casserole, Grandma's special recipe fruit cake (now with 50% more grapefruit!), and my personal nemesis Deviled Eggs. Don't get me wrong, I loved eggs; scrambled. But hard boiled eggs, well, I didn't even care to paint them at Easter, let alone consume them. There was the sulfur smell they released when being made, or even if left in the fridge uncovered too long; and the slippery texture of the outer egg white 'shell.' It was certainly not for me. That is, until the foodie me, as an adult, was asked to make them for a relative on a special request.
Deviled Eggs Group
The first time I made deviled eggs I was quite intimidated. Just the process of hard boiling and peeling eggs, alone, can be frustrating for a Type A person like me. I must've went through 2 dozen my first attempt, simply trying to get them cooked perfectly, then trying to peel them picture worthy. Let me tell you, home chefs, there will be whites peels and cracked halves; it happens. Food should always be about taste, firstmost- don't get hung up on presentation. Of course, I have learned a few helpful tips over the years. When picking your eggs to hard boil, use ones that are at least 4-5 days old (from the grocery store). for farm fresh, or personal laid eggs, allow one week prior to hard boiling. This will make peeling considerably easier. Add a pinch of vinegar to cold water (never place eggs in warm or boiling water to begin cooking, always start from cold), and be sure to rapid chill the eggs upon removal from the water. There are many hard-boiling techniques out there, but I usually use one that involves bringing the water to a boil, then turning the heat down to low and allowing the eggs to sit for 15 minutes, submerged.
Bacon Chipotle Deviled Eggs
Peeling hard boiled eggs can be a nightmare. Hopefully, you've avoided cracks by using the cold to hot method, and rapid cooling has ensured an even set within the shell. Trying to peel eggs that are still warm, even if only in the center, can lead to disaster. If using an ice bath to chill your eggs, remove them from the water and allow them to sit at room temperature 3-4 minutes prior to peeling. Next, begin by gently tapping the shell on a hard surface to create a few simple cracks on the surface. Then, gently roll the egg on a hard counter or surface until you feel the shell begin to peel from the egg's surface. Begin peeling, and voila! I, personally, like to cut my eggs width wise, rather than traditional lengthwise. By doing this I can shave a little off either end, and create a flat surface to stand the eggs without a special tray or platter; but to each their own.

You may recall I've been working through an original Potato Chip Recipe Series; and today's Deviled Eggs just so happen to be made with some ground potato chips. I suggest using sour cream and chive chips, processed to a find crispy powder, but traditional style Lay's will work just as well. They add a great flavor that really goes well with the richness of the bacon. If you're especially bold, you can even introduce some finely shredded cheddar cheese int the filling. And if you still find the concept of cooking with potato chips odd, my grandfather puts walnuts in his deviled eggs- anything goes!

What Daughter Says: You'll never see me scarf down Momma's Liverwurst, but I'm glad I've expanded my culinary palette.

Bacon Chipotle Deviled Eggs Recipe
Bacon Chipotle Deviled Eggs
***click here for printable deviled eggs recipe


*14 Hard Boiled Eggs
*1/2 C Light Mayo
*1/2 C Light Sour Cream
*1.5 TSP Dijon Mustard
*1TSP Fresh Lemon Juice
*1/4 TSP Pepper
*1/3 C Crumbled, Cooked, Bacon
*1/3 C Finely Processed Potato Chips
*1/2 TSP Chipotle Powder


1.) Take an even 1/4" off each end of the hard-boiled egg. Cut each egg, width wise in half and carefully spoon out the yolk into a medium bowl. Save 24 white halves (the extra eggs are to account for mistakes and bad eggs)

2.) Mash yolks with fork and place in food processor with mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, lemon juice, pepper, chipotle, bacon, and potato chips. Blend until smooth. (Add finely shredded cheddar cheese if desired.)

3.) Spoon or pipe 1 mounding TBS of yolk mixture into each egg white. Garnish wish excess Chipotle powder/bacon crumbles. Keep refrigerated up to 5 days, covered.

How #Prevacid24HR Eliminates Heartburn + Rewards Consumers

***** As a BzzAgent, I recieved the following product free, in exchange for sharing my 'buzz.' No further compensation was provided. All photos and screenshots within are property of Momma Told Me Blog 2013.
Momma Told Me: A good product is a reward in itself.

Heartburn. Studies indicate more than 60million people a year suffer from heartburn and/or acid reflux at least once a month, and an astonishing 25 million deal with it on a daily basis. In my mid twenties, with no kids under my belt, I would have thought I'd be the last to begin to develop the signs of frequent heartburn. So, when those first sleepless nights and burning sensations began to develop, I initially blamed it on something I'd ate. While certain foods can cause heartburn, in truth, food usually is merely aggravating a larger, more frequent medical issue. Factors such as pregnancy, extreme weight loss and heavy weight gain, stress, and diet all play a non-discriminatory role in the plague that is called heartburn. And, unfortunately, over one-third of sufferers battle through the symptoms daily, often altering their diet and habits dramatically to work around the effects of this diagnosis.

It's bad enough one has to deal with taking pills and/or antacid tablets daily to keep the symptoms in check, but the blow to one's budget can be just as frustrating. For years I fooled myself into thinking I could control my heartburn with TUMS tablets and extra dairy, or the avoidance of spicy foods. I'd spend $10-$15 a week on calcium tablets, with chalky textures, and lingering aftertastes, just to get a few hours of relief. I always fooled myself into thinking $3-$4 at a time, the antacid tablets were 'cheaper,' when, in fact, they were running a higher tab than long term over-the-counter once a day remedies. That's when I discovered Prevacid, not only do they offer a variety of strengths and capsule varieties, but their clinically proven frequent heartburn formula is known to act in as few as 24 hours from the initial dose. Considered a maintenance medication, 14 day treatments of #Prevacid24HR are sold at grocery stores and drugstores nationwide, without a physician's prescription (and use the same active ingredients as my prescribing doctor's recommendation).
Prevacid 24 Hour
If you, or a loved one, suffers from frequent heartburn (2 or more days a week), it's time to experience life without the burn. Stop skipping foods and sleeping in odd positions; kick the hold frequent heartburn has over your life and try Prevacid 24 Hour today. Myself and my afflicted loved ones have trusted the Prevacid name for years, offering delayed release treatment with just one simple pill a day. I know, for some, swallowing the cost of a 24 hour heartburn treatment regimen can be hard to swallow at first, but I cannot sing enough praise to the efficacy and convenience of this brand and product. 14 counts start at just $9.99, and coupons can often be printed online, just like this exclusive branded printable coupon from the Prevacid website! And, sweetening the deal even more, Prevacid 24 Hour has introduced a brand new loyalty rewards program, where customers can claim 1 free reward per month.
Prevacid 24 Hour
Sign up with the Prevacid 24 Hour Perks rewards program is entirely free, and rewards can be claimed instantly. Simply sign into your Prevacid 24 Hour account and enter in the bar-code from your most recent Prevacid 24 Hour purchase to choose one of 5 specially curated rewards. Choose from a Spa and Wellness gift card, $25 gift cards, Vudu streaming credit, and more. As a consumer, there are few things more exciting than getting rewarded for buying a brand I already love and use! Answer a few short questions, and demographic info, and claim your $3 off coupon today, this blue and purple box is sure to become one of your newest best kept secrets!

What Daughter Says: I was already a loyal consumer, but Prevacid has made heartburn just a little easier to swallow with it's new Perks program!

Head Into Your Local Outback To Treat Yourself w/ A Free #MiniMilkshake

***I will receive a gift card, through Social Chorus, on behalf of Outback Steakhouse, in exchange for sharing these memories of my father. Regardless, all personal photos and opinions remain mine, and mine alone. #BestMates #Outbackptr. OREO and the OREO Wafer Design are registered trademarks of Mondelez International Group.
Momma Told Me: Treat yourself.

July seems to have flown by quicker than a blink of my eyes, and boy have I been wearing myself out. On the good side of things, the kids and I have been having a blast, and I've been getting very good sleep without the use of my usual aids. Unfortunately, with three kids afoot, I've spend a decent chunk of money (even the 'frugal' excursions add up with gas and food). Whenever the girls and I have craft time I always find myself sitting at the dining table wondering why I didn't grab myself supplies to craft to. It's simply second nature to think of myself last. We go out to grab ice cream, I sit the treat out; the kids are fighting over which rides to go on at the Pick-Your-Own farm, I'm standing on the sidelines guarding shoes and Tinkerbell purses. And, when the kids leave for the day I begin taking care of the 4 legged children and preparing dinner and cleaning for Jay. Yes, life goes by fast, but it's important to stop and treat yourself from time to time, as well.
Outback #MiniMilkshake
One way I especially enjoy treating myself is by going out for a nice, grown-up, meal. While I don't always like spending the extra money, I have a few favorite restaurants that I consider 'worth it.' Sometimes I'm craving Chinese for lunch, other days I want to take in a slow dinner with a glass of wine and a juicy steak. For that I always choose The Outback Steakhouse. Not only is the dark and cozy atmosphere relaxing, but the wide arrange of sophisticated appetizers (and the not so sophisticated Bloomin' Onion), alongside a thick loaf of Rye and butter, literally melts my heart. There's nothing like a good slab of meat and shrimp on the barbie to really indulge; so I was surprised to hear this favorite treat is now twice as sweet, literally.

Now through August 7, 2013, Outback guests (excluding California, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho) can indulge in the newest addition to this chain's dessert menu. With 5 tempting hand scooped Blue Bell Ice Cream flavors, these single portion #MiniMilkshakes are the perfect finish to a great night in the Outback. Visit to claim a voucher for a complimentary ($2.99 retail value) Oreo Mini Milkshake on your next visit. This exclusive giveaway is only running for a limited time, so be sure to claim your coupon before July 31, 2013, and redeem it on your next dine-in occasion before August 7, 2013. While this promotion is not valid at my local (California) Outback Steakhouse, I will be stopping in soon to try the new Mini Milkshakes (doesn't the seasonal Banana Pudding flavor sound yummy?), and to treat myself, very soon!

What Daughter Says: It's not always easy, but remember to spoil yourself too- After all, nobody's happy if Momma ain't happy!

Content and/or other value provided by out partner, Outback Steakhouse.

My Shoe Stink Secret + @Purex Fabric Softener Sheets Giveaway~ 8/3

Purex Fabric Softener Sheets
Momma Told Me: Life can get a little stinky.

Laundry and I have had a 'Love/Hate' relationship since I was old enough to stumble to the dryer door and roll in the pile of fresh, warm, towels. Somewhere around 4 Momma decided to switch our household detergent to a then new Tide variety for the appealing fragrance. Within days I began to develop nasty patches of hives and grew quite cranky. A week, and several loads, later, I was toted into the pediatrician's office for a myriad of allergy tests. All known allergens came back clear; the irritant had to be something found at home. Naturally the doctor asked Momma to explore and changes in routine or environment that had been made lately, and it was discovered that my skin was especially sensitive to the new detergent. From then on it was a series of Arm and Hammer cleansers, or expensive baby formula detergents.
Fabric Softener Sheets
I wish I could say that I've outgrown that sensitivity, but I sadly have not. In fact, just last year, we moved into our new condo, with a shared laundry facility, and I began breaking out in hives again. Our lower neighbors were not only leaving their wet laundry in the barrels to mildew for days, but placing 10-15 (trust me, I counted) dryer sheets in the dryer! Clearly, if they felt they needed that many dryer sheets (perhaps to outweigh the mildew smell?), they were not buying quality sheets to begin with! I was forced to begin taking my laundry back to my father's house once a week, simply to use a clean washer and dryer. Despite the step back on the adult-hood ladder, I was determined to continue exploring laundry products that would offer fragrance and effectiveness, without irritation. When I shortly there after became a Purex ambassador I was unsure as to whether I'd be able to actually use the products.
Mountain Breeze Purex
Well, as many of you know, I can, and do, use the Purex range of detergents and laundry care aids. Not only is my skin happy with their newer Baby Detergent and Crystals, gentle, collection, but their Naturals (green bottle) line is also safe for my sensitive skin. I have been breakout free for over a year, and even use the Dirt Lift Action Purex liquid detergent for stain fighting and diluted loads of heavier soiled fabrics. The value is immense, and I love that I can find all of the Purex products at my local Super Walmart Center, while stocking up on back to school clothing and other grocery needs. So, when Purex recently announced the addition of Fabric Softener Sheets to their lineup I was intrigued to have a potential dryer sheet my skin could tolerate.

Currently manufactured in two 3x concentrated fragrances; Mountain Breeze and Sweet Lavender, Purex Fabric Softener Sheets claim to reduce static cling and repel pet hair and lint (which we have plenty of in our home). I know the debate whether to soften towels or not is a personal preference; but I prefer to have my towels, and bedding, treated with Fabric Softener Sheets. Using 1 per load, I discovered that the sheen, non-greasy, Purex sheets are in fact loaded with plenty of fragrance to keep my laundry fresh up to a week after washing. I was happy to find my towels also had no detectible residue, and seemed to absorb water from skin just as effective as ever.
Purex Fabric Softener Sheets to keep shoes fresh
While I am a low fragrance kinda laundry gal, the intense aroma of the Mountain Breeze Purex dryer sheets I received not only keep my laundry smelling great, but are excellent for masking odors elsewhere as well. I can tuck a single sheet, even after running through a load in the dryer, in my shoes, hamper, drawers, or garbage cans to keep dark and musky odors at bay. It's great to know I can extend the value of my Purex fabric softener sheets with these extra little uses- since I don't use them in every laundry load. Not only do my fabrics stay smelling laundry day fresh, but I can enjoy that comforting aroma throughout my house as well.

What Daughter Says: Discover new uses for dryer sheets and keep your laundry smelling fresh with less waste, thanks to Purex.

One Momma Told Me reader will win 3 vouchers for FREE Purex Fabric Softener Sheets!