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Jenna On: Sleep

I've always had difficulty sleeping. When I was a child it was a post nasal drip that kept me up coughing and choking. Today that same condition has given me horrible acid reflux in addition to a mental condition I inherited from my father's traits and the simple fact that I am female. I am talking about, of course, the list. And, while I call it the list, because that is what modern media refers to it as, it is not necessarily a list. This condition pertains more to an acute need to compartmentalize and monitor everything going on in ones life. From dusk till dawn the modern woman is juggling a dozen given tasks that range from chores and cooking to child rearing and finances, and yes (gasp), even jobs. It's no wonder us women are suffering from increased cases of sleep apnea and shortened sleep cycles!

For me, the process starts with what I call 'unwinding', which is in fact a blatant piece of irony, as that is the farthest from what I am doing. The lights may be off, and I may be in bed, but somewhere between brushing my teeth and checking the locks (for the third time), I begin to plan the next day. I'll organize shopping lists, and errand routes, or time chores based on who's home. Then I'll move onto a conversation I had several days back, where I couldn't recall a name or title, and work on that until it's solved. Next I'll probably try to plan my post schedule for the blog, reflect on review items and contrasts, and whether I want to see the new Hugh Jackman movie (I do). About this time I recall a window or door I forgot to check, and get back up to check locks again, as well as the stove. And, by the time I am back in bed, and asleep, the hubby is snoring loud enough to shake the walls.

Yes, my sleep has been fleeting lately, but with it an odd phenomenon (I hadn't experienced since childhood) has emerged. You see, in high school I used to be so focused on academics and social activities that I would frequently dream as though I were going about my day. I'd wake up with vivid recollections of conversations, tests, and lessons. As you can imagine this would throw me off greatly, constantly thinking it was a day later, or that I truly, in fact had to write a paper I'd been assigned in sleep! Well, like a sick personal joke, I have begun to (not only keep myself up with an active mind) waste my precious 'dreams' with daily chores and mundane tasks. That's right, I dream I wake up and cook, and get on Facebook, then blog, and even lay in bed trying to sleep, and checking locks! I'd much rather be flying, or even chased by vampires.....Have you ever dreamt dreams that were filled with day-t-day activities and interactions?

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  1. Oh yea..I would tell my bosses (when I still worked), that they owed me over time, because I worked all nite in my sleep! LOL

  2. I too have a "list" problem. Fortunately I don't dream about mundane tasks (poor you!), but I do lay down and think think think. My husband always asks me why I go to bed so late, and it's really that if I'm not dead on my feet tired, I'm just going to lay there thinking anyways. Plus, when you have kids you learn to really appreciate the alone time that bedtime provides.

    I have found that using hypnosis apps on my iPhone has helped me relax and not think. I really love Pzizz, it might be worth looking into for you! It has really helped me a lot (when I actually get into bed and use it).

  3. Miss you Jenna! Enjoyed reading this..been so crazy busy lately.

  4. May you sleep SOON, Jenna! Nothing worse, I have been there...

  5. I envy your energy! I used to be like that, but lately I'm nodding out while brushing my teeth! Going to bed too late and getting up too early. I think it's called sleep deprivation!
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  6. Same with me. I've also had difficulty sleeping. I have tried every recommendations/remedies I could find online to get better sleep and nothing worked. Insomnia really sucks.