Momma Told Me: Real Steel: A Boy, His Robot, and That Guy From X-Men, Giveaway and Review~ 10/20

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Real Steel: A Boy, His Robot, and That Guy From X-Men, Giveaway and Review~ 10/20

Real Steel? Chances are you fall into one of 2 categories when it comes to this October 7th (that's this Friday) releasing title; either it's been on your calendar and you've been counting down for weeks, or you're sitting here now asking what on Earth I'm talking about. If you fall into the latter I'd expect you live a very media absent life. This film has been highly hyped and all over every PR channel all summer! If you're female, not to stereotype but, it's likely you'd blow this film off as a quasi Transformers-Meets-Digimon testosterone fest of carnage void of any real plot. In fact, even after having seen the movie, I highly suspect Director Shawn Levy cast lead Hugh Jackman (Charlie) with foresight on this matter. Crowned People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, 2008, this actor most known for his X-Men endeavors is certainly eye candy for the millions of girlfriends, wives, and mothers who will be drug unsuspectingly to see this film.

Set a few decades into the future, Real Steel is set in a very modern, relate-able, world where carnage seeking fight enthusiasts have pushed the sport of boxing into a mechanically fueled metal-sport. Instead of human boxers with carefully honed skills and talent, giant robots are sent into the ring, manned by their lazy human owners. Much like present day wrestling and MMA, the Robot Boxing World is a highly profitable industry, for those on the winning side. Jackman's character, Charlie, is an out-of-work human boxer turned robot fighter of questionable morals and little impact. Out of money, and a robot, Charlie learns he is to inherit his 11 year old son, Max (Dakota Goyo) when his mother passes away unexpectedly. While neither seem pleased with the circumstances the two find a common bond in their shared interest for Robot Boxing. What unfolds throughout the rest of the film is a series of edge-of-your seat cinematic matches and a sprinkling of emotionally bonding moments.

The hubby and I had a chance to watch Real Steel at it's World Premiere on October 2, 2011, and were torn going into the experience. The film is rated PG-13 for violence (it is about boxing after all, and these are robots- expect limbs to fly), and a sprinkling of adult language. Surprisingly the tumultuous relationship between Charlie and his on-again-off-again ex/childhood friend Bailey (Evangeline Lilly), is done with absolutely no crude or awkward moments. I have to tip my hat to Dreamworks for the true class and execution they've demonstrated in telling a story, without all the 'extras' you'll usually find in action based films. However, while many of the previews in months leading up to this billed the film as 'Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots', I daresay some men may be a little disappointed. I consider Real Steel to be a family film, barring inappropriate language and excessive violence (no worse than your average video games), I can see many families with kids 8+ walking out of this film feeling satisfied.

As a woman who loves both action and family films, I consider Real Steel to be well worth the average admission price today. My husband, who was on the fence going in, was expecting something much different than he got yet still, came out raving about how he 'Wouldn't mind seeing it again'. And, while the crowd at the premiere was on the edge of their seat cheering for underdog lead robot Atom as though it was a live fight, this may not be the film X-Men enthusiasts want to flock to. While the CG graphics and mind-blowing fight sequences are amazing, the true star of this film is Haley Joel Osment doppleganger Dakota Goyo (Max) and his relationship with absentee father Hugh Jackman (Charlie). In between each and every fight is a meaningful look inside the awkward reconciliation and fragile relationship of each character. I can say with certainty, mine were not the only eyes tearing up by film's end!

In all, Real Steel delivers somewhat predictable, yet extremely satisfiable, outcomes I would normally gripe about. Unfortunately, with a headliner such as Jackman, and the true feast for my eyes (of the magnificent and extravagant fights) this cookie cutter film seems to transcend to a sure-fire box office hit. You have robots, bad guys, romance, danger, comedy, headline actors, and adorable breakout actor, and warm fuzzies for a formula that has me asking, "When's the sequel coming out?" Take your tweens, take the teens, take your friends, your date, or simply yourself and get lost in the fantastic world, and impressively realistic characters that bring Real Steel to life!

Be sure to catch Dreamworks' Real Steel with Hugh Jackman, Evangaline Lily, and Dakota Goy in theaters nationwide October 7, 2011!

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  2. Well, I absolutely love Hugh Jackman, and my sons absolutely love robots, so I figure we're all covered!!

  3. My friend's enthusiasm for it is what's making me want to see it!

  4. Hugh Jackman makes me want to see this movie

  5. Hugh Jackman + robots, hello! It's definitely something I want to go see. =] It looks awesome.

  6. Hugh Jackman :P

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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  7. Besides Hugh Jackman??My husband and kids... this is not a Kim movie lol

  8. I want to watch it since Hugh Jackman's in it. Robots are pretty cool too. tylerpants(at)

  9. The special effects would make me want to see it most.

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