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A 4th of July Sentiment From Jenna

In a sense, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July are very similar holidays to me.

You see, all of the things I am so very grateful for at the end of November, I owe to the bravery and independence of our forefathers. If I did not live in America, I would not be celebrating Thanksgiving each Fall, nor would I likely have so many wonderful blessings and rights to be so proud, and thankful for. And, while Memorial Day and Veteran's Day are intended to honor those who've fought for us (and our country), it's hard not to think of those same people on a day such as today; when we celebrate our Freedom. In fact, it's hard not to think of our veterans every day.

It does not escape me that there are still many countries where just women alone are persecuted for doing things I tend to take for granted on a daily basis. They cannot write under their own name, in a public forum, without risk of political persecution. They cannot choose their own clothing, style their hair, or don the makeup (I own drawers full, of). There are places on this Earth where clean water, let alone filtered bottle water, would start an outcry and all out war in the streets, over limited supplies. I turn on the television, and I see our soldiers, to this day, coming home injured (many with invisible scars). Returning from lands where fellow man hides explosives in the ground, killing the very civilians they claim religious war on behalf of. Yes, I look around and I am grateful, and proud, to be an American- but most of all, I realize that America would not be without each and every one of it's citizens.

As amazing as it is to live in this country- it is as much the result of those alive today, as the result of those many centuries passed. If you love your country, as much as I do, then it is your duty as an American citizen to be the good example of what we hold with so much pride. It's a simple fact, our country is not without it's flaws. Our International test scores, among K-12 children, leaves much to be desired. We have homeless on our streets. We have veterans without homes.

Today is the 4th of July- but you are an American all year.

If you are as proud, tomorrow, as you are today, join me in making a difference. No, I do not have a charity, nor will I tell you where to focus your efforts. There is a great calling for humanity and kindness in every town- across many channels. For those who give, and extend a hand regularly, I thank you. But even you can do more. If it's just stopping to talk to a vet on the side of the road, for even a few moments, to extend a bit of hope, and human interaction. Or perhaps to say an extra prayer for the people you don't know. Maybe you'll organize your own blanket charity drive, or drop off a bag of groceries, unprovoked, to a local shelter. Yes, it's you and I that make America such an amazing place to live in- so amazing, that even those wanting are still grateful to call it home! The land of dreams, and opportunity- but most importantly, our home; which does not end at your front stoop, but carries on past the rolling mountains, from ocean to ocean. When the barbeques are done, this 4th of July, remember to carry on that pride.

Have a safe, and memorable 4th of July!

As Required By the FTC: This post is in no way sponsored, it is merely a piece of good, old-fashioned, blogging. I dedicate this post to my wonderful grandfather, Joseph Amaral (and his family), who served many years with the U.S. Navy, for which I am ever grateful.


  1. great post! I am digging the patriotic nails

  2. I totally agree. We need to be proud to be Americans everyday our freedom didn't come for free.

  3. I love it! We all can do something to help preserve and build the country we love.

  4. I love this and what an awesome reminder!

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