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Movie Night Swap: Reveal

As you all know I've become addicted to what the blogger world knows as 'swaps'; think of it as a sort of Secret Santa meets PenPal. Most recently I discovered a Movie Night swap ran by Linny's Vault and Miss. Attitude.

It's pretty simple, this (semi) quarterly event pairs participants with the same partner they will be receiving from. You let your partner know your favorite genre of movies and they put a box in the mail with a note, 1-2+ films, 2 of their favorite movie candies, 2+ bags of popcorn, and a little trinket. The shopping budget is standard, $15, but shoppers are always welcome to throw extras in if they're savvy.

I was partnered with Amber of Amber's Life Blog (click to see what I sent her), and received 2 excellent date night flicks; 27 Dresses and Bounty Hunter.  I've seen 27 Dresses a million times and loved adding it to my collection, Amber hit the nail on the head there! I was also thrilled about Bounty Hunter (featuring Gerard Butler, of one of my favorite all time flicks P.S.  I Love You). Surprisingly I have yet to see the whole film, and I can't wait! I also received some popcorn packs, Buncha Crunch (with a suggestion to throw it into my popcorn), Raisinets, and a cute earring and necklace set. I am so thrilled with my box, and can't thank Amber enough! I can't wait to participate in the Winter swap!


  1. I'm curious to see The Bounty Hunter. Great swap package you got!! Love these swaps. I'm a bit addicted.


  2. As much as I love Gerard Butler in this movie, I prefer him in movies when he uses his own sexy accent. Bounty Hunter's a pretty cute movie though :)

    I'm loving that necklace & earrings set she sent, so darn cute. Thanks so much for joining the swap & linking up. And, I'm so excited that you're planning on joining my holiday swap, too!

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