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Friday, November 16, 2012

My Pony Moment: Childhood Gift Obsessions

Growing up there was always something about Christmas that seemed just a bit more magical than even my birthday. What could possibly make this holiday outshine an entire day dedicated to myself? Perhaps it was the fact that every major toy company was vying for the dime of those shopping for me. Yes, right around November each year the hottest toys began to surface through infamous sources such as the notorious Toys R' Us Big Book. It didn't take many years for Momma to figure out this was one propaganda filled periodical she did not need in the hands of her daughter. I'd go crazy, circle things, I didn't even know what they did! In honesty, I think it was the sheer idea of Christmas; colorful parcels tied with ribbons and bows, just waiting to be unwrapped. For the most part I cared quite little what was inside- simply that those presents were for me.

I grew up in the 90s; a childhood in which the first half was governed by statistics that showed the average girl had 7 Barbies (and we're not talking knock-offs), and the second half by malfunctioning attempts at interactive toys, such as the Furby. Anything classic (dolls, puppets, doll houses) Momma would always make for me. I recall the first 10 years of my childhood were marked by handmade gifts from Momma; I have meticulously protected through my adulthood, for their cherished memories. The exception to this being the very first gift I received, a 1986 Limited Edition Cabbage Patch Doll, a sort of 'Welcome Home' gift, that sits in my living room to this day. And, while I could go on about how they don't make toys like they used to (Chubbles, GloWorms, Radio Flyers), this post is about my 'Pony' moment.

We all have at least one. That one thing you wished for most as a child, writing year after year to Santa; even dropping a few casual requests into those prayers. How iconic is the image of a little girl in ribbons and satin, bounding down the stairs on Christmas Morning, hope for a Pony dancing in her eyes? It may not be so iconic, but I certainly had a Pony; an item I wished for for years (and not to spoil the tale, but ultimately went out and bought myself with my first paycheck as an adult, just because). Yes, that golden gift was a Super Nintendo system. My childhood lullabies had been tirelessly accompanied by the soundtrack of Zelda and Star Tropics, as Pop played into the wee hours in the bedroom beside mine. And when I awoke in the middle of the night, terrified of the monster beneath my bed, I'd often sneak into my parent's room where the NES credits still scrolled on the glowing television screen.
Our NES system had been a major purchase for our family; finances tight with one working parent, a disabled Momma, and a young child. Looking back I suspect it was Pop's Lazy Boy Recliner, or Big Screen TV- that was his baby. But I knew video games from birth, and the 1991 Summer introduction of the Super Nintendo System quite literally rocked my world. I spent every year from 5-18 listing it at the top of my Christmas wishes. Year after year I would come home from Grandma's (where we spent our Winter holidays), crestfallen and longing for that shiny silver system. It was my Pony. So much so that even after I had received a Playstation 2, the year of my high school graduation, I still spent December 26th next door playing the neighbor's SNES.

This year some of the hottest toys are already sold out and back-ordered at major toy stores. It seems every year tenacious parents have to foresee the trends and stock up long before Black Friday, if they're to see those treasured smiles Christmas Morning. Thankfully we live in a day and age where we can not only browse and shop millions of items at our fingertips, but enjoy the benefits of competitive pricing and lightening fast shipping (right up until the day before Christmas). I do virtually all of my holiday shopping online, and one of my favorite places, for child or adult, is eBay, where I know I can find out of stock and hard to find hits. I'm also guaranteed to find unique gifts I won't see anywhere else, for a truly memorable Christmas moment. I've saved so much time and money getting my holiday shopping done online, that I've even indulged in recollecting some childhood memories; most recently the Chubble I'd misplaced in moving. Holiday shopping doesn't have to be a headache, or a disaster- check out this hilarious commercial from eBay; it about sums up the ease of click and ship gifting.

Do you have an item you asked Santa for year after year? What one toy is most iconic to your childhood?

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  1. I know Ebay spent we couple years ago, as a toy I bought online suddenly was out of stock and I would be in big trouble if not for Ebay.

  2. That video says it all doesn't it. You told the classic lead-in to that pony moment! I have never thought of an overwanted gift as a "Pony" moment and now I will never think of it as anything else!

  3. I love eBay and use it all the time. I love it for my kids toys!

  4. I have a whole list of auctions that I am watching at all times on Ebay! In fact the other day we ordered a Skylander that we haven't been able to find in the store as a Christmas gift for our sons!

  5. What a fantastic commercial! There were a few years my "pony" was a literal pony. As an adult until I got Davinia ok no until I had Davinia and Indiana I wanted a puppy. I think I am back to the point of wanting another puppy but I don't think I will be quite ready for one come Christmas.

  6. I was rescued by Ebay one year for a toy my grandson wanted and I was able to get it on the site when no one could find it in the stores. I love shopping Ebay. I can remember wanting a stuffed monkey holding a banana when I was a kid. I don't think I ever told anyone I wanted it so no wonder I didn't get it. :)

  7. oh, I watched the commercial a few times. Was so cute! Love ebay... I use it daily. We have built quite a disney/pixar Cars collection using ebay. Miss them being part of Mypoints!

  8. Ebay is def. a great place to find deals, believe it or not so is Amazon! They do a lightning deal per day close to xmas.

  9. i never even thought about ebay to find holiday gifts but what a great idea