Momma Told Me: Brown Sugar Ham Steak Recipe + The Nexium 24HR Resolution

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Brown Sugar Ham Steak Recipe + The Nexium 24HR Resolution

This post has been sponsored in part by the Smiley 360 Blogger network on behalf of #Nexium24HR. All photos contained below are copyright Momma Told Me Blog 2016.
Simple Brown Sugar Ham Steak- Heats in 60 minutes in the slow cooker!
Momma Told Me: Who's going to save you from your holiday self?

Every year, somewhere around the first week of November we all begin to transform. It may be subtle at first, and some may have considerably more self control than others, but all of undergo the 'tempting' of holiday mentality. From the urge to over-indulge while shopping at the mall, to the desire to grab an extra slice of pie because 'it's a special event.' We find reasons to tip the scales ever so slightly here and there. A little indulgence is good for the soul, or at least that's what I say- but Momma always warned to be mindful of my 'holiday self.'
Your holiday self is the side of you that makes you even more willing to put an extra dollar in the tip jar, go out of your way to stop by a Toys For Tots collection bin, or invite a co-worker into your home for a warm meal. It is also the side of you that whispers 'It's only once a year' or 'We'll get back on track in Janaury, make a fresh start' as your eyes are continually widened and nostrils flared over the sights and smells of deliciously decadent holiday fare. As a blogger, and people pleaser, the holidays are a playground for me in the kitchen. In December I made 16 dozen cookies, a total of 7 unique recipes, 7 pounds of seasoned or candied bacon for pot lucks, 3 holiday hams, 1 turkey, 4 types of truffles, home-style chili, 5 different cheese balls, and so much more. I wish I could say all of that went out the door to family and friends, but the chef and her lead taster (Jay) did their fair share of consumption.
Simple Brown Sugar Ham Steak- Heats in 60 minutes in the slow cooker!
All of this over-consumption, and the exhaustion of running around indoors and out hit me pretty well, smack daub, 2 days before Christmas with the worst flu I have ever endured. To be honest, I am still enduring the aftermath. And, as miserable as having the flu during the holidays can be, there is something perhaps even more disruptive- heartburn. Nobody wants to be enjoying their favorite seasonal foods when heartburn hits. And, if you think we are out of the season of flare ups and indigestion, I'll remind you that we are barreling towards the big Game Day, and football season is very much in full swing. Hot wings, nachos, jalepenos, and cheese curls will be gracing out tables and living room in the upcoming weeks.
One pill a day fights frequent heartburn with over the counter relief from #Nexium24HR. AD

Luckily, Jay is protected by the comfort of #Nexium24HR for frequent heartburn. Him and his stomach of steel took on all I had to offer over the holidays, and all of the many 'home cooked' delights the residents at his work dropped off. I dare say he let his holiday self run free. And, truth be told, there was little stopping him. The convenience of taking such a tiny pill, once a day, for 24 hour relief and protection from heartburn, without a prescription is an immense help. And, without the chalky residue and unsavory flavorings of other heartburn treatments, Jay's palette was clear and ready to enjoy every last holiday flavor. You can grab a special coupon for $6 off Nexium 24HR here.
Of course, the 'holidays' aren't over yet- and, with me being sick and bed bound for most of the past week, I was getting fairly creative with leftovers and simple meals Jay could help prepare himself. To 'celebrate' New Year's we made a Brown Sugar Ham Steak with pineapple and dijon mustard. It not only smells heavenly while heating but, since the ham steak is already cooked from the store, this makes for an affordable and easy meal for 2 (or more, just double the ham steaks!) If you are a fan of glazed ham, you simply must try it out! While out meal heated we gathered around the family table and played a game of Apples To Apples while streaming our favorite tunes of 2015 on a Bluetooth speaker. It wasn't exactly the way we'd planned to celebrate, but you've got to make the best with what life throws you, right?
One pill a day fights frequent heartburn with over the counter relief from #Nexium24HR. AD
Of course that Brown Sugar Ham Steak has a few 'trigger' ingredients such as the acid in pineapple juice, and the spice of the mustard. There was a time when a mundane dish like this could send Jay to bed early in a grumpy mood with heartburn and a handful of chalky calcium pills. I can't say enough about how much more enjoyable Nexium 24HR has made 'the little things' like a delicious snack or game day meal once again. Best of all, you can buy Nexium 24HR over the counter at most major retailers such as CV, Walgreens, and Walmart. Learn more about Nexium 24HR, and where to buy it, here. Like Nexium 24HR on Facebook for more seasonal facts and fun advice.
One pill a day fights frequent heartburn with over the counter relief from #Nexium24HR. AD
One pill a day fights frequent heartburn with over the counter relief from #Nexium24HR. AD
I've, personally, got a lot of exciting things planned for Momma Told Me in 2016- and I'm hoping this flu won't set me back too far. At least I know my 'lead taster' is ready to go! This year I'll be bringing back a few favorite regular series to the blog, such as Bucket List Tuesday, What I'm Streaming, and What I'm Gaming as well as introducing regular 'themed' recipe posts and more pet content. We'll even be going 'way back' and redoing some of our very first crafts and recipes! I'm very excited to share this all with you over the next year! Now, tell me, what types of foods tempt you so much you can never turn them down? Is there a favorite recipe you simply always have to indulge in when it's around?

What Daughter Says: The holidays may feel like they're over but your holiday self will surely stick around through game day celebrations and containers of seasonal leftovers. Protect yourself with Nexium 24HR.

Simple Brown Sugar Ham Steak- Heats in 60 minutes in the slow cooker!
Brown Sugar Ham Steak
***Click here for printable brown sugar ham steak recipe.


2lb Ham Steak (Pre-Cooked)
1/3 C Light Brown Sugar
1/4 C Pineapple Juice
2 TBS Dijon Mustard
1 TBS Worcestershire Sauce
5-6 Pineapple Ring Slices
1/4 C Maraschino Cherries
1/2 TSP Cloves


1.  Combine sugar, pineapple juice, mustard, Worcestershire Sauce, and cloves to make a liquid glaze.
2. Layer ham steak in 4 QT slow cooker with pineapple slices between ham. Sprinkle cherries over and around ham steak.
3. Pour liquid glaze atop, reserving a small portion for final finishing.
4. Heat on HIGH for 1 hour, or LOW 1 1/2-2 HOURS to warm and bake glaze. Top with final glaze 15 minutes prior to serving.


  1. Brown Sugar Ham Steak sounds ridiculously delicious. I definitely indulged way too much over the holidays, I'm up about 3-5 lbs. so I'm trying to be 'good' this month.

  2. This recipe looks super delicious. I have a ham in the freezer and I think I might have to try this recipe out. I will be needing the Nexium when I am done also.

  3. Yum, Brown Sugar Ham sounds delicious and my family loves ham steaks. Yes, I too overindulged on treats and rich foods throughout the holiday season, and I tend to do this anytime our large family gets together throughout the year since we always seem to have an abundance of food on hand.

  4. I am ready to put the brakes on the over indulgence. The hams steaks sound really good. We skipped ham for Christmas this year and now I wish we had not.

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