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How To Save Money On Pretty Much Anything Online

Save money with the FREE Groupon Coupons database of savings, sales, promo codes and more. Find your favorite retailers at Groupon Coupons and begin saving today! #AD

Some of us are late to the game.

Sure you know what Groupon is. You might even use it on a weekly basis.

You click through those emails with the awesome local deals, or head on over when there's a new service or restaurant you want to try, hoping to score a discount. You see Groupon started as a place where people could purchase extreme deals by paying a fraction of the retail value in exchange for a voucher or code redeemable with the originating brand/retailer. It was a great way for new brands, restaurants, and entertainment to get their name out there and draw new customers in while offering amazing deals on quality goods and services.

But Groupon has come a long way since the days before it was a common household name- and yet I am still surprised at the number of people I meet that don't know all of the amazing OTHER ways one can save with Groupon.
Save money with the FREE Groupon Coupons database of savings, sales, promo codes and more. Find your favorite retailers at Groupon Coupons and begin saving today! #AD
Of course if you're a Groupon pro then you already know about Groupon Goods and Getaways. But, just in case you don't-

Groupon Goods is a marketplace where you can browse thousands of items, across hundreds of categories, for amazing slashed prices on name brand, and even designer, gifts and household buys. Whenever I have a birthday or event coming up which requires a unique, or specialized, gift I browse the Groupon Goods page. There's always something one of a kind or limited edition to get my hands on at an amazing price. Of course there are also less fancy goods, such as mainstream team merchandise, plush favorites for the kids, and name brand kitchenware too- it just depends on what you're in the mood to shop for. Purchase your Groupon goods right on the Groupon site and have them sent direct to your door for total savings convenience from the comfort of your couch.

Groupon Getaways is the place you go to discover vacations you never knew you needed to take- or to score an amazing price on every aspect of vacation from hotels and spa treatments to actual real life adventures and multi-day getaway itineraries. Whether you're looking for somewhere fun to escape for a last minute weekend adventure, or trying to score an amazing deal on a one-of-a-kind room for your upcoming anniversary you need to check out the slashed prices and amazing bundles on Groupon Getaways.
But what if you're not looking to save on a vacation, and you really only want to buy that one specific something sold exclusively at your favorite online retailer?

Groupon is hooking you up with their new Groupon Coupons tab!

You'll spot the Groupon Coupons tab on the main page of your Groupon landing screen- simply click on over to view the hottest exclusive deals, as well as some of the Internet's most popular savings on websites you use and surf everyday. From promo codes to sales and even in-store offers you can navigate up to hundreds of great coupons and deals for your favorite retailers, no voucher required.

That's right you can save on pretty much anything online with the FREE Groupon Coupons section, and their constantly updated list of ongoing sales, discount codes, special offers and more. It's kind of like having a robot read all of those annoying emails your favorite retailers send you, and organize them for easy viewing, categorized, in one nice neat space!
Save money with the FREE Groupon Coupons database of savings, sales, promo codes and more. Find your favorite retailers at Groupon Coupons and begin saving today! #AD
For example, I make, on average, 4+ transactions in a week. Yes, I know.

Groupon Coupons currently has over 53 promo codes and 110 sales filed under Amazon- from special Pantry coupon code savings to exclusive deals on the ever so useful Amazon Prime membership. All I need to do is click on the offer that appeals to me, read the 'fine print' of the discount/promo and click on over to shop and take advantage of the savings directly on the retailer's website. It's absolutely FREE and it's something you should be using!

Now, tell me, did you already know about Groupon Coupons? Have you used Groupon Coupons before? What retailers might you hope to find savings for with this new Groupon feature?

This post was written on behalf of Groupon. All opinions and shopping experiences are my own.


  1. I use Groupon all the time to find coupons for shopping. It's a great way to save!

  2. I love Groupon. I found the Farm cats' cat carriers on Groupon. They were cheaper there than anywhere else. I also can't resist looking at all of the fun travel deals.

  3. I loooove Groupon. I just bought a deal today, actually, for a local BBQ place near me. Their Getaways and Coupons tab is useful too.

  4. I must admit to getting Groupons emails everyday. I always check them first for deals whenever I am traveling or looking for something fun.

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  6. I frequently use Groupon. It's a great way to save money!
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