Momma Told Me: Help Raise Money For TX + FL Hurricane Victims When You Spot #SealsForGood

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Help Raise Money For TX + FL Hurricane Victims When You Spot #SealsForGood
If there's one thing people who know me know I love, it's cheese.

I don't need any extra incentives to eat delicious dairy products, so you can imagine how tickled I was to learn my favorite Real California Milk products were joining together to merge another of my passions, philanthropy, with calcium rich, nourishing, dairy items our family eats every day. I mean the satisfying feeling of giving back could only be made better when paired with the prospect of giving back over delicious dairy products, right? Don't worry, my lactose intolerant friends, thanks to this unique #SealsForGood initiative ANYBODY in California can give back simply by snapping a photo of a product with the Real California Milk Seal- no purchase necessary.

So, if you're one of those rare people I still don't quite believe exist, who don't love dairy, you can still turn your next shopping trip into a fun photo-scavenger hunt and help a great cause right from the store's aisle on your phone's social media apps.
Want to know more?

It's easy, really.

First, go to your nearest fridge, or supermarket cold case, and find a product with the Real California Milk Silk. You might be surprised how many products have the RCM seal- It's definitely NOT limited to just milk and cheese. I found the seal on cottage cheese, butter, sour cream, ice cream (even mochi!), yogurt, smoothies, and much more!

The Real California Milk Seal itself is a stamp of sorts found on packaging (printed or in the form of a sticker) which tells consumers that the product is made with wholesome, locally sourced, California dairy milk. These are products that aren't overly processed, and contain minimal ingredients, sourced by real family farms right in the state. It's not only a great way to help shop quality products for your family, it's a great way to support the local economy.
Once you've 'spotted the seal' you're going to need to snap a photo of it as proof.  Feel free to get creative and snap a photo of the product with your favorite recipe, or just get down and dirty right there in the store on the shelf. As long as your photo clearly shows the Real California Milk Seal you're on your way to helping spread some much needed aide to families recovering from the resent TX and FL hurricanes.
Lastly, take your photo and pull it into a new social share on your network of choice- it doesn't matter where the photo is shared but- you MUST include the appropriate tags and handles:

  • If you are using Facebook, tag @RealCaliforniaMilk AND use the hashtag #SealsForGood. 
  • If you are using Instagram, tag @RealCalifMilk AND use the hashtag #SealsForGood
  • For all other platforms upload your photo with the #SealsForGood hashtag.
You have until 12/31/17 to get those Real California Milk seal photos shared, so no excuses, okay? For every submission Real California Milk will donate $5 to the Great American Milk Drive (up to $20,000) to help families affected by hurricane Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida. No purchase necessary.
The Great American Milk Drive is a wonderful charity designed to help provide the basic staple of milk to families who may be suffering in the aftermath of the recent Harvey and Irma hurricanes. Donations will be made in $5 (per share/photo) increments up to $20k OR the 12/31/17 deadline, whichever comes first. The Great American Milk Drive, in partnership with Feeding America, has delivered more than 1 million gallons of milk to food banks across the country since 2014 to help families get the nutrients they need.

I know a lot of my fellow Californians have been lamenting over how they can help the Texas and Florida hurricane victims, while so far away. My own town ran several commercial trucks full of collected supplies several borders over during the Texas hurricane- but so many of my fellow Californians still want to do more. This is the best kind of charity; nourish your family with your favorite Real California Milk seal products and share a simple photo that gives back. Easy-Cheesy.

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