Momma Told Me: This Season Add An Ugly Sweater Mocktail Tradition To Your Holiday Gatherings

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This Season Add An Ugly Sweater Mocktail Tradition To Your Holiday Gatherings
On October 31st, this year, I pulled out the holiday decoration boxes , and hauled the duster bag wrapped lights from the garage rafters.

On November 1st we laid out 2 net lights, 1 7' Lighted Multi-Color Outdoor Tree Display, ran alternating lights across the garage, and wrapped the front most tree in our yard with rainbow LEDs.

When November 5th rolled around we put our living room holiday tree up at a time I determined to be grossly late and off schedule, due to a family engagement prior in the week.

By the end of the first week of November the dogs were 'merrily' wearing their festive clothing, and I'd successfully hunted down the only station on the radio dial already playing 24/7 Christmas music.

If ever there was a season made for me, this is it my friends. the loudest, most unapologetic, over-the-top cheerful, ridiculously flavorful season of them all. It is the PERFECT season to pack away the bland and go all out.
Of course the holiday season means opening your home to friends, family, and strangers alike- after all, you didn't spend 3 hours counter-weighing that angel chandelier from the entrance balcony  NOT to show it off. And all of those people coming over for the White Elephant gift exchange are going to be pretty thirsty while they munch on cheese balls shaped like Rudolph's head and sing along to Now That's What I Call Christmas 87 Karaoke. But it can be hard to know what people will want, and you don't always have time to make a special trip to the mega-mart in between hand folding the linen napkins to look like turkeys and whipping up grandma's top secret recipe for 'real' fruit cake. Thankfully the Amazon DASH buttons released this year can help you re-order your favorite Sparkling ICE variety pack (and any of the 15 fruity flavors, really) with a simple push of a button!
Of course you can also stock up on your favorite zero-calorie fizzy Sparkling ICE flavors the 'old fashioned way' on your phone, tablet, or laptop directly through In fact, that's where you'll find the largest variety of bottle sizes and flavors such as Kiwi Strawberry, Black Raspberry, Orange Mango, and more!
#BeNotBland this holiday season with Zero Calorie Sparkling ICE (in 15 flavors)and the Ugly Sweater Mocktail  #AD
Just pop those bottles into your cart and they'll arrive in as little as 2-days direct to your door (tiny insta-dog not included.) Cherry Limeade is always a hit when we entertain, and just happens to have a beautiful red holiday color so we recently ordered a few cases along with the lovely green Kiwi-Strawberry Sparkling ICE. These zero calorie, naturally flavored, drinks are the fizz of the party and the perfect thing to sip on in between dreaming up your daughter's holiday pageant costume and how to teach the dog to bark Silent Night. They're also a MUST have for holiday gatherings as designated drivers love the flavor options and fun mocktail inspiration!
In fact, we believe the holidays should be bold, so strongly, that we've recently introduced a new tradition to our holiday gatherings- the Ugly Sweater Mocktail. It's as much about the drink as it is the vessel carrying the drink- and it's a true blast to help ignite some fun conversations and mingling at seasonal events where all the guests might not know each other too well. If you're anything like me you likely have a good half dozen or more mis-matched glasses hiding in the back of your kitchen cabinet.
#BeNotBland this holiday season with Zero Calorie Sparkling ICE (in 15 flavors)and the Ugly Sweater Mocktail  #AD
Sure we buy glasses in sets but the very nature of glass is that it breaks- so we end up with 1 or 2 oddly shaped glasses leftover from a set. This is perfect- pull out as many shapes and styled of old glasses as possible, line a table with your favorite Sparkling ICE beverages, tinsel pipe cleaners, sparkly window stickers, holiday light necklaces, and more. If it can be stuck on, or wrapped around a glass, it's fair game in the Ugly Sweater Mocktail world.
#BeNotBland this holiday season with Zero Calorie Sparkling ICE (in 15 flavors)and the Ugly Sweater Mocktail  #AD
Once your guests have their Ugly Sweater Glass just right they'll want to add some ice and their favorite Sparkling ICE. Since there are 15 delicious fruity flavors, guests can easily combine flavors to make a true mocktail experience, or simply go bold by adding fresh fruit, candy canes, cotton candy 'trim' and more. Make sure to snap a photo of each guest with their mocktail before it disappears!
#BeNotBland this holiday season with Zero Calorie Sparkling ICE (in 15 flavors)and the Ugly Sweater Mocktail  #AD
Be sure to send your guests home with their work of art (glass) and a few bottles of Sparkling ICE so they can continue the Ugly Sweater Glass tradition at home- We keep ours out on the counter and guests always ask for their drinks in them when visiting! Hurry on over to Amazon now to stock up on Sparkling ICE and enjoy the benefit of having Prime Shipping as your personal holiday elf. Now, tell me, what types of entertaining traditions do you like to enjoy during the holiday season?


  1. Looks tasty! (no insta-dog though? Aww. lol)
    I am actually hosting a white elephant party in a few weeks so these would be perfect to make for that.

  2. Alright, Norah is just rocking my world here. Love the idea of adding the sparkles to the glasses. Sparkling ICE in the Strawberry Kiwi flavor fits right into your gorgeous color scheme.


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