Momma Told Me: Modernize Your Laundry Room With LG's TwinWash System At Best Buy

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Modernize Your Laundry Room With LG's TwinWash System At Best Buy

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Growing up my family was what I'd consider early adopters in the home appliance and technology field. My father was hand building home PCs before I was even born, we had each new generation of home gaming system at my father's insistence, we'd make a monthly trip to the DAK store to invest in the greatest new kitchen gadget, and our living room television likely put off more heat than our actual central heating system.

So, when big names such as LG began breaking out into the home appliance scene a few years ago it was no surprise my father messaged me excited to show off his new LG fridge. I'll admit, I wasn't sure what to expect from a refrigerator bearing the same branding logo as my first cell phone, but I was blown away by all of the modern features seamlessly integrated through smart technology choices. I've since become less intimidated by technology in the home appliance space, and more-so envious.
As I build my dream home wish list, and work through upgrading our own home appliances one by one, the LG TwinWash system definitely caught my eye the last time I was wandering Best Buy's showroom. Not only do the LG TwinWash systems have top OR front loading washers paired with the choice of gas or electric dryers, their thoughtful innovation of a Sidekick Pedestal washer means I can be even more fluid in my day to day laundry needs. That blanket the potty-training puppy loves and had an accident on? It no longer has to wait for the next load of laundry, or be hand washed. Having a Sidekick washer means I can tackle small loads on the spot without the time, hassle, or waste of running a full load.

But the LG TwinWash system also tackles the BIG jobs, like bedding and Winter clothes, thanks to the full capacity wash system that can also run simultaneously with the Sidekick. Being about to choose between the two, or run both, really helps fuel the energy efficiency of these models, and the sleek interface design is just a cherry on top with the LG brand name.

Of course if you're looking for the full laundry room overhaul you'll definitely want to consider adding on the Styler Steam Clothing Care System, which helps keep your more delicate clothes looking their best, even when pressed (pun intended) on time.
Now through April 25th, 2018 when you shop for an LG TwinWash system at Best Buy you'll not only get amazing specialty service on the floor in store you'll save up to $500 off. Last year we brought our kitchen into the modern age- our laundry room is definitely on track to receive an overhaul with smart LG laundry solutions like the TwinWash system. I spend a legit chunk of my life hand cleaning small loads and delicate pieces the Pedestal Washer could easily tackle for me- so I can get back to the important things, like living life to it's fullest and making more dirty laundry memories!


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