Momma Told Me: 3 Quick + Simple Vegetarian Bean Recipes- General Tso's Chickpeas

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3 Quick + Simple Vegetarian Bean Recipes- General Tso's Chickpeas

This post was sponsored by S&W Beans as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.
You'll love these 3 quick, budget friendly, and delicious vegetarian recipes! #SWBeans #IC #AD
When I was young it seemed some of the most exciting highlights of my day revolved around food.

What kind of snack would I eat after school? What treat had my mother hidden in my lunch box? When was the next family Taco Tuesday night?

As a child I had my mother there to make sure I ate 3 solid meals a day, with healthy snack in between. As an adult I fail miserably as ensuring I eat even 1 solid meal a day, at times. It's not that I've fallen out of love with food- it's that I am now the sole individual responsible for ensuring said food is not only consumed, but planned for, prepared, and cleaned up after. Being a personal chef for one's self, let alone one's family can feel like a full time job.

Truth be told, during the weekdays when I'm home alone working I can all too easily skip breakfast, and even lunch because I simply don't feel I have time to make something healthy and delicious.
When a close family friend became Vegan a little over a year ago I began exploring Vegetarian and Vegan recipes that could accommodate him while he was a guest at our home.

It turned out that many popular, and delicious, recipes in these categories were quick simple and quick to make- requiring little to no heat reliant cooking or temperature based protein monitoring. They also typically featured fresh ingredients paired with pantry staples many already keep stocked in their homes. One protein source, in particular, made dabbling in these food categories easiest for me; canned beans. S&W Beans, to be specific.

From White Cannellini and Garbanzo to 50% Reduced Sodium Kidney Beans and new Organic S&W Black Beans- there's truly an inspiration for every dish among the brand's range. And beyond variety S&W Beans has the highest quality standards in the industry with over 120 years of premium quality. The "whole bean" visual appearance of quality S&W Beans products also means my guests, and Instagram followers, can eat with their eyes thanks to beautiful beans that pour from the can every time. You can discover a variety of amazing recipes for all of their canned options on the S&W Brand Recipe Page, and download money saving coupons for a limited time.
The Garbanzo Bean, of "Chickpea" as it is affectionately known by many is rich in antioxidants, fiber, protein, and iron, and also has a great 'sturdy' texture that holds up beautifully as an animal based protein substitute. Even better, when I reach for a can of S&W Garbanzo Beans I know I can bypass the time consuming process of slow cooking these beans to perfection- as they are ready to eat right out of the can. Simply drain and rinse!

I'm so confident, as an omnivore, that S&W Garbanzo Beans make a perfect, delicious, vegetarian solution I'm going to share with you 3 of my favorite recipes. An entree, a hearty salad, and for versatility a munch-worthy snack. You can prepare all 3 at the same time, with 3 cans of your favorite S&W Garbanzo Bean variety- or sneak them in on a busy afternoon or weeknight. While you can't go wrong with any option, I often rely on the Organic S&W Garbanzo Beans for a rich flavor in salads and cold dishes, where as I will typically use 50% Less Sodium S&W Garbanzo Beans for recipes with rich sauces, or glazes.
My first must-try recipe is a Vegetarian General Tso's Chickpea dish that requires no bed of rice, thanks to the hearty stir fry of vegetables and protein rich S&W Garbanzo Beans. The sauce alone is worth doubling and keeping on hand, but I find the texture of the chickpeas allows me to enjoy a guilt-free entree in a rich health-minded sauce.

Whenever I crack open a can of S&W Garbanzo Beans I always open an extra can and pre-heat my oven to make a batch of Honey Roasted Chickpeas. In the 45 minutes it takes to roast a pan of chickpeas I can work my kitchen and rock my General Tso's recipe.
Always start by preparing your canned chickpeas. S&W Garbanzo Beans are already cooked, so all you have to do is open the can, pour them into a colander, rinse, and drain. In minutes you'll have a beautiful batch of prepared chickpeas ready for whatever culinary adventure you have planned.

To bake S&W Garbanzo Beans pat them dry with two layers of paper towels- for sauce and cold based recipes a simple rinse and shake in a colander will do nicely.
Next, you'll want to prepare your sauce-

Trust me when I say, double the sauce recipe and put half aside for another time. You're going to want to whip this recipe up again, soon, and the sauce is half the prep time. This General Tsao's sauce recipe also goes delicious on a variety of proteins, if you're looking to vary your dish a little.

Prepare your stir-fry vegetables, and set aside.

 Right about now my oven timer is usually going off, and my roasted S&W Garbanzo Beans are about ready to come out of the oven for the first time. I'll quickly combine some honey and oil, and toss the hot beans directly in the 'glaze' mixture before spreading them back out on the parchment lined baking sheet and returning them to the oven for 7-10 minutes. For Vegans, I have found that Agave will make a suitable substitute for honey, but you may wish to forego the salt season at the very end, as the Agave has a bit more of a sweet flavor.
How long you roast your Garbanzo Beans on the second wave is really up to you, ans how caramelized you prefer them. I find 8 minutes is usually the sweet spot, but you will get more of a crisp and bitterness if you go towards 10. Place the finished baking sheet on the counter and allow to cool before testing.

These Honey Roasted Chickpeas not only make a delicious snack by themselves, but also a wonderful topping for salads and other dishes. The element of texture and playful sweet 'candied' shell makes this one deceptively healthy recipe.
These delicious Honey Roasted Chickpeas can be made in a single pan with just 4 ingredients and are vegetarian! #SWBeans #IC #AD
Honey Roasted Chickpeas
****Click here for printable Honey Roasted Chickpeas recipe.


1 15oz Can Organic S&W Garbanzo Beans, Rinsed + Drained
2 TBS Honey
1/2 TBS Vegetable (Or Sunflower Seed) Oil
Ground Sea Salt, To Taste


Preheat Oven to 375F

1. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper.

2. Put rinsed garbanzo beans on a double-layer of paper towels and gently pat dry.

3. Place garbanzo beans in a single layer on parchment paper lined baking sheet and bake for 45 minutes, or until crunchy.

4. While beans bake combine Honey and Oil in a large bowl. Add hot baked Organic S&W Garbanzo Beans, and toss to coat. Return coated beans back to parchment lined baking sheet and bake for an additional 7-10 minutes to caramelize. 

5. Remove from oven and sprinkle with Sea Salt, as desired. Allow to cool and store in an air tight container.
Because this General Tso's recipe is vegetarian you can eliminate tedious cooking times and essentially prepare the entire dish in one wok, over the course of about 7 minutes. How long you wish to fry the vegetables is ultimately up to you, but do keep in mind that the General Tsao's sauce if very tick and sticky, and should be added only at the end of your cooking process to warm and coat all ingredients evenly.
Vegetarian General Tso's Chickpeas Recipe #SWBeans #IC #AD
I simply cannot say enough great things about General Tso's Chickpeas with Organic S&W Garbanzo Beans- this is definitely a dish you can eat with all of your senses. From the aromatic and rich red sauce to the beautifully plump and satisfying whole Garbanzo beans, this is a weekday lunch I never feel guilty about. I can prepare this entire dish in less than 30 minutes, prep and clean-up included, and often have a serving left over for the next day. No more excuses- no more skipped lunches!
Quick, Affordable, and Delicious Vegetarian General Tso's Chickpea recipe. #SWBeans #IC #AD
Of course if you're cooking for a crew that hasn't quite embraced the Vegetarian concept, this General Tso's Chickpea recipe makes a fabulous starter to any Asian-inspired main entree. Customize the included stir-fry ingredients to tailor to fit your audience's preferences and really wow the crowd by adding a pair of chop-sticks. After all, everyone knows just about anything tastes better when eaten with chopsticks. (Maybe it's all the work you have to do to get the food actually in your mouth that makes each bite so satisfying?)
For days when a stove isn't an option- or I simply want a nice clean, fresh taste for a grab-and-go lunch a Citrus, Avocado, Feta Salad with a fiber-rich S&W Garbanzo Beans base is the perfect solution. All of the ingredients for this salad can be easily prepared the night before and stored in a container in the fridge. The fresh lime juice will help keep the avocado fresh and green and appealing! For that perfect bite-ratio I also like to cube my avocado in generously sized pieces about twice the size of a garbanzo bean. Varied shapes, sizes, and textures make any salad a hit- which is also why I always top this delicious dish with some of my Honey Roasted Chickpeas from above!
Citrus, Avocado, Feta Salad With Honey Roasted Chickpeas Recipe. #SWBeans #IC #AD
Citrus, Avocado, Feta Salad
****Click here for printable recipe.


 1 15oz Can of Organic S&W Garbanzo Beans, Drained + Rinsed
2 Avocados, Pitted + Cubed
1/3 Cup Freshly Minced Cilantro
2 TBS Chopped Green Onion
1/2 C Feta Cheese Crumbles
1 Lime
Salt + Pepper ToTaste


1. Combine Organic S&W Garbanzo Beans, Cubed Avocado, Cilantro, Green Onion, Feta Cheese, and Lime (Juiced) in a medium bowl. Toss to combine and season with salt/pepper to taste. Garnish with Honey Roasted Chickpeas (Recipe Here).
So there you have it, 3 of my favorite quick, delicious, vegetarian recipes, all featuring one star ingredient that's easy to keep on hand- S&W Garbanzo Beans. Not only are these recipes health-minded and easy to prepare, they're also very affordable! Find S&W Beans at a store near you, and discover more delicious ways to incorporate vegetarian fiber rich bean varieties into your meal-plan when you visit their recipe page and follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Remember, you can also download money saving coupons for a limited time here!

Quick, Budget-Friendly, Vegetarian General Tso's Chickpea Recipe. #SWBeans #IC #AD

Vegetarian General Tso's Chickpeas
****Click here for printable recipe



2 TBS Low Sodium Soy Sauce
1 TBSP Sherry (Or White Cooking Wine)
1 15oz Can S&W Garbanzo Beans, Rinsed + Drained

General Tso's Sauce:

6 TBS Vegetable Broth
2 TBS Tomato Paste
1/2 TBS Peanut Butter
1 1/2 TBS Low Sodium Soy Sauce
1 TBS Rice Vinegar
4 tsp Granulated White Sugar
2 tsp Siracha, Or Similar Chili Sauce
1 tsp Toasted Sesame Oil
1 TBS Ground Brown Mustard
1 tsp Corn Starch
 Ground Black Pepper

For Stir Fry:

1 TBS Olive Oil
1/4 Large Red Onion, Thinly Sliced
1 Large Broccoli Crown, Cut Into Florets
1/2 Red Bell Pepper, Cut Into Thin Strips
2 Cloves Minced Garlic
1 tsp Fresh Ground Ginger
General Tsao's Sauce (From Above)
Marinated Chickpeas (From Above)
Green Onions/Sesame Seeds, Fresh Red Onion- Optional To Serve 


1. Combine Soy Sauce and Sherry/Wine together in a bowl and add rinsed, drained, chickpeas. et sit for 10 minutes while you prepare sauce/veggies.

2. Whisk together all of the sauce ingredients and set aside.

***If garnishing with red onion to serve place 1/4 of diced onion in small bowl with cold water to mellow while cooking.

3. Heat oil in a large skillet or wok over medium-high heat. Once oil is hot add onion, stirring constantly. Continuing to stir, add the broccoli, bell pepper, ginger and garlic.

4. Once the garlic is fragrant add the prepared General Tso's sauce. Drain the marinated chickpeas and add. Cook for 2-3 minutes, or until a nice thick coat of sauce has glazed all ingredients.  Add soy, ground pepper, or chili to taste.

5. Garnish with fresh chopped green onions, sesame seeds and reserved red onion.


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