Momma Told Me: Add A Little Mystery To Your Glass, Try The Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor + Enter To Win!

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Add A Little Mystery To Your Glass, Try The Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor + Enter To Win!

This post is sponsored by Sparkling ICE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Sunshine. Blue Skies. Crashing Waves. Beach Curls. Tan Lines. Grand Adventures. Sno Cones. Unicorn Floaties. Instagram Sunsets. Satellite Radio. Road Trips. Fireworks. Lazy Mornings. Late Nights. First Kisses. A Little Mystery. A Whole Lot Of Flavor. Zero Calories. Effervescence.

These are all things that make Summers amazing.

And now you can enjoy many of them together with just one Sparkling Ahhhh! sip of an ICE cold, zero calorie, zero sugar, antioxidant and vitamin, flavor packed limited edition Mystery Flavor Sparkling Ice.
You may remember my fizziest secret from 2017, Sparkling Ice, the zero calorie flavored water beverage every fridge, party, and road trip needs to keep the flavor rocking and fizzing.

I don't just love Sparkling Ice for their 16, yes 16, fruit packed flavors that keep my fridge looking like a liquid rainbow fruit stand- I love it for everything it does and doesn't have. Zero Sugar. Zero Calories. Maximum sparkle in the form of fizzy carbonation. Natural flavors in simple and exotic fruit combinations from Ginger Lime and Pomegranate Blueberry to Peach Nectarine and Classic Lemonade. Flavors packed with vitamins and antioxidants so I can Sparkle day and night without a shimmer of guilt.
Sparkling Ice is anything but bland.

This isn't your grandmother's Tonic Water, this is full in in your face, taste bud dancing, lip fizzing flavor in a variety that never gets boring. It's the perfect Summer beverage for all of those cookouts and parties- just look for the sleek and trendy colorful bottles near the other sparkling drinks at a beverage aisle in a store near you. Because they are zero calorie and 100% flavor Sparkling Ice makes for great cocktail mixers, or simply combine your favorite flavors with one another for a fun Summer inspired mocktail.
Of course for those who truly want to inject some extra MYSTERY into their Summer, Sparkling Ice has released a truly mouth-watering, taste bud perplexing, fruity Mystery Flavor everyone will be reaching for.

What Is It?

Well I can't quite tell you- you'll just have to try it for yourself and guess for your chance at 1 of over 450 amazing prizes, thanks to a special #WhatTheFlavorSweeps running now through July 31st, 2018. Spot the limited edition Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor on a shelf near you, try it, then enter your professional flavor guess once a day on the What The Flavor Sweepstakes landing page. Or, enter daily by sharing your guess directly to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #WhatTheFlavorSweeps. There are a ton of amazing prizes to be won in weekly drawings, as well as an insane Grand Prize, so be sure to enter every single day!
Perhaps one of the best things about Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor is the fun and mystery it instantly injects into any everyday event, or less than everyday gathering. Once I pulled a bottle out of the fridge and out onto the patio during last week's BBQ the family quickly began swarming to inspect the unusual bottle, sniff the contents like an Ice connoisseur, and nabbing stolen sips.

I'll admit, the Mystery flavor smells quite intoxicating on first sniff- it's a fruity scent that isn't all any one thing at a time. In one sniff I was reminded of Fruit Stripes bubblegum, while another had a very tropical island profile. Just when you think you've placed the flavor you take another sip and are entirely stumped again.
My best tip to solve this sippy Summer mystery?

Take a look at the Sparkling Ice website and all of the amazing fruity flavors in the 16 flavor Sparkling Ice water lineup. Many times I was sure I had nailed the flavor only to remember there was already a near identical flavor already in the lineup.

What could it be?

Keep your eyes peeled on the Sparkling Ice social channels for the big reveal August 1st, 2018!
Enjoy your favorite Sparkling Ice straight from the bottle poolside, with frozen fruit 'cubes,' in a fancy glass with a twisty straw, or really any way at all. There is no wrong way to Sparkle when you can have all the fruity flavor with zero calories. But, whatever you do- make sure you hunt down and pick up several bottles of the Mystery Flavor so you can play along and add a little extra mystery to your sip this Summer. What flavor would you love to sip when you try the limited edition Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor?


  1. I love a good challenge, so I am totally going to pick up a bottle (or a few) so I can take a guess. What a fun idea.

  2. I love this stuff! I'll be entering this. It'll be a lot of work to guess these flavors, but I SUPPOSE I can do it. LOL

  3. I love all your bright and colorful photos! Sounds like such a delicious drink! I'll have to check out the sweepstakes!

  4. Yum! What a fun challenge! I never thought to use these as a drink mixer but I think this will make my summer complete!

  5. This is so fun!! I love Sparkling Ice so this would be an enjoyable adventure to figure out.

  6. I love sparkling ice. They have some great flavors of drinks. My daughters love to drink them as well. I love that they have such a great variety to choose from.

  7. I have seen these in the store before. Do they have sugar in them? I am doing low carb, if they have no sugar they sound great! BTW I love your pizza leggings!

  8. I love mystery flavors and trying to figure out what it is! That's so fun!

  9. I love this brand. Very sweet but healthier

  10. I love their flavors - I usually drink them on the go. So refreshing on a hot day.

  11. How fun is this! I had no idea that Sparkling Ice had a mystery flavor.

  12. I was going to guess some sort of watermelon but then i saw you post the picture with it and thought it would be way too obvious of a guess.

  13. I absolutely love Sparkling Ice. This is the perfect refreshing summer drink. I haven't been brave enough to try the mystery flavor though.

  14. Toni | Boulder LocavoreJune 13, 2018 at 12:08 AM

    It looks and sounds amazing! I need to try it this summer!

  15. Sparkling Ice is so good! I can’t wait to try the Mystery flavor!

  16. My kids love Sparkling Ice! I'm sure they will be all over that Mystery Flavor and want to join the challenge. Their drink combinations look delicious on their Facebook page!

  17. wow! pertandingan yang sangat seru dari meron dan wala untuk anda yang mau menonton klik disini!
    dan dapatkan seputar sabung ayam hanya di sini

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