Momma Told Me: If you see it, you can stream it, with Chromecast at Best Buy

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If you see it, you can stream it, with Chromecast at Best Buy

This post was created in part with information provided  through a collaboration with the Best Buy Influencer Network, regardless all opinions are my own.
Raise your hand if your family loves streaming media.

Raise your hand again if you struggle with finding a way for the family to stream together.

We've all been there- Bobby has a cool clip of 2 cats arguing on a fence post, but the living room YouTube is logged into Dad's account, Susy has a Fortnite clip she wants to share but Mom can't look away from the stove to watch a 6" screen, Grandma and Grandpa want to share photos from their recent trip to Ireland and the phone is being passed around like it's still a stack of 4"x6" photographs, and your neighbors brought over their playlist for your Block Party but they're not signed into your Pandora.

With all this shareable technology, since when did it become so difficult to share?

Chromecast, at Best Buy, offers entertainment at your fingertips; upgrade your family's entertainment system for a fraction of the cost when you add Chromecast technology to your TV. Simply plug Chromecast into the HDMI port of your television then stream direct from your phone to your TV. It's as easy as that. In fact any device with the Chromecast app in your home can instantly stream it's content directly to your television, so nobody gets left out ever again.

Stream shows direct from your streaming subscription services, browse recipe tutorials on YouTube, share photos with loved ones, stream live TV, music, and more. See it. Stream it.

(Web-based services and content require high-speed Internet service. Some services may require a subscription.)

Learn more about Chromecast, and pick up yours today at a Best Buy near you.

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