Momma Told Me: Game Day Tailgating Tips With Jersey Mike's Catering

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Game Day Tailgating Tips With Jersey Mike's Catering

This post is sponsored by Jersey Mike's but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
You know what makes that fine line of a difference between a good host and an amazing host this Game Day season? It's not allowing the other team's jersey under your roof, or even hand folding buffalo wontons to look like miniature helmets.

I'll let you in on a little secret Momma taught me; give them what they want. Game day may be a rough, tough, drag down and all out fight for superiority and dominance, but you can still be the hostess with the most without having to feel like you just ran 40 yards to get to the touchdown zone.
More often than not, in Southern California, we find an excuse to tailgate at any event involving a stadium, or even arena, but few incite such enthusiasm as American football. And, let's face it, the older we get the less time we have to pack up the truck bed and travel on site to support our teams in person. But just because you have a growing family doesn't mean you have to stop rooting for the home team or your Alma-mater. Whether you're tailgating in a parking lot, grabbing a quick picnic bite and watching the team on your smartphone, or hosting a full on party in your own backyard I have a few tips to make Game Day a simple success.
Serve them what they want!

The tailgating scene is littered with greasy foods that require special handling, lugging around grills and heavy cooking utensils. The parking lot is sure to be full of plenty of the same thing- so be sure to keep the whole crew fueled and smiling with deliciously fresh Jersey Mike's subs.

Jersey Mike's catering menu is a complete game changer, pun intended, when it comes to game day celebration traditions. Order through their convenient mobile app, online, or by phone to have your crew's order ready for pickup on the way to the stadium, or even delivered to office or home addresses.
Choose from a wide menu of Jersey Mike's signature cold subs, delicious bagged chips, fresh baked cookies and brownies, and even salads.
Never turn a friendly face away from your team celebration!

Whether you're simply packing up the family for a day at the stadium, or throwing a full on team rally Jersey Mike's has you covered with catering options such as Subs By The Box (serving 10) or subs by the bag. We love the Jersey Mike's Subs By The Box option for it's versatility of mini sub selection that helps your guests grab a refreshing bite in between a Cornhole toss or Flag Football match.

With the option to add on bottled beverages you won't need to stop at the big box store for extras, your entire grub game is on point and ready for kickoff. You can even add a little extra touchdown to a plate of fresh cookies or brownies- just add them to your Jersey Mike's catering order!
Stay Organized!

You don't have to have the fanciest parking spot in the lot to have an amazing game day experience. A simple picnic blanket and a few chairs with a cooler and Jersey Mike's will hit all the essentials. A great game day event only needs to include: Team Spirit, Great People, and Great Food. Make sure your crew is sporting team colors and gear, always welcome a fellow game day fan (yes, regardless of who they are cheering for) and keep those bellies full in between cheers.

Nobody wants to spend the time right before the game scrambling to clean and get packed, so stick to the essentials when planning a successful tailgate;

Team Gear
Cold Weather Clothing
Pop Up Trash Bin/Oversized Trash Bag
Lawn Chairs/Trunk Pillows
Jersey Mike's Catering
These days a giant television is not needed to tune in the the pre-game broadcast; with modern smartphones you can often stream all of your game day media direct to your tailgate!

One thing we do find ourselves in need of as the festivities progress is a little organization in the drinks department. How many times have you been at a party or tailgate with a hundred identical red cups, soda bottles, or cans? I've come up with a simple little project anyone can do in just 10 minutes to keep their Game Day Tailgate organized.

Simply download and print the following Game Day Foam Finger Drink Marker template.

Cut out each pair of color matched foam fingers.

Lay each pair on top of one another (blank backs touching) and place a strip of clear packing tape on each side to effectively 'seal' them.

Cut along the outside, leaving a 2mm border of clear tape edge.

Glue (we use glue dot stickers) each foam hand to a miniature suction cup, OR cut a little half moon notch in the very top and bottom of each hand to reveal a hollow you can slide your straw directly through!

These Game Day Foam Finger Drink markers pop right onto our Jersey Mike's catering bottled beverages, or slide right over our drink cups so we can easily keep track of who's sipping what in all of the hustle and bustle of game day tailgating.
Lastly, have fun!

Tailgating is much more than great food and colorful clothes- you'll want some killer activities for your guests to participate in. Consider planning a tag football scrimmage at the end of the block, some old fashioned drink pong or darts, or even a soda chugging (or Speed Sub Sandwich Eating) contest!

It doesn't have to be fancy, just something that engages those around you and gets the game day spirit going- after all, socializing and having a great time is really what a tailgate is all about!

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