Momma Told Me: 7 Organic Grocery Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy At Walmart

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7 Organic Grocery Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy At Walmart

This post is sponsored by Horizon but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Being a modern consumer can be complicated.

When I was a child the only time my mother bought groceries at a store other than the one closest to our house was if there was an amazing sale that matched up with a coupon in her wallet. Shopping for a family was much simpler a generation ago simply because consumers did not have easy access to the buyer's education and resources we have today. There was no internet for concerned mothers to network on, no pages of searches demanding transparency from brands, or subcultures of foodies sharing their passion for greener eating.

As a result I've been quite overwhelmed with trying to juggle my modern family's budget, and my millennial schedule, with shopping fro ethical and wholesome ingredients. For a while I was building multiple grocery lists, by store, for a single week at a time!
If you know the stress I am referring to all to well then you might be thrilled to learn about a little life hack I've recently picked up on my regular shopping trips to Walmart. We have both a Walmart Supercenter and Walmart Neighborhood Market in my hometown, so I am constantly grabbing grocery needs while picking up prescriptions, a new jacket for the upcoming rain, or the latest video game accessory.

I am at Walmart at least twice, if not three times a week on average, but I never realized just how many of my organic grocery needs I could buy there as well. Finding my organic "treasures" while on my everyday Walmart shopping trip not only saves me money, but precious time as well. Just take at look at some of these everyday Organic grocery finds we found on our most recent trip:
1. Organic Pre-Packaged Vegetables and Fruit

Generally speaking shopping organic will always be at a slightly higher 'premium' cost than shopping 'non organic' equivalent, when it comes to fresh produce. Two ways to help offset this potential budget increase is by shopping at Walmart, and choosing pre-packaged, or 'ready-to'eat' options when available. This helps save you valuable prep time, and everyone knows time is money.
2. Ready-To-Eat Snacks And Salads

Our local Walmarts have a great selection of Organic single serving snacks and entree salads in the fresh produce department. Salads such as this Chicken Cesar are certified organic and ready to eat on the go so you can feel good about your eating choices any time of the day.
3. Organic Pressed Juices, Kombucha, And More!

A lot of the time I am way too busy through the late morning and mid-day to stop to eat a full meal, but often I find my stomach rumbling an my energy crashing around 1PM. Having a delicious, fortified, and well balanced organic fruit or vegetable juice based drink on hand can really stop me from getting cranky and sluggish. You'll find a variety or Organic bottled beverages in the cold case directly next to the packaged salads and fruits at your local Walmart. There are even some options with probiotics and protein for unique dietary needs!
4. Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

This is probably the first grocery category that comes to your mind when I mention Organic groceries. I'll be honest, fresh Organic fruits and vegetables were some of the first things I started adding to my grocery list when I began buying Organic for our family. You'll find shelf talkers, liners, loud labels, and signs calling out fresh organic finds like these raspberries in the produce department at Walmart. I love feeling good about eating these delicious treats right out of the package or straight from my shopping bag upon unpacking at home.
5. Organic Milk.

Milk has been a staple at my dinner table since I was a little girl, and continues to be a weekly buy for my fridge. During the average week I use Organic milk for smoothies, creamy sauce recipes, cereal, homemade ice cream, and so much more. My preferred brand of Organic milk is Horizon, and my local Walmart has an entire cold case dedicated to the many varieties of it. Just look for the red cartons!

Horizon cows are certified organic grassfed and spend time in lush pastures where they can graze free- yes even the cows eat organic, and as a result their milk is always GMO free. They're a brand I've been following for years now as they have been advocating, along with others, for clear and tough organic standards that go beyond what is currently required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). For me, Horizon is a brand I can feel good about buying for my family.
You'll find Horizon's Organic Grassfed Milk in whole and 2% Half Gallons with an impressive expiration date for Organic milk and a clean taste we swear we notice. Horizon Organic Grassfed milk is definitely my preferred 'drinking' milk, and what I use in all my dairy based recipes for wholesome flavor I can feel good about.
6. Shelf Stable Staples.

A lot of new-to-Organic shoppers may feel they can only find shelf stable Organics at specialty grocers, or in small designated aisle spaces in big box superstores. At Walmart you'll find many Organic companion choices right next to your everyday staples. Many times I'll even find an Organic option in my favorite brand- other times I'll choose the Walmart Great Value Organic equivalent and save myself quite a bit off  big brand Organic pricing. Some of my favorite everyday Organic shelf stable staples include peanut butter, honey, salsa, and more!
7. Baked Goods.

When I recently discovered Select Seeds Great Value Organic Bread while hunting for some ingredients for a classic PB&J, I was thrilled to complete my sandwich needs with all Organic ingredients! Who knew you could buy Organic bread right at Walmart?
Shopping Walmart for Organic groceries is always an exciting treasure hunt as more and more Organic items are being added every week. When I come across an Organic option in my favorite brands I get excited to slash another thing off my shopping list. When I discover something new I hadn't previously been able to buy Organic outside of a pricey specialty store I do a little dance right there in aisle. It has never been easier to shop Organic and feel good about wholesome grocery choices thanks to Walmart. If you've been thinking about buying Organic, or are a seasoned and dedicated Organic pro, check out your local Walmart today for amazing grocery options like Horizon Grassfed Organic.


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