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Momma Told Me: "Be a leader, not a follower" Appeal

What Momma Said: Be a leader NOT a follower.

My mother, as long as I have known her, has always been an independent woman in everything she does. And while I love her unbelievably, sometimes she went to such extremes it was hard to have any kind of personal relationship with her. She is always right- it is her way or the highway. And, raising me, she'd tell me not to follow others, but to judge for myself and make my own trails. Solid advice in itself, yes. However, I do believe a successful woman can do both. Making the right FOLLOWING decisions now can pay off later in her endeavors to lead. Sometimes we call this networking.

In the world of blogs, it's all about support through following. Your blog is nothing but a public journal if there are no people willing to read it. For this reason, I encourage you TO FOLLOW ME, and I in turn, promise to FOLLOW YOU. Whether you are a company, a momprenuer, or a fellow blogger, I promise this is a relationship I will always honor. Once we are connected, I consider you part of my blog family and I encourage you to come to me at any time for help in any way.

I have a lot of exciting things coming up, and I an quite the promoter- this means many great opportunities for my readers! And if I can secure giveaways such as SodaStream, My Lip Stuff, Tortuga Rum Company, and Bob's Country Sauce- and partner with Blogomania (September 15-16) NOW, just imagine what I can do with say 100 followers! So, I am reaching out to you to share my blog, if you like it of course! Leave me suggestions or requests at any time regarding blog style or sponsors you'd love to see- I listen! Also, don't forget, at any time you can list your blog's giveaways on my linky and gain exposure absolutely free!
What Daughter Says: It's always great to follow, just choose who you follow wisely and be a leader of your own decisions!

To sweeten this partnership, I am making you an offer:

If I reach 100+ followers by the end of June, I will host- at minimum, one giveaway a DAY throughout July!

Pretty exciting stuff right? Encourage your friends to come check me out and let them know every Friday is Friday Funday- where I feature a 24 hour giveaway just for followers! I appreciate all of the support and can't wait to get to know the old faces better, and the new faces best!


  1. Hi there! New follower from "Fun Follow Friday"! Love for you to come visit and follow me!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    ~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

  2. I was the 100th follower! =]
    WhooHoo .Congrats!!

  3. Well, I'm follower 101. haha How fun and I loved the thoughts.


  4. Hooray! thank you everyone, can't wait for the July giveaway madness, and I'm working real hard to get awesome sponsors for Blogomania!