Momma Told Me: How I Measure Sucess: In Which I Show You How Yo Make Pinata Cookies

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How I Measure Sucess: In Which I Show You How Yo Make Pinata Cookies

Woven Pinanta Cookies
Momma Told Me: If you can imagine it, you can make it.

I've never had any formal training in the culinary arts, or photography; there was a time when I considered an invitation to the Le Cordon Bleu program at the Art Institutes, but we hardly know what we want to do with our lives at 16, do we? My entire life, much to the dismay of teachers and professors, I have, however, been enamored with the ability to create. My mind, which has been defined 'mathematical' by countless battalions of tests through my scholastic years, operates in a very linear manner of problem solving. However, my heart, it draws me to that which is unconventional. Whether it is a collection of words, a palette of flavors, or a moving photograph; that which I create needs not touch a single soul to speak to my own, and I am happy.
Sugar Cookie Dough
I get bored easily, when it comes to my creativity, and I greatly dislike the boundaries set by 'clients' in the creative field, so I decided a long time ago that I could not create for the sake of selling and earning a living. I create simply because it is the purest expression of me, and often because the creations I envision typically pose some sort of challenge for myself. You see, and inspired individual can create. Whether the vision in one's mind translates to their canvas, music/food/photo/painting, is another subject entirely. We measure creativity and art, as a body of people, on the success of interpretation. But the ironic truth is that most masterpieces thrive in the true success that it's original intent; the concept that the artist first saw in their own mind, still remains very much a secret.

Yes, what I love about creating is that there can truly be no judgement on success or failure. Never have I posted a photo or written a post and stepped back to read a comment that made me feel any less. Opinions are like, well, you know what they say, everyone has one. We, as individuals wouldn't be very astounding, or functional, without them, now would we? I create in many mediums, but I always create for one person and one person only, myself. The fact I choose to share some of my creations with friends, family, or readers, is not a need for validation. It is the execution of my own vulnerability. The display of something I have made that before, did not exist. And the triumph is not in approval of others, but my confidence in knowing that I had an idea and I made it be.
Woven Pinanta Cookies
Pinata Cookies
Again, I do not consider myself a professional in anything, really. And, especially when it comes the this tiny space of the internet I claim as my own, my blog, I expect it to be nothing more than that, my own. I began blogging because I wanted to be heard, but I quickly realized that what I really wanted, was a chance to speak. Momma Told Me has, most of all, become an outlet for me to grow and discover myself. Yes, even in reviews and recipes, I learn more and more about who I am every day. It may come as quite the surprise that, in real life, I am truly quite shy. Growing up I would never consider opening a sketchbook to share something I'd drawn, for simple fear of judgement. The existence of this very website, and me in my raw form, is a testament to how far I have come.
Woven Pinanta Cookies
People ask me often how I took a photo, or how I thought of a recipe, a project, an idea. I'll be honest, I have no idea how I manage to pull off half the things I do on a daily basis. In fact, much like these cookies, most of the time 'perfection' is the farthest aspect of execution from my mind. I have no desire to agonize over every little detail of a recipe's presentation, or to sit and photo-touch smudges and smears. Life is beautifully imperfect. Just like the frosting running from between the layers of my pinata cookies, it's also very messy. We, as humans spend an immense amount of time building layers in hopes we'll create some overall image of approval, but, if we stop to take a second look, it's not hard to realize that the moments really worth living for happen when we reveal what's truly inside.

It's funny, really, some of the accomplishments in my life I'm most proud of have never been recognized by anyone but me. Does it make me wish I'd never invested myself in them? Does it make me spiteful? Absolutely freaking not! I feel in life the only true measurement of success of failure is whether one tried. So, the next time you feel like you are not as good as, not good enough, or or just plain not good at anything; remember that you had the courage to try, and that, in itself, makes you a success!

What Daughter Says: Your biggest critic is you. Isn't it time to change the way you judge yourself?


  1. Pinata cookies?! That's awesome. And so cute that they're the SoFab colors too!

  2. Love your creativity and can't wait to meet you in person

  3. So awesome and you are really creative. Glad that you won the trip :)

  4. This is amazing!!! You are seriously one of the most practical, creatives I know. Way to make something fun, edible and perfectly themed for SoFabCon. - Katy

  5. You should have your own show. Your creative spirit is infectious! Those cookies are amazing! I hope we meet up in person one of these days. Thanks for the inspiration today. I needed it!

  6. What a very cool idea! This would be so much fun for Easter. I enjoyed your post very much -- and think that you truly are a creative mind!