Momma Told Me: How To #Save4Summer + D.I.Y. Mobile iSpy Game Tutorial

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

How To #Save4Summer + D.I.Y. Mobile iSpy Game Tutorial

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #Save4Summer #CollectiveBias
Wow your children with this colorful D.I.Y. Mobile iSpy Game and #Save4Summer with affordable Unlimited Talk, Text, Data/Web service from Walmart Family Mobile. Click on over to find out which FREE apps we use to make this a mess free, digital experience kids will love! #ad
Momma Told Me: Summer fun doesn't come free.

Summer is days away and our family is already in the swing of hectic travel plans, epic vacations, and last minute packing. We don't normally celebrate the season with so much activity, but this year I knew I wanted to make the Summer extra special since it was the first Summer Sabrina's family would be spending as Texas residents. Naturally, I insisted on booking my favorite niece for several weeks with her favorite Aunt, but I'm also not about to miss out on baby Nathan's first steps, or some serious girl time with his mother. Having an affordable, and reliable, family mobile plan with unlimited talk, text, data/web is crucial to staying in touch whether miles apart or just across the theme park.
#Save4Summer with affordable unlimited talk, text, data, and web service as low as $29.88 for the first line through Walmart Family Mobile. #ad
It's no secret I'm slowly converting family close and afar to Walmart Family Mobile. Whether you were one of the first to own a smartphone, or are still hoping to upgrade to a handset that isn't considered a flip phone, Walmart makes it easy to find the perfect device at an amazing price, while taking advantage of unlimited talk, text, data, and web services as low as $29.88 per month, for the first line. In fact, just in time for the Summer they've rolled back their prices on some of the hottest devices like the ZTE ZMAX 5.7" HD Touchscreen Smartphone Phablet, with a 1.2 GHz Quad Processor and 8MP Camera for just $149 in stores. It's the perfect affordable multi-tasker for road trips, teenage scholars, social media mavens, and busy soccer moms.
Wow your children with this colorful D.I.Y. Mobile iSpy Game and #Save4Summer with affordable Unlimited Talk, Text, Data/Web service from Walmart Family Mobile. #ad
Walmart Family Mobile not only offers great service, but also opens up the opportunity for extended Summer fun. With the money our family saves on unlimited mobile service we can travel more, budget less, and afford to indulge the kids in a few extra activities. And, I don't mean to brag, but our new ZTE ZMAX can also tackle the delicate subject of road trip boredom with the plethora of applications available for download through the Google Play store. But don't think I'm going to hand the phone over for hours of  Flappy Bird and Candy Crush- No way! I've actually found yet another affordable way to blend modern technology with a classic childhood time passer, i-Spy.
First, you'll need to gather your supplies; 1 Liter Bottle of Voss, or similar tall bottled, water (empty and the labels peeled off), 4 1/2 Cups of Jasmine Rice (uncooked), 2-3 Colors of Gel Based Food Color, 2-3 Zipper Plastic Bags, 1 Pair of Rubber Gloves, 3 TBS White Vinegar, 15-20 Small Beads/Charms/Knick-Knacks, a Walmart Family Mobile Smartphone. Start by dividing the rice evenly among the same number of bags as you will have colors of rice. Put on your gloves and place about 1 TBS White Vinegar and 4-5 Drops of Food Color into each Zipper Bag. Seal and knead gently to spread colors and stain rice. Add additional color as needed, though patient kneading will evenly coat without the addition of more color.
Color rice with white vinegar and gel food color.
Pour your colored rice out onto a deep rimmed baking sheet and place outside in the sun for 3-4 hours. Drying time will vary depending on the weather conditions and amount of food color used, but rice is typically done when grains feel hot to the touch. Spreading the rice to a thin layer will help it dry faster.
You're going to have some down time while you wait for your colored rice to dry- and nobody wants damp rice sealed in a bottle, so go ahead and be patient. Use your unlimited talk, text, data, and web (with 1G of free 4G LTE speed) Family Mobile service to catch up on those movie times, map out your road trip route, checkout some Yelp reviews, and stay in touch with family back home. Sabrina loved how simple it was to video chat with her mother, for free, through her Google account on the ZTE ZMAX. Within minutes of setup, the device was ready to stream a clear video chat with one or multiple parties from anywhere in the U.S. Be careful, tweens and teens love this feature- I've found Sabrina 'talking to herself' several times since, when she video dials random family members! On the plus side, if it motivates kids to keep in touch with family more often, even better, right?
Wow your children with this colorful D.I.Y. Mobile iSpy Game and #Save4Summer with affordable Unlimited Talk, Text, Data/Web service from Walmart Family Mobile. #ad
The ZTE ZMAX has an amazing battery life for a phone with such a large and vivid screen display. With up to 15 days of standby time and 14 hours of talk time, the ZMAX will be ready for the next step in your Mobile iSpy game no matter how you've been enjoying your Walmart Family Mobile service. In fact, you'll want to download Our Groceries and Magnifier from the Google Play app store. They're relatively small applications and free to download (supported by ads) and will really bring a modern touch to your Mobile iSpy experience.

Use the Magnifier app to capture and chronicle each iSpy bead/trinket/item individually with a photograph. Keep in mind your iSpy items should be small, but also vary in size to help generate difficulty for different skill levels. Using the Our Groceries application create a new list and title it something like 'My Awesome iSpy Game.' Add an entry to the list for each of the items you'll be finding within your game. Feel free to break them into categories by item type, size, or color. Import your images from the Magnifier application for easy reference when playing.
Next you'll want to pour your colored, dry, rice into your empty, dry, water bottle, layering it with the beads/trinkets/items you'll be finding within your game. Consider placing bigger or heavier objects towards the middle as they may tend to want to sink towards the bottom in time. Fill the bottle within an inch and a half of the cap. You want the rice to move freely but not be able to slosh about. This will be a learning process at first as you get the right ratio of air to rice. Ideally spinning the bottle will generate enough slow movement to allow for gradual 'sifting' when hunting for objects.
Go ahead and seal your bottle up tight (pack a few cotton balls in the neck if you'd like extra accident proof piece of mind.) You're finally ready to have some iSpy fun at last! Grab your Walmart Family Mobile smartphone and open the Magnifier application. This app comes in especially handy when hunting for our 'impossible' iSpy ingredient the 'black grain of rice.' Kids love magnifying and zooming in between grains to detect their next iSpy discovery.
Have children use the Our Groceries application to identify the hidden items from each category and mark them as 'found' with a simple click. One tap on the item itself will strike it out and remove it to the bottom of the list, so hunters can keep track of what they have and haven't found- especially important for completionists. Best of all, the list can be reset an unlimited number of times, since it's all digital!
While we've fallen in love with the ZTE ZMAX smartphone, on rollback at Walmart, there are many other devices sold at your local Walmart. If you're looking for a more economical device consider the stylish ALCATEL OneTouch Pop, which younger family members will love for it's trendy design and simple navigation of features. Walmart Family Mobile is also just as great for multiple lines and family plans as it is for individuals, thanks to it's contract free, post paid, service. Starting up is as easy as grabbing your favorite Walmart Family Mobile device and a $25 starter kit, today. ($25 starter kit will reflect a $25 credit towards first month's plan billing.)
  • Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.
Wow your children with this colorful D.I.Y. Mobile iSpy Game and #Save4Summer with affordable Unlimited Talk, Text, Data/Web service from Walmart Family Mobile. Click on over to find out which FREE apps we use to make this a mess free, digital experience kids will love! #ad
 It's no secret we're in love with Walmart Family Mobile's range of affordable, current, smartphone devices, and the easy to use unlimited service, but the savings we've racked up over the past year alone has truly expanded our Summer opportunities. Being able to put aside the extra money each month to #Save4Summer, while enjoying reliable unlimited mobile service is priceless, just like the mobile memories we'll be capturing this Summer! What are some creative ways you beat boredom on road trips and long periods of travel?

What Daughter Says: Stop spending extra money on unlimited mobile service and save for Summer memories with Walmart Family Mobile.

Wow your children with this colorful D.I.Y. Mobile iSpy Game and #Save4Summer with affordable Unlimited Talk, Text, Data/Web service from Walmart Family Mobile. Click on over to find out which FREE apps we use to make this a mess free, digital experience kids will love! #ad


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