Momma Told Me: The Doctor Will See You Now- Try Urgent Care Teleheath Service at Home With Amwell!

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The Doctor Will See You Now- Try Urgent Care Teleheath Service at Home With Amwell!

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Momma Told Me: Quit your bellyaching. It's just the doctor.

I do not do doctors.

It is absolutely not joke that I experience extreme anxiety, and even physical symptoms that result in discomfort when I am in a medical situation. You didn't know that about me, did you? It's true, and it's commonly referred to as 'White Coat Syndrome.' If you think I'm crazy, and it's all in my head, my blood pressure has not been recorded under 170/90 in a medical office in nearly 10 years. Before you get alarmed and tell me I should go to urgent care right away, I promise my blood pressure is monitored and that is an event triggered occurrence (not an everyday thing!)
There are a lot of reasons why the modern American doesn't want to go to a doctor. While I've been told my particular unease, to it's extremity, boils down to some very traumatic events as a toddler involving my mother and her battle with cancer- you likely experience some of your own anxiety when considering whether or not to see a physician. For example, cost, and even lack of insurance coverage is sure to raise blood pressure and even detour a perfectly rational adult from seeking care.

And then there's the issue of scheduling- who wants to work around trying to sneak into an appointment on a lunch break or in between dropping off and picking up the kids? I know my primary physician often has appointments booked up as far as 3 weeks in advance! That's much too long to sit on seemingly benign symptoms, worrying!
And, let's face it, all of that time spent avoiding seeking professional medical advice often winds us up in....yup, Urgent Care. But what if you could cute most of the stress of Urgent Care, and potentially some of the costs, by choosing to complete your Urgent Care visit online?

Thankfully we live in a wonderfully advanced technological time where 'Telehealth' exists. Telehealth is the practice of using the internet to conference and consult certified physicians from the comfort of your own setting and on a schedule that fits your time. This is precisely why Amwell, the nation's largest Telehealth provider, is about to become your preferred Urgent Care Online provider. That's right, Amwell connects your with Board Certified doctors 24/7 for your Urgent Care needs. You can even save on your first Amwell Urgent Care visit here:
It's as simple as downloading the Amwell app from your Apple or iOS application store, creating a quick patient profile, and selecting the available Urgent Care doctor you'd like to consult. When I first logged on, in the middle of the afternoon, there were 9 primary care physicians available for immediate consult. I could easily browse their professional background, specialties, and even a mini profile, before selecting the doctor I felt was the best fit. Next, you'll have the chance to enter any insurance information- though, if you happen to be uninsured, it's only a flat $69 fee for an Urgent Care visit (and remember to Save 25% when you click here). That's half the price of my most recent uninsured Urgent Care visit; and several hours less of a wait!
Once I'd chosen a doctor I was shown a little introductory video, and informed of my place in line. In this case the doctor I'd selected decided my particular patient file was better suited to another Amwell physician, and I was instantly referred to a better fit. The woman who appeared on my screen a few moments later was very well versed in treating insomnia, the topic of my particular visit that day. Thanks to the magic of telehealth technology, we could hear each other, and I could see her. Whether or not I wanted to turn my camera on and become visible was entirely up to me. However, keep in mind that the camera can be a vital diagnosing tool in many cases!
As we entire the height of cold/flu season I practice prevention diligently, but there simply is no way to guarantee one doesn't end up off their feet with cold/flu complications, pneumonia, bronchitis, allergies or more. And, with time, and money, being ever so vital this season- proper preparation should definitely include having a good Urgent Care telehealth option on hand. No more struggling to deal with holiday hours or traffic while feeling your worst, no more watching your child have a mega meltdown in a waiting room. A large variety of common prescribed Urgent Care prescriptions are even available right through your Urgent Care Amwell visit (in 43 of the United States.)
My Amwell Urgent Care call lasted about 10 minutes- we actually got cut off by the system's timer, but the physician was quick to call me on my phone to finish her advice and I received a follow up email with her notes and suggestions. I have to say, it didn't feel like I had just seen a doctor at all, and my blood pressure was in check the whole time! Not only can I feel at ease knowing I no longer have to stress over what I will or will not consult a doctor about in Urgent Care situation, but the doctor will always be ready to see our family, thanks to Amwell. I was on my way to feeling MUCH better and back to choosing a complimentary Ugly Sweater to match Jay. Have you ever sought professional medical advice online or through an application? If not, would you consider it?

If you're ready to try Urgent Care online services click here, or use my unique code Amwell25 for 25% off your first Urgent Care service!

What Daughter Says: Say goodbye to the stress of offices and appointments with Urgent Care online services from Amwell.


  1. Way to go Amwell on creating this convenient app!

  2. I love the idea of not having to go to a doctor's office for minor questions. This would be so handy!

  3. I have been having an issue that I really need to talk to a doctor about but don't want to go into the office.... kinda embarrassed about it. This would be a great alternative.