Momma Told Me: Brighter Smiles And Sweeter Doggy Kisses With Fuss Free Oral Care For Dogs #BlueStemPets

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Brighter Smiles And Sweeter Doggy Kisses With Fuss Free Oral Care For Dogs #BlueStemPets

This post is sponsored by bluestem™ and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to increase awareness of and share my experiences with the bluestem™ oral care products, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Bluestem™ is not responsible for the content of this article.
Just look at that smile! bluestem™ with coactiv+™ water additives and breath sprays can help fight tartar build up and bad breath in your dog. It's a fuss free way to help support healthy oral hygience! #bluestempets #ad
Momma Told Me: Good dog. Bad Breath.

It's widely accepted that dogs require many of the same things as their human counterparts, when it comes to staying healthy and living a full life. From a safe and loving home, to a healthy diet and active lifestyle, it's crucial that we monitor several key elements of a dog's health and hygiene; especially as they age. For example, when we take Nora to the groomer they always ask if we'd like to have her teeth brushed as part of her grooming package. And for over 95% of the canine pet population that may be the only time, if at all, during the year a dog's teeth is brushed. Even more staggering is the knowledge that the best dental hygiene plan for a canine often includes brushing with a pet-safe enzymatic toothpaste, every day. While the momentary escape to a vision of your pup brushing their teeth at the bathroom sink might solicit a chuckle, there really is little to laugh about.
It's hard to imagine an animal needs daily oral care- but their teeth accumulates plaque, bacteria, and even can cause serious gum and dental diseases when left un-cared for. Just like humans.

Not to mention to thought of kissing someone who hasn't brushed their teeth in over a year (or maybe their entire life?) might put a damper on those sloppy puppy kisses!

However, proper dental hygiene in dogs is not just about bad breath- plaque and bacteria buildup (often evident by poor breath in your pup) can result in loose and rotting teeth, infected gums, and even life-threatening health issues. Some breeds of dogs are notorious for being more at risk than others, and small breeds often top the list, while larger breeds can experience broken or cracked teeth. That's why we have Nora's teeth professionally cleaned, at our veterinary office, about every other year- or when it becomes a concern. In addition, we brush her teeth during every bath (it's not the suggested every day, but we work on it,) watch her diet, provide her with plenty of healthy chewing toys, and have recently started a new water additive which will help break down biofilm, where harmful bacteria multiples in the mouth.
4 Ingredient Mint Parsley Pup Treats to help combat bad breath! bluestem™ with coactiv+™ water additives and breath sprays can help fight tartar build up and bad breath in your dog. It's a fuss free way to help support healthy oral hygience! #bluestempets #ad
Many per owners care about their pet's dental health but simply don't have the time to keep up with it, or the patience to brush their dog's teeth. I recently learned about an amazing brand of pet oral care aids called bluestem™, which works to remove the food source bacteria needed to build plaque and tartar.  It's not a miracle product but bluestem™'s active ingredient, coactiv+™, can help to maintain a healthier mouth when used alongside with other good oral hygiene practices for your dog. bluestem™ products come in a few formats to help fit the lifestyle of you and your dog, their Oral Spray can be used alongside their Water Additive for a comprehensive routine that helps battle plaque and bad breath.
Of course, sometimes you just want to spoil your pup- so we're sharing this simple 4 ingredient recipe for Mint Parsley Pup Treats at the bottom of the post as well. Made with fresh mint leaves, parsely, plain yogurt, and pure peppermint oil, these frozen bites are the perfect bad breath buster during those incredibly hot dog days of Summer. We like to put one in an empty food bowl and let Nora lap at it as it melts in the afternoon heat.
4 ingredient Mint Parsley Pup Treats can help fight bad breath. bluestem™ with coactiv+™ water additives and breath sprays can help fight tartar build up and bad breath in your dog. It's a fuss free way to help support healthy oral hygience! #bluestempets #ad
For those days when you're on the go and you can't quite bring bluestem™'s water additive, or our breath freshening pup treats, bluestem™ with coactiv+™'s Oral Spray in Vanilla Mint can be applied directly to the base of the gums, up to twice a day. This unique breath freshener has an awesome no startle nozzle that makes the entire process fuss free. I've actually been noticing Nora fights me less and less when I go to lift up her gums, which is great, because she associates that with teeth brushing, which has always been a battle! I think she genuinely enjoys the Vanilla Mint flavor, and I love knowing that I'm directly helping to reduce up to 23% of everyday tarter when I use bluestem™ with coactiv+™ daily as directed!
Maybe you don't brush your dog's teeth regularly, or at all, because you simply don't like the struggle and dog-mom guilt inevitably creeps in ad you and 2 other family members attempt to hold a squirming dog down and brush. There is honestly no replacement for brushing your dog's teeth every day- but, thankfully, there are still things you can do to help encourage a healthier oral care routine. Providing your pet a wide variety of oral safe (items that are not harder than your dog's teeth) pet toys can help your pets naturally break down residue and buildup from tartar. Our homemade chew toy is not only a simple and fun project to do just that, it's also a great reward AFTER you've brushed your dog's teeth. Remember to always reward good behavior!
D.I.Y Homemade Chew Toy


1 Appropriately Sized Dog 'Tennis' Ball
1 Scrap Fabric Square (Approximately Equal To 15x The Ball Width, In Length)


1. Place the ball in the center of your fabric. Measure 1/3 up from the bottom, and 1/3 in from the right, and cut an even square of fabric from the corner. Measure 1/3 down from the top, and 1/3 in from the right and cut an even square of fabric from the corner. Repeat on the left side until you are left with a 'cross' of fabric.

2. Cut a small 1/2" slit in the center of the left strip, just where your cuts end, as to create a buttonhole. Repeat with the bottom strip.

3. Pull the top strip through the slit in the bottom strip and tie a knot. Pull the right strip through the left strip and tie a knot.

4. Cut each strip into 3 even strips to about 1/4" from the knot base. Braid each corner to desired length and tie in a knot to fix.

5. Toss around or indulge in a good old-fashioned game of tug-of-war!
Make this dental approved D.I.Y chew toy for your dog as a reward after good oral care practices! bluestem™ with coactiv+™ water additives and breath sprays can help fight tartar build up and bad breath in your dog. It's a fuss free way to help support healthy oral hygience! #bluestempets #ad
Of course our favorite way to fight doggy breath and help keep Nora's teeth clean doesn't involve much effort at all- A little play time in the backyard and she'll help clean her own teeth (fight plaque buildup) when she enjoys a few hearty laps of water from her drinking bowl. For the past 30 days we've been using bluestem™ with coactiv+™'s water additives in one of 3 formulations, unflavored, chicken flavored, or vanilla mint flavored. As a Special Note: The Chicken Flavored, and Unflavored
bluestem™ with coactiv+™'s water additive formulas are also safe for use with cats. Bonus! Truffles enjoys the benefits in her bowl as well! The Vanilla Mint formulation should only be used with dogs, and is not approved for use with cats.
bluestem™ with coactiv+™ water additives and breath sprays can help fight tartar build up and bad breath in your dog. It's a fuss free way to help support healthy oral hygience! #bluestempets #ad
So what does all that fancy talk mean? Well, we first began introducing Nora to bluestem™ with coactiv+™'s water additives by adding a half cap to her 2.5 C water bowl, each time we gave her fresh water. Once we were sure she hadn't caught on, we increased the amount to a full cap, and then in about a week, 2 caps per bowl. Some of you may remember Nora has a slight water addiction, so I never had a fear of her turning her nose, but some dogs might be a little more keen to the change, so a gradual introduction is suggested. The bluestem™ with coactiv+™' water additives are clear, and have no odor, so the process truly is painless!
Nora drinks just as much water a usual with bluestem™ and I honestly can't determine whether she has a preference for chicken flavored or vanilla mint more. Since we use the oral spray in Vanilla Mint, and the Original and Chicken Flavor formulations are cat safe, I think we'll be buying more of those from now on. 

What can you expect to notice in just 30 days using bluestem™ with coactiv+™' water additives in your dog's water? An independent study showed that dogs using bluestem™ regularly had up to a 25.4% reduction in tartar, even experiencing visibly cleaner teeth! Where we've noticed the difference? Nora still has 'breath' after all, her mouth is still a mouth, but her breath is more like one would expect a human to experience throughout the day, and far from the repelling 'doggy breath' we're used to around here. Let's just say I no longer cringe when Jay lets her lick his face endlessly with 'kisses'.
It's important to me that Nora not only has the prettiest smile on leash, on the block, but that her teeth and gums are their healthiest. I still experience 'dog mom' guilt that I don't brush her teeth everyday- but I feel a lot more confident I am doing what's best for her oral care with the introduction of bluestem™ products into her everyday routine.
bluestem™ with coactiv+™ water additives and breath sprays can help fight tartar build up and bad breath in your dog. It's a fuss free way to help support healthy oral hygience! #bluestempets #ad
bluestem™ products are an alcohol, xylitol, and chlorhexidine free, and a potentially delicious way to help support your dog's good oral hygiene routine. Their products are currently sold at a variety of specialty stores and boutiques nationwide, or online through their website. Learn more about the products and availability, and take the 30 day challenge to see results for yourself! Now, be honest, what do you do to help maintain your pet's oral care?

Enjoy 20% off your order with bluestem™ in September (2016) when you use promo code: TRYBLUESTEM

What Daughter Says: Don't fear puppy kisses, take some simple steps to fight doggy breath and help improve your dog's oral hygiene today.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of bluestem. The opinions and text are all mine.

Mint Parsley Pup Treats
***Click here for printable recipe


10oz Unsweetened Plain Yogurt
Hand-full of Fresh Parsley Leaves
Hand-full of Fresh Mint Leaves
2 Drops Peppermint Oil (Not Extract)


1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until well combined. Pour into a silicone mold or ice cube tray until each cavity is 3/4 full. Freeze 2-3 hours. Serve direct from the freezer in a food bowl.


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