Momma Told Me: D.I.Y. Bubble Wrap Corn Sun Catcher Craft

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D.I.Y. Bubble Wrap Corn Sun Catcher Craft

These DIY bubble wrap sun catchers make great sensory crafts and can be re-used next year thanks to the contact paper they're mounted on!
Momma Told Me: Time to get crafty.

When I was young my favorite thing about any holiday was the craft projects my teachers, or mother, would inevitably come up with. Was there truly anything more epic than macaroni art in kindergarten? I argue, no, there was not. And every November, for 5 years straight we'd make those darn construction paper turkeys from the outline of our hand, and run to the car after school to show them proudly off to our parents, who'd smile with all the enthusiasm of someone who'd never actually seen them before.
They say 'There's nothing new under the sun,' and it's true, just about anything has been done to some variation before. But some things have been done so much they're expected. When Fall finally arrived this year I wanted to do something more than fill a plastic glove with popcorn and draw a face on the fingers. So I set out in search of bubble wrap crafts. And these D.I.Y Corn Sun Catchers combine a little bit of many things that make childhood magical- the fun and mess of painting, the stimulus of sensory bubble wrap, the warmth of sun peeking through the clouds and trees, and a chance to create a character all your own.
Anyone can make these and, with the exception of contact paper, you probably have most of the materials already laying around:

Small Bubble Wrap (Scraps from packing will do, or a roll is about $5 on Amazon)
3-4 Warm Shades of Paint (Keep in mind child-safe paints for younger kids)
Any Form Of Brush/Sponge Brush OR Fingers!
A Marker (Permanent is best)
Green Construction Paper
Sheet of Contact Paper (Found in the drafting aisle of the craft store)
Dropcloth + Baby Wipes for Messes

Start by taking a 10" x 10" square of bubble wrap, bubble side up, and layering shades of yellow, orange, and red across it. For younger kids feel free to go with yellow and red to teach a lesson about colors. Encourage kids to paint light, and choose their color mixing with purpose. Provide a clean brush, or even paper towels to wipe away paint in places and layer in others. Finger painting on bubble wrap makes a fabulous sensory project for sensory kids!
Your bubble wrap will need to dry. Depending on the paints used, and how much paint your little applied, drying will take anywhere from 2-12 hours. For multiple kids, keep track of who's bubble wrap belongs to whom by marking initials on the back corners in permanent marker.

Once your bubble wrap is dry cut corn shape ovals out- let your kids experiment with lengths and sizes, then have them choose 1 or 2 'corn' cuts as their favorites. Place the corn cutouts on the green construction paper and trace a husk around the outside, leaving a 1-1.5" border along the edges of the corn. Carefully cut out your husks, making sure to cut a hollow in the middle, but being sure to leave that 1-1.5" husk edge.
Place your husks on top of the contact paper sheet and cut a rough oval around the outside, again leaving a 1-1.5" border of extra contact paper on all sides of your husk.  Carefully peel the sticky contact paper from the backing and arrange the bubble wrap corn in the center (bubbles facing down against the sticky side) then the husk positioned over it. At this point you have a giant corn sticker you can immediately put onto the window, or carefully place back onto the contact paper backing and store to take home, or gift.
But corn isn't quite as magical without a little personality- so we let our kids grab a Sharpie (washable markers are just as fine, but will fade quicker in the direct sun) and draw faces on their corn. In fact, the girls naturally created characters, and even back stories, for their corn creations!
These DIY bubble wrap sun catchers make great sensory crafts and can be re-used next year thanks to the contact paper they're mounted on!
I, personally, decided to make a mini corn family for our window while some found it fun to play with goofy expressions, or to try and draw a face that reminded them of the person they were giving their corn to.
These DIY bubble wrap sun catchers make great sensory crafts and can be re-used next year thanks to the contact paper they're mounted on!
These were a huge it. Each girl made 2-3 and they were begging to make more. The only reason we stopped is because I want this project to seem just as fun and exciting when I re-purpose the concept for snowman next month! And the parents? They loved them just as much- handmade art ready to mount!
These DIY bubble wrap sun catchers make great sensory crafts and can be re-used next year thanks to the contact paper they're mounted on!
Do these really catch the sun? Yes. They almost glow when they're in direct sunlight- but don't expect them to be casting big rays of color like a piece of stained glass. They are also re-useable- Ours have been up for 2 weeks, and I just peeled one down and put it on it's backing with plenty of stick. So these might even be reusable next year! Now, tell me, did you ever craft with bubble wrap as a child? Popping the bubbles next to your mother's ear might have been an experiment, but doesn't count!

What Daughter Says: Create a new tradition with bubble wrap crafts.


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