Momma Told Me: 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Instantly Add Sparkle To Your Summer

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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Instantly Add Sparkle To Your Summer

#BeNotBland with 5 simple ways to add instant sparkle to your Summer, including a Unicorn Mocktail recipe! #AD
Summer is here at last.

But for some, the Summer challenged, this occasion is marked by countless hours binge watching Amazon Prime and ordering in takeout. They have no plan, no places to go, no parties to crash and will otherwise subject themselves to a sparkle-less Summer. So I rise up, as a Summer warrior and say, "Wait not for Summer to come to you, rather, bring yourself to it.

Sure a few days of proper laziness are in order at the beginning of every Summer- after all you've earned it. But you've also earned the chance to shine like the magical unicorn you truly are. It's time to finally book that tandem sky-dive, to at long last attempt that elusive world record, to call up that long last friend from high school and leave an embarrassing trail of Instagram Stories! This is the season it all happens, no regrets! Call your local tattoo shop for that portrait of your childhood Labrador, turn the car on and drive until the gas tank is empty, and wear that 90's tie-dye t-shirt until the colors have faded from exposure to the sun.
Not feeling quite so bold?

It's okay, all you need to do is unlock your inner sparkle. It can be tough to bet back into the swing of fun and relaxation after you've worked so hard all year to fit in as a productive member of society. Maybe you're not quite ready to flaunt your curves boldly onto that beach and blind everyone with your gorgeous milky white skin. Or maybe you're afraid to let your inner sparkle free for fear the very fabric of time might tear open with the awesomeness that is you unbridled and completely free. Maybe your family appreciates you for recognizing this- but truth be told this is YOUR Summer and every second that ticks by, you're not getting back. Now is the time. Today is the day to make your Summer sparkle.
It's okay if you're closer to the 'sparkler' stage than full on fireworks. Everyone has their own speed of sparkle. However I've combined a few of my favorite sure-fire ways to add sparkle to any Summer, for those in need of a little inspiration, or simply short on time. My first one? Ordering my favorite Summer essentials through Amazon Prime with the Amazon Dash button.

Appealing both to my lazy side, and party side, this little button of magic is delivered to your door pre-loaded with instant magic. This particular button is set to instantly order my favorite Summer beverage, Sparkling Ice. One quick press and *POOF* a 12 count, 17 ounce, variety pack of zero calorie sparkling goodness arrives on my doorstep in less than 2 days. It's kind of like having a smart fridge or, and when you look at it that way, any other surface you want to stick it.
#BeNotBland with 5 simple ways to add instant sparkle to your Summer, including a Unicorn Mocktail recipe! #AD
It might sound sill but rule Number 1 to a sparkling Summer is delicious drinks in never-ending flavors, with awesome sparkle. Sparkling Ice comes in 15 zero calorie flavors of sparkling water that if far from dull. With flavors such as Black Raspberry and Coconut Pineapple it's a party for your taste-buds- truly, as delicious zero calorie flavors dance to perfectly chilled carbonation. No need to worry about that bikini bod, you'll have plenty of room for all your favorite sweet Summer treats when you're sipping blissfully from your favorite flavors of Sparkling Ice all Summer.
Of course you'll want to bring your Sparkling Ice on all sorts of adventures-

What's that? Adventures are too hard to find and take too much planning and effort? Why not explore the world through your dog's eyes and plan an impromptu day out just for you and man's best friend? Kiddie pools are all the rage right now for dog owners. They're a wonderful way to cool off, but we suggest filling them with ball pit balls- these colorful plastic balls will spill everywhere as your dog goes wild hunting for a favorite toy or treat. And what's sparkly if not puppy dog tails and rainbows?
If you're still working on inspiring yourself to get outdoors for the season consider tackling a new hobby or craft. Something as simple as a tie-knot fleece blanket can help spread sparkle to strangers in the form of a donation and build sparkling confidence in the form of pride and determination. Play with fun prints and patterns to bring an extra touch of fun- or try your hand at recreating our famous 'Unicorn Tie Blanket'- occasionally I've been known to even imagine I'm an actual unicorn underneath it's main of rainbow ribbons.
#BeNotBland with 5 simple ways to add instant sparkle to your Summer, including a Unicorn Mocktail recipe! #AD
Of course one of my favorite things about Summer is the dress code. There is none.

Hey now, I'm not suggesting you practice strutting your birthday suit down Main St but there is a certain amount of social acceptable fashion faux pas built into this season. For me I try to make every day off feel like I'm at sea on a Caribbean cruise. It's all about bright colors, loud prints, and slowing fabrics that make me feel comfortable and confident. Worst case, I look like a tourist in my home town- which is fine by me, tourists are on VACATION and that's where I'd like to feel I am, too!
When the sun comes out, and temperatures rise, WATER is a hot commodity. Whether it's a theme park or the local pool everyone wants to cool off. This year, though, I think Nora is just glad to finally be able to show off that impressive bikini bod she's been working on so hard.
#BeNotBland with the Zero Calorie Unicorn Mocktail- Complete with homemade Sugar Free Vegan Gummy Beat Garnish! #AD
#BeNotBland with the Zero Calorie Unicorn Mocktail- Complete with homemade Sugar Free Vegan Gummy Beat Garnish! #AD
And while we're by the pool you better believe we're sipping something sparkly- In fact we've designed a 0 Calorie Unicorn Mocktail that's always a little different each time we make it. Just like a unicorn leaping over a rainbow the colors, and flavors, blur for one sweet magical mess. My secret ingredient? Sparkling Ice, of course- it's how I make the Sugar Free Vegan Gummy Bears that give it such a playful pop- kind of like sparkling Boba!
#BeNotBland with the Zero Calorie Unicorn Mocktail- Complete with homemade Sugar Free Vegan Gummy Beat Garnish! #AD
To make this amazing 0 Calorie Unicorn Mocktail you'll want to head on over to Amazon Prime and order your Sprakling Ice variety pack right now- then scroll to the end of this post for my exclusive Sugar Free Vegan Gummy Bear recipe. To build your mocktail you'll need:

7-10 Sugar Free Vegan Homemade Gummy Bears
Sanding Sugar In Blue + Yellow (Optional)
Unicorn Horn Lollipop or Rock Candy Stick (Optional)

1. Dampen a paper towel with water and wet the rim of your glass. Pour 1 TBS blue and 1 TBS Yellow sanding sugar onto the corner of a paper plate or wide bowl. Gently roll 1/3 of the glass rim in the yellow sanding sugar. Next roll the side opposite into the blue. You should have two gaps between the colors- roll these spaces liberally in both sugars so as to blend them into a faded green color.

2. Add ice to the brim of your glass. Insert any straws and 'horn' accents now.

3. Slowly pour Orange Mango Sparkling Ice into the glass until it is just under 3/4 full.  Top with Black Raspberry Sparkling Ice, leaving 1/2" of gap to the rim to allow for melting.

4. Garnish with homemade Sugar Free Vegan Gummy Bears (recipe at the bottom of post) and edible star sprinkles.
Naturally your mocktail will sparkle no matter which flavors you decide to blend- just keep in mind the darker Sparkling Ice flavors will quickly take over the complexion of your drink, so add them sparingly at first.

Lastly, unicorns are all the rage, in general this year, so feel free to unleash your inner sparkle with a literal unicorn. We happened to score an amazing Pegasus 'floating island' for the pool Jay is constantly reminding me is NOT a unicorn. Horn, no horn, he can't seem to get his butt off it. Seriously this girl is stuck hanging halfway off the pizza floatie. But who am I to deny his Summer sparkle?
In fact, if you really want to knock the sparkle out of the park this Summer you could bring a case or two of Sparkling Ice to your next cookout or party and challenge your friends and family to devise a zero-calorie unicorn cocktail of their own. With 15 delicious flavors to choose from, you could watch the colors, and flavors meld all day. Honestly, I'm never bored when there's a Sparkling Ice near by! No matter which of these instant sparkle methods you use (and I fully suggest you use as many as possible, as often as possible) you're sure to be on the right track to a magical Summer. Now if any of you could tell me which of my Sparkling Ice flavors I need to trade to convince Jay to come back in off my Pegasus floatie, I'd be ever so grateful. Follow the #BeNotBland hashtag on social media form ore great ways to add flavor to your Summer!

Sugar Free Vegan Gummy Bears
****Click here for the printable Sugar Free Vegan Gummy Bears Recipe

4 TBS Agar Powder (Not Flakes)
2 Cups Sparkling Ice In Flavor of Choice
1/4 C Corn Starch
Pinch of Salt


1. Dust your gummy bear molds with corn starch and place in the freezer.

2. Combine the agar powder, Sparkling Ice, and salt in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture becomes thick (like a glue).

3. Remove molds from freezer and remove your gummy mixture from heat. Quickly use a dropper to fill each gummy bear cavity just to the edge. 

4. Return the filled molds to the freezer for 30 minutes.

5. Remove the molds from freezer and gently press the hardened candies from their cavities, store in the freezer, or fridge.


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