Momma Told Me: 3 Tips To Feel Confident In The New Year + $250 Walmart Giveaway

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3 Tips To Feel Confident In The New Year + $250 Walmart Giveaway

3 Tips To Build Confidence In The New Year with #findyourDreamfit. #HelloBeautiful #AD
There are many things that define me.

For example, friends and family know, I am not responsible for my actions if you wake me from a dead sleep on a weekend morning.

I will always look for, clip, and use a coupon or discount even if I've one day won the lottery and am set for life.

My sneezes sound more like terrified screams than dainty little lady sniffles.

I'd sooner sleep on my bedroom floor than inconvenience my cat.

And, if it has glitter, or bright colors I'll probably convince myself to buy it.

Sometimes people discuss these traits as if they are flaws, things I should be embarrassed about, or strive to alter. But the truth is, if you aren't yourself, who are you?
As we march towards yet another new year the promise of fresh starts, and new outlooks beckon warm thoughts and positive thinking. And, as you reach for those New Year's Resolutions and goals your best key to success, no matter the theme of the goal, is confidence. When you practice confidence in yourself you are naturally inclined to perform better, and work harder, without even knowing. Never-mind the positive cause-and-effect confidence has when others see you radiating positive vibes and owning yourself.

Whether you're experienced with confidence, or spend the majority of the time in your own head arguing with yourself, the new year is the perfect time to help rebuild, or instill some confidence. A few simple tips can help.
1. From The Inside Out

It may seem silly, but you really want to begin your confidence re-boot with a little personal shopping. While so many get hung up on their outward appearance through fashion and makeup, how you feel underneath is just as important. I'm talking, of course, about the clothes generally only you get to see.

As a plus-sized woman my confidence begins with comfort and functionality- my bra lives on me for more hours than I spend living in my bed; we have a pretty tight relationship. I rely on it to not only offer support, and shaping, but to help relieve the pain of walking around with a DD chest. Traditionally this has meant that I have 3 color options (the ever exciting black, white and nude) and must assign a budget of $45-$60 per bra. It also means a trip to a specialty 'plus size' store, as I generally can't shop for what I need at the convenient big box stores.

That's why Dreamfit at Walmart has been a game changer.
Dreamfit offers a wide selection of styles designed to flatter curvy gals in stylish colors and prints every lady can feel flirty and confident in. Even more exciting the average pricepoint of Dreamfit bras at Walmart is under $15- I recently shopped a stretch cotton plunge bra and subtle push up Dreamfit for just $12.88 each! How cute are those stripes in that soft cotton stretch material, ladies?

My Dreamfit bras are not only cute and affordable they are easy to wear- many feature back strap designs that help flatter and fight the 'curve bulge' that make so many plus sized women overly critical of their shape in clothes. I love that I can move easily, while maintaining support, and wear all of my favorite outfits with confidence and comfort- they're easily the most affordable confidence booster I've invested in this year!
2. Express Yourself

You don't have to be, and very well may not be, loud or colorful to practice this step. All you have to do is embrace your gut instinct. Try something new, buy that extra print you were eyeing on the rack, part your hair a different way just to see what it looks like.

One of the biggest obstacles to confidence is our own self doubts- we tend to question how our choices will be perceived by others, but the trick is to own our decisions with confidence. Regardless of what others personal preference or reactions are your ownership of the decision will quickly win them over.

90 percent of 'pulling it off' isn't being model beautiful, it's walking tall with confidence and loving your decisions.
If you're still a bit nervous then start implementing these bolder decisions in smaller, private aspects of your life, such as your personal wardrobe or home.

Dreamfit has several beautiful bold prints to shop from, and simply knowing you've decided to step out of your comfort zone and embrace something new is sure to inspire the feel goods inside you. The more you feel comfortable in your own skin, even behind closed doors, or under your 'public clothing' the more confident you will present yourself in public.
3. Experience More

My final tip may seem a little counter-intuitive- trying new things doesn't always come easy for those looking to build confidence, but it's the surest way to do so!

You don't have to go sky-diving or tear through a bucket list to experience new things. Even the smallest of new experiences will help build your life story, and naturally inspire confidence building new skills, share-worthy experiences, and build a network of equally supportive people.

Start small by trying something new at your favorite restaurant, or binging a show you know little about. All new experiences aren't guaranteed to be positive, and they don't have to, but the willingness to break out of that comfort zone and try them in the first place is worth celebrating. And the things you do discover you enjoy only help to shape the complicated tapestry that is you.

As humans we are naturally the most critical of ourselves.

Use this notion to help inspire yourself to be a little more confident the next time your thoughts get the better of you. It's impossible to influence or control the thoughts and perceptions of everyone your come into contact with, but controlling your own thoughts and perceptions is 100% doable!

Begin by ensuring that you are comfortable in your own skin- update your wardrobe, pick up a few new Dreamfit bras, and don't be afraid to express yourself both in and outside your home with new experiences. Once you begin building and reinforcing that confidence you will naturally accumulate people in your life who are as equally attracted by your confidence, and as enthusiastic about yourself as you are.
Lastly, one of my favorite bonus ways to help build confidence every day?

The first time you see yourself in the mirror every day stop and say,

"Hello Beautiful"

I don't care if you slept in your makeup and your falsies are stuck to your eyebrows or if you fell asleep breastfeeding and have spit up on your chest, repeat those 2 simple words.

Have fun, say it with sass, use a sultry voice, give yourself a wink- just do it. Every single day.


Because you deserve to hear it- and hearing it is the surest way to start training your brain to embrace the strong, sexy, confident woman that is you!

I'm not going to say I'm the picture of confidence- I am far from hung up on myself, and I have more questionable moments than not- but these practices, when done regularly, really do help instill that sense of confidence every woman needs an deserves. To learn more about how Dreamfit bras can help you recapture some confidence, and for your chance to win 1 of 4 $250 Walmart gift cards please enter here:


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