Momma Told Me: Function Versus Style: A Pet Owner's Eternal Struggle Featuring La-Z Boy Pet Beds

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Function Versus Style: A Pet Owner's Eternal Struggle Featuring La-Z Boy Pet Beds

This post is sponsored by La-Z Boy but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Much like with children, having pets in the home presents a unique decor challenge.

It's a constant struggle between practicality and aesthetic. Sure, your new companion will bring it's own unique decor immediately in the form of glitter (fur,) window panes laced with wet nose prints, and inevitably paw prints across the floor, sofa (especially if you have leather or suede!) and your heart.

In the beginning you'll probably want to buy 'only the best,' filling your home, car, backyard, and credit card with the fanciest of modern pet products. But as time goes on you'll quickly learn that there really are only 2 things that matter at the top of any pet product checklist:

  1. Is it easy to clean?
  2. Does my pet like it?
Because, let's be real, if it's not easy to clean it's not going to last very long in your home, and if your pet doesn't like it all you've done is shell out your hard earned cash for a very expensive piece of decor. Decor, mind you, that you're not even guaranteed to want to look at, as some pet products can be truly heinous on the eyes.

#LZBPets Thoughtful Pet Beds With Decor And Comfort In Mind By La-Z Boy! #AD
If you have a dog, or two, or three in your family then you know the never-ending quest for the perfect dog bed. There are so many on the market in so many shapes, sizes, materials, and brands. You've probably been in the pet aisle when something flashy, or plush catches your eye and make an instant decision to treat your pup to a new bed. But what was that decision based on? Style? Fabric? Price?

Humans spend approximately 1/4-1/3 of their lives in bed, and the average dog spends a whopping 12-14 hours a day sleeping (senior pets and low energy breeds may spend as much as 20!) You wouldn't drive past a mattress store and decide to buy one on the spur of the moment, so why choose your dog's bed that way?
#LZBPets Thoughtful Pet Beds With Decor And Comfort In Mind By La-Z Boy! #AD
In fact, how your dog sleeps says a lot about who they are as a dog, and what type of bed they will sleep best on- just like how you prefer your bed to be extra firm and have a fan on it in the middle of Winter while your other half needs to sleep on a cloud covered in 4 layers of blankets. It makes sense, right?

La-Z Boy has created an entire range of thoughtfully designed, aesthetically pleasing pet beds with this very concept in mind. Much like their signature furniture, comfort is the number 1 focus of each bed's design, with a nod to functionality (ease of wear and clean) and the bonus of stylish pet friendly fabrics that match some of their most popular pieces. At last a dog bed made to work WITH your home's aesthetic, not against it!
#LZBPets Thoughtful Pet Beds With Decor And Comfort In Mind By La-Z Boy! #AD
There are several types of sleepers, when it comes to dogs, and you should definitely wander on over to the Petmate La-Z Boy Pet Beds page to learn all about them and what type of sleeper your dog is. I'll share a little about our pups so you can see what I mean-

  • Nora is a cross between a Sprawler and a Flying Dog. Flying Dogs will often lay on their beds in a formation known as the 'sploot' with their front legs directly under their chin, and their back legs spread flat beneath them. They tend to be playful and active, and are usually ready for anything immediately upon waking up. Sprawlers are extremely self confident and will typically leave their belly exposed, often shifting many times, and even kicking in their sleep.
  • Gidget is a Donut, one of the most common types of sleepers. Sleeping in a curled, rounded, position not only helps preserve warmth, but instills a sense of security while sleeping. These dogs tend to be protective and reserved.
#LZBPets Thoughtful Pet Beds With Decor And Comfort In Mind By La-Z Boy! #AD
The La-Z Boy Jacquered Rosie Lounger style bed has the most beautiful Cobalt blue jacquered upholstery and caters to both sleep styles. With a 2 compartment build, the very bottom of the lounger is stuffed with a memory foam blend, while the top features La-Z-Boy's Comfort Select™ fiber fill, a human grade premium fiber with never-flat properties to provide superior loft and support for your dog. Dogs who sleep in the Donut thrive on nearly any type of bed, but especially those with pocket or walls they can cuddle against to preserve heat. Dogs in the Sprawl position do best often on pillows, cushions, and loungers.
#LZBPets Thoughtful Pet Beds With Decor And Comfort In Mind By La-Z Boy! #AD
In the past we have gotten each of the girls their own dog bed- which was quite absurd when it came to 2.3lb Gidget, who is dwarfed by even the smallest of beds. Gidget is also a very social dog, who wants to be near something living at all times- where as Nora is the 'old maid' who likes space to spread out. For us this La-Z Boy lounger pet bed was the perfect compromise. Both pups have ample space to spread out, or curl up in Gidget's case, and we don't have to constantly move pet beds all over and around the couch.

When we first introduced the La-Z Boy Jacquered Rosie Lounger to the girls it was so plush Gidget felt she was on her very own sofa, and Nora immediately took to the comfort and settled in. But, as sisters are, the peace only lasted for so long as bossy little Gidget declared the lounger more of a wrestling ring, and began trying to take on Nora. But, at the end of the day, everyone found their comfy place and both snooze happily all day long. Check out the video at the bottom of our post!
Each style of La-Z Boy pet beds is thoughtfully designed in fabric and function, this particular style does have a side zipper to allow the memory foam base to easily come out for hand wash surface cleaning. Gidget was a bit upset I was dismantling her new bed in exploration but I promise, it quickly went back together in one piece.
At the end of the day it's a dog's world, and I just live in it. I try to be a thoughtful dog parent and choose tasteful toys, collars, leashes, and accessories that match my personal aesthetic- but if the dog refuses to use those items, who is really winning? Thankfully with the new collection of La-Z Boy Pet Beds we can all reclaim a little bit of our decor aesthetic back, all while giving our pups a great, healthy, sleep!

Don't forget to scroll down to check out Nora and Gidget exploring their new La-Z Boy bed!


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