Momma Told Me: Choosing a Case for the #HTC8 #Troop8x

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Choosing a Case for the #HTC8 #Troop8x

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Momma Told Me: Protect your tech!

I was raised in a household where negligence was simply unacceptable. After, about, the age of 7 I recall my father having a very serious conversation with me about the value of belongings, and the importance of care. Whether it was a Barbie I decided to hack the hair off of, or my school calculator covered in grape juice; once an item was irreconcilably altered/damaged, it would not be replaced, no matter the implied importance. And that was in regards to item I owned; you can imagine the importance and stress put on valuables my parents obtained. "Treat everything as though it were your own, with the utmost care," Momma would say whenever a friend would bring over their favorite toy, or we'd journey to Grandma's house, full of trinkets and baubles.

Caring for your belongings is no better illustrated than with modern electronics that seem to get smaller and slimmer every month, yet more and more delicate and advanced in technology. A $600 phone? The very thought would have been scoffed at some 10 years ago, but here I sit nervously fawning over my new #HTC8 Windows handset. Weighing in at 130g with an ultra slim profile that consists primarily of it's 4.4" widescreen display, I was quite literally afraid to touch or handle this device for the first few days. Though it has somewhat of a built in shock absorbing casing, it's hardly protected from life's natural bumps and falls. Thanks to the Gorilla Glass 2 screen, I can rest assured a standard screen protector will be more than enough to extend the life of this uber sensitive swipe display; but what about protecting the 1.5 GHz Dual-Core processor within? So I promptly hit the 'Bing' search button and hit the inter-web on a hunt for the perfect #HTC8 case.

There were many options initially returned from my search; I was quite surprised just how many major name brands were already producing integrated cases especially for this Window's phone. A brief roundup is shown above, from Upper Left to Lower Right:

1.) Panda Bear Hard Cover Case: A basic Black and White plastic case that offers minimal protection internally, though will protect the exterior of the phone from scratches and scrapes. While I flagged this case because of my obsession with Pandas, it's hardly the protection I'd prefer to put on this workhorse of a Window's phone. The colors seen in the illustration are the natural color highlights on the handset, in my case it would show California Blue, not Red.

2.) Cimo S-Line Flexible Black Case: With a MSRP list price of $20, I consider this anti slip coated case to be mid range in pricing and protection for the #HTC8. A nice feature of this flexible, bend on, case is the inclusion of silicone port plugs that keep dirt and dust from entering vital smartphone connection points. Because the HTC 8x has a built in battery I don't need to worry too much about ease of removal, when shopping for a case, but the flexible case does offer the freedom of changing between different colors for fashion purposes. Cimo currently offers this case in 7 primary shades to match your Live Tiles screen!

3.) The Sugarphone Armor 3-In-1: is a highly affordable case that offers some nice 'flashy' features, such as an included kickstand to view all of those old episodes of Lost on my Netflix app with beautiful HD streaming on the crystal clear 4.3" screen. I've never owned a phone with a big enough, or clear enough, display that I would consider streaming video content for entertainment, but the HTC 8x makes for a great boredom buster and content streamer when killing time. This case consists of 2 pieces, a hard plastic frame, and a thick rubber grip exterior, which has been the topic of some criticism among reviewers. Having owned a similar model on a previous phone, it does almost double the thickness, but the HTC 8x is so sleek, I'd hardly call that a concern with this device.

4.) OtterBox 77-24080 Commuter Series: In my opinion the OtterBox range is the creme-de-la-creme for modern tech protection. Not only do their cases include multiple layers of shock absorbing protection, but an extensive warranty as well. The Commuter series adds minimal bulk while providing protection through layers of silicone skin on a tough polycarbonate shell. This case also includes silicone port protector plugs and a self adhering screen protector, to save money on additional purchases. I love that OtterBox includes this!

What Daughter Says: There are many great options to stylize and protect your HTC 8x Windows phone, so grab your Bing Search and check them out today!

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As Required by The FTC: I received the new HTC 8x Windows Phone as part of #Troop8x, though opinions contained above are mine, and mine alone.

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