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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Confession: The Skeleton in my Closet- A WARNING For All

When I began writing this I thought it was a lighthearted fluff piece about old electronics and their versatility to hold up through the ages.. None-the-less, the 'skeleton' I am referring to happens to be a JC Penny 1200 Pro model hairdryer circa 1979. I wish so very much I could write the same article I had began with; but I now sit here quite terrified from the research I have done. Let this be a very important warning  for individuals of all ages.

Myself, at 26, was not even around when this dryer was made, or recalled. That's right, recalled for speculation that it had been made with asbestos infused insulation. A material now banned from American manufacturing in commercial products, known for it's direct link to Mesothelioma and other tissue (particularly lung) related cancers. A dryer I have been using for several years on and off. It should be no surprise that, with time, materials deteriorate, and any asbestos within this product is likely compromised to the point of aeration; inside a product that is intended to circulate and blow air. This is very scary, especially since most cases of asbestos caused illness do not even manifest symptoms for 20-40 years, and often go undiagnosed, mistaken for other illness'. 

I have a handful of current health concerns, and while I am not a hypochondriac, it hard not to wonder if possible exposure through childhood aren't factors. Even scarier, tests are quite limited, and once exposure is known there is little that can be done outside of invasive tests and samples, along with monitoring. Don't have a 20 year old hair dryer in your home? There is reason to believe you should be concerned still. Many major appliance manufacturers have moved their operations overseas, where operations and materials are subject to less stringent inspections and scrutiny. Even modern hairdryers and appliances may contain this material known to cause serious illness. Know your products and protect your family- and please, if you have any old hair dryers   or appliances, do a quick Google search for recalls!


  1. Thank you for letting us know about this. I was not aware that some products can contain asbestos.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. I find this just frightening. Given that I am 51, how much absestos have I blown down my lungs over the years?

  3. I feel we do need to start taking more responsibility in the products we choose from health concerns to those products that are made by children that have been sold into slavery. We need to start thinking outside the box. Stop believing what is being told to us and research for our own safety and for others.

  4. Wow! So crazy! Great post. I know my mom has as old if not older hair dryers and more. But like u said new things can be worrisome too!

  5. yikes this is crazy! thanks for the warning!!

  6. Scary. I know my mom had a very old hairdryer (I remember it being around as long as I can remember during my childhood) I haven't seen it recently but I will check her bathroom cabinet next time I visit just to be on the safer side.

    I know nothing can take away past exposure to harmful chemicals but going forward we can take steps to minimize our exposure.

  7. How scary! I would have used that dryer and never thought anything about it. Thanks for the wakeup call.


  8. That is crazy. I would have never thought about this!! Thanks for letting us know!