Momma Told Me: @FellowesInc Pairs Physical Safety With #IDSafetySeason In The PC-12c Shredder #ad

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@FellowesInc Pairs Physical Safety With #IDSafetySeason In The PC-12c Shredder #ad

Cross Cut Shredder for Personal Information Protection
Momma Told Me: Safety before speed.

You may recall, at the beginning of the month I covered Identity Theft and the importance of making the holiday season #IDSafetySeason with personal information tools like the P12-C +fellowesinc Shredder. I'm sure many of you have since heard of the identity theft scare through a major national retail chain that has put consumers on a higher alert than ever. But the simple truth is, the easiest place for a thief to gather your personal information is directly from you. Ensuring you have a reliable WiFi security system and  paper waste management process is essential from keeping vital information out of the hands of thieves.With an incident of ID Fraud recorded every 3 seconds in 2012, let's all do our best to make sure 2014 is much more than the beginning of an #IDSafetySeason, but an ID Safety Year. Affordable home shredders like the P12-C can easily process up to 12 sheets of personal printed data, or even old shopping debit cards and expired IDs.
Fellowes #IDSafetySeason with @Fellowes PC-12c
The Fellowes P12-C is much more than a fraud prevention aid, though, it is also a great way to recycle old paper waste, converting it instantly into valuable packing material, or even small animal pet bedding (I'd like to see an ID thief thumb through Sparky's waste and try to tape together these criss-cut shreddings!) I print a lot, simply for blogging research and organization, and had stacks of papers to process, exiting 2013. Instead of filling our recycling bin, I ended up packing all of our gifts for their cross-country journey, without ever spending a dime on additional packing materials! The PC12-C also has a built in handle and easy slide waste removal bin, making it simpler than ever to take the shredder to my messes, and clean up the shreddings. But this particular shredder isn't just a sleek, sexy, ID Protecting machine, it has a brain too.
Safe Sense technology for Fellowes PC12-C Shredder
Of course I'm referring to the unique Fellowes Safe Sense Technology which helps put parents and pet owners minds at ease, thanks to an intelligent touch sensitive shut-off. With a simple on/off mode the Safe Sense will cease all operations when a hand, or paw, is sensed near the opening. The opening actually covers quite a large area, and encompasses the entire  silver portion around the paper feed, seen above. This function can be toggled on or off as desired, for those times when you are shredding solo and trying to process a large amount of documents quickly. Remember, however, that this unit will also alert you of overheating, which typically signals after 5+ minutes of constant document processing. The bin, however, will likely be full long before then, as noticed in my experience.
Fellowes Shredder for ID Protection
Many people do not bother with document destroying because they simply feel they are not a target for identity theft. In this digital age, everyone is a target, and there is no amount too small for an ID thief to spend their time on. Once a single portion of your private personal information is compromised you are at risk to dozens of methods of theft and fraud. Even the simple act of a stranger posing as you, whether accounts are open or denied can jeopardize your good name and credit. Be sure to do everything within your power to shut down this faceless crime and keep ID thieves out of your life. Dispose of sensitive information, and even information that you deem not so sensitive, with the extra step of shredding. Find the Fellowes PC-12C and more Fellowes shredder models online at

What Daughter Says: Fellowes marries safety and efficiency with their PC 12-C SafeSence enabled shredder.
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