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Make A Statement Of Self Appreciation With @DPCTED Apparel

DPCTED Apparel Pet Walking Sucks, Let's Cuddle
Momma Told Me: Love people, not images.

Somewhere around 12 I got into boybands. I had received my first real CD player in the form of a monstrously large boombox, and first CD- the self titled debut Backstreet Boys. At the time I was hopelessly addicted to the 80's, and early 90's 'edited' cassettes of Alanis Morrisette. My loving grandmother, God Bless Her, was a traditional German women who thought all pre-teen girls should be worshiping hip-swiveling boys, swooning stage side, as she had once done for the King, Elvis. While all of the other 'nice' children in my class were clamoring for the first edition of Harry Potter I was deciphering expletives in the lyrics of Jagged Little Pill. While I had initially turned up my nose at the boy band CD, I was soon coaxed into giving them a shot.
DPCTED Apparel Not Chubby, Just Easy To See
I don't recall where the switch was flipped, but just a few short months later I was at the grocer's checkout line hoarding copies of Tiger Beat and Bop!. It turned into an obsession really. I'm not sure if I was simply desperate to fit in with other kids in my class, or enamored with the glamor of it all. This played out for a few years, until I was entering my final year of high school, 16, and facing the passing of many major teenage milestones. I was ahead in studies, but falling awkwardly behind with social skills. So Momma took me aside, still ever so supportive yet reasoning. There was a long conversation about teenage idols, celebrities, and the importance of 'realistic images and expectations'. Looking up to celebrities was alright, she explained, but finding someone 'real' to love, was even better. It should come as no surprise that shortly after meeting my first boyfriend the boy-bands quickly faded into the obscurity of my past. In fact, today, I remain one of the least interested in 'celebrities', within my circles. After all, why worship a thought when you can wrap your arms around  something real?
DPCTED Apparel
DPCTED Apparel Body by Bacon
If you asked me the one thing I couldn't live without, in my life, it's not a Blackberry or shade of nail polish, or even my favorite food. As 'mushy' as it sounds, it's the people in my life I couldn't live without. The way I see it, what's a home full of things without the people who make them special? And, while one might argue, we're human, and we're all not that much different;  an argument could be made for the opposite. Some of my best friends are most appreciated for that which they do not share with me, those little differences that make them so terribly interesting and unique. Let's face it, I know how to do 'me', I know what I like, it's when them and I collide that things truly get interesting! Even if I disagree with their views or preferences, I'm sure to learn a thing or two, and I'm always enlightened for the experience.
DPCTED Apparel Body By Bacon Tank
DPCTED Apparel believes that there are people out there happy with who they are. No, I'm not referring to some Adonis raking in $5k on an underwear ad (though he's just as entitled to happiness as anyone, really). I mean people who embrace what makes them different. DPCTED is not a brand seeking to convert customers. They know they have a strong customer base, and new customers will find them. Why? Because DPCTED is not your ordinary cotton tee company. Sure, some of their shirts might seem a bit 'edgy', and even controversial; but they're not cranking out hundreds of new designs in hopes of labeling the masses. Their apparel illustrates simple concepts, mantras really, in basic bold print. The shirt never wears the person, the person always wears the shirt; sporting a bold declaration of truth, pride, and confidence. Because, let's face it, if someone has a problem with how you look or feel, they're not worth one second of your time. The confident phrases printed on the breast of these tees not only offer a glimpse of the person inside them, but a gateway for connection perhaps previously passed up.
DPCTED Apparel Pet Hoodie
DPCTED Apparel Pet Hoodie And T-Shirt
While the original collection of DPCTED Apparel featured phrases centered around the Chubby theme, including a Chubby Domination sub-line promoted by Bret Miller (St. Louis Rams) and donating to the Little Haven Charity, there's something for almost everyone. Know or love someone bearded, bald, or tattooed? Do you love to cuddle? There's a tongue in cheek, at first glance naughty, but always fluffy, catch-phrase for everyone. My current favorite being the "I luv to shower naked". How can you stop yourself from smiling at the wit behind that one? The DPCTED Apparel line features a main base of t-shirts sold in primary colors, as well as hats, hoodies, and even a new pet clothing line. One truly important, praise-worthy, feature of the brand is their commitment to their core message. The brand will print you a shirt in your color of choice up to a 5X, and for those even 'fluffier' (as Gabriel Iglesias would say). They also offer a unique 'Send Your Own Shirt' option for those in extended sizes, or simply looking for a particular cut/brand/color tee base.
DPCTED Apparel Pet Clothes
I'm so excited I can share DPCTED Apparel with you, because this is a brand I am passionate about. If you are looking for the perfect Valentine's Gift, order NOW. What better gift for your sweetie than to proclaim exactly why you love them, in a slightly quirky, but loveable way? The T-Shirts are of the highest quality 100% Cotton, pre-shrunk, bases, and wear exceptionally well through multiple washings. Their statement dog hoodies fit a little large as a Small on our 6lb Morkie, but are lightweight and comfortable for year round wear. The brand is always increasing their collection of statements, and even hosts blogger and customer suggestion contests where you can vote for the next t-shirt phrase! Jeremy owns several 'Chubby' themed DPCTED shirts and wears them with pride; knowing how much I simply adore it on him. There's nothing sexier than a person comfortable in their own skin! Speaking of comfortable; how about me showing off my love of bacon and curves in my "Body By Bacon" tank?

While you'll find the entire range of current DPCTED apparel online, we're also tickled to shop select inventory at our local Spencer's gift store in the mall. Spencer's nationwide are stocking the tongue-in-cheek DPCTED t-shirts, so be sure to stop in on your next trip to the mall an check them out!

What Daughter Says: Embrace the real you, and the people around you, with expressive clothing from DPCTED Apparel!


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