Momma Told Me: Fashion In Hooves- Or, Lipstick On A Pig

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Fashion In Hooves- Or, Lipstick On A Pig

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity.
The Fashionable Miss Piggy
Momma Told Me: You can put makeup on anything.

Miss Piggy, who officially turns 40 this year doesn't look a day over, erm, well, I'm not exactly how you age a pig to be honest. One thing is for certain however, her style and beauty has only grown through time. Not only has she aged gracefully, but her powerhouse 'take charge and take what you want' attitude is one that fans worldwide have identified with, and aspired to be for decades. She's rubbed elbows with the hottest celebrities, and even royalty such as Her Majesty The Queen of Great Britain, and continues to fuel an ongoing war with Who Wore It Better's Joan Rivers. Yes, she just may be the most fashionable and prestigious animal I know, next to Pricilla the Goat.
Miss Piggy In Fashion
Piggy, the first pig and puppet to model designer clothes for an In Style fashion shoot, has walked countless Red Carpets and worn designers from Jason Wu to Brian Atwood. As she prepares to walk yet another Red Carpet for the upcoming release of her 2014 feature film Muppets Most Wanted, she seems to be more empowered and driven than ever to claim her spotlight and the frog that is rightfully hers. But one thing seems at the forefront of Miss Pigy's ambitions, over glitz, glamor, and love, and that is out-shining long time rival Joan. Ms. Rivers and Piggy will go head to head next week when they release dueling lifestyle collections with the nationally acclaimed shopping network QVC.
The fashionable Miss Piggy
Tension between Rivers and Piggy hit a climax last month when the duo broke into a cat-fight on film before a red carpet appearance. And I quote ABC's Good Morning America,

"Rivers and Piggy have been engaged in a decades-long feud that appeared to intensify last month when the pair got into an argument on camera. Rivers pushed Piggy, who retaliated by shoving Rivers into a cake.
Rivers’ subsequent cake-covered red carpet appearance set tongues wagging."

Quite the drama indeed! If you're as curious as I am as to what type of lifestyle line this egocentric Pig-Diva has cooked up, tune into the Rivers/Piggy showdown on QVC March 16, 2014. Piggy's collection, featuing the tagline "Why be you, when you can be moi" certainly has me intrigued!

What Daughter Says: Miss Piggy is one pig that DOES look better in lipstick!


  1. Ms Piggy is the most oblivious happy person I have ever known - and her fashion is ROCKIN!

  2. lol ...Miss Piggy is taking fashion to new levels. Love this post!

  3. That video made me laugh. And I can't wait to see what Piggy is up to. Now as for Pricilla - she maaaed IF she were so inclined she would give Piggy a run for her style money. But she likes to let her udder swing free.

  4. I did not know Piggy and Joan were in a feud. LOL! I love the video. So funny!

  5. I totally agree that she looks great in lipstick!! lol! I also totally love her fashion choices!

  6. How fun would it be to be on the red carpet and when asked what designer you are wearing to be able to say "MOI" or "Miss Piggy". THAT would be epic!

  7. LOVE this post!!! I also find it so entertaining how Miss Piggy has become an entire entity in and of herself. When we were little she was just another Muppet. Now she is a force! - Katy