Momma Told Me: Skinny Orange Chicken Make Ahead Meal + The Sam's Club Click N' Pull Service

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Skinny Orange Chicken Make Ahead Meal + The Sam's Club Click N' Pull Service

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Sam's Club. All opinions are mine alone.
Have you had a chance to #TrySamsClub yet? Their Click N' Pull member service means I can shop online from home or the office and pick up my entire order at customer service! This way I can take advantage of @SamsClub savings, while staying on schedule! #Shop
Momma Told Me: That's what I have you for!

I'll admit, some days, between dental appointments, bowling practice, and flute recitals, I find myself wishing I had a personal assistant. Then the reality of life, bills, and the real world smacks me back to the present and gives me a 'what makes you so important that another person should be put in charge of taking care of you' wake-up call. Let's face it, to my family and friends, I'm a rockstar; in the greater scheme of things, my day-to-day is no more challenging than the millions of others out there just trying to make it all work. Momma's solution was always, 'have a kid, that's what their for!' Since my current children walk on all fours, I'll have to forgo that luxury for now, and make due with the exclusive benefits of my Sam's Club membership.
When you #TrySamsClub you'll learn they're much more than bulk buys, they also have everyday savings on home appliances, like this chest freezer! @SamsClub #shop
No,no, it's not the latest diet-to-your-door subscription, or a spa and gym combination; it's so much more awesome. My Sam's member services help keep my life moving through the unexpected schedule changes, last minute 'out of town' arrivals, and busy work weeks threatening several nights of fast food. It's a great partnership, really, and in a way, Sam's Club has become my personal assistant.

With my basic membership cost of just $45 a year, which works out to $3.75 a month, I can visit any of the 640 Sam's Club locations nationwide and take advantage of everyday savings on anything from holiday gift baskets and wrapping paper to chicken wings and a new Blu-Ray player. Let's ignore the fact that they roll out the red carpet when I shop, handing me refreshments and food (samples) as I round the corner, they also offer the simple solutions of in house Pharmacy, Photo, Travel, Optical, and Tire member services. I recently took my father along to pick up a new chest freezer for one of my newest initiatives of 2014; bulk buying and make-ahead-meals.
I took my dad to #TrySamsClub and we found an exciting buy around every corner. Whether it's pet supplies, my favorite snacks, or even wrapping paper, @SamsClub had something for everything on our list! #Shop
With my new chest freezer from @SamsClub I knew I'd put these freezer safe Rubbermaid containers to good use with make-ahead meals. #TrySamsClub today and discover what you could do with the savings! #shop
I'd already done my shopping online while waiting to pick up the dog from the groomer (more on that later,) but quickly remembered that I would need fresh storage solutions for my make-ahead meals. We tool a quick tour of the Sam's Club floor and ran into several smiling employees who were eager to help us find what we were looking for. One suggested the Rubbermaid tupperware sets in housewares might be a good solution, and off we went to discover the 60PC set priced under $20! It was about then I discovered that I'd lost my father to a palette of refrigerant canisters at the end of the aisle.
@SamsClub member have a chance to use the free Click N' Pull service, which lets customers shop online from any internet connected device, and pick up their order in store! #TrySamsClub #shop
While he wanted to keep exploring, I reminded him of the impending Red Sox game, and my need to get home and start cooking. It was a good thing I'd already shopped online with Sam's Club Click N' Pull, and had all of my perishable and frozen groceries ready for me! The free Click N' Pull service is as simple as shopping your local club's selection online, submitting an order with a chosen pickup date and time, and bringing your receipt printout to the customer service desk in store. Simply pay for your order at the (often very short line) customer service desk and an employee will bring your entire order directly to you!
With Click N' Pull a friendly @SamsClub associate brings our order to customer service, where we pay for and complete our transaction. #TrySamsClub today and experience it yourself! #Shop
As a single man, with a full work week, my father often has to fit his grocery shopping in after a long day of work. Being able to order his groceries and more, and pick them up with Click N' Pull is a big time saver that will really translate into a major convenience over time. I especially love that there is no order too small for this service, the everyday customer is welcome to pick up a few items, or an entire car-full, and there is never a charge for this service, it's part of my membership! We can even keep up with exclusive member appreciation and in store events through their connected social channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Thanks to @SamsClub I can stock up on main ingredients, such as broccoli florets and chicken breasts, to make-ahead delicious meals for busy nights! #TrySamsClub #shop
Our new freezer went from box to fully frozen in just under a half an hour, and I was glad to fill it with all my family's favorites and recipe staples.As much as I wish I was the perfect Suzy Homemaker, I rely on frozen foods a lot more than I would if there were an extra day in the week. One way I make up for it is by buying my vegetables in larger, more affordable portions, and pre-trimmed frozen chicken breasts. I know, I know, farm fresh and organic is best, but in my real world it's not really a daily possibility yet. So I take these tools and put some love into my meals by cooking ahead.
Skinny Orange Chicken from ingredients-in-store to meal-in-freezer in 1 hour, thanks to @SamsClub Click N' Pull member services. #TrySamsClub today and see what you might save in time and money! #Shop
Our family loves to eat Panda Express, or the local Chinese Palace (take out) on the corner. The food is fairly cheap and scooped onto plates in heaping portions, and one of the 'must have' entree options is Orange Chicken, which is always battered and pan fried. Trying to please my desire to see our family eat better, while keeping taste buds happy, I perfected a Skinny Orange Chicken recipe that freezes perfectly for future meals. It's satisfying without heaping portions! And, having all the ingredients waiting for me to pick up at my local Sam's Club, thanks to Click N' Pull, kinda makes me feel like the rock star with a personal assistant I always dreamed of!

Did you know Sam's Club offers guest passes and Preview Days so you can experience the services before joining? Do you think you would use free Click N' Pull services?

What Daughter Says: My Sam's Club membership offers a number of services beyond great savings; it's one exclusive club I could never see myself leaving!

Skinny Orange Chicken Make-Ahead Meal with Click N' Pull ingredients from @SamsClub. Save time and money when you buy and cook in bulk! #TrySamsClub #shop
 Skinny Orange Chicken
**Click for printable Skinny Orange Chicken Recipe
Make Ahead Portion (Serves 6)


4 lb Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast (About 5-6 breasts)
2 TSP Garlic Salt
3 TBS EV Olive Oil
6 Cloves Fresh Garlic, Minced, About 4 TBS
1 C Orange Juice, No Pulp
1 C Honey
1/3 C Soy Sauce
1/3 C Teriyaki Sauce (Ponzu Substitute if Preferred More Tart)
1/2 C Rice Vinegar
6 TBS Corn Starch
1 TSP Ground Ginger
1/2 TSP Red Pepper Flakes

*Garnish with Toasted Sesame Seeds, Diced Scallions, and Red Pepper Flakes


1.) Cut chicken breasts into 1" cubes, rinse with cold water and pat dry. Season with garlic salt, and a touch of pepper, if desired. Heat olive oil in large skillet and add chicken. Cook until each side begins to brown. Turn down heat to low.

2.) Combine all remaining ingredients, corn starch last, in medium saucepan and heat on medium-high, whisking until any lumps disappear. Sauce should begin to thicken, but still roll off spoon like honey.

3.) Pour over cooked chicken and toss to evenly coat. Remove from heat and serve over Jasmine or Basmati rice with a  fresh side of steamed vegetables. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds, diced scallions and red pepper flakes.


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