Momma Told Me: I Can Haz Bacon? Sharing Your Human World With Your Dog!

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I Can Haz Bacon? Sharing Your Human World With Your Dog!

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Momma Told Me: It's the dog's world, we just live in it.

I love cats and dogs equally- my cat gets free reign of the house, sure, but that's also because she can jump on things 6x her height. The dog probably could too, but I'm not telling her that! If you've ever had a pet that was part of the family you probably know 'the look'- some call it begging, I just call it 'people-ing.'  What four-legged family member doesn't want to be just another human? You, as an owner, are pretty freakin' awesome, right? So it stands to reason anything you would be doing/eating/wearing must be pretty freakin' awesome as well.
Always travel in style.
Toy breeds are obviously based on this premise, and the desire for some owners to truly treat their dogs like children and take them everywhere. But let's not neglect the big breeds; there was nothing more adorable than when my pit bull used to try to curl in my lap with his tongue hanging out to the side and paws in the air. So I stand to reason, should you like to dress up your dog now and then for a party or event, go ahead and do it, even if they don't fit in your purse or on a stroller. Just, please, make sure you're keeping your dog's dignity in tact and dress for your breed and personality. The only time Bruiser should be cruising down the street in a tutu is when he's trick-or-treating with little Susie.
Rock designer thread, no matter your size.
Not all dogs enjoy car rides or travel situations. Any time you bring your dog along it should be with the intent of arriving at a location where they too can take part. Never leave your pet in a car, even with the windows down, in cooler weather, or just for 'one minute.' Overheating in a car is not the only danger to leaving a pt unattended in a vehicle, so don't risk it! If you have a medium to small sized dog look into a car seat, or perch, to help prevent movement in transit while providing your dog the 'human' experience of a view out all windows. For larger dogs, a secured harness, and a properly adjusted window, can make for a great experience.
Real men love real small dogs.
If you're a dog lover, then you know stereotypes simply don't matter, like people, dogs have their own personalities, and they way they communicate with their owners creates a bond that transcends breeds or size. Here we like to connect human experiences with our pets through quality treats and toys that tie in our favorite themes, characters, and ingredients so we can share some enjoyment while remaining guilt free. Nora and Truffles have a treasure trove of Star Wars themed toys, and I am sure to serve Truffles wet Oceanfish food whenever I treat myself to Salmon. One human passion that is universal amongst all our inhabitants, one two and four legs, is bacon. Check out the video below to see how Purina's new dog treat, Party Poppers, is connecting owners and their pups with this cult favorite in a hilarious music video.

How do your pets participate in human traditions or activities?

What Daughter Says: Sharing your world with your pet is one of the biggest joys of being a pet parent.


  1. Our dog is definitely part of the family! I'm pretty sure she thinks she's human. This video cracked me up! Too funny!

  2. Our dogs are always part of our family. We become so attached to them it's hard not for them to be when they are around 24/7 for years. We always pick ones that are lovable with the kids and protectors of the family.

  3. Nora is a lucky dog that's for sure. Can she catch treats in mid-air? I can't imagine she doesn't love bacon - I don't know many dogs that don't

  4. That is one pampered pup. So cute! She would fit right in the video with that other dog.

  5. That is a super cut dog. It looks like it is very loved :)

  6. so cute, oh ya, big guys always have small dogs!

  7. Love the big men - small dogs pictures - so awesome. I gotta tell my husband, he wants a big dog

  8. Well you know i love the fact that the dogs are rockin designer trends!