Momma Told Me: Grilled Cheese 3 Ways- #ShareYourCheesy With These Great Recipes!

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Grilled Cheese 3 Ways- #ShareYourCheesy With These Great Recipes!

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Grilled Cheese 3 Ways: Roll-Ups, Smoky Chipotle Cut-Outs, and Havarti Strawberry Chocolate Dessert! #ShareYourCheesy #Client
Momma Told Me: Grilled cheese is for little kids.

If you were once a child, and I think it's safe to presume not only were we all, but some of us never really grew up- hopefully your childhood was full of the most magical elements; slumber parties, fireflies, living room forts, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, a mother placing a grilled cheese before her ravenous child, as she contently tussles their hair, is about as American as it gets. And, whether your parents cut the crusts off for you, used cookie cutters to serve it in playful shapes, or always added a bowl of warm tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches were likely an often comfort food. I recall my, personal, favorite way to enjoy this cheesy treat was as triangle wedges in which I could bite the center out and hold up my sandwich as a make-shift smile.
Grilled cheese cut-outs for Valentine's Day #ShareYourCheesy #Client
But, somewhere between there and here, it's likely we've all lost touch with the comfort of this old friend. If you're a mother you surely use the sandwich in your lineup today, but likely thin little more of it than a way to please a picky child. For year, growing up, it was all I would order off the child's menu when my family went out to eat. Then, one day, Momma declared that I was 'too old' for a grilled cheese sandwich, and would have to choose something else. To that, I say, preposterous! One is NEVER too old for a grilled cheese- and the possibilities are truly endless when one allows themselves to get a little creative.
Grilled cheese cut-outs for Valentine's Day #ShareYourCheesy #Client
To fall back in love with this old friend, let's first start with the basics. You don't have to be a gourmet chef to create an elevated grilled cheese. In fact, with the wide range of KRAFT Natural Cheese Slices sold at my local Walmart I found over 10 different cheese slices on hand to pick from. The BIG Slice Smoky Chipotle proved to be just the right size to create some cut-out sandwiches with just a single slice of creamy Chipotle flavor. And, while I have no children around these days, I still thought it would be sweet to float some grilled cheese hearts in a shallow dish of warm tomato soup for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday.
How to make grilled cheese roll-ups. #ShareYourCheesy #Client
A lot of people don't realize that you can truly do a lot of fun and innovative things with a classic, and simple recipe. Using KRAFT singles, deliciously fluffy Wonder Bread, and a dollop of Blue Bonnet spread I turned the most basic, traditional, grilled cheese sandwich recipe into a fun snack for children and a finger food for adults. The concept's as easy as rolling our your bread slices, adding a slide of cheese, and rolling your slices into individual roll-ups. Melt them under the pressure of a wide spatula over some melted Blue Bonnet, turning to cook evenly, and you've got yourself a fun new way to enjoy grilled cheese!
Grillec cheese roll-ups with Wonder Bread. #ShareYourCheesy #Client
Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups with Wonder Bread and KRAFT #ShareYourCheesy #Client
American cheese slices, like KRAFT Singles are most well known for their roll in classic Americana cooking, such as the basic grilled cheese recipe. I'll admit, the only place I use these Singles is in a grilled cheese because they melting potential makes for a deliciously satisfying treat. Fresh off the grill, these grilled cheese roll-ups will ooze melting cheese with every bite, and are easy to serve alongside a dipping cup of tomato soup. Serve these at the next game or party for an instant win with your guests.
Grilled Cheese Roll Ups with Wonder Bread, KRAFT Singles, and Blue Bonnet Spread. #ShareYourCheesy #Client
Of course some could argue that it's not the cheese that makes the grilled cheese but the overall experience of biting into an indulgent sandwich full of creamy, often gooey and messy, ingredients. It's the warm of the ingredients melting together and the playful way that top slice always slides a little to the right when you go to pick it up. But have you ever considered that your grilled cheese doesn't have to be savory at all? With artisan cheeses such as Brie and Havarti now stocked in the local diary case, KRAFT has made it easier than ever to elevate the classic grilled cheese into a whole new treat.
Grilled Cheese Dessert Sandwich #ShareYourCheesy #Client
My friends, I present to you the dessert grilled cheese- Be careful, once you begin down this road, there's no turning back. And, as much as I beg to differ with Momma (grilled cheese is not just for kids) you really shouldn't eat one for every meal, every day. I know, I know- with all the amazing possibilities, when will you ever find the time to try every grilled cheese combination and STILL eat a balanced diet of all the 'other' good stuff? Luckily, my friend, that is not my problem to solve, I am merely here to make you drool all over your keyboard!
Strawberry Chocolate Havarti Grilled Cheese Dessert Sandwich #ShareYourCheesy #Client
If you search online you'll find several dessert grilled cheese recipes. Some of them like to go 'epicurean' and focus on towers of bread and cheese with cascades of warm berries and sticky syrup. These days I don't finger paint with my food too often, so I've devised this simple, fairly clean to eat, but still impressively satisfying Semi-Sweet Chocolate Strawberry Havarti Grilled Cheese Sandwich- and it's really as simple as it sounds. Begin with 2 slices of traditional Wonder Bread, place 1 slice of Havarti KRAFT Natural Slices atop one slice, layer the slice with thinly cut fresh strawberries, then spread an even layer of Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate shavings atop and hit the griddle. While I'm sure this could be done with some chocolate spreads- I find the Baker's chocolate melts very satisfying as sort of a 'glue' between my strawberries and makes for the perfect grilled cheese experience.
Grilled Cheese 3 Ways #ShareYourCheesy #Client
I think, by now, I've proven my argument well enough- it doesn't matter your age or background, there is a grilled cheese sandwich for you. This is simply one thing Momma and I are going to have to agree to disagree on. there will always be a special place in my heart, and my tummy, for this beloved sandwich. Do you have a special/favorite way to enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich?

Share a photos of your grilled cheese creation with the #ShareYourCheesy and #Entry hashtags to enter to win great prizes from KRAFT and Walmart, through the end of February! Check out these delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich Creations below for more inspiration and visit the Cooking Up Good hub for even more delicious recipes with your favorite KRAFT products!

What Daughter Says: If loving grilled cheese is wrong, I don't want to be right!


  1. OMG, dessert grilled cheese ... a dangerous path, indeed!
    I have a panini maker and like to make my grilled cheese that way :).

  2. I love my grilled cheese with pears or apples. I like that little touch of sweet. I can tomato soup when the harvest is good so we have it to enjoy all winter long.

    ps: thanks for a bigger font.

    1. Haha, it's not as stylish a font, but you're welcome :)

  3. I love grilled cheese sandwiches any day but it does go great with tomato soup! I can't resist getting it when the cold weather strikes!

  4. Dessert grilled cheese has got to be one of my most favorite things ever.

  5. I love a grilled cheese with sliced pepperocinis or banana peppers. Yum! That dessert grilled cheese looks AMAZING! I think I DID drool a little! Thanks for sharing! Your pics are gorgeous!

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  13. Grilled cheese was a lunch staple when my kids were growing up. I love these ways to enjoy it!

  14. Grilled cheese is one of those things that will start a fight on the playground. Everyone thinks theirs is the best. I had basic grilled cheese with two pieces of Kraft between two pieces of white bread on a pan on the stove top. These seem better.

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