Momma Told Me: 5 No Fuss FUN Spring Ideas + The #SweetFUNd Sweepstakes

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5 No Fuss FUN Spring Ideas + The #SweetFUNd Sweepstakes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Diet Dr Pepper®. The opinions and text are all mine.
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Momma Told Me: It's Spring. Time for a break!

Spring is here and the SoCal weather has been crazy lately. It's hard to make plans when the entire freeway seems to slow down to a snail's pace over a light drizzle. We've had to get a little creative to get our FUN moments in this month.

It's no secret we're a Diet Dr Pepper® family. In fact, if there's one way we love to enjoy our Diet Dr Pepper most it's on the go; whether that's road tripping on vacation, a day at the beach, headed to league, or simply goofing off in the yard. A few years ago I dropped almost all soft drinks out of my routine, and Jay switched to diet varieties. That's when I discovered DIET DR PEPPER® the sweet treat that's loaded with all my favorite flavors from Dr Pepper® (original). Much like dessert, it became a unique way to indulge during special events and occasions. This spring is no exception- Diet Dr Pepper® will be on the go with us every step of the way.

Need a little inspiration? I've come up with 5 ways to instantly FUN your spring; be sure to bring your Diet Dr Pepper® along!
Lawn Twister: Discover Sweet Spring FUN and enter the Diet Dr Pepper® Sweet spring FUNd sweepstakes when you buy Diet Dr Pepper® at Walmart and upload your reciepts for a shot at Walmart e-Gift Cards! #sponsored
1. Lawn Twister: This one's simple, grab an old box, cut a 10-12" circle out of the bottom, pick up some Marking Chalk cans from the local hardware store, and spray a colorful grid on your lawn. Assign a referee to call limbs and colors and get down to business in the fiercest game of Twister in tour life. First one out grabs the Diet Dr Pepper®!
2. Paws for FUN: There are a lot of great ways to have fun this spring with your pets. Get Fido in the car and hit the road for an impromptu adventure such as hiking, fishing, a brown sack picnic or people watching at the pier. Nora and I love to pack a meal or some snacks and drive around until we spot something interesting (such as a flea market or art fair,) then back the car up and take in the atmosphere from the trunk. She finds people almost as fascinating as I do!
Diet Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce
3. Flavor Up The Grill: You don't have to leave home to enjoy the fun and flavors of Spring. Why not try making a homemade BBQ sauce and inviting some friends over for a cook out? Even better if you can convince a friend or two to bring a homemade sauce of their own! A little flavor competition never hurt anyone, right? Of course, my Diet Dr Pepper® BBQ sauce has never let me down. I have neighbors asking me to make them a batch all the time!
4. Add A Little Color: No matter where you live there's bound to be an event or two in your area each weekend. Jay and I try to do something each month, even if only one local event. These things range from a Renaissance Fair to a Tattoo Expo, or just the simple weekly swap meet at the fair grounds. No matter where we go we always bring a few cans of Diet Dr Pepper®- it's not just a line people - you may recall a certain color fun run photo of a certain mime holding his favorite beverage. Yea, that was Jay, and that's how we do FUN.
Discover Sweet Spring FUN and enter the Diet Dr Pepper® Sweet spring FUNd sweepstakes when you buy Diet Dr Pepper® at Walmart and upload your reciepts for a shot at Walmart e-Gift Cards! #sponsored
5. Find The Local Flavor: When all else fails, there's nothing special going on, and your friends are all out of town, become a tourist in your own hometown. You just may discover a new local haunt, or learn that your city's home to the largest paperclip in the country (who knew?) Jay and I made an afternoon renting a Surrey and peddling around the shores we'd visited a hundred times. The funny thing is- we always make a beeline for the water, and never knew there was a boardwalk or carousel just minutes away!
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What Daughter Says: Have a little fun this Spring no matter where you go, or who you're with.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AMP Agency. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Lawn twister! That sounds super fun. I love me some good BBQ too.

  2. You always come up with the cutest ideas! Lawn twister sounds like an activity the whole family will love. I love Diet Pepper!

  3. Sounds like you have a fun season ahead of you. I've made Cherry Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce but not Diet Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce. I love using soda as a base for sauces - they add such nice flavor. I love that photo of Jay at the color run.

  4. Oh man, I absolutely LOVE all of these fantastic ideas! Seriously, I've wanted to do some of these, especially #4. Sadly a lot of new things cost money to do so we have to be sparing in what we chose. Lawn twister sounds really fun!

  5. These are great ideas for summer fun. The weather is finally starting to warm up here in Vermont and I'm looking forward to summer!

  6. Great ideas for Spring fun, love that color run photo! I will have to pick up some Diet Dr. Pepper for our next family party.

  7. These are all great ideas. My family is trying to come up with a lot of things to add fun to our Spring!

  8. What great ideas, I am loving the warm weather you have going on! We have had some this weekend and I am hoping that it continues!

  9. LOVE Dr. Pepper, not diet though. These all sound like great outdoor fun ideas, my kids would love the Twister!

  10. Lawn Twister?! Oh my - that's going on the Summer To-Do List! I'm a Dr. Pepper gal and haven't tried to put it in recipes yet, but I'm going to jump on that bandwagon too.

  11. I love the idea of the lawn twister! I am sure that will be a blast! One of my favorite receipts with Dr Pepper is a Dr Pepper cake, perfect for the spring!