Momma Told Me: Mess Free Grilling With Handi-Foil, + Dr.Pepper BBQ Sauce Recipe

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Mess Free Grilling With Handi-Foil, + Dr.Pepper BBQ Sauce Recipe

Grilling Mess Free with Handi-Foil Grill Pans
Papa Told Me: I'll grill, if you clean up.

My Pop was out family's grill master; a prestigious title even in a family of 3. In Southern California it's grilling season all year-round; but that didn't stop my father from finding an excuse to upgrade his grill at the beginning of each Summer. Even when I was a young girl, living in a small condo with a concrete porch, we had a large propane barbeque stationed in front of the sliding glass windows. And, to me, there was nothing better then smell of it warming up, and the promise of sweet and smokey slathered meat. Some weeks it seemed like we ate off the grill every night, whole chickens, kabobs, bratwurst, hamburgers and more!
Marinating and basting our selection was often forbidden, and in the case they were used, our entire grill surface had to be lined with foil. Neither of my parents cared for grill cleanup, and I proved a lazy volunteer when ti came time to scrape the char off my father's prized steel grates. And foil worked well enough, but it would inevitably tear and break off during the cooking process and somehow adhered itself to the surface with astounding strength. So, when I discovered that Handi-Foil made more than amazing baking and food transport containers, but grill pans and foil as well, I was tickled to think I could enjoy the memories of grilling without the extra mess. Truffles, however, was simply excited to find a box she could stake out in for several days. (We literally almost threw the cat away twice!)
Smokey Dr.Pepper Chipotle BBQ Sauce- Click for Recipe
Smokey Dr.Pepper Chipotle BBQ Sauce-  Click For Recipe
So strong is my faith in the range of innovative and precision Handi-Foil products that I chose to make a favorite grill sauce I hadn't made since last Summer. My rendition of scratch Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce would be the perfect test when slathered on chicken and spare ribs for a casual weekend meal. With Summer in full swing it's usually just Jay and I at home, as the rest of the family heads off to day camp and vacations out of state. I didn't care I was determined to have all the flavor, and aromas, of a giant cook-out, and I even had some great Eco-Foil (recycled aluminum) pans to store all the tasty leftovers in. So, with my mason jar of sweet and smokey heaven in hand, we fired up the grill.
Cooking With Handi-Foil Grill Pans and Eco-Foil
Because I was terribly curious about the, new to me, Handi-Foil Grill Pans and Sheets, I decided not to wrap our grill for sauce protection. Instead, I tossed our whole chicken in a deep BBQ Pan, rubbed with lemon juice and thyme, and wrapped sliced veggies in the extra thick, and wide, BBQ Grill Foil. I loved how stiff the foil proved to be, and was glad that I didn't need to double it over as I created two several pound veggie steamers full of squash, potatoes peppers, mushroom, and butter. Of course this technique would work in the oven as well, if your grill is already too full of delicious protein!
Cooking With Handi-Foil Grill Pans
Cooking With Handi-Foil Grill Pans
Easily my favorite product for clean grill cooking were the Handi-Foil grill sheets, with punch outs to allow direct flame access, but a sturdy aluminum base to minimize sticking and mess while cooking on the grill. These grill sheet toppers prevent food from falling, yet let juices and flames flow freely when directly on the grill grates or on a complimenting Grill Pan. Be sure to always support the bottom of the grill pan as it is strong but can bend with the weight of cooked food and heat. (I transfer my cooked grill sheets to a grill pan directly off the grill.) These would have also made for a great way to grill our chopped veggies should we have went for a less cooked, searing, approach of traditional grilling.
Smokey Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce Ribs With Chipotle- Click For Recipe
I'll admit, the smells wafting from our grill were enough to tempt neighbors down the street to wander over in curiosity- imagine their shock to see us supping our favorite soda as we basted with a sauce infused with it! And I love my sauces thick for a light char on my spare ribs- which typically means hours of scraping and a good 'cleaning' session of baking drips off afterwards. Would you believe we enjoyed this delicious barbeque meal (enough to feed us with leftovers for days) without a moment of grill cleanup afterwards? I simply throw the grill pans and sheets away and stored out leftovers in the deeper pan we had used for the whole chicken.
Of course, what kind of daughter would I be if I put all the grilling skills my father taught me to use and didn't share the results with him? Armed with a few Grill Sheets to share, and a carefully packed care package of food, I drove over to my father and surprised him with dinner and a beer. Still in his uniform from work, I knew he'd had  long day on the road and would especially appreciate having a nice hot meal made with flames and love. And, when he asked if I had a grill to go home and clean up, I smiled ans said "Dad, that's so 1990s, try Handi-Foil!"

You'll find an assortment of Eco-Foil recycled aluminum and Handi-Foil baking, transport, and grilling products at grocery chains nationwide.

What Daughter Says: Spend more time enjoying your food, and less time cleaning the grill with smart grilling aids by Handi-Foil.

Smokey Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce With Chipotle- Click For Recipe
Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce
***Click for printable Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce Recipe.


*1/2 Stick Unsalted Butter
*1 Medium Yellow Onion, Diced
*4 Cloves Garlic, Minced
*3/4 C Ketchup (Heinz Balsamic Vinegar Ketchup Preferred)
*3 TBS Tomato Paste
*12oz Can Dr. Pepper (We use diet)
*1/2 C Apple Cider Vinegar
*1/2 C Worcestershire Sauce
*1/2 C Golden Brown Sugar (Packed)
*2 TSP Chipotle Powder
*1 TSP Fine Ground White Pepper
*1/2 TSP Salt
*1 TSP Lime Juice


1.) Begin by melting the butter in a heavy saucepan over medium-high heat. Add and saute the onion and garlic for about 10 MINS, or until translucent. 

2.) Add all remaining ingredients, beginning with liquids,  and simmer until well combined (about 10 MINS.) Lower heat to medium and continue to cook an additional 20 MINS.

3.) Remove from heat and allow to cool 10 MINS. Add to blender and puree on pulse, if a thinner consistency is desired. Store refrigerated for up to 2 weeks in a mason or other air tight container.


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